10 Super Fun Games To Play On Trampoline For Kids & Adults

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A trampoline is always a fun place for everyone. This article is about the 10 best games to play on a trampoline for kids and adults & how to play those.

Top 10 Games To Play On A Trampoline

When it comes to trampoline games, kids just can’t control themselves. Here is the list of top 10 indoor & outdoor games you can play on a trampoline with kids or friends or just by yourself.

  1. Birds in the nest.
  2. Crazy counting.
  3. Cherry bomb.
  4. Deadman rise.
  5. Trampoline whispers.
  6. Poison Ball.
  7. Castle attack.
  8. Crack the egg.
  9. Bouncing air-catch.
  10. Piggy in the middle.

Trampoline Games For Kids:

Here are some fun games to play on a trampoline for kids, let’s see how to play these.

1 – Birds In The Nest.

To play this awesome game you need just some light balls of different colors. This is a game with a small trampoline and ball. Birds in the Nest gameplay include treasure hunting, running, throwing, and not to say, unlimited fun for the kids.

How To Play Birds In The Nest:

  • First of all, you have to select a player as the “bird in the nest”. All of the players are runners except the bird. You have to designate each runner with a specific colored ball.
  • The bird now hides the colored balls in a safe place, like garden beds, trees, outdoor furniture, etc. The runner should be removed from the backyard during this hideout.
  • Now, the bird would sit in the trampoline enclosure. The runners will come to the backyard again.
  • Now, you need to say go. Immediately the runners have to find the treasures (their designated colored balls).
  • The runners should find the balls and run it to the trampolines. Eventually, they need to throw the ball to the nest.
  • And after a specific time, the bird needs to shout “to the nest!” All runners should return to the trampoline after hearing the bird’s shouting. Then, you need to count the balls.
  • The winner will be the player who throws maximum colored balls inside the nest. He becomes the bird in the next round.

2 – Crazy Counting.

Crazy counting is a very simple game. No special skill is required to play this. This game is basically for the younger kids & it’s pretty fun.

How To Play Crazy Counting On The Trampoline:

  • To play this game, first of all, you need to select a person to become the ultimate counter. You can call him “It” (The ultimate counter). Here, He should close his eyes or wear a blindfold. 
  • The “It” has to stand in the middle of the trampoline and count to ten. 
  • Everyone else moves around the trampoline. When “It,” says ‘10’, everybody should stop at once.
  • Now, comes the fun part. The “It” points in a direction and guess what! The player stands in that direction and is out. 
  • The counting then starts again. Everyone should start to move again. So, following the same process, the winner will be the last person left. He or she will become the next “It” for the next round.

3 – Cherry Bomb.

When I was a kid, we used to play this game most often. This game will give you real fun and it has to be played with your friends. You know, it’s a trampoline ball game.

A volleyball or trampoline basketball is needed for this game. An inflatable beach ball could also be a good option.

How To Play Cherry Bomb :

  • Every player should stand on the trampoline. One player has to throw the ball in the air and he should shout by calling it “Cherry Bomb”.
  • Now, every player should try to avoid the ball, but they can’t leave the trampoline.
  • If the ball touches someone, he will lose a life. With five hits a player must leave the trampoline. On the other hand, everyone will lose a life when the ball falls off the trampoline.
  • The winner will be the last person alive on the trampoline. However, you have to rotate the person who throws the ball in each new turn.

4 – Dead Man Rise

This is a group game you need friends to play. The Deadman trampoline game is really fun to play with friends.

How To Play Dead Man Rise :

  • First of all, you have to choose a player as “the deadman” who lies in the middle of the trampoline. He should close his eyes or blindfold himself. 
  • Then the other players say the following rhyme:
  • “Deadman, deadman, come alive,
  • Come alive when I count to five,
  • One… Two… Three… Four… Five…”
  • The deadman now rises and begins to crawling or rolling around on the trampoline. He then tries to touch someone.
  • The other players will try to stay out of reach. However, they can’t jump over the deadman. Even they are not allowed to go out of the trampoline.
  • If the deadman touches someone, he must freeze and will become the newly dead man. The winner will be the last person standing who is being untouched by the dead man in the entire game.

5 – Trampoline Whispers.

This multi-player trampoline game will help kids to improve their memory and concentration. Trampoline whispers is a very funny game, yet so much entertaining.

How To Play Trampoline Whispers:

  • First of all, you have to choose a player to perform a trick on the trampoline.
  • Then, another player enters the trampoline when the old one leaves. The rule is simple now. The second player must perform the first player’s trick and add an extra trick for the next player.
  • The third player has to perform all two tricks performed by the first two players while adding an extra one in the cycle.
  • This process should be continued with an extra trick from every new player.
  • Every player should maintain the sequence properly. If any player performs the wrong trick or right trick in the wrong sequence, he will be eliminated.
  • Ultimately the winner will be the last man standing who performed the right trick in the correct sequence.
  • However, eliminated players can still take part in the game by becoming a judge.

6 – Poison Ball Trampoline Game.

Kids love this game a lot. This is also a multiplayer game.

How To Play Poison Ball On Trampoline:

  • Everyone else then throws balls from the outside. The inside players must follow a simple rule. They must stay out of reach of the balls while bouncing on the trampoline. These balls are designated as poison balls.
  • Now, the balls roll around almost in every spot on the trampoline. If any player comes into touch with any ball, he will be immediately eliminated.
  • The winner will be the last man bouncing on the trampoline at the highest time.

7 – Castle Attack.

Castle attack is a game with a ball and trampoline to have unlimited fun. This game is an updated version of the poison ball game. Castle attack is nothing but a combined version of the popular game poison ball and trampoline dodgeball.

How To Play Castle Attack On Trampoline:

  • Choose a single player as the “king”. The king must stay inside the trampoline.
  • The other players must stay outside of the trampoline. They are known as “Attackers”.
  • The attackers throw water balloons or softballs over the trampoline for hitting the king.
  • The king should try to dodge the balls. He must be escaped from those balls thrown by the attackers.
  • If the king got three hits, the player who hit the last time will become the new king. Then the entire process repeats.
  • The player who remains king for the longest time will win this fun game.

Trampoline Games For Adults:

I know you’ll also agree with me that not only the kids, but also the adults love to play on the trampoline. Here are some fun games to play on a trampoline for adults, let’s see how to play these. However, these games can also be played by kids as well with proper supervision.

1 – Crack The Egg.

To play this you need three players on board. No bouncing is included in this game. Still, you’ll see the real fun.

How To Play Crack The Egg On The Trampoline:

  • One player will become the egg in this game. He must sit in the middle of the trampoline with his knees drawn up to his chest and he must put his arms around his knees. So, it would be a perfect egg position, I must say.
  • The other two players should stand around the edge of the trampoline. They should try to push the jump mat up and down by using their legs.
  • Their goal should be cracking the egg, meaning they should force the egg player to release their arms from the legs.
  • Within a certain time, players take turns as the egg. So, the longer you can become the egg without cracking, the chance of winning the game will be higher. 
  • Therefore, the winner will be the person who stays uncracked as an egg for the longest time.

2 – Bouncing Air Catch Trampoline Game.

This is a 2 person trampoline game. Bouncing air-catch could be a tremendous opportunity for you to become a part of your kid’s trampoline game. To avoid any kind of unexpected injury from this game, I would suggest you have a safe trampoline. 

Surely, this game is one of the best games to play on the trampoline for 2 people. You just get a tennis ball and you are all set to go.

How To Play Bouncing Air Catch On A Trampoline:

  • One player should stand outside and another player will be at the center of the trampoline.
  • The outsider will throw the ball first. He has to make sure that he throws the ball above the trampoline enclosure.
  • The player who was inside, now, must bounce on the trampoline and try to catch the ball on the air.
  • If he can catch the ball while airborne, he will be rewarded with one point.
  • The player who scores more points out of 10 throws will be the winner.

3 – Piggy In The Middle.

As promised, here is my most favorite one. If you love bouncing on a trampoline, this game will make you happy, I bet. You will need a small or medium-sized ball (e.g. a tennis ball) and three players to play this game.

How To Play Piggy In The Middle:

  • Select a player as “the piggy” and he will be on the trampoline. The other two players should position themselves on the outside.
  • The other two players will begin throwing the ball to each other, whereas the piggy will start to bounce on the trampoline and try to catch the ball.
  • The two outside players will attempt to confuse the piggy with their tricks. However, they should throw the ball over the trampoline. 
  • If the piggy can catch the ball, the person who last threw the ball will be the next piggy. Thus, the game will continue again.

Final Thoughts…

As you are in the final part of this comprehensive guide, I am assuming that you already know about these fun games to play on a trampoline. There are so many fun things you can do on a trampoline, playing games on it is just one of those.

However, a trampoline game should be played with proper safety measures. A trampoline net, in this case, could be a great option for you to ensure your safety on the trampoline. But, you should know how to secure nettings on a trampoline. I wish you an awesome trampoline day with your kid in the backyard.