Are trampolines safe? Trampoline Injuries & Safety Rules

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Trampoline jumping has become more popular among kids. But did you ever think about are trampolines safe for kids? Let’s find out.

Experts said that trampoline jumping is not a good option for children below 6 years old. Nowadays, trampoline injuries including fractures, sprains, and head injuries have increased a lot. If I have to mention the worst-case scenarios, I would say your kids can become paralyzed, brain-damaged, or even worse.

However, trampoline jumping has some insane benefits. Honestly speaking, with proper safety procedures, the benefit of trampoline jumping will outweigh the risks.


Reasons Of Common Trampoline Accidents.

If you are wondering about trampolines are safe or not for your kid, first of all, you need to figure out something else. You should identify how trampoline accidents commonly happen in the first place.

Multiple users at the same time.

It’s dangerous. Especially when multiple kids are jumping out there. Almost 75% of the total accidents happen when many kids are jumping on a small trampoline at the same time. The scenario becomes even worse when there are children of different age categories. Chances are smaller kids will get hurt by other elder kids.

When Stunt Fails.

It may not be safe always, yet kids find extreme fun in trampoline jumping. Sometimes, kids do stunts on the trampoline. They can end up injuring their cervical spine during a failed stunt attempt on a trampoline.

Accidental Falls From The Trampoline.

A sudden accidental fall can change the entire scenario of the day. Falling from the trampoline is another common cause of trampoline injuries. Now, you may think about the safety nets.

Impact With Springs And Frame.

If the padding around the frame and springs is not installed correctly, there is a high chance of kids will get injured. So, you have to make sure that the paddings are in the right place to minimize trampoline accidents.

Trampoline Safety Rules.

You’ll find lots of benefits of a trampoline. Especially, when it comes to health. The health benefits of a trampoline are way better than many other forms of exercise. But, it is also risky for children. There are many causes behind this.

For instance, one of the main reasons is children jump at the same time and crushes into one another. We all know it has some risks, but honestly speaking the benefits from it are many more than the risks. 

Maintaining some safety rules can minimize the risk of a trampoline. Experts defined some trampoline safety rules. Let’s see it.

  • Make sure that only one person is jumping at a time.
  • Keep your child safe from failed stunts. No somersaulting is allowed for kids.
  • Keeping the trampoline on the ground level will reduce the risk significantly.
  • Shock-absorbing pads are necessary to cover frames, rings, and hooks of the trampoline.
  • Keep the padding clean and clear.
  • A net enclosure can ensure extra safety.
  • Any kind of climbing or hanging from netting should be restricted for kids.
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5 Simple Trampoline Safety Rules From The Experts!

Trampoline Age Recommendation.

Considering the risk of trampoline jumping under a certain age there is a trampoline age recommendation.

If you have a child under 6 years old, please don’t allow her on a trampoline. It would be extremely risky for her.

 You don’t want to let your child get hurt, right? A bit of carefulness can keep your loving child safe. Besides, you should be careful enough to supervise your child while playing on a trampoline. 

The age recommendation for trampoline jumping is for your kid’s safety. So, try to follow every instruction carefully.

So, Are Trampolines Safe?

NO, it’s not. But, with proper safety measures carefulness, I must say a trampoline is safe for jumping.

Whether it’s a trampoline park or a home trampoline, rules and guidelines by the authority should be followed. 

Nowadays, trampoline parks are becoming more and more popular all around the US. But, it is a matter of concern that trampoline injuries have also increased over the year. 

Many people use the trampoline as a form of exercise. Many use it just for fun with friends and family. But, when it comes to a kid, you should be extra careful during their time on a trampoline. With some extra care, you can make the trampoline safe for your kid.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Are trampolines safe for 2-3 years old?

No, it’s not. It’s less than the minimum recommended age for trampoline jumping. Bouncing is not recommended for a kid under 6 years old. It can result in sprains and fractures in the arms or legs — the worst thing that can happen is serious head and neck injuries. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly discourages parents to put their toddlers on a trampoline, the risk of injury is too high.

What are the common injuries on a trampoline?

The trampoline can hut your kids terribly. In recent years trampoline injuries have increased a lot. Broken bones, concussions, head and neck injuries are some common injuries on a trampoline.

How safe are trampolines with nets?

A safety net can protect your child to some extent. But, you should supervise your child while jumping. A kid should jump in the middle of the trampoline. You should also install your net properly as per the instructions.

Final Thoughts…

A trampoline in your backyard or a small one in your house can give your kid immense pleasure and happiness. Although there are lots of safety issues given the examples of trampoline injuries, you’ll also find many reasons why trampolines are safe.

Most of the injuries happened when many kids jump on the trampoline at the same time. Trampoline injuries can be significantly reduced with proper supervision and parental care. 

A parent should supervise their child while he or she jumping on a trampoline. I believe, now you have got the proper idea about are trampoline is safe for kids or not. I wish you a happy trampoline day with your kids in the backyard.

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