13 Fun Things To Do On A Trampoline Alone or With Friends

There’re so many fun things to do on a trampoline by yourself or with friends. Here is a list of top 13 ways to have fun with a trampoline for all ages.

Back in the day when I was a kid, I used to do a lot of fun stuff on our trampoline in the backyard. I never found an entertaining thing like a trampoline. It was my buddy from childhood and I did a lot cool things with my trampoline. Because the world moves rapidly, there are many fun designs now and trampolines are still an enjoyable place. However, if you don’t know what fun things to do with your trampoline, I am here today to tell you about the top 13 fun things for all ages.


Fun Things To Do On A Trampoline for Kids.

The little ones want to jump, play and scream all day long, you will not be able to find one kid who doesn’t like trampolines. However, you can make it more entertaining by just adding some extra stuff. or there are so many games to play on a trampoline.

1. Ball pit fun:

Add some colorful balloons or balls, to make the trampoline a mini colorful ball pit for your kids. Your kid will enjoy jumping on that pit.

Fun Things To Do On A Trampoline

2. Catch The Ball:

Ever tried this exciting game with your toddler? If you didn’t, you should try it now. Just make sure that you have a net enclosed trampoline so that your little one won’t get hurt. Catch and throw the ball on a trampoline is one of the many fun things to do with your trampoline for toddlers.

3. Jump and Grab:

Surely, a trampoline is an insane place for kids to have fun. I mean, who on this earth don’t love to jump on a trampoline? You have to do a simple thing for your kid to make it even better. Just duct-tape two pool noodles together and try to hang streamers from them. Try it for different lengths. Kid will try to jump and have to reach to those streamers.

4. Escape the untouchables:

Put some dolls on the surface of the trampoline and jump without getting tagged. The rule is simple in this game. You can’t touch any doll during jumping. If you touch, you are out. Pretty much challenging, isn’t it? Kids always love to take this challenge.

When I was a kid, I used to play this with my friends too. Ahhh! good old days.

5. Adding Water Is Fun:

You can make the trampoline a place of extra fun for your kids. Kids always love to play with water. SO, why not add some water on the trampoline for your kids? Just make sure you have the safety enclosure installed correctly. Check out our article best water sprinklers.

6: Follow the leader game:

You know, this is a classic game. Your toddler will get extra fun by playing this game with a trampoline. In this game, Kids have to choose a leader first. 

Then all other kids must have to line up behind the leader. Then they must mimic the leader by following him. If any kid can’t do what the leader does, he will be out. 

This classic game is a real fun for children. However, safety comes first. You should check that proper safety measures are in place on the trampoline.

7. Learning with music:

Wouldn’t it be awesome, if your little one learns names of body parts with a classic “Hokey Pokey” music? Yes, they also enjoy it so much.

8. Chalk Art:

You will see how fun and addictive it is. Just leave the kids on the trampoline with some sidewalk chalk. They will use the pad as an art canvas.

Don’t worry about the cleaning, it is really easy to wash it right away. A simple hose pipe will do everything for you.

9. Light it Up:

Another exciting thing that you can do is light up the trampoline. Trust me, it will create an awesome environment for your kids. Kids would love to spend time there.

10. Tumbling:

You can teach your little one the basic tumbling like a somersault. The flexible surface of a trampoline makes it a perfect place for teaching basic tumbling to your younger kids.

Fun Things To Do On A Trampoline for Adults.

Trampoline is one of the best boredom buster. Its fun and beneficial for health at the same time. Here are some fun trampoline activities you can do as an adult.

11: Cardio Exercises:

One of the best things you can do on a trampoline alone is jumping exercise. Trampoline is always a good option for physical exercise. If you’re someone like me, you would already know that there are some tremendous health benefits of trampoline. Replace your old school cardio exercises with some cool trampoline techniques.

12. Yoga:

Another fun thing you can do on a trampoline by yourself is YOGA. It will be a good option for you. You can do it in more balanced and coordinated way on the trampoline surface.

Yoga on a trampoline

13. Jumping Challenge:

Do you love to take challenges? When you jump on a trampoline, you have to fight with gravity to go up. But, there are some awesome benefits from it. For instance, you can burn lots of calory by trampoline jumping. You can choose a partner and play a jumping game with him. The challenger who can jump higher will win the show.

There are a lot of cool tricks you can do too like backflip, frontflip, etc. Take a look at our detailed article on cool tricks to do on a trampoline.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

How do you lose weight on a trampoline?

Answer: Losing weight with trampoline workout is becoming more popular these days. A 30 minutes jumping on a trampoline will burn 200 calories. If you jump regularly, eventually you’ll start to lose your weight. Its better than running or jumping on a hard surface.

What to do at a trampoline park?

Answer: A trampoline park is an ideal place to spend some fun time. No matter at what age you are, you’ll enjoy every moments. You can jump, play games, or have fun in the water zone, everything will come handy in a trampoline park.

Is Sleeping On A Trampoline Safe?

Answer: In a general sense, yes it is. But you have to take all of the safety measures. Consider your sleeping styles and the weather condition is also important for a sleepover on a trampoline. A sudden rain can ruin your plan right away. However, a handy sleeping bag is possibly a great solution for this.

Final Thoughts…

Having a trampoline in the backyard is a dream come true moment for your kids. Every child has the right to have some great memories from their childhood. There are lots of fun things to do on a trampoline for people of every age. I believe, this article helped you to get some exclusive idea to spend free time with your trampoline.