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Trampoline Reviews!

  • Can You Put A Normal Trampoline In The Ground?

    Who wouldn’t have a trampoline in their backyard? Anyone who has free space in their backyard would want a trampoline. Just buy a regular trampoline and enjoy bouncing around all season, except for the windy season. The windy season or high winds, in particular, are a big problem for trampolines. Any kind of trampoline doesn’t […]

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  • What Size Trampoline Should I Get? Trampoline Size Guide

    Trampolines come in different sizes and shapes. Each size of the trampoline has a purpose for being made in that size. There are many reasons why there are so many variations in size when it comes to trampolines. These reasons could be yard size, indoor space, backyard space, number of kids or family members, or […]

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  • How to Fix a Trampoline

    How to Fix a Trampoline? Trampoline Repairing Guide.

    Trampolines are very expensive, no surprise. They cost a lot and if you are someone who is buying a giant size trampoline for the whole family, it might cost a fortune. Even though they are very costly, expensive trampolines are high in quality as well. They don’t break or wear out easily. Even regular affordable […]

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  • 12 Foot Vs 14 Foot Trampoline

    12 Foot Vs 14 Foot Trampoline – Which one is for you?

    If you have a gigantic free space in your backyard, you would obviously want a big-size trampoline. We know, it is tempting. However, many people have this confusion when buying bigger trampolines. They seem to get confused about what size they should buy. The confusion mainly lies around 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, and […]

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  • How to jump higher on a trampoline

    How to jump higher on a trampoline to get more air time?

    Trampolines are a common thing nowadays. Everyone loves trampolines and probably has great memories with them. Why won’t they love them? Trampolines are so much fun. Besides the health benefit aspect of the trampolines, they are super cool and fun. Adults may not consider the fun aspect of trampolines much, but youngsters do. Kids and […]

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  • How To Make A Trampoline Bouncier

    How To Make A Trampoline Bouncier – Simple Solutions

    One of the most important aspects of any trampoline is its ability to bounce after each jump. As the user continues to jump, the elasticity of the springs decreases. Eventually, the springs become so weak that they lose their ability to bounce. Factors that cause this loss of elasticity include: Constant use of trampolines can […]

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