Trampoline vs Running – Is a trampoline better than running?

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The short answer is Yes! Research has shown that Trampoline is better than running in many ways.

Jumping on a trampoline for more than 10 minutes is equivalent to running for almost 30 minutes. It is because trampoline jumping burns more calories at a faster rate than running according to new research. Trampoline is also better in other ways like you don’t have to go out, an exercise trampoline costs less than a treadmill…

It doesn’t mean that, stop running immediately and start jumping on a trampoline. Both of those are good exercises both have pros and cons.

Running may not burn calories faster than trampolining, it certainly may be better in some cases like sports or combat training.

When it comes to calorie burning or staying in shape, trampoline jumping wins the battle. Also, trampoline jumping is more fun and you don’t get exhausted quickly.


We know most of the evidence is going towards trampoline jumping however, running actually has some benefits for physical well-being. Let’s see the table of Trampoline VS Running

Jumping on a Trampoline VS Running

Exercising on a trampoline is very efficient. It burns more calories quickly. This is why it is very time-saving.Time CostRunning is very time-consuming. Running takes a lot of energy and burns fewer calories compared to rebounding.
As we’ve said, rebounding burns more calories faster compared to running.EfficiencyRunning is not as efficient as rebounding. The main reason is that since it is very difficult, most runners tire out even before they could reach the calorie-burning state.
Rebounding increases the heart rate slowly.Heart activityRunning increases the heart rate very quickly. This is one of the main reasons for experiencing fatigue within 10 minutes of running.
Oxygen levels increase and energy depletes slowly when jumping on a trampoline.Oxygen and energy levelRunning ups the heart rate faster than any other form of cardio. This is why oxygen levels increase in the body but so does the energy consumption.
Jumping on a trampoline only requires a little warm-up before starting.StartingTo run, you need to stretch properly and warm up your body. Then you will need to wear running shoes. Oh! and don’t forget to track a free road if you don’t have access to a treadmill.
All we are going to say is that jumping on a trampoline is so much fun.FunRunning is not fun at all. We think it is literally the most boring form of cardio.

Is jumping on a trampoline more effective than running?

Yes, jumping on a trampoline is more effective than running apparently. More effective on what? Building stamina, exercising cardiovascular muscles, building endurance, and improving aerobic functions.

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A study has shown that only 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is 2 times more effective than 30 minutes of running or jogging. Trampoline jumping is 50% more effective at calorie burning than running.

According to a teacher of ESP Wellness Center’s trampoline class, Parvati Shallow, only six minutes of rebounding can equal one mile of jogging.

These research data are evident that rebounding is just more effective than running. Actually running is not so bad itself. Running can help improve bodily functions as well.

The only problem is that running is very difficult and boring. Let’s be honest, who loves running?

That doesn’t mean running can’t help at all. In combat training, let’s say martial arts, running to build stamina is very useful and effective. However, it is unlikely that average people like you and us will consider running to get into competitive levels of martial arts.

For average people who just want to stay healthy and in shape, trampoline jumping is perfect. Even NASA themselves uses rebounding as an exercise to keep their astronauts fit and healthy.

So yes, evidently trampoline jumping is more effective than running.

Why is running not as effective as jumping on a trampoline?

Running is effective as a form of cardio and it does have its own purpose. However, it is not as effective as trampoline jumping when it comes to efficiency and timeliness. Jumping on a trampoline burns more calories than running in a much shorter period of time.

The main problem with running is exhaustion. Running causes the heart rate to spike up very quickly. Since running forces the entire body to move it costs a lot of energy and oxygen. The body depletes these resources very quickly from running.

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As a result those who start running for the sake of burning calories or being fit, can’t keep up. Most beginners can’t even keep up 10 minutes of non-stop running. How will they lose weight if they gas out before reaching their goal?

Beginners will have to train themselves to run first, only then they could use running to burn fat or lose weight.

This is why running is not as effective as jumping on a trampoline. Running isn’t as effective as cycling, swimming, or even rowing either.

Running is just too difficult to be effective for someone. We have a full article where we discussed more benefits of trampoline jumping.

Frequently Asked Questions…

How many minutes of jumping on a trampoline equal a mile?

A teacher of ESP Wellness Center’s trampoline class, Parvati Shallow said that six minutes of rebounding can equal one mile of jogging. Other research shows that jumping on a trampoline burns 20% more calories than jogging.

Is bouncing better than running?

Yes, bouncing is better than running apparently. A study by the International Journal of Sports Science showed that rebounding or bouncing on a trampoline is 2 times more effective on the body’s aerobic functions. They also said that it can burn 50% more calories than running.

Can you lose weight by jumping on a trampoline?

Yes, you can lose weight by jumping on a trampoline regularly. Trampoline jumping is twice as effective as running.

Final Thoughts…

Alright, so after a long battle of trampoline vs running, we can say that trampoline jumping is clearly the winner here.

Why is trampoline jumping better than running if you ask again?

Well, trampoline jumping is more effective than running. Trampolining burns more calories than running. Trampoline jumping is more fun and exciting than running. Trampoline jumping causes you to exhaust less than running.

We can clearly see that trampoline jumping is winning every round.

We think the main problem with running is that it puts so much pressure on the legs. Running is very hard especially if you don’t have running shoes and didn’t stretch properly before running. As for trampoline jumping, you can start right away.

Running is so tough and hard on the legs that people just tire out from exhaustion and pain. This is why running can’t burn calories as much because people tire out even before they reach that level.