Rectangle vs Round Trampoline – Which One You Should Buy?

Trampolines are one of the best fun equipment you can invest in your life. A trampoline can help you have fun and relax, release stress, stay healthy and create beautiful memories all at the same time. It can even make dreams come true for some, those who want to take trampolining as a sport.

Now there is one problem. You see, trampolines come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them cost more money and some of them are meant for specific purposes. The most common shapes of trampolines are rectangular shapes and round shapes.

Some would argue that there is no difference between them and they are all the same.

However, we would argue that there is a huge difference standing between these two shapes. Now there are other shapes of trampolines out there, but we want to dedicate this blog to talk about rectangle vs. round trampoline.

So keep on reading and find out why the shape difference in trampolines is a big deal.

Rectangle vs Round Trampoline

Difference between Rectangle and Round Trampoline

Take a look at this simple table below to understand the difference between these two different shapes of trampolines.

Rectangular DifferenceRound
We can say that rectangular trampolines are stronger than round shape trampolines because they are made with the purpose of offering more bounce. Also, they are used in sports.Frame StrengthRound shape trampolines do not have weak frame strength but they are not as strong as rectangular trampolines.
Rectangular trampolines offer more bounce because they have more springs.BounceRound shape trampolines have weaker bounce because they have fewer springs.
Rectangular trampolines are not as safe as round shape trampolines, because of their strong bounce. They are not meant for average people.SafetyRound trampolines have weaker bounce and that is why they are safe. Also, most of the bounce of round trampolines is in the center. So there is no need to worry about bouncing off the border.
Rectangle shape trampolines are a bit pricey.AffordabilityRound shape trampolines are more affordable because of their popularity and market.
Rectangular trampolines have more strength and weight capacity.Weight capacityRound shape trampolines have low weight capacity.
Rectangle shape trampolines are meant for sports or gymnastics purposes. They are useful for people who want to perform tricks.PurposeRound shape trampolines are meant for average people and single person use. You can do flips and tricks on them but they won’t be as good.
Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Rectangle TrampolineExampleORCC Heavy Duty 15ft Round Trampoline

Which one is for you? Rectangular or Round?

Well, there’s a simple answer to this one. If you are a gymnast or want to jump high you will need super bouncy trampolines with a big jumping area, so go with the rectangle. But if you’re just looking for a trampoline for your family, then a good quality round trampoline will be more than enough.

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Let me explain further…

Rectangle trampolines are perfect when it comes to higher bounce because they have the most amount of springs. They also have the biggest jumping surface. However, rectangle trampolines are very expensive.

On the other hand, round trampolines are cheaper but their bouncing ability isn’t as high as rectangular ones. So basically, rectangular trampolines are for acrobatic activities and round trampolines are for family fun.

Rectangle vs Round Trampoline: Factors to Consider?

A trampoline is kind of a recreational center for everyone. Therefore, you should take your decision wisely before buying a trampoline. You’ll find a trampoline that comes in many shapes.

But, honestly speaking, the round and the rectangular trampolines are more popular. The round trampoline has a round-shaped mat and frame, whereas the mat and frame of the rectangle-shaped trampoline are rectangular.

You should check the safety measures carefully, whether bouncing performance is okay or not, usage, price of the product, etc. To decide upon rectangle vs round trampoline, you should consider the following things carefully.

1 – Safety.

If you want to buy a trampoline to set up in your backyard, the first thing you should consider is safety issues. Now, considering the safety issues, should you go for a rectangular or round trampoline?

Always remember, if your trampoline is round, you can’t jump as higher as a rectangular trampoline. Another thing is the bounces will be shorter in the edge than in the middle of the trampoline.

 If you have jumped on a round trampoline, you most probably experienced that the bounces will always direct you to the middle from the edge of the trampoline. It is good as it helps you to avoid landing on the springs.

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However, the real mess occurred on a round trampoline when several kids jump on the trampoline at the same time. On the other hand, when it comes to the rectangular trampoline, you always bounce higher because of its exclusive design.

Now, this shaped trampoline is good for athletes. Because they need to reach higher as per their profession demands. But, the risk of injuries is great here.

 Another important point is rectangular trampoline will give extra space so that kids can perform all those tricks with their friends comfortably.

Therefore, you have to find out the purpose of the trampoline. Then, you can go for a round or rectangle trampoline as per your requirement.

2 – Bouncing Performance.

Bouncing performance is the next important factor that you should consider next. A rectangle trampoline will give you more space and let you bounce higher.

You can enjoy bouncing higher in every space of the rectangular trampoline, even when you are at the edge of it. On the other hand, bouncing performance on a round trampoline is not the same in every point of it. 

Usually, you will reach less height on edge than jumping in the center of a round trampoline. So, you should consider your bouncing preference before choosing your trampoline shape.

3 – User’s Experience.

At this point, I would like to mention here that you should always consider the usage and user experience that you are going to get from the trampoline when it comes to rectangle vs. round.

A round trampoline will give you lots of fun moments, and needless to say, it’s a great form of recreation. On the other hand, the rectangle trampoline is good for doing tricks and all those stunt things.

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So, you should carefully decide what kind of user experience you are expecting from the trampoline.

4 – Weight Capacity.

Of course, weight limitations or weight capacity is an important factor that you need to consider carefully when it comes to choosing the trampoline with the perfect shape.

Now, the specialty of the round trampoline is it engages springs from all of the trampoline when you jump on it. However, if you are jumping on a rectangle trampoline, most probably, the springs near your jumping spot will be engaged only.

That is why, if you are planning a trampoline game with friends, you should always go for a rectangular one.  But, if you need a trampoline only for a single or two-person, a round trampoline will make your day shiner.

5 – Trampoline Size.

Trampoline size is also an important factor. Where are you going to install your trampoline? Do you have enough space in the backyard? You should always calculate the size that you need for your backyard.

Usually, a rectangular trampoline needs more space to install compared to a round trampoline. However, whether it’s round or rectangular, trampolines usually come in different sizes. You should select the right size for the right shape.

6 – Price.

When it comes to trampoline price, always remember that rectangular trampolines are usually quite expensive than round trampolines. You’ll find many small and smart round trampolines at an affordable price

However, you should always keep in mind that the trampoline price depends on many variables, such as size, price, shape, etc. Therefore, you have to make your decision wisely.


Which shape of the trampoline is the best?

If a trampoline is meant for single-person use, or for family and kids, a round-shaped trampoline is better suited. If a trampoline is meant for sports training or group jumping session, a rectangle-shaped trampoline is better suited.

Is a rectangle trampoline better than a round trampoline?

A rectangle shape trampoline is better than a round shape trampoline in terms of bouncing power and jumping surface. A rectangle shaped trampoline offers the same jumping power no matter which part of the trampoline you bounce. The greater number of springs on a rectangular trampoline offers equal jumping power from every corner.

Final Thoughts…

Rectangle vs. round trampoline may seem like a very hot debate, but it actually is not. Even for the buyer, it is nothing to worry about.

Picking a trampoline between these two shapes is very simple and straightforward. Just specify the purpose.

The purpose of a round shape trampoline is to be used for a single person or a family. It has low bouncing power and that is why it is considered safe. Also, since the main jumping power of a round shape trampoline comes from the center, it helps in keeping everyone away from the borders.

The purpose of a rectangle trampoline is to offer more jumping power, especially in sports. Rectangular trampolines are meant for gymnastics, sports, and air tricks. They have evenly spread springs and offer the same bouncing power from every corner. That is also why they are not safe for average people.

If you can decide the trampoline shape based on their purpose, you should get the trampoline you need.