Rectangle vs Round Trampoline – Which One You Should Buy?

A trampoline can give your kids an excellent recreational environment and keep them fit. But, it’s quite challenging to decide upon the shape when it comes to buying a new trampoline. In this comprehensive guide, I will discuss rectangle vs round trampoline so that you can become stress-free when making your ultimate decision.

Rectangle vs Round Trampoline

Rectangle vs Round Trampoline: Factors to Consider?

A trampoline is kind of a recreational center for everyone. Therefore, you should take your decision wisely before buying a trampoline. You’ll find a trampoline that comes in many shapes.

But, honestly speaking, the round and the rectangular trampolines are more popular. The round trampoline has a round-shaped mat and frame, whereas the mat and frame of the rectangle-shaped trampoline are rectangular.

You should check the safety measures carefully, whether bouncing performance is okay or not, usage, price of the product, etc. To decide upon rectangle vs round trampoline, you should consider the following things carefully.

1 - Safety.

If you want to buy a trampoline to set up in your backyard, the first thing you should consider is safety issues. Now, considering the safety issues, should you go for a rectangular or round trampoline?

Always remember, if your trampoline is round, you can’t jump as higher as a rectangular trampoline. Another thing is the bounces will be shorter in the edge than in the middle of the trampoline.

 If you have jumped on a round trampoline, you most probably experienced that the bounces will always direct you to the middle from the edge of the trampoline. It is good as it helps you to avoid landing on the springs.

However, the real mess occurred on a round trampoline when several kids jump on the trampoline at the same time. On the other hand, when it comes to the rectangular trampoline, you always bounce higher because of its exclusive design.

Now, this shaped trampoline is good for athletes. Because they need to reach higher as per their profession demands. But, the risk of injuries is great here.

 Another important point is rectangular trampoline will give extra space so that kids can perform all those tricks with their friends comfortably.

Therefore, you have to find out the purpose of the trampoline. Then, you can go for a round or rectangle trampoline as per your requirement.

2 - Bouncing Performance.

Bouncing performance is the next important factor that you should consider next. A rectangle trampoline will give you more space and let you bounce higher.

You can enjoy bouncing higher in every space of the rectangular trampoline, even when you are at the edge of it. On the other hand, bouncing performance on a round trampoline is not the same in every point of it. 

Usually, you will reach less height on edge than jumping in the center of a round trampoline. So, you should consider your bouncing preference before choosing your trampoline shape.

3 - User’s Experience.

At this point, I would like to mention here that you should always consider the usage and user experience that you are going to get from the trampoline when it comes to rectangle vs. round.

A round trampoline will give you lots of fun moments, and needless to say, it’s a great form of recreation. On the other hand, the rectangle trampoline is good for doing tricks and all those stunt things.

So, you should carefully decide what kind of user experience you are expecting from the trampoline.

4 - Weight Capacity.

Of course, weight limitations or weight capacity is an important factor that you need to consider carefully when it comes to choosing the trampoline with perfect shape.

Now, the specialty of the round trampoline is it engages springs from all of the trampoline when you jump on it. However, if you are jumping on a rectangle trampoline, most probably, the springs near your jumping spot will be engaged only.

That is why, if you are planning a trampoline game with friends, you should always go for a rectangular one.  But, if you need a trampoline only for a single or two-person, a round trampoline will make your day shiner.

5 - Trampoline Size.

Trampoline size is also an important factor. Where are you going to install your trampoline? Do you have enough space in the backyard? You should always calculate the size that you need for your backyard.

Usually, a rectangular trampoline needs more space to install compared to the round trampoline. However, whether it’s round or rectangular, trampolines usually come in different sizes. You should select the right size for the right shape.

6 - Price.

When it comes to trampoline price, always remember that rectangular trampolines are usually quite expensive than round trampolines. You’ll find many small and smart round trampolines at an affordable price

However, you should always keep in mind that the trampoline price depends on many variables, such as size, price, shape, etc. Therefore, you have to make your decision wisely.

What Is The Best Rectangular Trampoline??

Not every rectangular trampoline will meet all of your expectations. And I know, choosing the best product is pretty much challenging nowadays, given that all of those cheap products are available out there.With said that I had chosen the best rectangular trampoline that you should buy with your hard-earned money.

After experiencing its user experience and analyzing all of those online user reviews, I have come to this point that the Skywalker Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline, which is manufactured by the reputed organization Skywalker Trampolines Storeis the best possible option for you.

Below, I am writing a comprehensive buyers guide of this product to help your decision-making process.

Why Galactic Xtreme Rectangle Trampoline?

Wouldn’t this be awesome to have all of those exclusive features that you want to come into a single product? Yes, of course. The happy trampoline-galactic extreme rectangle has almost everything you want.

Since 1996, “Happy trampoline” has been serving us with all those high-end trampolines. The rigorous quality control system of this product ensures that with all updated safety measures, you’ll always be safe and fit.

Let me explain about the key features, benefits, and flaws of the product so that you can take your decision properly.

Key Features:

Safest Mat: I betyou won’t believe this. This product comes with a double mat feature. Yes, you heard me right. It’s two mats that are stitched together.

Now, on this extremely safe matted trampoline, your kid will always be safe, and injury will be significantly reduced. Besides, this unique feature made increased the durability of this trampoline to the insane level.

Safety Net Enclosure: This product comes with an awesome safety net enclosure which has the coverage of the whole trampoline. I want to mention here that the company patents this net enclosure with a unique Stay-put feature.
High-grade polyester mesh made this net tough and strong enough to provide you maximum safety.

Spring Pad: One of the exciting features of this product is the spring pad, which is wide enough to protect the springs from any unexpected incident. The reversible pad is more durable.

The green color of the spring pad will give you a great positive vibe in the backyard. Moreover, this trampoline comes with 172 extra thick and long springs, which will serve you better. 

Bouncing Capacity: This trampoline has a bouncing weight capacity of 550 pounds. Therefore, you can easily do fun on this trampoline, becoming stress-free.

Steel Tubing: This product has steel tubing of 3.00 mm, which is the thickest in the entire industry that ensures your safe jumping on it.

Size: This trampoline comes in 13 X 23 Ft, which is extra-large that gives you extra flexibility so that you can get unlimited fun on your trampoline.



What Is The Best Round Trampoline?

Round trampolines are always good for safe jumping for your kids. If you consider safety as the priority or the bouncer will be used by few users only, I believe you need a good and perfect round trampoline.

However, you might get confused when it comes to choosing the best round trampoline. Therefore, I am here with this comprehensive review of the best round trampoline.

After analyzing the user’s review and with my years of experience, I am recommending Skywalker trampoline jump n drunk trampoline to you. This comprehensive review of this excellent product will help you a lot in making the right decision.

Why Skywalker Trampolines Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline?

“Skywalker trampolines” always help us to be active by providing exclusive and unique products. With some excellent and cool features, this product could be the best option for you when it comes to buying a round trampoline. Let’s explain the features of this product to you.

Key Features:

Safety Netting: You always want your kids to be safe on the trampoline. Keeping that in mind, this excellent round-shaped trampoline features a patented enclosure that ensures that no gap exists between the jumping surface and the safety netting.

Besides, the polyethylene weaved netting comes with a dual zipper, and it has a latch clip closure system that gives your kids maximum safety.

T-Sockets: I know you don’t like any kind of structural twisting in your trampoline. Therefore the reinforced T-sockets of this product make the product more stable and prevent structural twisting as well.

Springs: One of the most exciting features of a skywalker trampoline is it always prioritizes safety over everything.

With said that, I want to mention that the tightly-coiled springs which are located around the outside of the netting will ensure extra safety of the trampoline.

The springs are made of still, which is rust-resistant and comes with great durability.

Skywalker Trampolines Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline Review

Spring Pad: Another cool feature of this trampoline is it comes with an extra thick vinyl-coated spring pad, which is also fade resistant.

Bouncing Capacity: The bouncing capacity is 200 lbs. Therefore, it can take your weight easily, and you can become stress-free while jumping on this trampoline.

Size: Not every trampoline has this exclusive basketball hoop feature. With this exclusive feature now, your trampoline will become an excellent fun ground.



So, Rectangle or Round Trampoline?

Now that you know all of the secrets of the rectangle and round trampoline, you might want to come into a conclusion. So, rectangle vs. round, which one should win?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, it depends on the usage of the trampoline. But, to conclude the discussion, I can say, if your kid is younger and you don’t want to reach an extra height in a trampoline jump, you can go for a round trampoline.

Round trampolines are good for a single user. However, if you are a kind of sportsperson or love to play games on the trampoline with friends and family, you must buy a rectangle trampoline. Because it will give you enough space to make your day more enjoyable.

Always try to figure out why purpose your trampoline is going to serve in the first place. If you find the answer, I bet you will know which trampoline will be the best choice for you.

Final Thoughts…

Whether it’s round or rectangle, a good quality trampoline will create some excellent memories for your kids. Trampoline is a fun center for people of any age.

However, when it comes to rectangle vs round trampoline, you should take your decision carefully.

I tried to show you all possible ways so that you can choose the best trampoline for you. I also try to give you an excellent suggestion to find the best product for you.

I believe this comprehensive guide helped you to make your decision correctly. Round or rectangular, whatever your choice is, I wish a happy trampoline day for you in the backyard.