How To Put A Trampoline Together [Step By Step Video]

Setting up a trampoline properly can bring peace of mind while not knowing how to put a trampoline together can cost some extra money. Here is your solution!

Being a light physical activity trampoline is also a great source of recreation. As a trampoline lover, it’s common that you will want to set it and have fun as soon as possible. But do you know how to put a trampoline together perfectly?

In the worst case, failing to set up the trampoline correctly may lead to accidents. It would be embarrassing to be in a situation like that.

To avoid things like this, you simply can’t focus on having fun while you are looking to set a trampoline. Because safety is an important factor while you are using a trampoline. And setting up a trampoline perfectly is the first step you should take to avoid future risks.

How To Put A Trampoline Together

Take a deep breath and go through the whole article. Because I am going to share a simple yet effective step-by-step guide on how to put up a trampoline so that you can make full use of it. 

So without any further talk, let’s begin.

Putting Up A Trampoline Together: Preparation

You wouldn’t like any distraction when you are setting up your trampoline. To get rid of any unusual interruption, you need to do two things before starting your setup process:

  • Examine the package thoroughly, and 
  • Gathering all the necessary tools.

Examine The Package:

Open the packaging and check if all the instruments are available. If everything is available, it’s great. If any instruments are missing, then call the seller and let them know it.

Depending on the situation, they may send the missing pieces or replace the trampoline set with a new one.

Assemble The Tools:

Having all the tools available near your hand will speed up your setup process. Here is a list of necessary tools you will need while putting on the trampoline together.

How To Put A Trampoline Together: The Complete Process.

Now that we have all the tools close to our hands, let’s start our trampoline setup process.

How to put a trampoline frame together

Gather all the circular pieces and then make a ring shape by attaching them together. After assembling the circular pieces, keep them flat on the ground.

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Now start assembling the legs. You will find spots in the ring built for legs. In general, the legs should fit well into the spots. But if you face any problems, then use a hammer to solve it. Don’t be too harsh while using the hammer as it may damage your tools.

Now that you have set your frames altogether, it’s time to secure all the nuts and bolts. Make sure that all of them are positioned correctly. You can use a power drill instead of a screwdriver while securing the nuts and bolts, as it will accelerate your working process.

And finally, upturn the frame to set it up on its legs. You might need help from others while filing it as its quite heavy. Check out if the frame is wobbling or not. If wobbling, it might be because the legs aren’t set properly. To fix the problem, secure the legs using a screwdriver or power drill.

How to put a trampoline mat on

Start the process by laying down the mat inside the trampoline. Now, add four silver springs in a rectangular trampoline at each corner. After that count 12 spaces in the corners of the mat and insert springs there.

Now, Count five holes from the corner in clockwise rotation, and add a metal spring there. Then look for five more and add the other remaining. Do this until you get back to the beginning. Verify that all the springs are connected to the mat strongly. And that wraps up the process of how to put a trampoline mat on. Here are the best trampoline mats if you need to replace the old one.

How to put trampoline springs on

When it comes to how to put trampoline springs on, many people get confused thinking about where they should start. But with our instruction, you can perform the task quite easily and in a very short period of time.

First, attach a spring with the trampoline spring tool at any part of the trampoline. Now add another spring to the opposite side of the spring you attached previously. Rotate 90 degrees once the first two springs are connected, and do the same for the next two springs.

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When you have attached four trampoline springs, we’ll add another four following the same steps as above, but this time it is on the other side. Each of the springs should be spread evenly and you should not put extra pressure on either side of the trampoline.

How to put a trampoline springs on

Attach the cover and lining of the trampoline spring to the trampoline frame. It is crucial to ensure that kids are safe while using the trampoline.

How to put up trampoline net

If you want to properly put up a trampoline net by yourself, simply follow the steps written below.                                            

First, you have to assemble the aluminum or steel tubes together. You’ll see two poles of different sizes there. Now, make sure to slide all the smaller tubes into the larger ones. 

Next, time to attach the tubes to the trampoline base using simple nuts and bolts. Ensure that you have attached all the tubes on top as they will hold the entire webbings. Then you must tie the net to the base of the poles. Eventually, the net is going to spread out evenly. 

At this stage, you have to tie the net to the poles of the trampoline. Maintain caution while tying the net. Perfectly done three knots will be good to complete the process. And that sums up how to put up a trampoline net precisely. Read our full detailed instructions on how to secure netting on a trampoline.

Securing The Trampoline

Now that you have your trampoline set up, it’s time to secure it up before you can use it.

Look out for the trampoline ladder in your packages and put them together. Secure the ladder hooks thoroughly and position the ladder on the trampoline. The ladder helps the kids to enter and exit the trampoline conveniently.

An anchor kit is a great tool to secure the trampoline in the ground. Screw the anchor kit to the ground and attach it with the trampoline. It will secure your trampoline from blowing away.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

How much does it cost to install a trampoline?

It depends on the trampoline size and some other factors. The smaller trampoline costs less, whereas the bigger trampolines will cost extra money. In general trampoline installation costs can vary between 30 to 150 USD.

Is it easy to put a trampoline together?

Yes, If you know how to set things up and all the necessary tools are available near your hand, it shouldn’t take much hassle. You will need a partner thought. However, if you lack the knowledge on how to put the trampoline together, it might not go easy with you.

How long does it take to put a trampoline together?

It varies depending on the size and type of the trampoline. In general, a 10 ft trampoline setup should be completed within 2-3 hours.

Can you put any trampoline on the ground?

Yes, it can be but you should avoid it where possible. It might damage the tool and you can’t inspect the damage when you want as it’s dug under the hole. Use safety nets to ensure safety if you put it on the ground.

What tools are needed to put a trampoline together?

You need to have a few tools to get the job done. For instance, you need a spring puller, rubber mallet, power drill, safety gloves, and Phillips screwdriver to successfully put a trampoline together.

Final Thoughts…

Trampoline is a great source to spend your leisure time. Kids love to have fun using the trampoline at their playing times. It’s a fun way of having physical exercise too. 

Now at this stage, you might be doubtful on how to assemble a mini trampoline or how to put together a large trampoline. Is the above guideline can be applied in any size or type of trampoline?

The answer is Yes. I have shared a comprehensive guideline on how to put a trampoline together and it applies to any size or type of trampoline.

Finally, I hope this thorough instruction has helped you out.

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