How To Move A Trampoline – All possible Ways.

If you want to move to a new house or just mow the lawn, you’ll have to move the trampoline. Here are all possible ways of how to move a trampoline.

No wonder your kids love to play games on the trampoline, isn’t it? Even though it’s fun to spend quality time with your family, moving means waiting for the weekend, gathering 3-4 people, and going for time-consuming work.  Sounds no fun, right?

Let me assure you, moving a trampoline isn’t as exhausting as you’re thinking. In this article, I’ve covered all possible ways about how to move a trampoline either that is spring-based or Springfree.  

Whether you disassemble the trampoline or move it without taking it apart, it’s always easy. Just you need to know the tricks and you’ll learn them in turn as you stay with me!

How To Move A Trampoline

Why Moving a Trampoline?

Spring and summer are the seasons while you need to move your trampoline off and on. Because it’s the proper time to use it most. And when it’s wet weather, like autumn or winter, you need to move or pack it, therefore or if you are just moving to a new house.

Trampoline’s installation process is a little harder than de-installation. But if you master the technique of installing, reinstalling will be quite easy for you. If you are thinking about how to move a trampoline, how to do so to mow or anything subjected to moving it, you have to take into account its shape and type again. Let’s be straight and discuss it thoroughly.

How to Move a Trampoline without Taking It Apart?

If you want to know how to move a trampoline without taking it apart whether at home or in distant places, here are the tips to do so.

1 – Short-Distance.

Trampoline Wheels: Wheels are a very common accessory for trampoline and you’ll find it in any online store. Some brands offer wheels with themselves and you may easily mount or unmount these wheels and move your trampoline alone. If yours doesn’t provide wheels, you can purchase spending a few dollars.
These wheels are attached to the leg of the trampoline and they are of different shapes and sizes for different trampolines.

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Sliding the Trampoline: Another easy method is sliding the trampoline if there’s space. It’s a cost-cutting process, you don’t need to spend like the case of the wheels.
Here you’ll just need to apply WD40 under the legs of the apparatus as it will make sliding easy. Just put off the net and slide it slowly to the destination. By this process, you’ll need at least 2 people as trampolines are very heavy steel-made equipment.

Lifting Manually: In case you don’t want to get involved in any type of trouble, scatter around the trampoline, lift and walk towards the destination. As the trampoline is extremely heavy, try to engage more people to make it easier and faster.

2 – Long-Distance.

If you’re shifting your house or somehow want to move your trampoline without taking it apart, then you can choose between these two methods:

Trailer: A trailer is an ideal option for moving trampolines into distant places. Get a trailer with the same width as the trampoline. Strap down the bolts and nuts with ratchet straps so that it remains stable. Finally,  drive slowly and carefully across the road and also keep the weather conditions in concern.

Truck: A moving truck is another option to move the trampoline without taking it apart. But you may have to remove one or two legs to fit and fasten securely to the exterior of the truck.

Best Way to Move a Trampoline:

Still, confused about what to do? Looking for the best way to move your trampoline?  Honestly, the best way is to put off all the springs, take apart the safety net & padding, fold the mat and thus dismantle the trampoline and reassemble it in your new place.

Do you have time for that hassle? If not, here is our guide to how to put up a trampoline together. Here’s another thing. If you didn’t assemble the trampoline personally, then you shouldn’t go for dismantling it. That would cause hassle only. Anyways, if you want to skip the problem of assembling, just call your mates and take position evenly around it and then lift & move.

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If your trampoline is huge, then it’ll be much more difficult. So once again, if the distance is little, then gather enough people & lift it. As for long-distance, you must need a trailer or truck for moving but not taking it apart.

How to Pack a Trampoline for Moving:

The best way to pack a trampoline for moving is to take it down first. If you dismantle it then you have to pack it in a proper way so that it takes minimum time in addition, no part goes missing.  Get carton boxes from amazon.

After dismantling the trampoline, you should have some piles of parts. You can sort and store those parts however you want. Put the safety net, paddings, and mat in one carton. The frames and poles in another. Use a small bag to pack the nuts and bolts.

Therefore, if your trampoline is rusty, gloves are a must. You’ll have to be extra cautious so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. Again if any part seems too rusty, try to replace it soon. And of course, clean the rust before you assemble it again in the new house. Evapo-Rust rust remover. It is one of the best out there.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

How to move a trampoline to mow?

To mow your lawn thoroughly, you need to slide or lift the trampoline first with the help of some people. Then you can easily mow under and side areas of your trampoline. However, you can move your trampoline while mowing without anyone’s help.

How to move a trampoline with a truck?

You’ll need a truck large enough to hold your trampoline. It needed, take off some of the legs. Make sure to fasten it properly.  You can put it in a vertical direction too. If you do so, tie it hard & make someone look after it in the back.

How to move a trampoline from one house to another?

If you move houses, you’ll definitely need to take the trampoline down and reassemble it in the new house. If you are not willing to do it, you can rent a trailer or a moving truck as an alternative. But while driving, you’ll need to be extra cautious avoiding the traffic.

Best way to move a trampoline out of a fence without taking it apart?

You have to slide your trampoline vertically if you don’t want to take it apart. Open the fence gate and check whether it is wide enough to roll the trampoline. If so, you can move your trampoline simply. But if it’s not that wide, you may have to put off the legs of the trampoline and then try again.

Final Thoughts…

Hope we’ve cleared your confusion about how to move a trampoline. So, be patient and use our tricks to move your trampoline safely.

Another thing I want to mention is that if you still can’t figure out how to move your trampoline then look for help from any available moving company near you. Though it will shed off a few bucks, considering the benefits it is truly worthwhile.

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