How To Mount A Dartboard On Any Surface – Step By Step.

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How to mount a Dartboard? Well, an appropriate dartboard setup can be a bit crafty if you’re doing it for the first time. This guide will help you.

You have to know the exact height of the dartboard; on the other hand, you also have to see the distance of the pitch from the dartboard. It can be measured either parallelly or rectangularly.

It is different for light and steel tip both the accurate instructions. Mounting your dartboard appropriately is very quick and easy. Let’s see how to hang a dartboard.


How to Mount A Dartboard

When it comes to hanging a dartboard, you have to keep some things in your mind. Here are the steps you have to follow to mount it in the right way.

  1. Check-out a free space.
  2. Assemble the flooring.
  3. Confirm the floor level.
  4. Ensure the safety of the players and visitors.
  5. Save the wall with a hardboard.
  6. Measuring and marking the bullseye.
  7. Mount the rear disc of the board.
  8. Mount the wall brace.
  9. Stabilizing by placing the screw above the brace.
  10. Prepare the pitch line.

Step by Step Process of Hanging a Dart Board:

Step 1 – Check-out a free space.

You have to arrange a flexible space that is not surrounded by obstacles. The area should be about five feet wide and eleven feet long. Don’t get puzzled by the challenges along the pitching path. You should also fix space for viewers and players. Finally, you have to prepare a little space for the scoreboard beside the board. Thus everyone can enjoy the game.

Step 2 – Assemble the flooring.

You probably do not have the chance to design custom floors for your dartboard. But you should keep the knowledge that darts can easily ruin your floors, or it may generally fade away from regular play. It is ideal to use a dart mat. It will help you to identify the exact distance from the pitch line. Here is our recommended dart floor mat on Amazon

  • The tip points of the dart can calmly break or diminish on concrete or on the floors.
  • Floors made of wood can be heavily damaged, especially the nearest area of the board.
  • Floors are made of Linoleum and vinyl can also be hooked to get a lot of holes.
  • The carpet may quickly get dim and it can print the footstep between the dartboard and the pitch line.

Step 3 – Confirm the floor level.

Probably you did not confirm as you moved into a ready home. You should ensure that the floor is level. Some dwellings can slant over time, and the floor can be made of steel plates. 

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You should arrange cardboard or carpet to secure the pitching area to compensate for any irregularity.

Step 4 – Ensure the safety of the players and visitors.

You should put the dartboard in a secure and separate location. You have to keep the dartboard separate from doorways or breakable objects. Am sure that you are not willing to hurt anyone crossing the line of the dart, or if you don’t want to keep stopping the game when people do not have any option but go through the playing area, then you must place it carefully. 

If there are any breakable or essential things that can be damaged easily, you should change the location.

You should keep in mind that darts can be uncertain and rebound in any direction. Furthermore, you should not place your dartboard close to the windows, doorway, or any area that can hit a passerby.

Step 5 – Save the wall with a hardboard.

Probably the darts will not bump the board always if your players are not experienced enough. You should use the hardboard to save the wall and the surrounding area. 

Relying on your time and money, you can also place your board by buying or creating a safeguarding layer or cabinet.

It’s the beginners who always miss the circles of the dartboard, so creating an assembly or protective covering which measures three inches wide and four inches when you are hanging the dartboard.

Two of our recommended dartboard backboards from amazon:

Step 6 – Measuring and marking the bullseye.

Official rules say that the center of the dartboard needs to be exactly five feet eight inches above the floor. 

Good quality boards are attached from the middle point, while others may be assigned from the top. I assume that you have a board that is hung from the top. Now you have to measure the space from the hanger kit to the center of the bullseye, then you should add that to five feet eight inches in order to get the appropriate height.

Step 7 – Mount the rear disc of the board.

Face the countersink in front of you and place the support disc of the board at the rear middle point of the board. Attach a screw on the center hole in the spot. Most dartboards will have three other holes to hold the board into place securely.

Step 8 – Mount the wall brace.

You have to remember to attach the wall brace so that the center of the dartboard will be at five feet eight inches above the ground. 

However, the wall brace may have the top opening of the U-shaped recess, which is facing towards you. You have to screw the center point when it’s lined up with the center hole of the wall brace.

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You can remove it later as it will only be used to ensure that the other braces are level.

You should use a standard for the brace, and four C screws then remove the center screw once all braces are level.

Step 9 – Stabilizing by placing the screw above the brace.

You have to line up your dartboard by keeping the twenty scoring areas vertical as you put the dartboard into the wall braces. You have to make sure that the disc is fixed. Once the braces are mounted, arrange the board and put it into the wall braces.

Step 10 – Prepare the pitch line.

You should make the pitch line three feet wide and 7 feet 9.25 inches from the front side of the standard steel-tip dartboard to set up, or eight feet from a soft-tipped board. You may use a measuring tape, pieces of wood, or metal. 

Now you’re ready to throw!

Still, Confused? Watch Our Tutorial Video.

How To Mount A Dartboard On Drywall

It’s best to attach the dartboard to a wall stud. The stud provides excellent support for the dartboard’s weight. A dartboard can weigh ten pounds or more. If it is attached to drywall without wall anchors, it can tear the screws out of the wall.

  • Place a stud in the selected play area.
  • Measure the wall about sixty-eight inches up from the floor. You have to point this spot; the bottom cup area of the mounting bracket belongs here. Now, hold the bracket in this spot, open side up, and slide the dartboard into place.
  • Now detach the brace and make facile holes at the spots that are previously marked. It’s better to use a bit smaller than the screws installed in the brace set.
  • You can easily reposition the mounting bracket, so the holes in the bracket line up with the holes in the wall.
  • Now insert and tighten the screws constituted with the mounting hardware.

How To Mount A Dartboard On A Concrete Wall

We don’t recommend you to install the dartboard straight to the blocks or concrete wall, mainly for steel-tipped darts. It does not matter which type of darts you are using; the tips can face severe damage if hitting a stone-like surface such as a concrete wall rather than the dartboard.

If a block or concrete wall is the only available option, place a plywood sheet to the wall. It should be broader and higher than the dartboard, so the center of the plywood is at the perfect darting height. You can paint the plywood board to match the room décor. 

Now, drill pilot holes on every foot or along the top, side, and bottom of the board. The holes should be drilled into the face of the board, not in the edges.

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You should hold the board up against the wall again and use a pencil to mark the wall through the pilot holes or the package of concrete screws to make a scratch. Position the board against the wall again. Insert one real screw through each hole. You must tighten the screw with the appropriate screwdriver.

How To Mount A Dart Board On A Door

The process of hanging a dartboard on the door is the same as hanging it on a door. But if you don’t want to drill a hole on the door then you have to invest on a portable dartboard stand or a bracket.

Some dartboards come with a unique hanging disc, and bracket system that makes the process entirely easier.

Here is our recommended Hanging bracket from amazon Portable Door Hanger Pro.

Hanging On The Door Using Hanger.

Hanging On The Door Using Belt.

How To Hang A Dartboard Without Fixing It To A Wall

While most dartboards are attached to the wall, there are times when this isn’t possible. Especially when you’re living in rented housing or need to hang the dartboard in a room with concrete block walls where you don’t want nails to penetrate. The best solution is to attach the dartboard to a portable frame.

Now, hang your dartboard on the frame. You can use the measuring tape to make sure that the bullseye is precisely five feet and eight inches from the floor. If it is not, then adjust the stand as necessary.

Our recommended Hanging stand from amazon: North Gear Portable Darts Mount Tripod.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

How high do you mount a dartboard?

The height should be five feet and eight inches or 1.73 meters from the center of the bullseye to the ground. The regulatory measurements should be easy to determine.

How do you hang a dartboard outside?

You should have an open space around the board that allows for a height of five feet and eight inches at the center of the board and a pitching distance of seven feet and nine and a half inches.

How do you attach a dartboard without screws?

You can use the dartboard frame or stand and can place it easily anywhere you want without screwing the wall by adjusting the stands.

How do you hang a dartboard in a cabinet?

It can be attached inside a cabinet. Screw to a wall stud or use anchors. The center of the bullseye should be 68 inches above the floor.

Final Thoughts…

Playing darts may be easy for everyone but mounting a dartboard is not that much easy. You have to follow the rules and measurements to hang it. We tried our best to tell you the ways to mount a dartboard.

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