How to Measure A Trampoline – Mat, Springs & Net [Video]

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You might have an older trampoline in your house that you want to replace. But the problem is you forgot the size or the measurement of the replacement parts of your favorite trampoline. No more worries as I am here today to tell you how to measure a trampoline of any shape including the springs & mats/pads.

Now, the measuring process could have been easier, but it’s not. The trampoline measuring process varies in different models based on their shapes and sizes. 

This comprehensive trampoline measurement guide will help you to successfully replace your old trampoline.

How To Measure Round Trampoline?

Round shaped trampoline is most popular because it gives more flexibility while jumping. You should be careful when doing the measurement.

So, you want to know how to measure a trampoline that has a round shape. It’s easy though. You just need to know the basic steps for doing it. There are three steps that you can follow to measure a round trampoline.

  • Step 1: Measure the diameter of the frame.
  • Step 2: Measure the length of the springs.
  • Step 3: Count the number of rings.

Step 1 – Measure the diameter of the frame.

The first step for measuring a round trampoline is to measure the diameter of the frame. You should measure across the steel frame from the outer edge to the opposite outer edge. The unit of measurement should be feet.

Well, for this process you need a measuring tape. You may want a helping hand to do this task. To make the entire task easy, I suggest seeing your trampoline as a clock.

You should measure the frame from two positions. The first one should be from 12 to 6 o’clock and another one should be 3 to 9 o’clock.
After getting the reading from these two positions, you should take the average of them as the final measurement. Rounding to the nearest foot is allowed here.

Step 2 – Measure the diameter of the frame.

If you think that your trampoline’s bounce is not working properly, it is better to replace it. You can measure your trampoline spring easily. Just follow these easy steps. 

First of all, you have to remove the springs and make them unstretched. Then, carefully measure one end of the hook to the other end. You can follow the same for the second, third, and rest of the springs. 

But, be careful about the accuracy of your measurement. Your unit of measurement should be an inch. Because you already know that springs are measured and sold by the inch.

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Step 3 – Count the number of rings.

So, you have come this long. You’re just one step behind. The final step is counting the total number of springs to determine the number of rings. You can easily do mistakes during your count.

One simple solution for that can be marking your starting point. There is a funny thing you may notice. In most cases, you might see the total number of v-rings on a trampoline is multiple of 12. You may check it for fun. However, it’s not reality always. It is a best practice to count the rings for at least 2 0r 3 times to maintain maximum accuracy. 

You can also calculate the number of rings by counting the holes where springs are usually attached. For instance, you have to measure the diameter of the frame first. Then measure the length of the springs. 

After that, you are want to count the number of v-rings of your trampoline. It’s as simple as I discussed above. You just make sure that you’re following each step carefully.

Still, confused? Take a look at the video demonstration

How To Measure Oval Trampoline?

When it comes to the oval trampoline, you’ll find a combination of the rectangular model’s performance and the round model’s safety. Oval trampoline is a great choice if you don’t have a large space.

You can easily set an oval device in a small place as its width is small. To measure the diameter of the frame, first of all, you need to take the measurement of smaller sides. 

After that take the longer sides measurement. You can follow the same steps for the measurement of the length of the springs as I discussed earlier. The same rules applied to the calculation of the rings.

How To Measure Rectangle Or Square Trampoline?

It is possible that your trampoline is rectangular or maybe it’s square. Let’s see how you can measure a rectangle or square trampoline easily.

You already know that there are three major steps for trampoline measurement. Rectangular trampolines are based on the metal frame. 

You just measure the length of four sides. You’ll always find the opposite sides are equal and parallel, where there is a total of four sides. You can go for longer sides first, then measure the shorter sides.

The rule of a rectangle is simple. The same rule goes for the square-shaped trampoline. But you should keep in mind that the square trampoline has four equal sides. After measuring the frame you should measure the spring length and count the number of rings. Bingo! You already know how to do that.

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Things To Consider When Measuring Your Trampoline.

Now that you already know how to measure a trampoline, I believe you can do it successfully.

However, it will be a great practice if you count the following things when you are going to measure the trampoline. 

  • An only a single measurement is not enough. You should always go for multiple attempts. This will increase your accuracy.
  • A crooked tape measure can give you a wrong reading. Keep it straight and centered when measuring the diameter of the frame.
  • You will want to reduce the chances of mistakes while counting the number of rings. Count repeatedly until you get the same result in two or more attempts.
  • Keep your spring unstretched during the measurement of its length.
  • You may want to measure your older trampoline. In this case, measure every part of it separately for getting a more accurate result.

How To Measure Trampoline Mat?

You want to measure your trampoline mat for replacing it, right? It’s easy. Here is how you can measure the trampoline mat.

Measuring the trampoline mat correctly is important. Because with the wrong measurement, chances are you’ll end up buying the wrong sized springs or frames. 

To avoid this you should be careful enough when measuring a trampoline mat. That is why proper learning of how to measure a trampoline mat is needed.  

Frame, springs, and v-rings, the combination of these three things will create a trampoline mat. You should be careful during the measurement. Measure these three things separately and you’ll get the measurement of a trampoline mat.

How To Measure Trampoline Springs?

Measuring trampoline springs is essential if you are planning to replace the older one. Following some easy steps will help you to measure the spring accurately.

Remove one spring from the trampoline. Then after unstretching, measure the length of it. If the trampoline is very old then measure 3-5 springs to be on a safe side measure. Take a look at the video.

How To Measure Trampoline Net?

If you have kids in your home, I bet, you are well aware of the necessity of a trampoline net. If you don’t know what it is, a trampoline net provides safety to the kids during jumping. Now, it is also necessary to accurately measure a trampoline net. Let’s discuss the steps for measuring a trampoline net. You can easily measure a trampoline net by following these three steps properly.

  • Step 1: Identify the Style of Net.
  • Step 2: Measure the Diameter Of Steel Frame.
  • Step 3: Count the Total Number Of Enclosure Poles.
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

What is a standard-size trampoline?

The average standard size of a trampoline is generally 12 ft. However, It can be ranged from 8 ft to 15 ft. You’ll find most of the trampoline lies between these ranges.

How big is a 13-14 foot trampoline?

It’s big enough. Generally, a 13-14 ft round trampoline will give you around 133 square foot jumping space. If you want a trampoline for teenagers or you want to jump with a full family, a trampoline of this size is all that you need.

Is a 12-foot trampoline too small?

No, but it depends. You should be well aware of the relevant factors. If you want to buy a trampoline for children 12 footers will give enough space to them.
Even, older children or teenagers will easily jump on a 12-foot trampoline. However, if you are planning for whole family recreation with multiple members I would suggest you go for a 14-foot trampoline.

Do all trampolines have the same weight limit?

The straightforward answer is no. It depends on many things and varies in different models. The thickness of the frame, spring’s quality, the material of rings, all of these elements have a huge impact on the weight limit of a trampoline.

How many springs does a 15-foot trampoline have?

In most cases, a 15 footer has 96 springs. However, it can vary in different models. You may also find most of the 12-foot trampolines have 72 springs. Whereas a 14 footer generally has 96 springs.

Final Thoughts…

I want to conclude this article here by stating that a trampoline is a great form of recreation. You’ll find several reasons for getting a trampoline for your family.

The health benefits of trampoline jumping are also tremendous. While making your buying decision try to follow the trampoline sizes guide properly. 

However, you may find it difficult to replace your older bouncer. I tried my best to tell you how to measure a trampoline. You just need to follow those steps properly. 

Remember the steps? 

Don’t worry. I am repeating those here again. Just measure the diameter of the frame. Then measure the length of the springs of your trampoline. And finally, you just need to count the total number of rings. 

A little bit of carefulness will help you to complete this task successfully. I wish you all of your happy moments with your family on a trampoline.