How to Fix a Trampoline? Trampoline Repairing Guide.

Trampolines are very expensive, no surprise. They cost a lot and if you are someone who is buying a giant size trampoline for the whole family, it might cost a fortune. Even though they are very costly, expensive trampolines are high in quality as well.

They don’t break or wear out easily. Even regular affordable trampolines last for a very long time if maintained properly.

However, no matter the quality, every trampoline will have little problems that can escalate into bigger problems. Commonly occurring problems are small tearing or holes on the trampoline mat, safety net, net poles, cracked or bent leg or frame.

These problems are fixable and have simple solutions, but people always panic over simple matters. This is why we have written this blog on how to fix a trampoline and simple tips to maintain it.

Hopefully, our tips and ideas will help you fix your trampoline.

How to Fix a Trampoline

How To Fix Trampoline Mat

There are many ways you can repair a trampoline mat tear or hole. Depending on the circumstance of the trampoline mat, you can fix the mat yourself or ask a professional to repair it for you.

However, if the trampoline mat is badly torn apart or has a very big split in the middle, we recommend getting a new trampoline mat. The repairing condition only applies if the hole is less than an inch.

Let’s get started with different methods.

1 – Sewing method

This is the traditional form of repairing any kind of fabric. Trampoline mats are made of Polystyrene or Polypropylene. They can be sewn and patched by using Nylon thread and a special type of strong needle. The thread is a UV-resistant thread.

You can check out Nine-to-nine Bonded Nylon Sewing Tread and Needles. It is a great sewing kit and it will be useful for repairing your trampoline.

There are different sewing patterns.

# Cross Stitch

In this sewing technique, you make a criss-cross pattern as you keep sewing. This pattern is very strong and is less likely to come off. It is hand-sewn and it does take a lot of time, but very effective.

# Whip Stitch

This is easier than the cross-stitch. This is the traditional single-stroke pattern. It is quicker but not as strong and effective as the cross-stitch.

What we think about this method:

  1. The sewing method is hard for those who don’t know how to sew.
  2. No instructions.
  3. The kit is cheap.
  4. It is hard to carry and it takes time to apply.
  5. You might need help from another person sewing from top to bottom. However, a curved needle might solve that problem.
  6. Can’t achieve a professional look. Everyone’s sewing is different.

2 – Patching Method

The patching method refers to the patching kit where you use a sticky patch to cover and seal the hole or tear. You can also use glue and then put a special patch cover to patch up the mat. Most of the time these patches are transparent however, there are colorful versions as well.

Also, keep in mind to clean up your trampoline mat, or the spot where you will patch. It is because patching is ineffective and will not last long if your mat is not cleaned.

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There are different types of patches available.

# Glued on Patch

This kind of patching requires a special glue to patch up. First, you apply the glue and then you add the patch on top. The patch is transparent most of the time and is provided by the manufacturer.

Check out the Stormsure Trampoline Repair Kit and PVC Stitch Liquid Patch Waterproof Repair Kit. This is a glue-based patch repair kit.

# Adhesive Method

In this kind of patch, the glue is already applied on the bottom side of the patch. You will just have to pull the smooth cover on the patch and then apply the patch on the hole or tear.

Take a look at Tear-Aid Fabric and Trampoline Repair Kit. This is a quick apply patch kit and it works on a lot of different fabrics like tents, inflatable kayaks, etc.

# Seal Tapes

Seal tapes are different from all the things we have talked about till now. Seal tapes are meant to seal holes or leaks. They are more suited for heavy-duty works. However, we can use heavy-duty seal tapes to patch up trampoline tears.

Some of the greatest seal tapes in the market right now are the Gorilla Waterproof Seal Tape and the Flex Tape Rubberized Tape. They are both waterproof and very strong.

What we think about this method:

  1. Very easy to apply.
  2. Surprisingly fast.
  3. No help is needed.
  4. Easy and clear instructions.
  5. A bit expensive.
  6. Can be carried around anywhere.
  7. Can be messy if you manage to screw up.

3 – Hire a professional

This is not even a method. You just get your trampoline fixed by a professional. It is obvious that it will cost you money and time.

We don’t recommend this if you don’t have too big of a hole on your t. However, if you have a really big trampoline mat hole, we recommend getting a new trampoline mat.

4 – Sew then Patch

If your trampoline hole or tear is less than 5 inches or is 5 inches then you can apply this method.

Just sew up the splitting by hand and with precision. Once you have sealed up the hole, apply a patch or patches on the sewing pattern. This will make the joint even stronger.

It will ensure more durability. It will give you more time before you get yourself a new jumping mat.

How To Fix Trampoline Spring Cover

A trampoline spring covers or trampoline safety pads are the soft pads that cover the trampoline springs. These safety pads are made of soft foam materials that are covered by polythene materials. Their vinyl surface is most likely to get ripped first.

Everyday regular use can damage them. Just normally getting on and off the trampoline can damage them. You can seal or patch the little ripped areas using tape or a strong seal.

The damaged foam areas can also be patched with duct tape. However, there really is no way to completely fix a worn-out spring cover.

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These are cheap products that aren’t really meant to last very long. Once they start wearing out, there is no way you can fix them and bring them back to their original form.

Just keep using duct tape or some kind of patch to keep them usable. If you find your trampoline spring covers ripped to the point they are unrecognizable, just get them replaced. They don’t cost much so get them replaced.

How To Fix Trampoline Net

Trampoline nets could get torn apart from usage or from harsh weather conditions. It is a common thing to happen, but there is a way to fix them. Actually, there are two ways you can fix them.

The first way is you can get a replacement. Trampoline nets are readily available in the market and they are very affordable. You can also contact the supplier for a replacement.

The other way is hand sewing. Just like with torn fishing nets, mosquito nets, and any other kinds of nets, you can hand sew your trampoline net. This will help you repair your torn trampoline net and save money.

How To Fix Sagging Trampoline Net

Trampoline nets could sag from external pressure or force. There are many reasons attached to a sagging trampoline net. It could be from a windy storm or, as we said, external pressure. Whatever the reason may be, we can fix it. However, we suggest getting a replacement, because a sagging trampoline net is a weak net.

Now how can you fix a sagging net? Well, first of all, why is it sagging? If it is sagging because of a broken joint, let’s say it came off of a pole, you will have to lock it back into place.

If it is sagging because of a bent or broken pole, you will have to fix the pole. Once you fix the net pole, you will have to screw the safety net back in. Hopefully, this will stop the net from sagging.

Another cause is when the net becomes loose from pressure. Well, in this case, the answer is simple. Tighten the net back up again.

In order to tighten a trampoline net or should we say a loose trampoline net, you will have to tie the net a bit higher. Basically, you will have to screw in the bolt on the net pole by holding the net higher. This will fix the sag and hopefully tighten the net.

If it is sagging because of a tear in the net then you will have to fix the net by sewing it.

These are all the possible scenarios and solutions of a sagging net. Then again, as we said, a sagging net is a weak net. Getting a replacement is always better.

How To Fix Trampoline Net Pole

A rule of thumb for any broken or worn-out trampoline part is to replace them. There are replacement parts available for most trampoline parts. These parts can be bought cheaply on the market. The best option is to just contact the seller or manufacturer. They should have replacement parts available and could send them to you if asked.

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Now, to answer your question on how to fix your broken, cracked, or bent trampoline net poles? Again we will say that you should just get them replaced. Only this time, you should get them replaced by other pipes. PVC pipes are the best replacement here. You can also use tin pipes.

You will have to drill holes and screws manually. You will also need metal clamps to hold them in place.

This is strategy is for those who just want to fix things by themselves. This is not recommended for everyone. We don’t think everyone has the time for this kind of hassle. This is why we recommended getting them replaced by the manufacturer or the seller.


Can a hole in a trampoline be repaired?

Yes, a hole in a trampoline mat can be repaired. If the hole is smaller than an inch then it can be self-repaired by the owner using small repair kits. If the hole is bigger than 1 inch then it must be patched by a professional.

Can you use Flex Tape to fix a trampoline?

Yes, a Flex tape is strong enough to fix a trampoline hole and keep it together. You will have to seal the hole by applying flex tape on the top and on the bottom side of the trampoline mat.

How do you fix a trampoline spring?

Springs are one of the most important part of a trampoline. Faulty springs are very dangerous. So, instead of trying to fix a trampoline spring, you can try replacing the spring. The steel springs of the trampoline are much safer when they are new and replaced by new ones. Here are some good ones Best Trampoline Springs.

How to repair a broken trampoline frame?

If your trampoline frame is broken, don’t bother repairing it. Just get a new one. A broken trampoline frame is not safe as it could break again. You do not want the trampoline to break again while you are jumping on it.

Final Thoughts

Trampolines are expensive and getting a new trampoline every time there is a problem is just not possible for everyone. Then again why would you spend a lot of money to get a new trampoline where you can just repair it?

For a trampoline mat, you can just get a mat repairing kit and fix the little tear. This will save you a lot of money and you will be able to keep bouncing on it.

Then again, it is not safe to keep a patched-up trampoline mat. It could tear up in the same spot again from constant jumping. The same goes for other parts of the trampoline. Sagging trampoline net, broken net pole, bent leg, or cracked frame are all calling for an accident.

It is advised to maintain some tips and keep yourself safe, but we strongly recommend just getting newer parts. It is much safer that way. Hope our blog on how to fix a trampoline gave you a complete understanding of trampoline patching and safekeeping.