Best trampolines for twins – Indoor trampoline for two kids

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Kids of this generation love technology more and the outside world less. They are always stuck on their digital toys, but what can they do? It was we who gave it to them.

If we want to change their habits we need to give them something else. Something that encourages them to drop their digital toys and do something physical. Something like a trampoline.

An indoor mini rebounder trampoline that lets your kids play together with their siblings or you, at home. It would be a great toy or gift for kids of the era to get into some physical activity. Your kids will learn to be healthy and you might get the chance to create a great parent-child bonding.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our mini rebounder list in this blog. We have listed the best trampolines for twins (2 kids or 2 people) in the market right now.


Best Trampolines for Two kids

Let’s look at some peacekeeper trampolines to burn off your teenager’s energy and keep them calm.

Best Quality


Doufit TR-01 Double Jumping Rebounder

Best Budget


Merax Foldable Kids Trampoline

1. Top Pick – Doufit Trampoline For 2 Kids

Doufit focuses mainly on exercising and keeping everyone active. It is meant for 2 persons, whether that is 2 kids or one kid and an adult.

Key Features:

  • The Doufit Rebounder Trampoline is made for 2 kids or one kid and an adult.
  •  It has an adjustable handrail with 5 level height adjuster ranging from 38 inches to 45 inches.
  • The frame is made of alloy steel.
  • The item weighs 11 kg.
  •  It can be used indoors and outdoors as well.

In-Depth Review:

The Doufit has the right setting to withstand jumping pressure from anyone as long as the total weight is within 220 lbs.

Doufit recommends that a child and an adult-use it together. The trampoline can be best used this way because it will create a parent-child bonding.

Other than that, anyone can use this rebounder for normal exercises.

What is the age & weight limit?

This rebounder is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame. The jumping mat is made from closely weaved PP (Polypropylene). This means the rebounder can handle consistent jumping from both parties and not lose durability. The manufacturer even stated that it has long durability.

Springs and other gaps are covered with waterproof PVC pad covers. This is to ensure there are no gaps and this will eliminate any possibility of a hazard.

What is the age & weight limit?

There is no age restriction as it is open for both adults and kids. The trampoline can handle anyone as long as the total weight on both sides is 220 lbs or almost 100 kg.


  • The soft foam cover on the handrail helps with the grip.
  • Easy to assemble and adjust.
  • Parent-child bonding.
  • No age restriction except for the weight.


  • The bouncing power isn’t much.

2. HearthSong Jump2lt Portable Trampoline for Two Kids

This Jump2lt is a HearthSong exclusive trampoline designed for two kids to jump together.

Key Features:

  • It is built for 2 people or let’s say, 2 kids.
  • It has an adjustable handlebar ranging from 24.5 inches to 35 inches.
  • It has a sturdy foam cover on the handlebar to support the grip.
  • It is mainly for kids and indoor activities.
  • It is a mini rebounder trampoline, so it’s not meant for adults.
  • The Item weight is only 29 pounds.

In-Depth Review:

The two-sided jumping platforms give kids the opportunity to play side by side while they are inside the house.

The recommended age, to begin with, is 3 years, but even a 10-year-old big-sized kid can have fun on this rebounder.

Safety features of the product:

For a mini rebounder, this trampoline actually has decent safety features.

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It has a hard stretched frame that is very durable. The adjustable handlebar has thick foam covering for grip support. This will make sure that your kids don’t lose grip while jumping.

The durable PP jumping mat offers strong jumps. And the soft PVC padding around the edges covers the springs to eliminate the pinching hazards.

What is the age & weight limit?

The recommended age for this rebounder is between 36 months to 12 years. The maximum weight it can handle is 180 lbs.


  • Enough jumping space for 2 kids.
  • Good enough for the price.


  • Assembly instruction is very poor.
  • Poor customer support.
  • Assembling takes a lot of effort, as the parts are very rigid.

3. ANCHEER Rebounder Trampoline for Twins

ANCHEER rebounder trampoline is made for family bonding. It offers a really good parent-child bonding opportunity by letting the parent exercise while the kid has fun.

Key Features:

  • Full Alloy steel trampoline with the traditional Oval shape.
  • It has the traditional adjustable handlebar with 5 level heights.
  • Very easy to assemble with its detachable and foldable design.
  • Item weight is 29.1 lbs.

In-Depth Review:

The trampoline is built with heavy-duty materials and is capable of withstanding heavy jumping pressure. However, the total weight of the jumpers must not exceed 220 lbs.

ANCHEER recommends 3 years and above for children. The main concern is, however, not the age. It is the weight that is the main concern. As long as the weight is in the recommended area it is fine.

Safety features of the product:

ANCHEER follows the traditional design of mini rebounders.

It has a high-quality body frame made of alloy steel. PP jumping mat offers durability and resistance. The PVC padding and spring covering offer a no-pinch jumping platform.

The whole trampoline is water-proof, so there might be a slight chance of slipping. However, the water resistance will allow it to quickly dry up.

The stainless steel springs are rust-free as well. There is hardly any chance of a hazard in this trampoline.

What is the age & weight limit?

The recommended starting age is 3 years and above. The maximum weight recommended for this trampoline is 220 lbs.


  • Easy to assemble and clear instructions.
  • Foldable and detachable design allows easy storage.
  • Sturdy frame.


  • Might not be stable for outdoor use.

4. JOYMOR Mini Rebounder Trampoline for Two Kids

JOYMOR is also bringing the traditional oval shape trampoline design for kids to have fun and play inside the house. However, the strong rubber grip legs offer sturdiness even outside the house.

Key Features:

  • Oval shape mini rebounder trampoline.
  • Jumping mat is made of PP material. Mat to ground distance is 8.6 inches.
  • It has an adjustable handlebar with foam coated grip.
  • It has stainless steel springs and a heavy-duty steel frame.
  • The tubular leg bottoms are covered with rubber for sturdiness.

In-Depth Review:

This trampoline is made to handle the weight and continuous jumping of 2 kids at a time. But adults can join in too.

It is even recommended by the manufacturer to have an adult with a kid on this trampoline. It is great for creating parent-child or family bonding.

The last thing about JOYMOR is that they have great light tone color available for their trampoline padding.

Safety features of the product:

JOYMOR has a really durable construction made with the thought of the safety of children. It is meant mainly for kids to have fun indoors, but it can even handle adults.

It has a heavy-duty alloy steel body frame and a Polypropylene jumping mat. The durability of the mat and the stainless steel spring is what really gives the 220 lbs carrying capacity.

For safety purposes, again the trampoline gaps from the mat and the springs are covered. No sharp edges can be found on the trampoline. All hard edges are padded by soft foam padding. You can rest assured that your 3-year-olds can jump safely on this trampoline.

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What is the age & weight limit?

The maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs. The product manufacturer recommends kids above the age of 3 play on this trampoline.


  • Sturdy design.
  • No squeaky noise.
  • The whole body is very stable.


  • Hard assembly.
  • Instructions are not clear.
  • Product quality may fade over time.

5. Binxin Mini Rebounder Trampoline for Twins

Binxin mini rebounder trampoline follows the same design as the other trampolines in this category, but Binxin allows more versatility.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty oval-shaped trampoline.
  • It has 5 levels of height adjustments from 38 to 45 inches.
  • Each leg has a rubber bottom to make sure it stays steady.
  • It has 40 heavy gauge springs with PP jumping mats.
  • Foldable design allows it to be stored easily.

In-Depth Review:

Binxin allows children of all ages to bounce on this trampoline. In fact, Binxin allows children to jump with their parents.

The most convenient feature about this trampoline is that it can be folded and stored away easily. Its rubber-tipped legs allow it to be used even outside. The rubber bottoms keep the trampoline steady and not let it slip while jumping.

Safety features of the product:

The first safety advantage comes from the heavy-duty steel frame. The amazing, rust-resistant, and fade-free body not only is sturdy but also long-lasting. You can rest assured that your children will have no problem bouncing on this thing.

With its strong PP jumping mat, even you as an adult can exercise on this trampoline. You kids can also join you. Stainless springs on this trampoline will make sure none of your bounces come off weak.

And don’t forget the handrail. You and your child can be completely worry-free that you will never lose balance on this trampoline.

What is the age & weight limit?

The maximum recommended weight is 220 lbs. There is no age restriction on this trampoline. Children of all ages can play on it.


  • The trampoline is very sturdy.
  • Durable body and mat.
  • Can be used outdoors.


  • Makes a lot of squeaky noise, but the noise is not loud.
  • Some parts may need to be drilled.
  • Instructions are not clear.

6. Merax Foldable Trampoline For Two Person

Merax is a well-known brand in the trampoline business. Its mini rebounder trampoline is made for 2 kids. If you have twins at home you can keep them busy with this trampoline worry-free. It can also be used outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Large oval-shaped trampoline rebounder built for 2.
  • It has bungee springs for strong jumping power.
  • Trampoline weight is 22 lbs.
  • It can be folded easily and stored anywhere.
  • It has a 2 years limited warranty.

In-Depth Review:

Merax trampoline mats have indicators on the mat to help kids understand the best jumping position on the mat.

They even attached a handrail to help keep balance while jumping. The handrail is in the middle of the trampoline and its height can be adjusted.

The best part is that the whole trampoline is foldable and can be stored anywhere or carried anywhere.

Safety features of the product:

Its safety features are just the same as the ones in this category. They all have a heavy-duty frame and the same material jumping mat.

The special thing about Merax is that Merax has a much more reliable grip on the handlebar. The grip doesn’t move like other trampolines. The grip is strong and soft to touch, so children won’t have any problem holding on to it.

Overall we think Merax rebounder is completely safe for 2 children.

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What is the age & weight limit?

The maximum recommended weight is 180 lbs and there is no age restriction for children.


  • Spacious and beautiful coloring.
  • Sturdy and durable trampoline.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Strong bouncing power.


  • Low max weight capacity.
  • Doesn’t support parent-child trampolining.

How to Buy the Best trampoline for twins?

Before you decide which one to take for your family or twins, we would like to give you a few points. We want you to remember these points while choosing.

These points will help you choose the right trampoline:

Age and weight limit: You must choose your trampoline based on the manufacturer’s recommended age and weight limit. Why? because these trampolines are not heavy-duty trampolines and they can only carry a few pounds. So you should choose a trampoline based on the total weight of your kids.

Ease of assembly: This is a no-brainer. You should choose a trampoline that is easy to assemble. You don’t want to get a trampoline that wastes about an hour just to get it to stand up.

Safety features: Safety comes first, so obviously check the safety features.

Pros and cons: Use the pros and cons to decide the best one. We have carefully collected all the pros and cons for your convenience.

Children Safety Tips on the Trampoline:

Always avoid these things to make sure your children are safe. These are:

  1. Never exceed beyond the recommended weight limit. It could damage the trampoline or worse, your kids could get hurt.
  2. Do not take your trampoline outside if it doesn’t support outdoor features.
  3. Stop immediately if you notice any wear and tear especially on the body frame of the trampoline.
  4. Do not allow more than the recommended amount of jumpers on the trampoline.
  5. Don’t jump straight down from a trampoline. Slow down the bounce and then gently step out of the trampoline.

Trampoline safety must be followed seriously. It may seem like nothing but trampoline injuries could occur. For more explanation check out our Trampoline injuries and safety rules blog.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 2-year-old go on a trampoline?

The American Academy of Pediatrics and Orthopedics states that no children under the age of 6 should be allowed to be on a trampoline. Toddlers who have not learned to walk yet, should not be on a trampoline.

Are mini trampolines safe for 2-year-olds?

Most 2-year-olds can barely stand properly or even walk. Children learn to walk, run and jump properly at the age of 3 or 4. So, we don’t recommend 2-year-old children be on a mini-trampoline.

Are trampolines safe for 5-year-olds?

No, trampolines, even indoor mini trampolines, are not allowed for children under the age of 6. This is according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

What age is a mini trampoline for?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, any 6-year-old child and older are allowed to be on any kind of trampoline.

Final Thoughts…

In this age where technology is so powerful, a connection is just no problem. We are so close to each other, gaps are literally none existent, yet we are far from each other.

This impact of technology is mainly affecting our kids. Our kids are distancing away more and more from us. If we want them to not be stuck on those digital devices, we will need to create a real connection with them.

That connection can only be created by doing an activity together. Whether it be siblings or parent and child, any activity together will help create a bond between the two.In the case of physical activity like bouncing on a trampoline, it is both healthy and social.

So why not get a mini rebounder trampoline that has room for two people to jump together? Get one from our best trampolines for twins.