5 Best Trampoline Sprinklers to Keep Your Kids Cool and Entertained This Summer

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As a parent, I'm always on the lookout for innovative ways to keep my kids entertained during the scorching summer months. While the classic trampoline has been a staple in our backyard for years, I recently discovered a game-changing addition that has taken our outdoor fun to a whole new level.

The 5 best trampoline sprinklers have not only kept my children cool and giggling for hours, but they've also added an element of excitement to our backyard activities that I never knew was possible. But before I reveal which trampoline sprinkler has been a game-changer for us, let's explore the top contenders in the market and how they can elevate your kids' summer experience.

Here are the top 10 trampoline sprinklers:

ThrillZoo Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids Water Trampoline

ThrillZoo Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids, Heavy Duty Water Sprinkler for Kids...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - This outdoor sprinkler for kids...
  • SAFE - Attaches on the outside of your net, and...
  • DURABLE - This summer sprinkler for yard...
  • EXTRA LONG HOSE - Fits up to 16-ft trampolines and...
  • GIFT IDEA FOR KIDS - Whether a kids birthday gift,...

ThrillZoo Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids Water Trampoline is the ideal choice for active children who frequently seek a refreshing and safe outdoor play experience. This heavy-duty water sprinkler is designed for trampolines, offering a fun way to beat the heat while bouncing around.

It's easy to install with a white line indicating where to attach it, and it attaches on the outside of the net for added safety. Made with durable, sun-damage resistant materials and leak-proof components, it can withstand water pressure up to 300psi. The extra-long hose is suitable for up to 16-ft trampolines and can be adjusted to fit different net enclosures.

Not only does it provide a cooling effect, but it's also a hit at birthday parties and family gatherings. Get ready to make a splash with this fantastic addition to your outdoor play equipment!

Best For: Families with active children looking for a fun and safe way to beat the heat while playing outdoors.


  • Easy to install with clear instructions
  • Provides a refreshing and cooling effect
  • Durable and suitable for use at birthday parties and family gatherings


  • Some customers reported that installation took longer than expected

Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids (Black, 39ft)

Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids, Outdoor Backyard Water Park Fun Summer...
  • Summer gift- Now it's time for outdoor games in...
  • Easy to install - Ties band to suit any trampoline...
  • Safe and easy to use - The hose is mounted on the...
  • Versatile - Install hose on a trampoline, then...
  • Eliminate your concerns with services in BOBOR -...

The Bobor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids (Black, 39ft) is an ideal choice for parents seeking a safe and versatile water play solution for their children's outdoor activities. This easy-to-install sprinkler ties to any trampoline shell size and is directly connected to the net, taking only a few minutes to set up. Safety is paramount with the hose mounted outside the trampoline net, preventing accidental grabs while jumping. Its two kinds of water pipe interfaces make it easy to adjust the water flow, offering a customizable experience.

Not limited to trampolines, this product can also be used for garden watering and outdoor cooling. With a perfect after-sale service system, Bobor ensures that any quality concerns are actively addressed. Despite a few reported issues, such as the hose detaching from the plastic part, many customers have found it sturdy, easy to assemble, and a hit with kids.

Best For: Parents looking for a versatile and easy-to-install water play solution for their children's outdoor activities.


  • Easy to install and set up
  • Versatile use for trampolines, garden watering, and outdoor cooling
  • Sturdy and durable construction


  • Reports of the hose detaching from the plastic part

Trampoline Sprinkler and LED Lights Set for Outdoor Water Games

Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids with 39.4ft LED Trampoline Lights 39 ft Long...
  • The Ideal Trampoline Nozzle: the trampoline nozzle...
  • Easy to Use: the battery led light strip can...
  • Multi function Remote Control: with 13 keys on...
  • Quality and Sturdy: the nozzle hose is made of PE...
  • Package include: you will get a 39-foot spray...

Featuring a 39.4ft LED trampoline light and a 39-foot water sprinkler, this set is ideal for creating a fun and refreshing outdoor water play experience for kids. The trampoline sprinkler reduces the trampoline temperature by up to 25 degrees, providing a cool and enjoyable environment for children. It can also be used as a water spray toy, adding an extra element of fun. Additionally, the LED lights illuminate the edge of the trampoline ring, enhancing the visual appeal and creating an exciting atmosphere for outdoor water games.

The flexible copper wire allows for easy installation, and the remote control offers multiple light modes and a timer function. With high-quality and sturdy materials, this set is durable and designed for long-term use. Get ready to elevate your outdoor water play with this versatile and entertaining trampoline sprinkler and LED lights set.

Best For: Families with children looking for a fun and refreshing outdoor water play experience.


  • Reduces trampoline temperature by up to 25 degrees
  • Can be used as a water spray toy for children
  • Illuminates the edge of the trampoline ring with LED lights


  • Some users reported durability issues with the plastic material

Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids Backyard Water Park (Blue)

Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids Backyard Water Park Net Friendly WaterWhirl...
  • Kids Water Park: Equipped with 12 built-in angled...
  • Safe & High Quality: This trampoline sprinkler is...
  • Install in Minutes: Install the three-arm...
  • Adjustable Sprinkler: You can adjust the speed of...
  • Perfect for Kids: This trampoline sprinkler...

Looking for a way to keep your kids cool and entertained this summer? The Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids Backyard Water Park (Blue) is the perfect choice.

This sprinkler is equipped with 12 built-in angled spray nozzles and three 360-degree rotating arms, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable water park experience right in your backyard. It's easy to install, with a quick setup that connects to the top of trampoline poles using zip ties.

The adjustable sprinkler allows you to control the speed and size of the water flow, effectively reducing the temperature on the trampoline by 25°F. Not only does it add more fun to trampolines and waterslides, but it also keeps kids entertained all summer long, making it ideal for outdoor play, birthday parties, and pool parties.

Best For: Families looking for a fun and refreshing way to keep kids entertained and cool during the summer.


  • Easy installation on trampolines
  • Adjustable sprinkler for controlling water flow
  • Can be used for various outdoor activities such as garden irrigation and car wash


  • May require additional zip ties for securing the sprinkler

SPINSM Trampoline Sprinkler for 12ft and 14ft Round Trampolines

SPINSM Trampoline Sprinkler 12ft 14ft round Trampoline Accessories Fun Summer...
  • 【Why Choose Us】The trampoline sprinkler is...
  • 【Quickly Installed Trampoline Cooling...
  • 【Easy to Use】The sprinkler has an on-off valve...
  • 【Wide Applications】Not only can it provide...
  • 【Satisfaction Guaranteed】Take a deep breath...

For a safe and enjoyable water play experience, the SPINSM Trampoline Sprinkler is the perfect choice for kids who love outdoor activities. Made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, this sprinkler is designed for 12ft and 14ft round trampolines. It features a thicker material to withstand stronger water pressure and avoid leakage, ensuring durability for long-lasting fun.

With quick and easy installation, the on-off valve and adjustable switch provide control over water flow. Additionally, it comes with 111 colorful balloons as an added gift. Not only does it provide a fun water activity for children, especially during birthday parties or gatherings, but it also reduces the temperature of the trampoline for a cool summer experience.

This sprinkler can also be utilized for outdoor cooling, lawn irrigation, and garden watering.

Best For: Families with children who want to add a fun and cooling water feature to their 12ft or 14ft round trampolines.


  • Made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Provides a fun water activity and reduces the temperature of the trampoline


  • Some users have reported the plastic material feeling cheap

Factors to Consider When Choosing Trampoline Sprinklers

When choosing trampoline sprinklers, it's important to consider factors like:

  • Installation: How easy or difficult is it to set up the sprinkler system? Are there clear instructions provided? Does it require any additional tools or equipment?
  • Material quality: What is the sprinkler made of? Is it durable and able to withstand outdoor conditions, such as rain and sunlight? Is it made from non-toxic materials?
  • Versatility: Can the sprinkler be used on different types of trampolines? Is it adjustable to fit various sizes and shapes of trampolines? Does it have different spray patterns or settings?
  • Cooling efficiency: How effective is the sprinkler at providing a cooling mist or spray? Does it have a good water flow rate? Does it evenly distribute water across the trampoline surface?
  • Durability: Will the sprinkler last for multiple seasons? Is it resistant to wear and tear? Does it have any warranties or guarantees?

These aspects can impact the overall performance and safety of the sprinkler system, as well as the enjoyment it provides for kids.


I always consider the ease of installation and the durability of materials when choosing trampoline sprinklers. It's important to look for sprinklers that easily attach to the trampoline net with zip ties or directly to the poles, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Adjustable features, such as nozzle speed and water flow, are also essential to tailor the sprinkler to fit your preferences. Checking the materials used and their durability is crucial to ensure they can withstand water pressure and potential wear and tear over time.

Additionally, it's beneficial to check if the sprinkler system includes necessary connectors, sufficient hose length, and clear instructions for straightforward installation. Lastly, considering whether the sprinkler system has additional uses, such as garden watering or outdoor cooling, adds extra value to your purchase.

Material Quality

Considering the essential role of material quality in ensuring the durability and performance of trampoline sprinklers, prioritizing sturdy and reliable materials is paramount when making a selection. Look for durable, UV-protected, and non-toxic materials to ensure the sprinkler's longevity, especially in the face of sun exposure. Check the thickness and strength of the hose to withstand water pressure and avoid leakage.

High-quality connectors and components are crucial for sturdiness and durability, particularly for frequent use. Additionally, materials resistant to sun damage and wear will ensure the sprinkler remains functional and safe during hot summers.

Ultimately, the quality of materials can significantly impact the overall performance and safety of the sprinkler. Therefore, it's imperative to prioritize products made from sturdy and reliable materials.


A key factor to consider when choosing trampoline sprinklers is their versatility in meeting various outdoor water needs, from trampoline fun to garden watering and beyond. These sprinklers offer the flexibility to adjust the water flow and speed of the rotating nozzle, making them suitable for a range of purposes.

Whether it's providing a fun way for children to cool off during birthday parties and outdoor play, or functioning as a practical tool for garden irrigation, pet bathing, or car washing, the versatility of trampoline sprinklers makes them a valuable addition to any outdoor space. Additionally, their compatibility with various trampoline sizes and types further expands their applicability, ensuring that they can meet the diverse water-related requirements of different outdoor settings.

Cooling Efficiency

When selecting trampoline sprinklers for optimal cooling efficiency, it's essential to assess the design and water pressure of the system. Look for features like multiple spray nozzles, adjustable water flow, and coverage area to ensure effective cooling.

The material and construction of the sprinkler are also important to withstand high water pressure and sun exposure for long-lasting cooling performance. Additionally, the interaction of the water spray with the jumping surface affects overall cooling, making even distribution and coverage essential.

Be aware of customer feedback regarding the actual cooling effect experienced by users to gauge the efficiency of the trampoline sprinkler. Considering these factors will help in choosing a trampoline sprinkler that provides the best cooling efficiency for a fun and comfortable experience during hot summer days.


Assessing the durability of trampoline sprinklers involves examining the material and construction to ensure they can withstand active use and resist wear and tear over time. When choosing a trampoline sprinkler, opt for high-quality, sturdy materials that can endure strong water pressure and outdoor conditions.

It's essential to consider features like UV protection and anti-aging properties to ensure the sprinkler can withstand exposure to the elements and maintain its functionality. Additionally, checking customer feedback regarding durability can provide valuable insights into the reliability of the trampoline sprinkler over time.

Evaluating the overall construction and design is also crucial to ensure the sprinkler can handle the rigors of regular use and outdoor conditions. Prioritizing durability ensures that the trampoline sprinkler will provide long-lasting enjoyment for your kids.

Size Compatibility

To ensure proper coverage and function, it's crucial to consider the size compatibility of trampoline sprinklers with the trampoline. When choosing a trampoline sprinkler, it's essential to check the length and reach of the sprinkler to ensure it can adequately cover the entire trampoline surface.

Look for adjustable features that can accommodate different trampoline sizes, offering versatility in use. Additionally, ensure compatibility with various net enclosures to securely attach the sprinkler. It's also important to consider the installation process and compatibility with different trampoline shapes to ensure a proper fit.

User Satisfaction

I have found that user satisfaction with trampoline sprinklers is notably high, attributed to their ease of installation, sturdiness, and effectiveness in cooling off the trampoline. Customers appreciate the durability of the sprinkler and its ability to withstand water pressure, but there are some mixed reviews about its longevity and water pressure.

Some users express satisfaction with the versatility of the sprinkler, mentioning its potential for other uses such as garden watering and outdoor cooling. Positive reviews highlight the enjoyment it brings to kids and its suitability for outdoor play, birthday parties, and family gatherings. There are mentions of customer service support and warranty options, indicating a factor contributing to user satisfaction.


As you jump into summer fun with these trampoline sprinklers, remember to let your worries melt away like the water droplets on a hot day.

Just like how the sprinklers bring joy and coolness to your kids, take a moment to find your own source of refreshment and playfulness in life.

Embrace the simple pleasures and let them wash over you like the spray from a sprinkler, bringing a sense of childlike wonder to your day.