Best trampoline springs of 2023- Heavy-duty & Extra bouncy

Amongst all components of a trampoline, the mat and the springs arguably the most vulnerable ones. You know, it has to handle people jumping and bouncing on the surface every day.

Other factors are also at play, for example, UV rays, rain, wind, as well as snow, especially if you leave the trampoline outside all year round. That is the reason why the trampoline springs and mats wear out first.

Now, when these two components start to wear out, regular use of the trampoline becomes risky. The trampoline slowly loses its bounce and quality.

The worst part is when the trampoline mat suddenly tears up or a spring snaps and flies off. This can cause serious injuries.

This is why trampoline manufacturers advise normal users to always check for defects and keep a backup for the replacement of these parts.

Now, finding trampoline springs out in the open market can be tricky. These are not like our regular products. Luckily, for you, we have made a list of the best trampoline springs in the market.

Best trampoline springs

This list was made for your convenience. And the entire blog will provide information regarding the replacement of trampoline springs.

Best trampoline springs for replacement

Best Quality

PARTYSAVING Trampoline Springs

Best Bang For Buck

Eurmax Stainless Trampoline Springs

1. Top Pick: PARTYSAVING Galvanized Trampoline Springs

Partysaving is a brand only for trampoline replacement springs. As the name says, it wants to help you resume the fun or party by replacing your old rusty trampoline springs.

Key Features:

  1. Heavy-duty galvanized steel springs.
  2. Made with an advanced tension mechanism.
  3. These springs are weather resistant and have anti-rust quality.
  4. Partysaving is offering a loading tool (T hook) with the springs.
  5. Works best for Skywalker, Jumpking, Upper Bounce, and Skybound trampoline brands.

In-Depth Review:

Each spring is premium grade and made from high-quality steel. Springs are very elastic and strong due to the advanced tension mechanism technology.

Partysaving springs can fit trampolines of most brands, especially Skywalker, Jumpking, Upper Bounce, and Skybound. They provide 20 springs per pack which is a lot considering they are only used for replacement purposes.

Spring Size & Quantity:

These springs are 7 inches in length. Each pack contains 20 springs. 40 pack options are available too.


  • Spring hooks’ curves are angled.
  • Highly rust-resistant.
  • Made with galvanized steel.
  • Fit most trampoline brands.


  • Hard to load on the trampoline hooks.

2. Best Bang For Buck: Eurmax Stainless Trampoline Springs

Eurmax offers heavy-duty galvanized steel springs that support every trampoline. These are all-purpose springs that work anywhere with every brand. They work with trampolines and other equipment.

In-Depth Review:

Eurmax is providing a T hook to help with the loading of springs on the trampoline or whatever equipment. They are all completely UV resistant and cold weather protected.

Their anti-rust technology makes them great reliable springs for the affordable price range.

Spring Size & Quantity:

Spring sizes are available 5 inches and 7 inches. Each pack contains 20 springs.


  • The springs are galvanized.
  • Zinc plated.
  • Works on other equipment besides trampolines.


  • The spring coil is strong but the hook is weak.

3. Upper Bounce Heavy-Duty Trampoline Springs

Upper Bounce trampolines are well known for their springs and bounce power of the trampolines. Now they are selling those springs for replacement purposes. Upper Bounce knows that its galvanized stainless springs are very durable and long-lasting.

Key Features:

  1. Springs are perfectly compatible with trampolines of other brands.
  2. Made with galvanized steel.
  3. Resistant to all weather conditions.
  4. Premium quality springs powered with higher tensile strength.
  5. The spring hooks at the end ensures superior grip.
  6. Springs have enhanced elasticity.

In-Depth Review:

They are all-weather resistant and have super bouncing power. Their elastic springs can easily deliver superior bounce no matter the size or shape of the trampoline.

Unfortunately, Upper Bounce is not providing any warranty on the springs. But we think you won’t need any as these springs will outlast any condition.

Spring Size & Quantity:

From 3.5 inches to 7 inches heavy duty springs are available. Each pack contains about 15 springs.


  • Galvanized springs.
  • Cold and heat resistance.
  • Curved hook end for superior grip.
  • Different size options.


  • No warranty.

4. ZhenT Heavy Duty Trampoline Springs

This brand offers the most elastic springs on the market. ZhenT heavy-duty trampoline springs can replace any old trampoline spring and perform way better.

Key Features:

  1. Made with heat-treated premium galvanized steel.
  2. Built with an advanced tension mechanism.
  3. Spring end hooks are very curvy which ensures their hold.
  4. ZhenT will provide a T hook with a spring pack.
  5. Heavy weather resistance.

In-Depth Review:

These 5-inch springs are made of galvanized steel and can resist any weather. They are very durable and long-lasting. The advanced tensile mechanism technology makes them very elastic as well.

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Regular trampoline users won’t feel a thing when you will change the trampoline springs with the ZhenT ones.

Spring Size & Quantity:

Each spring is 5 inches in length. You will get a pack of 15 springs altogether.


  • Silver-colored galvanized steel springs.
  • Designed with advanced tension mechanism.
  • Strong curvy hook.


  • Works only on trampolines.

5. SkyBound Premium Trampoline Springs

Skybound is a brand completely dedicated to delivering premium quality trampoline and trampoline parts to the community. Their trampoline parts are high quality and are designed in truly unique ways.

Key Features:

  1. Heavy weather-resistant premium trampoline springs.
  2. Spring hook tips are rubber coated to prevent springs from loosening and flying away.
  3. The Skybound trampoline replacement springs have more coil count and thicker steel gauge.
  4. Springs are very bounce-friendly and their strong elasticity offers more power in every bounce.
  5. Skybound promises to change springs if springs become loose, overstretched or loose quality within 12 months.

In-Depth Review:

Just by looking at these springs, you will see that these springs were made with care. The springs have a very curvy hook at the end to make sure that they never lose grip and fly away. Skybound even added a simple rubber coating at the end of the hook to ensure they stay hooked for longer.

Skybound is even offering 12 months replacement warranty on loosed springs. To be honest, we think that won’t be necessary as their springs are very tough. Made with galvanized zinc covering these springs will surely never lose quality.

Spring Size & Quantity:

Spring sizes are available from 3.5 inches to 9.5 inches. Each pack contains 12 premium quality springs.


  • Galvanized steel and zinc-covered steel.
  • Gold color plating.
  • Many sizes are available.
  • More coils on springs to increase bouncing power.
  • Rubber tip to make sure springs stay hooked.
  • 12 months replacement warranty.


  • The price is a little too high.

6. Boshen Replacement Trampoline Springs

Finally, we have the Boshen trampoline replacement springs. We don’t have anything too shabby about these springs. They are normally high-quality trampoline springs that can be used on any trampoline.

Key Features:

  1. Made of galvanized steel and anti-rust quality.
  2. These springs are made for all trampoline brands. They can fit all trampoline sizes from 8ft to 14ft.
  3. The high tensile feature makes them really strong for super bounces.
  4. Cold and hot weather resistant.
  5. Different packs with varying quantities of springs are available.

In-Depth Review:

The special thing about Boshen is that their springs are available in every size. They fit almost all trampoline sizes and their springs are available in different quantities of packs. We can easily say that Boshen focused more on the versatility of the use of the springs. But their quality isn’t too bad either.

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Spring Size & Quantity:

Spring sizes are available at 5.5 inches, 7 inches, and 8.5 inches. Different packs are available with 15 pcs, 30 pcs, 60 or even 90 pcs of springs.


  • Galvanized steel springs.
  • Affordable price.
  • Supports all trampoline sizes.
  • Available in different pack sizes.


  • Durability is a bit weak.
  • Hooks are not fully curved.

How to Choose the Best Trampoline Springs?

Choosing the best trampoline spring can be tricky. We have made this entire blog trying to showcase the best trampoline springs for you. However, if you want to look for springs yourself, you can consider these factors:

  1. Material

Consider the material of the spring. A steel spring is always better. The new galvanized steel springs are stainless and very durable. They are rust-resistant and probably the best quality springs right now in the market.

  1. Coating

Check the information on the coating of the spring. The springs we have listed here are zinc coated which makes them very strong. Look out for this information.

  1. Length

The length of the spring doesn’t always mean strength. However, you should measure the length every time you try to buy one. This will ensure you get the right size for your trampoline.

  1. Coil count

Coils count does indicate the elasticity and strength of the spring. However, more coil counts will include a higher price.

  1. The hook

The hook is the most important part. It keeps the spring from flying away or losing attachment. Check the curvature of the hook when picking a spring.

Final Thoughts…

Alright, so now you know how to get the best trampoline springs in the market. We have already listed them and talked about the replacement guide too.

You see, trampoline springs may sound like a small component of the trampoline, but they are actually very important. Trampoline springs offer bounce and stability while jumping. The trampoline mat is nothing without the trampoline springs as there will be nothing to hold it.

Since they are so important, everyone should be considerate of their durability. Trampoline owners should always check for any wearing or defect on springs as they could cause serious hazards.

If a trampoline spring is not attached properly, it could fly off or cause the entire trampoline mat to tear.

So, always check your trampoline springs. We recommend that you get the Skybound trampoline springs. Then again, we want to leave that decision up to you.

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