The 5 Best Trampoline Nets that will Keep You Safe.

Trampoline safety nets play a very important role in the protection of its jumpers which are most of the time children. Trampoline safety enclosures have considerably reduced the number of trampoline injuries. Trampoline nets are like helmets on a bicycle, or like seat belts on a car seat. 

They ensure the protection and safety of the jumper and that is why they are so important. The safety regulatory authorities recommend that every trampoline should have some kind of net enclosure.

Fortunately, almost every trampoline brand now offers a net enclosure with the mainframe of the trampoline.

What’s unfortunate is the net of the enclosure is not going to last forever. The net is going to wear off at some point and it is going to require a replacement.

Well, not to worry, because this blog is all about the best trampoline nets for replacement. Check out our list and get yourself one of the best trampoline enclosure nets in the market.

Best Trampoline Net

1 – Best Quality: SkyBound Trampoline Replacement Net

The SkyBound trampolines and their other products focus on quality and performance. Their main target is customer satisfaction. Their great quality trampoline nets support most trampoline brands.

Key Features:

  1. Trampoline replacement net made from plastic material.
  2. It supports brands like Skywalker, Bounce Pro, AirZone, etc.
  3. It supports a 12 ft trampoline frame size.
  4. The product only includes the trampoline net. It doesn’t include the net poles.
  5. This net only supports straight net poles that have blue pole caps with bolts.
  6. Your trampoline should have 6 net poles in order to support this product.
  7. The bottom part of the trampoline attaches to the trampoline outer frame.

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They only support round trampoline frames with 6 total net poles. They have different sizes available that support 12, 14 or 15 feet trampoline frames. Net poles must have blue pole caps with bolts that can hold the net up. The bottom part of the trampoline has to be attached outside the trampoline frame, over the pad.

Overall SkyBound has great customer support as well.


  1. Great quality and strong durability.
  2. Clear instructions.
  3. Great customer support.


  1. It may not fit perfectly.
  2. Must have six net poles.

2 – Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Net

Upper Bounce is another great trampoline brand that sells trampoline and other replacement parts. Upper Bounce’s main priority is your family’s safety. Their trampoline nets support most trampoline brands and frames.

Key Features:

  1. Upper Bounce safety trampoline is for round trampolines only.
  2. It has Terylene quality and is a see-through net that doesn’t block visibility.
  3. It has great durability with its weather resistance.
  4. It has a dual closure entry with strong zipper buckles.
  5. Upper Bounce will not provide the net poles with the safety net.
  6. This product supports a trampoline of 8 ft frame size, although other sizes are available.
  7. It requires 6 or 8 poles or 3 or 4 arches.
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The cool thing about their trampoline net is that their net is more see-through than other trampoline nets. Their net is designed in a way that supports full visibility but still offers heavy resistance. The Upper Bounce trampoline nets are all-weather resistant and very long-lasting.

They support trampolines with 8 or 6 straight poles or 3/4 arches. Overall their quality is reliable.


  1. Fits perfectly with any trampoline brand.
  2. Clear sight from inside the trampoline for the see-through net.
  3. All-weather resistance.


  1. Not very durable.
  2. Product shipment might deliver a faulty product.

3 – ULTRAPOWER Sports Trampoline Net

The Ultrapower Sports makes trampoline safety nets for straight and arched poles. They support most trampoline brands. The one we have showcased here is for 13 ft frame size but different versions are available for different sizes.

Key Features:

  1. Ultrapower Sports trampoline net supports 8 straight poles and 4 arches.
  2. It supports round frame trampolines only with a 13 ft frame size. However, there are other variations available.
  3. The net is made of soft and durable PE material and is toxic-free.
  4. The net is UV resistant and can withstand high temperatures outside.
  5. It has a safety zip buckle attached with it for easy open and close of the enclosure.
  6. The net has highly dense mesh that makes it solid and durable, but visible. The fine weaving of the net protects the little fingers.
  7. The net has a height of 6.1 ft that prevents kids or jumpers from jumping over.

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The nets have some admirable qualities. They are made of PE materials and are toxic-free. They are soft but durable. They have highly dense mesh but are completely visible.

The nets come with a safety zipper buckle. The installment of the net is also very smooth.


  1. Easy to install.
  2. Heavy mesh with fine weaving.
  3. Soft and durable, but visible.


  1. Assembly is difficult.
  2. It may not fit properly.
  3. Doesn’t last long.

4 – SkyBound Trampoline Net

SkyBound trampoline nets have really good qualities that a regular trampoline owner needs.

Key Features:

  1. These replacement trampoline safety nets are supported by Skywalker trampoline frames only.
  2. The replacement nets are designed to fit 12 ft Skywalker trampolines.
  3. The trampoline must have 6 net poles that bend inward at the top.
  4. The net includes a zipper door.
  5. The net easily attaches directly to the V-rings by using its ropes. It connects to the blue pole caps of the net poles at the top.
  6. The nets are tripled stitched and heavy woven. They are breathable and durable.
  7. The nets are also UV resistant.
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In deapth review

We have already said that SkyBound is a reliable trampoline brand and they make replacement products that fit other trampoline brands. This one, however, is more suited for the Skywalker trampoline frame.

The nets are UV resistant and durable in all weather. It has breathable heavy mesh that keeps jumpers or kids inside cool with the air supply. The net arches inward at the top but it is enough to keep the jumpers inside.


  1. Great quality.
  2. Easy installation.
  3. Attaches perfectly.


  1. Supports only one type of frame.

5 – Sportspower Trampoline Net

Sportspower replacement trampoline nets are quite reliable for a mid-tier brand.

Key Features:

  1. Replacement net for 14 ft trampoline enclosure.
  2. The net requires 6 angled poles and sleeves.
  3. It only supports round shape trampoline frames.
  4. The product only includes the net and not the poles.
  5. The net supports the 14 ft flex model trampolines.

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Their nets are durable enough and soft. The mesh and fine weaving of the net make them soft but durable. Visible and breathable trampoline nets are wanted by most trampoline owners.

The main reason why regular trampoline owners want this is because of its affordability. Overall a mid-tier reliable brand and net.


  1. Supports most brand trampoline frames.
  2. Affordable.


  1. Doesn’t support straight poles.
  2. Materials are not good.
  3. Mid-tier product, not very durable.

How to Install or Replace a Trampoline Net?

Installing or replacing a trampoline net is very easy. For replacement, well you will have to have the old one removed first. You need to take off your net poles as well and then start fresh with the new net.

Just follow our simple step-by-step process to install or replace a trampoline net.

Step 1

The first step you need to follow is assembling the net poles.

Assemble all the net poles together and set them aside. Now, lay the net down and insert the safety poles.

Step 2

Once you have inserted the poles onto the net, stand the pole up and clamp the legs. Clamp the legs one at a time and make sure the clamps face outward.

Step 3

Now, make sure you attach the safety clips to the bottom of the poles on the trampoline. This will make sure there is no gap on the safety poles.

Step 4

Check all the poles again to make sure you have not left out anything.

And now, you should have a fully up and standing trampoline net enclosure. If you want to learn about how to secure netting on a trampoline, you can check out our blog.

Trampoline Net Buying Guide

We will just give you simple points you need to keep in check when buying a trampoline replacement net.

  1. Size and Pole requirement
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Of course, you need to keep this in check. You can’t buy the wrong net. You need to measure the trampoline frame size and see how many poles your trampoline has. Then you need to evaluate that with your chosen netting.

Be careful as some trampoline nets require a certain type and amount of poles.

  1. Zipper and Attachment

The zipper must be checked. The zipper on trampoline nets works like a door that closes and opens. That is the thing that lets people in and keeps them safe inside. The zipper must be strong enough. Make sure to check the zipper buckle as well.

Then there is the attachment system. Each net has its own attaching system.

  1. Mesh and Weaving

The mesh and weaving of the net are going to tell you the breathability and durability of the net. Strong weaving makes the net more durable. The heavy mesh makes the net more breathable while staying durable and visible.

So keep them in mind before choosing or purchasing a trampoline replacement net.


Do nets make trampolines safer?

According to most experts, a safety net decreases the chances of trampoline-related injuries by 50%. Compared to trampolines with no safety net, trampolines with safety net enclosures are safer.

Can you buy netting for a trampoline?

Yes, you can buy netting for a trampoline. Most trampoline brands offer trampolines with pre-build safety enclosures, but you can buy netting for trampolines separately. You can buy them if your trampoline doesn’t have any or if you need replacement.

How to change the trampoline net zipper?

If you have somehow ripped off the net zipper, you can sew it back on if it is still functional. However, if your net zipper is not in working condition, you can get a new net zipper and sew that on.

Final Words

Trampoline safety nets just can’t be ignored. If your trampoline doesn’t have one, get one as quickly as possible. If your current trampoline net is not in good condition, get a replacement.

You don’t want your kids or anyone to get injured while having a good time on a trampoline. The problem is that the market can be tricky to find the right product.

We believe that the best trampoline net on the market right now is the SkyBound Trampoline Replacement Net. It has all the right features and strong qualities.

However, we also believe that all the trampoline nets we have showcased here are top quality. The SkyBound trampoline net is an exception but there are other brands like Ultrapower sports trampoline net that are at the same level.

To be honest, all the products on our list are worth a shot. We truly suggest that you do your research.