5 Best Trampoline Anchors to Keep Your Trampoline Secure in High Winds

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I've seen it happen too many times – a trampoline being lifted off the ground by strong winds and ending up in a neighbor's yard or worse. It's a scenario no one wants to deal with, which is why finding the best trampoline anchors is crucial to keeping your trampoline secure in high winds. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

That's why I've done the research and found the 5 best trampoline anchors that are proven to withstand even the strongest winds. But before I reveal them, let's discuss the factors to consider when selecting the perfect trampoline anchors for your needs.

Here are the top 10 trampoline anchors:

VASGOR Trampoline Wind Stakes, Heavy Duty Rebar Steel (8 Pack)

VASGOR 12” x 2” Trampolines Wind Stakes Black Powder Coated Rebar Steel -...
  • Fits: Any trampoline with leg diameter up to 2.8...
  • Keep Your Trampoline in Place - If you have a...
  • Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel & Anti Rust & Easy to...
  • Premium Quality - Sturdy Material: 8 PCS...

For those seeking a reliable solution to secure their trampoline during high winds, the VASGOR Trampoline Wind Stakes, Heavy Duty Rebar Steel (8 Pack) provides a sturdy and effective choice. Made from heavy-duty galvanized steel, these stakes are designed to prevent rust and withstand strong winds. With dimensions of 12 inches in length and 2 inches in width, they easily fit any trampoline with a leg diameter of up to 2.8 inches. The sharp ends make installation a breeze, ensuring a secure hold in the ground. Customers have attested to their strength, using them not only for trampolines but also for holiday decorations and playground equipment. Additionally, these stakes have proven their durability by withstanding winds of up to 70mph.

Available for purchase online, these wind stakes offer a reliable solution for keeping your trampoline secure during storms and high winds.

Best For: Those with trampolines or outdoor equipment in need of reliable and sturdy anchoring during high winds.


  • Made from heavy-duty galvanized steel to prevent rust
  • Easy to install with sharp ends for secure insertion into the ground
  • Withstands winds of up to 70mph, providing strong and durable anchoring


  • May not be suitable for trampolines with leg diameter larger than 2.8 inches

Ground Anchors Set of 4 Tent Stakes Heavy Duty Kit

Ground Anchors Screw in 15 Inch Set of 4 Tent Stakes Heavy Duty Trampoline...
  • 【Solid trampoline stake with 11mm...
  • 【Effective tent anchor】Jayzod spiral stake...
  • 【Creative anchors for outdoor...
  • [Effective Ground Anchor]work with any 3/8" or...
  • 【Quality guarantee】Package include 4 value...

The 15-inch long spiral trampoline anchors in the 'Ground Anchors Set of 4 Tent Stakes Heavy Duty Kit' are ideal for those seeking a reliable and sturdy anchoring solution in high winds. Made of stainless steel with a solid structure and anti-rust treatment, these heavy-duty anchors offer exceptional stability. The new design spiral blade anchor enhances the overall stability, making it suitable for use in hard clay soil. The package includes 4 value 15-inch anchors, providing comprehensive coverage for securing your trampoline. Customers have praised its ability to hold back a 60lbs puppy pit and to anchor a metal shed. While some found it challenging to remove from the lawn, the majority found it sturdy and easy to drive into the ground. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and friendly customer service, this kit offers peace of mind in securing your trampoline.

Best For: Those looking for a reliable and sturdy anchoring solution for trampolines, metal sheds, and other outdoor equipment in high winds.


  • 15-inch long spiral trampoline anchors with exceptional stability
  • Solid structure with anti-rust treatment
  • Suitable for use in hard clay soil


  • Some users found it challenging to remove from the lawn

12 Set Heavy Duty Trampoline Stakes and Straps

12 Set Trampoline Stakes and Straps Heavy Duty Trampoline Anchors High Wind...
  • Enough to Use and Replace: you will receive 12...
  • Solid and Reliable: the ground anchors screw in...
  • Proper Size: the high wind trampoline anchors are...
  • Easy to Install: our trampoline anchor kit is...
  • Widely Applied for Outdoor: the ground anchors and...

Looking for a durable and reliable solution to secure your trampoline, swings, tents, or other temporary structures in high winds? The 12 Set Heavy Duty Trampoline Stakes and Straps could be the perfect answer.

This kit includes 12 ground stakes and 12 belt straps made of galvanized steel and PP woven tape with zinc alloy, ensuring durability. The 15.7-inch trampoline anchors and 118-inch belt straps are suitable for a variety of structures and are easy to install.

The galvanized steel construction prevents corrosion, while the adjustable belt straps with metal buckles provide added security. This set is versatile and suitable for use on moderately soft and hard surfaces, making it a reliable choice for securing your trampoline or other temporary structures.

Best For: Those in need of a durable and reliable solution for securing trampolines, swings, tents, or other temporary structures in high winds.


  • Made of quality galvanized steel and PP woven tape with zinc alloy for durability
  • Versatile and suitable for use on moderately soft and hard surfaces
  • Adjustable belt straps with metal buckles for added security


  • May not be suitable for extremely hard surfaces

Heavy Duty Trampoline Stakes Anchors (Black 8pcs)

Heavy Duty Trampoline Stakes Anchors High Wind Stakes U- Shaped Sharp Ends...
  • ☀☀☀ Trampoline Stakes Heavy Duty:8pcs metal...
  • ☀☀☀ Trampoline Stakes Anchors High...
  • ☀☀☀ U-Shaped Wind Stakes: Safety stakes is...
  • ☀☀☀ Safety Garden Ground Anchor: Ground...
  • ☀☀☀ Powerful Stakes Factory : Please contact...

When dealing with high winds, the Heavy Duty Trampoline Stakes Anchors (Black 8pcs) offer unmatched stability and security for your trampoline, making them an essential choice for ensuring safety and stability. Made of high-grade zinc plated weather-resistant galvanized steel, these anchors boast ultra-durable stainless steel construction that can withstand strong winds.

Their U-shaped sharp ends allow for easy insertion into the ground, sinking deep for maximum stability. Customers have praised their sturdiness and multiple uses, from securing trampolines to tents, fences, and garden decorations.

With positive feedback on their effectiveness in heavy winds, these stakes also hold up well for various outdoor applications. At 2.46 pounds, this set of 8pcs is a reliable choice for securing your trampoline and other outdoor equipment.

Best For: Families with trampolines in areas prone to strong winds, looking for secure anchoring solutions.


  • Ultra durable stainless steel construction
  • Sink deep into the ground for maximum stability
  • Versatile use for trampolines, tents, fences, and garden decorations


  • May require some effort to insert into hard ground

Trampoline Stakes Heavy Duty Anchors Kit (Set of 4)

Trampoline Stakes Heavy Duty Anchors High Wind Stakes,15.84" Galvanized Steel...
  • ☀☀☀ Trampoline Stakes Heavy Duty:Set of 4...
  • ☀☀☀ Trampoline Anchors High...
  • ☀☀☀ Wide Use:Trampoline anchors tie down kit...
  • ☀☀☀ Trampoline Accessories:Ground Anchors...
  • ☀☀☀ Powerful Stakes Factory : Please contact...

For those seeking a reliable solution to secure their trampoline in winds up to 130mph, the Trampoline Stakes Heavy Duty Anchors Kit (Set of 4) offers unparalleled strength and durability.

This set of 4 heavy-duty trampoline tie-down kits is designed to endure straight-line winds of up to 130mph. The safety straps with steel buckles can withstand tension up to 660LB, providing exceptional stability.

The kit includes 15.84 galvanized steel anchors and 99 tough strong belt straps, ensuring your trampoline stays in place during windy weather. Suitable for various trampoline sizes, including 15ft, 14ft, 12ft, and 10ft, as well as round or rectangle trampolines, these rust-resistant anchors are also versatile enough to protect swing sets, greenhouses, basketball hoops, sheds, canopies, tents, fences, and trees from high winds.

With easy installation and included instructions, this kit offers a reliable way to keep your trampoline secure.

Best For: Families with trampolines in areas prone to high winds, seeking a reliable and durable solution to secure their trampoline.


  • Endures straight-line winds of up to 130mph
  • Safety straps with steel buckles withstand tension up to 660LB
  • Versatile enough to protect other outdoor equipment and structures


  • May require some effort for installation

Factors to Consider When Choosing Trampoline Anchors for High Wind

When choosing trampoline anchors for high winds, it's important to consider the material and durability. This factor plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and stability of the trampoline during strong winds.

Another important factor to consider is wind resistance. Trampoline anchors that are specifically designed to withstand high winds are essential for keeping the trampoline secure in stormy weather conditions.

Additionally, the installation process is an important consideration. Easy-to-install anchors will make the setup process quicker and more convenient.

Compatibility with trampolines is another important factor to keep in mind. It's crucial to ensure that the anchors are suitable for the specific model and size of the trampoline.

Lastly, versatility for other uses is worth considering. Some trampoline anchors can also be used for securing other outdoor equipment, such as tents or gazebos.

Material and Durability

Selecting trampoline anchors for high winds requires careful consideration of the material's strength and durability to ensure long-term stability and resistance to weather elements. The material of the anchors, such as alloy steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel, plays a critical role in determining their strength and resistance to rust.

Equally important is the durability of the anchors, as this factor directly impacts their long-term stability and effectiveness in securing the trampoline during strong winds. When choosing anchors, it's essential to consider the material's ability to withstand various weather conditions, including high winds, moisture, and corrosion.

Opting for anchors made from heavy-duty materials is advisable to ensure they can withstand the forces exerted by high winds and provide the necessary stability to keep the trampoline secure.

Wind Resistance

Considering the harsh forces of high winds, the material and durability of trampoline anchors are pivotal in ensuring their resistance and stability over time. When choosing anchors for high wind resistance, it's crucial to consider the length and thickness of the anchor to withstand strong winds effectively.

Durable, rust-resistant materials like galvanized steel ensure longevity and reliable performance in challenging weather conditions. Sharp ends on the anchors facilitate easy insertion into the ground, providing a secure fit essential for wind resistance.

Additionally, the weight and number of pieces in the anchor set contribute to the stability of the trampoline. Look for anchors with additional features such as safety straps or caps for added security, enhancing their ability to withstand high winds and keep your trampoline secure.

Installation Process

To ensure the stability and security of trampolines in high winds, the installation process for trampoline anchors must be straightforward and efficient.

Most trampoline anchors are designed for simple installation by inserting them into the ground and attaching the trampoline frame using the provided straps. Some anchors may require a cordless drill for quick and easy installation, while for hard surfaces, sprinkling the ground with water in advance can aid in installation.

The durability of trampoline anchor kits is ensured through galvanized steel construction, preventing corrosion and ensuring long-term reliability. Furthermore, installation instructions are typically included with the trampoline anchor kits, providing clear guidance for proper setup.

Compatibility With Trampolines

When choosing trampoline anchors for high wind conditions, it's crucial to ensure compatibility with your trampoline by considering the materials and dimensions of the anchors.

The materials of the anchors, such as alloy steel or stainless steel, should be suitable for your trampoline to ensure effective performance. Additionally, consider the dimensions of the anchors to ensure they fit your trampoline legs properly, taking into account the diameters and lengths of the legs.

It's also important to choose anchors specifically designed for trampolines to ensure a proper fit, as some anchors have wider applications. Furthermore, consider the suitability of the anchors for the type of soil or surface you have, as different ground conditions may require specific anchor types.

Lastly, prioritize anchors that are easy to install and provide reliable stability during high winds while meeting your trampoline's requirements.

Versatility for Other Uses

Trampoline anchors are not limited to just securing trampolines in high winds. They have a wide range of uses and can provide stability for various items. For example, they can be used to secure holiday decorations, playground equipment, swings, tents, greenhouses, canopies, fences, and other temporary structures. They are also suitable for protecting swing sets, basketball hoops, sheds, and trees from high wind weather. Some sets even come with safety straps and steel buckles to withstand tension, making them versatile for different applications. In addition to trampolines and playground equipment, these anchors can be used for camping tents, Christmas decorations, fences, tarps, garden cloth, hoses, and even foothold traps. Their adaptability for various purposes makes them a practical investment for ensuring stability and safety in different settings.

Customer Satisfaction

When choosing trampoline anchors for high wind, it's crucial to consider factors that directly impact customer satisfaction.

Positive reviews and high ratings are strong indicators of customer satisfaction. Feedback on the product's performance and quality is essential for assessing satisfaction, as customers are likely to repurchase if they're pleased with the product.

Additionally, factors such as lower pricing and availability for online purchase play a significant role in customer satisfaction. Moreover, positive feedback on the product's effectiveness during extreme weather conditions contributes to overall customer satisfaction.

Considering these factors when choosing trampoline anchors can help ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase, leading to greater confidence in the product's ability to secure trampolines in high winds.

Price and Availability

Considering the varying availability and pricing options, it's essential to carefully compare different sources when selecting trampoline anchors for high winds. Prices can differ between retailers, and some may offer price matching. It's advisable to check for feedback on pricing and availability from previous customers.

While trampoline anchors are generally available for purchase online, offline availability may vary. When comparing prices, remember to also consider shipping costs, as these can differ between sellers or platforms.

Additionally, it's important to check for warranty and support options before making a purchase.

Warranty Information

While evaluating the price and availability of trampoline anchors, it becomes essential to thoroughly review the warranty information to understand the coverage and duration provided for the product. Checking for details on what the warranty covers and any limitations or exclusions is crucial. It's also important to verify if the warranty requires registration or any specific procedures for making a claim.

Understanding the process for contacting customer support or the manufacturer in case of warranty claims is vital. Additionally, reviewing the warranty length is necessary to assess the period of protection offered for the trampoline anchors.


After researching and testing various trampoline anchors, I can confidently say that the VASGOR Trampoline Wind Stakes are the best choice for keeping your trampoline secure in high winds.

Their heavy duty rebar steel construction and 8 pack quantity provide maximum stability and peace of mind.

Don't take any chances with your trampoline – invest in high quality anchors to ensure it stays put, even in the strongest winds.