5 Best Snowshoes for Dogs to Keep Your Pup Active in the Winter

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As a dog owner, I understand the importance of keeping our furry friends active, especially during the winter months. Did you know that nearly 20% of a dog's waking hours are spent being inactive during the colder seasons? It's crucial to find ways to keep them moving, and one effective method is using snowshoes designed specifically for dogs.

But with so many options available, how do you know which ones are the best for your pup? Stick around to discover the top 10 snowshoes for dogs.

Expawlorer Anti-Slip Dog Shoes for Large Dogs, Waterproof Dog Boots

Expawlorer Anti-Slip Dog Shoes for Large Dogs,Dog Booties for Winter with Rugged...
  • Size 7: 2.95"x2.99" (L*W) for 63-75 lbs. Great for...
  • Measurement Instruction: Place and press down the...
  • Selection Guidance: These size data are boots...
  • Superior Material: Reflective material and skid...
  • Comfortable Wearing: Flexible lug design and...

For large dogs who need reliable traction and protection in snow or rain, the Expawlorer Anti-Slip Dog Shoes offer a waterproof and secure solution.

These shoes, specifically designed for large breeds, come in size 7, measuring 2.95×2.99 inches (L*W) and are recommended for dogs weighing between 63-75 lbs, such as Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and German Shepherds.

The shoes feature a reflective strap for visibility and safety at night, ensuring your dog's security during evening walks. The waterproof material provides excellent defense against rainy or snowy conditions, while the flexible lug design and grooved sole offer better control and protection.

With two fastener straps, these shoes are easy to put on and take off, making them a convenient and practical choice for large dog owners seeking high-quality footwear for their furry companions.

Best For: Owners of large dogs, such as Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and German Shepherds, seeking waterproof and secure dog shoes for protection and traction in various weather conditions.


  • Reflective strap for visibility and safety at night
  • Waterproof material for rainy or snowy days
  • Flexible lug design and grooved sole for better control and protection


  • Sizing discrepancies and adjustments may be required

SlowTon Dog Snow Boots for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black, 8)

SlowTon Dog Snow Boots - Soft Non-Slip Rubber Sole Breathable Dog Shoes,...
  • 【Comfortable & Breathable】The dog shoes Adopt...
  • 【Dual ADJUSTABLE & SECURE】These doggie boots...
  • 【Waterproof & Reflective】The toe parts of dog...
  • 【Easy To Take On & Off】The wide slit openings...
  • 【Rugged & Anti-Slip Soles】The soft...

With its soft non-slip rubber sole and adjustable straps, the SlowTon Dog Snow Boots are the ideal choice for ensuring your dog's comfort and safety during winter walks and outdoor activities. These boots offer a breathable and comfortable design, protecting your pup's paws from hot pavement, sharp objects, snow, and ice. The dual adjustable straps ensure a secure fit, and the reflective strap provides visibility at night.

The waterproof toe parts and rugged, anti-slip soles make these boots a practical choice for various outdoor scenarios. Customers have positively reviewed the fit and quality of the boots, highlighting their ability to stay on during activities and provide traction on slippery surfaces. While some users experienced issues with the strap design, the overall satisfaction with these boots is high, making them a recommended option for winter and outdoor adventures.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts with dogs of all sizes who need durable and secure boots for protecting their pets' paws in various weather conditions.


  • Secure fit with dual adjustable straps
  • Reflective strap for visibility at night
  • Rugged and anti-slip soles for traction on slippery surfaces


  • Some users experienced issues with the strap design

QUMY Dog Shoes for Large Dogs, Waterproof & Anti-Slip (Black, Size 6)

QUMY Dog Shoes for Large Dogs, Medium Dog Boots & Paw Protectors for Winter...
  • Please be sure to measure the width of your dog's...
  • SECURE and ADJUSTABLE: Easy to put on / off. These...
  • RUGGED: Tough anti-slip sole of dog boots provides...
  • QUALITY: The dog boots have a rugged sole and high...
  • FASHIONABLE: QUMY dog boots are with cute pet paw...

When navigating wintry conditions, your large dog can benefit from the QUMY Dog Shoes. These shoes are designed to provide waterproof, anti-slip protection, and comfort. They are suitable for various weather conditions, from snowy days to hot pavements and rainy weather. The waterproof and anti-slip sole ensures your dog's paws stay dry and secure. The adjustable reflective straps provide a snug fit and visibility at night.

Users have praised the shoes for their performance in cold snow days, quality, water resistance, and grip. While the Velcro straps may loosen when packed with snow, the boots stay on, offering both affordability and comfort for your dog.

These boots also protect your pup from sharp thorns, hot pavements, and slippery surfaces, making them a versatile and practical choice for your dog's winter adventures.

Best For: Dog owners looking for waterproof and anti-slip shoes to protect their large dogs' paws in various weather conditions.


  • Waterproof and anti-slip sole for protection in snowy, hot, and rainy weather
  • Adjustable reflective straps for a snug fit and visibility at night
  • Protects dogs from sharp thorns, hot pavements, and slippery surfaces


  • Velcro straps may loosen when packed with snow

YAODHAOD Dog Snow Boots for Medium to Large Dogs (Black, Small)

YAODHAOD Dog Snow Boots Breathable Socks,Dog Shoes Fleece Snow Booties for...
  • INDOOR DOG SOCKS&OUTDOOR BOOT - dog socks to...
  • KEEPING PETS WARM: Dog snow boots are lined with...
  • RECOMMENDED BREED: S-XXL is suitable for...
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS:The shoes are made of...
  • CONVENIENT & FUNCTIONAL: Dog boots & paw...

Keep your medium to large furry friend's paws warm and protected with the YAODHAOD Dog Snow Boots in Black, ideal for active winter adventures. These boots are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, featuring a brushed fleece lining for warmth and comfort. The high-quality materials and anti-slip sole provide durability and traction, while adjustable Velcro straps ensure a secure fit. While some customers have experienced issues with the drawstring or fitting, others have found these boots effective in protecting their dog's paws from salt and cold.

With a size chart available for guidance, these boots are recommended for breeds like corgis, Akitas, Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Alaskans. Easy to put on and take off, these boots offer convenience and can also be used as dog socks for indoor activities.

Best For: Active medium to large breed dogs in need of protection and warmth during winter activities.


  • Offers warmth and comfort with brushed fleece lining
  • Provides secure fit with adjustable Velcro straps
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities


  • Some customers experienced issues with the drawstring or fitting

Dog Shoes for Small and Medium Dogs (Reflective Hiking Pet Dog Boots)

Dog Shoes for Small Dogs Winter Snow Dog Booties Open with Zips and Rugged...
  • SOFT MATERIAL: Inner soft fabric makes it...
  • WATERPROOF MATERIAL: Made of Waterproof oxford...
  • CONVENIENT & EASY WEAR: With the design of big...
  • NON-SLIP & DURABLE SOLE: Durable resilient...
  • MEASUREMENT: Measure paw width and length for the...

For small and medium dogs who need comfortable and protective footwear during winter hikes, the Reflective Hiking Pet Dog Boots offer a waterproof and secure option to keep their paws dry and stable. Made of soft material, these boots provide comfort and protection. The waterproof oxford fabric ensures that your pup's paws stay dry even in snowy conditions. With a convenient zipper and velcro strap, these boots are easy to put on. The non-slip and durable rubber sole provides stability and traction, allowing your dog to navigate various terrains with confidence. While some users have mentioned challenges with sizing, following the measurement guide can help ensure a proper fit. Overall, these boots offer decent quality for the price and have received positive feedback for providing security and durability during winter hikes.

Best For: Small and medium dogs who need comfortable and protective footwear during winter hikes.


  • Soft material for comfort and protection
  • Waterproof oxford fabric to keep paws dry
  • Non-slip and durable rubber sole for stability and traction


  • Mixed reviews about fitting properly

Factors to Consider When Choosing Snowshoes for Dogs

When choosing snowshoes for dogs, it's crucial to consider the size and fit, material and durability, and the specific usage scenarios.

The protection and safety features, along with sizing tips, should also be taken into account before making a decision. These factors play a significant role in ensuring that the snowshoes are suitable for your dog's needs and provide the necessary support in winter conditions.

Size and Fit

Consider your dog's weight and measurements to ensure the snowshoes fit properly, providing comfort and security for your furry companion during winter outings.

Look for adjustable straps or fasteners to achieve a secure and comfortable fit.

The shape of your dog's paws and the design of the snowshoes should align well. Ensure the snowshoes provide enough space for your dog's paws without being too loose or too tight.

Additionally, consider the specific breed and individual characteristics of your dog when selecting the appropriate size and fit for snowshoes.

Proper sizing and fit are crucial for your dog's comfort and safety while wearing snowshoes, so take the time to measure and consider these factors before making a purchase.

Material and Durability

When selecting snowshoes for dogs, one must prioritize high-quality, sturdy materials to ensure durability in various outdoor conditions and terrains. It's important to consider the longevity and wear of the snowshoes, looking for strong stitching and reinforced areas to withstand extended use in different terrains.

Opt for snowshoes made from waterproof materials to keep your dog's paws dry and protected during snowy or rainy conditions. Additionally, choose materials that offer resistance to salt, ice, and other harsh elements to maintain the quality and effectiveness of the snowshoes.

Prioritize snowshoes with durable, non-slip soles to provide your dog with reliable traction on snow, ice, and slippery surfaces. These factors are crucial in ensuring the durability and effectiveness of the snowshoes for your dog's winter activities.

Usage Scenarios

Exploring the various usage scenarios for snowshoes designed for dogs reveals their versatility and practicality in diverse outdoor and indoor settings.

These snowshoes are suitable for outdoor activities like walks, hikes, and runs in snowy conditions, providing protection from the cold, sharp objects, and salt on roads during winter. They're also ideal for dogs with weak or injured paws, offering traction, stability, and comfort.

Moreover, snowshoes for dogs can be helpful indoors, preventing slipping on wet floors or polished surfaces. They're designed to accommodate dogs of various sizes and breeds, offering protection and support in different environments.

Whether it's an adventurous outdoor excursion or simply navigating indoor spaces, these snowshoes cater to a wide range of scenarios, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience for your furry companion.

Protection and Safety

When selecting snowshoes for dogs, it's essential to ensure a secure fit with adjustable straps and proper measurements to prevent the shoes from coming loose during use. Reflective straps or materials can improve visibility, especially during nighttime walks or activities in low light conditions.

Look for boots with rugged and anti-slip soles to provide stability and traction on various surfaces, protecting your dog from slipping and potential injuries. Consider the material and construction of the boots to ensure they offer protection from sharp objects, hot pavement, and extreme weather conditions.

Prioritize waterproof or water-resistant boots to keep your dog's paws dry and comfortable, especially during rainy or snowy days. These factors are crucial for safeguarding your pup and ensuring their safety and comfort during winter activities.

Sizing Tips

Considering the weight range the shoe size is recommended for is crucial when choosing snowshoes for dogs.

It's important to measure the width of your dog's paws and opt for the larger size if between sizes for a better fit.

Look for adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit, and consider snowshoes with reflective straps for visibility at night.

Additionally, take into account your dog's specific needs, such as protection from hot pavement, snow, or slippery surfaces, when selecting the right snowshoes.

Lastly, consider the specific weather conditions or surfaces the snowshoes will be used on, such as rainy, snowy, or hot pavement, to ensure the chosen snowshoes are suitable for the environment.

Quality and Service

When selecting snowshoes for dogs, it's essential to pay attention to both the quality of the product and the level of service provided by the company. Reading reviews about the product's durability and effectiveness is crucial. Positive feedback regarding the product's ability to withstand harsh winter conditions and its impact on the dog's well-being is a good sign.

Additionally, consider customer experiences with the company's service, such as responsiveness to inquiries, the speed and efficiency of shipping or delivery, and overall satisfaction. Look for comments on how well the product addressed specific needs.

A company that stands behind its product and provides excellent service can make a significant difference in the overall satisfaction with your purchase. Therefore, it's important to consider both quality and service when choosing snowshoes for your dog.

Reflective Design

Reflective design on snowshoes for dogs enhances visibility and safety, especially during nighttime activities. The reflective straps on the snowshoes help keep your pup visible in low-light conditions, providing increased safety during evening walks or hikes.

These reflective elements contribute to your dog's visibility in various outdoor conditions, ensuring they remain seen even in the dark. Whether you're taking your dog out for a nighttime adventure or just a walk after dusk, the reflective design adds an extra layer of safety, giving you peace of mind.

When choosing snowshoes for your dog, considering the reflective design is crucial for ensuring their visibility and safety during winter activities, making it easier for you to keep track of them and enjoy your time together outdoors.

Comparison to Others

The enhanced visibility and safety provided by the reflective design on snowshoes for dogs make it essential to compare these features to others when choosing the best fit for your furry companion.

When considering how the reviewed snowshoes compare to others, it's crucial to assess factors such as fit, quality, and ease of use. Additionally, seeking recommendations and experiences related to using the snowshoes for dogs of different sizes and breeds can provide valuable insights.

Feedback on durability, material, and comfort in comparison to other similar products is also important to weigh. Furthermore, gathering insights on overall satisfaction and recommendations from customers who've used different snowshoes for dogs can aid in making an informed decision.

Lastly, noting any specific suggestions for improvements or modifications to the snowshoes based on comparison to others can guide the selection process effectively.


In conclusion, choosing the right snowshoes for your dog is essential to keeping them active and safe during the winter months.

Did you know that according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, snow and ice can cause damage to your dog's paws, making snowshoes a crucial accessory for winter walks?

Consider the size and activity level of your pup when selecting the best snowshoes to ensure their comfort and enjoyment in the snow.