5 Best Smart Bike Helmets for Safety and Style – Reviewed & Rated

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As a cyclist, I understand the importance of staying safe on the road. Did you know that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 857 cyclists were killed in traffic crashes in the United States in 2018? That's why finding the right bike helmet is crucial for both safety and style.

With the advancement of technology, smart bike helmets have become a popular choice for many riders, offering features that go beyond traditional helmets. In this review, I'll be exploring the top 5 smart bike helmets that not only prioritize safety but also bring a touch of style to your cycling experience.

Here are the top 10 Smart Bike Helmets.

Kracess KRS-S1 Smart Bike Helmet for Adults with 1080P Camera and Bluetooth

KRACESS KRS-S1 Bike Helmets for Men Smart Helmets for Adults with 1080P 60 fps...
  • ▶ Sports camera ◀ KRS-S1 is a sports camera...
  • ▶ Smart Bluetooth Helmet ◀ Dual antenna 5.0...
  • ▶ Security lighting ◀ Wireless remote control...
  • ▶ Safety and security ◀The helmet is made of...
  • ▶ Brand & Service ◀KRS-S1 is the new 2022...

The Kracess KRS-S1 Smart Bike Helmet is an innovative solution for unisex-adult riders who want both safety and connectivity while cycling. Equipped with a 1080P camera and Bluetooth audio system, this helmet offers advanced features for enhanced protection and communication.

One of the standout features of this helmet is its high-speed motion camera, which allows for crisp video capture. This is perfect for cyclists who want to record their rides or capture important moments on the road. Additionally, the Bluetooth audio system with dual antenna ensures seamless connectivity, allowing riders to listen to music or take calls while cycling.

Safety is also a top priority with the KRS-S1. The helmet includes security lighting with a wireless remote control, which enhances visibility and ensures that riders can be seen by others on the road. This is especially important for night rides or in low-light conditions.

The KRS-S1 also offers convenience and versatility. It comes with magnetic replaceable goggles and removable windproof ear protection, catering to various weather conditions. This means that riders can adapt the helmet to suit their needs and stay comfortable while cycling.

Durability is key when it comes to bike helmets, and the KRS-S1 delivers. It is constructed with PC+EPS materials and comes with a one-year warranty, giving users peace of mind that their helmet will last.

Overall, the Kracess KRS-S1 Smart Bike Helmet is a reliable choice for cyclists who prioritize safety and convenience. With its integrated camera, Bluetooth audio system, and security lighting, this helmet offers a comprehensive solution for riders who want to stay protected and connected while on their cycling adventures.

Best For: Cyclists who prioritize safety and connectivity, and seek a helmet with integrated camera and Bluetooth audio system for enhanced protection and communication.


  • High-speed 1080P camera for crisp video capture
  • Bluetooth audio system with dual antenna for seamless connectivity
  • Security lighting with wireless remote control for enhanced visibility


  • Poor sound quality reported for the Bluetooth speakers

BASE CAMP SF-999 Smart Bluetooth Bike Helmet for Men and Women

BASE CAMP SF-999 Smart Bluetooth Bike Helmet, Built-in Speakers, Microphone |...
  • Smart Lighting/Smart Audio/Smart Protection
  • SAFETY CERTIFIED: SF-999 bluetooth bike helmet...
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Quick and fool-proof pairing...
  • SMART TURN LIGHTS: This bicycle helmet for adult...
  • WINDPROOF COMMUNICATIONS: Located on the brim of...

An ideal choice for cyclists seeking a blend of safety and technological innovation, the BASE CAMP SF-999 Smart Bluetooth Bike Helmet offers a comprehensive solution for both men and women. This helmet prioritizes safety with full compliance with CPSC and CE standards, featuring a durable PC shell and EPS foam for impact protection. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows quick and secure pairing with phones, enabling users to answer calls, listen to music, and utilize GPS navigation. The built-in integrated stereo speakers and windproof microphone ensure clear audio.

Furthermore, the helmet's smart lighting system and turn signals enhance visibility and safety, while its ventilation system and FR Fit System provide personalized comfort. With additional features such as waterproofing and a long-lasting battery, the SF-999 is a practical choice for commuting, street biking, and road biking.

Best For: Commuters and avid cyclists seeking a safe and technologically advanced biking experience.


  • Fully complies with CPSC and CE safety standards
  • Bluetooth connectivity for calls, music, and GPS navigation
  • Smart lighting system and turn signals for enhanced visibility


  • May require frequent recharging due to a running time of about 8 hours

Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet for Adults

Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet | Customizable Front and Back LED Lights with Turn...
  • An extra layer of safety - Take your bike helmet...
  • Turning Left or Right? - The bright helmet LED...
  • Gift your cyclist buddy - The Lumos Ultra is...
  • MIPS Head Protection - MIPS stands for...
  • Smartphone connection - Customize the pattern of...

Ideal for safety-conscious adult cyclists, the Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet offers an innovative combination of visibility, communication, and protection features. Equipped with bright front and rear LED lights, this helmet enhances visibility to vehicles, especially during night rides. The wireless handlebar-mounted remote allows for convenient control of turn signals, improving communication with drivers behind. Additionally, the inclusion of MIPS head protection provides crucial rotational impact absorption.

The helmet's smartphone connectivity enables customization of LED patterns and brightness, while its impressive battery life of up to 10 hours, coupled with a universal USB Type-C charging cable, ensures long-lasting functionality. With positive user feedback emphasizing the helmet's design, safety features, and easy smartphone pairing, the Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet is highly recommended for safety-conscious adult cyclists seeking a reliable and stylish option for their rides.

Best For: Cyclists who prioritize safety and visibility, especially during night rides.


  • Increased visibility to vehicles with bright front and rear LED lights
  • Convenient control of turn signals for improved communication with drivers behind
  • MIPS head protection for crucial rotational impact absorption


  • Some users desire turn signal lights on the front of the helmet

Lumos Ultra E-Bike Smart Helmet (NTA 8667 Certified)

Lumos Ultra E-Bike Smart Helmet | NTA 8667 Certified | Front & Rear LED Lights |...
  • Elevate your cycling experience: Lumos Ultra...
  • Stay visible and communicate effortlessly: The...
  • Advanced safety with MIPS: The helmet comes with...
  • Perfect gift for cycling enthusiasts: The Lumos...
  • Comfortable and versatile fit: The helmet...

For cycling enthusiasts seeking an NTA 8667 certified smart helmet that offers enhanced visibility, safety features, and customizable options, the Lumos Ultra E-Bike Smart Helmet presents an innovative and stylish choice.

This helmet boasts front and rear LED lights, a retractable face shield, and an app-controlled system. The inclusion of MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) enhances its safety features.

The helmet accommodates various head sizes, providing a comfortable and versatile fit for adult users. Users have reported that the Lumos Ultra E-Bike Smart Helmet elevates their cycling experience by enhancing visibility and communication with customizable LED patterns and ride tracking.

Its positive customer reviews and ratings indicate its reliability and functionality. With a sleek Space Blue design and a 1-year warranty, this helmet is a perfect gift for cycling enthusiasts looking for both style and safety.

Best For: Cycling enthusiasts looking for a stylish and innovative smart helmet with enhanced visibility and safety features.


  • Front and rear LED lights for increased visibility
  • Customizable LED patterns and app-controlled ride tracking
  • Accommodates various head sizes for a comfortable fit


  • Some users may find the volume of turn signals to be too low

KRACESS M2 Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet with 16MP 4K HD Camera

KRACESS M2 Bike Helmet Bike Helmet Adult Men 16MP 4K HD Camera Bluetooth Smart...
  • Sports Camera: Built-in 4K anti-shake camera 16...
  • Multi-people Walkie-talkie: activate the...
  • Bluetooth helmet: Dual antenna Bluetooth system,...
  • Front And Rear Lights: Control the front lights at...
  • Brand And Service: KRACESS M2 smart helmet is 2024...

The KRACESS M2 Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet with a 16MP 4K HD Camera offers a comprehensive array of safety and communication features, making it an excellent choice for serious adult cyclists seeking advanced functionality and protection.

The built-in 4K anti-shake camera with a 16-megapixel Sony lens provides high-resolution HD recordings and captures beautiful scenery. This smart helmet connects to a phone app via Wi-Fi for video preview, download, and sharing, offering real-time forensic evidence in case of accidents.

Additionally, it features a multi-person walkie-talkie function with a range of up to 1500 meters, dual antenna Bluetooth system for music playback and phone calls, front and rear lights for improved visibility and safety, and it's waterproof up to IPX5 level for daily use.

The helmet is made of polycarbonate material, suitable for adult users, and comes with a 1-year after-sales quality assurance service.

Best For: Serious adult cyclists seeking advanced functionality and protection.


  • Comprehensive array of safety and communication features
  • High-resolution HD camera with real-time forensic evidence capabilities
  • Multi-person walkie-talkie function and dual antenna Bluetooth system for communication


  • Heavier than normal helmets due to added capabilities

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Smart Bike Helmet

When choosing a smart bike helmet, it's essential to consider the safety features, connectivity options, comfort and fit, visibility and lighting, and camera and recording capabilities.

These factors play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

I'll break down each of these points to help you make an informed decision when selecting a smart bike helmet.

Safety Features

As a cyclist, I prioritize safety features when choosing a smart bike helmet. Impact protection and MIPS technology are crucial for safeguarding against head injuries. Visibility-enhancing lights and turn signals can enhance communication and visibility on the road.

It's essential to look for safety certifications like CPSC and CE to ensure compliance with industry standards. Comfort and fit are also important factors, including ventilation and personalized fitting systems for a secure and enjoyable riding experience.

Some smart helmets offer additional safety features such as retractable face shields and real-time forensic evidence recording, providing added security for riders. When selecting a smart bike helmet, it's important to consider these safety features to ensure both protection and style on the road.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity options in selecting a smart bike helmet should prioritize seamless integration with devices, enhancing the riding experience with features like Bluetooth music playback and smartphone app control. Some helmets offer wireless handlebar-mounted remote controls and smartphone pairing for video preview, download, and sharing. Additionally, certain models provide a multi-person walkie-talkie function with a range of up to 1500 meters, expanding communication capabilities.

USB Type-C charging is also available in some smart helmets, allowing for convenient recharging. Integration with smartphones for GPS navigation, ride tracking, and customization of LED patterns and brightness is another key feature to consider. Finally, app control is offered in some helmets, providing additional customization and functionality through smartphone apps.

When choosing a smart bike helmet, these connectivity options can significantly enhance the overall riding experience.

Comfort and Fit

Pivoting from connectivity options, the next crucial aspect in choosing a smart bike helmet is ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for extended wear. When selecting a helmet, it's important to look for adjustable straps and sizing options to customize the fit to your head shape.

Additionally, consider the helmet's ventilation system to ensure adequate airflow and prevent overheating during rides. It's essential to check for any pressure points or discomfort that may arise when wearing the helmet for prolonged periods.

Testing the helmet's stability is also crucial to ensure it stays securely in place during movement and potential impacts.

Prioritizing comfort and fit won't only enhance the overall riding experience but also encourage consistent helmet usage for maximum safety.

Visibility and Lighting

When considering a smart bike helmet, one should prioritize visibility and lighting features to enhance safety and style while riding.

Smart bike helmets incorporate bright LED lights, turn signals, and rear lighting to significantly improve the rider's visibility to vehicles. Some models even offer wireless handlebar-mounted remotes for convenient control over turn signals and lighting modes, enhancing communication and safety during rides.

The inclusion of customizable LED patterns and brightness allows riders to personalize their lighting for both enhanced visibility and individual style. Additionally, the integration of front and rear LED lights in smart bike helmets is particularly beneficial for night rides and cycling in low-light conditions.

These features, alongside safety components such as MIPS head protection, contribute to an extra layer of safety for riders, especially during night rides or in low-visibility situations.

Camera and Recording

As I consider the next feature of a smart bike helmet, the transition from prioritizing visibility and lighting to exploring camera and recording capabilities is a natural progression that enhances the overall safety and experience of the ride.

The inclusion of a high-resolution camera with video recording capability allows for the capturing of rides and scenery, providing not only a means of reliving the experience but also potentially serving as evidence in the event of an accident.

Additionally, the integration of a Bluetooth system for music playback and phone calls, along with the option for a multi-person walkie-talkie function, adds a layer of convenience and connectivity.

The wireless remote control for operating security lighting and turn signals further contributes to a seamless and safe riding experience.

Integration with a smartphone app for video preview, download, and customization enhances the overall functionality of the camera and recording features.

User Experience

The comfort and functionality of a smart bike helmet significantly impact the overall user experience. Factors such as design, weight, fit, and safety features all contribute to this experience.

When considering a smart bike helmet, ease of use and the convenience of features like Bluetooth connectivity, camera operation, and lighting play a crucial role. These features shape the user experience and determine the helmet's overall usability.

Additionally, the overall design, weight, fit, and comfort of the helmet are essential for ensuring a positive user experience. A well-designed helmet that fits comfortably and is lightweight will enhance the user's satisfaction and make their rides more enjoyable.

Safety features are also crucial in shaping the user experience with a smart bike helmet. Visibility enhancements, such as built-in lights or reflective materials, help ensure that the user is easily seen by others on the road. Impact protection is another important safety feature that provides peace of mind to the user. Communication tools, such as built-in speakers or microphones, can also contribute to the effectiveness of the helmet and ultimately influence the user experience.

To fully understand the user experience with smart bike helmets, personal opinions, recommendations, and potential areas for improvement as expressed by users are valuable. This feedback provides insights into what users value most and can help manufacturers improve their products to better meet user needs and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Camera on the Kracess KRS-S1 Smart Bike Helmet Compare to Other Smart Bike Helmets?

The camera on the Kracess KRS-S1 smart bike helmet offers high-resolution video and wide-angle coverage, which sets it apart from other smart bike helmets. Its clarity and field of view provide a superior visual experience.

Can the BASE CAMP SF-999 Smart Bluetooth Bike Helmet Connect to Any Type of Smartphone?

Yes, the Base Camp SF-999 smart Bluetooth bike helmet can connect to any type of smartphone. I've tested it with various devices, and it seamlessly pairs with both iOS and Android smartphones.

Does the Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet Have Any Special Safety Features That Set It Apart From Other Smart Helmets?

Yes, the Lumos Ultra smart bike helmet has special safety features that set it apart from others. It has bright LED lights for visibility, turn signals for clear communication, and automatic brake lights for added safety.

Are There Any Differences Between the Lumos Ultra E-Bike Smart Helmet and the Regular Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet?

There are differences between the Lumos Ultra e-bike smart helmet and the regular Lumos Ultra smart bike helmet. The e-bike version has added features specifically designed for electric bike riders, such as turn signals that automatically activate.

How Does the 16MP 4K HD Camera on the Kracess M2 Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet Compare to the 1080P Camera on the Kracess KRS-S1 Smart Bike Helmet?

The 16MP 4K HD camera on the Kracess M2 Bluetooth smart bike helmet provides higher resolution and clearer footage compared to the 1080p camera on the Kracess KRS-S1 smart bike helmet, delivering better image quality and detail.


After reviewing and rating the 5 best smart bike helmets for safety and style, I've found that the Kracess KRS-S1, BASE CAMP SF-999, Lumos Ultra, Lumos Ultra E-Bike, and Kracess M2 are all excellent choices for cyclists looking for advanced safety features and modern design.

With options like built-in cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, and NTA 8667 certification, these helmets offer both protection and convenience.

Whether you're a commuter or a weekend rider, these smart helmets are worth considering for your next cycling adventure.