The 6 Best Mini Trampolines For Kids In 2023

Since mini trampolines are so small and they don’t have much space, you can have them inside your house. You can put them in a safe environment in your house and let your kids bounce on it as much as they want. It will help you to keep the kids away from screens.

Thinking of all of these we have made a list of the best mini trampolines for kids and even adults in some cases.

We want you to take a look and see if you can find anything.

We have made this list based on the best trampolines for kids in the market. They have many features which will make your investment worth it. Also, your kids will love it.

So, let’s just go straight to the list.

Best Bounciest Trampolines​

Don’t have enough time to go through the full article? Here is Our Shortlist…

Here we take our picks of the best mini trampoline for kids. Who made the top of our list? Here you go…

Top Pick

Little Tikes Mini Trampoline

Alternative: Little Tikes Light-Up 3-Foot Trampoline

Best Overall

Wamkos Dinosaur Mini Trampoline

For Two Kids

Doufit TR-01 Trampoline

Alternative: Jump2It Portable 2 Person Mini Trampoline

Review of The 6 Best Mini Trampoline For Kids

We have gathered 6 high quality mini trampolines for our review. Since your kids are at home most of the time, why not give them something to stay away from the screens?

These trampolines will hold their urge to go outside. Just take a look.

1 – Best Available In The Market – Little Tikes Mini Trampoline.

Little Tikes make trampolines for young kids who have plenty of energy to burn off. Little tikes mini trampolines are sized 3 ft in circle parameter. Their round-shaped trampolines keep the kids in the center.

Key Features:

  • This trampoline was made for Toddlers & preschoolers.
  • It has a 3 feet parameter jumping area.
  • It has a plastic cover handle for the toddler to hold on to.
  • The entire trampoline is made of metal and covered with plastic.
  • This product is Amazon Exclusive.

In-Depth Review:

The plastic coated handlebar is provided in an arch to help support the baby. Kids can easily hold on to the bar and jump as much as they want without losing balance.

The sides are covered so that the kids don’t get hurt on the metal parts. Little Tikes trampolines are designed in a way that can guarantee that kids won’t fall off of it. They ensure complete safety and fun for those little energy packers.

2 – Best Overall – WAMKOS Dinosaur Mini Trampoline.

Wamkos makes the best trampolines for kids. This trampoline is made and designed with a dinosaur theme. It looks really epic with its dark green and black color combination. It is the best gift for any youngster.

Key Features:

  • This trampoline by Wamkos has a Dinosaur design on it. It is the best birthday gift for any energetic kid.
  • It has a U shape handrail to keep the jumper stable.
  • The trampoline is made of strong steel frame. It is quite sturdy.
  • It has a durable jumping mat and 30 tension quieter bands. It is very quiet.
  • The trampoline does not move while jumping because of its rubber tipped legs.

In-Depth Review:

The best thing about it is that it is quiet. Its 30 tension bands and shock-absorbing rubbers make this trampoline really quiet. It is a unique feature in the kid’s trampoline market. It also does not move away while jumping, reducing the number of accidents.

Wamkos trampolines also have other features too that are similar to other products of these category products. Wamkos just delivers those qualities better.

What we liked:

  1. Cool dinosaur design.
  2. Strong center rebound.
  3. Does not move while bouncing.
  4. Kids love it even when they have grown up.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Installation is bit complex.

3 – Best For Two Kids – Doufit TR-01 Trampoline.

This is Doufit’s family edition trampoline. This trampoline is made for having a good time together. Up to 2 children can have fun together in this trampoline or you could join in with your only child.

Key Features:

  • This trampoline has space for 2 persons; 2 kids or adults. The trampoline is oval shaped.
  • It has a long rectangular handrail to help both jumpers keep their stability while jumping.
  • The entire body and frame is made of alloy steel.
  • This trampoline has 40 stainless steel springs so that they never come off.
  • Doufit trampolines can carry as much as 220lbs of weight.

In-Depth Review:

Doufit cares about your fun and that is why Doufit made this trampoline safe and sturdy. With strong alloy steel and stainless steel legs, Doufit is offering a trampoline that can hold the bouncing weight of 2 humans. Up to 220lbs weight capacity on both sides.

What’s more, is that the springs are covered and they will literally not come off once they are attached. All the joints are very strong. We believe this is perfect for indoor family fun exercise activity.

What we liked:

  1. Enough Jumping space.
  2. Room for 2 people.
  3. Solid build. Strong joint.
  4. Really helpful if you have twins.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Not foldable.

4 – ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Mini Trampoline.

ATIVAFIT is always about productivity and fitness. Their Mini Rebounder trampoline is capable of keeping kids on the jumping mat for a long time. Its stainless steel body is very strong and durable.

In-Depth Review:

Together with a polypropylene jumping pad and stainless steel body, this trampoline will easily last through your child’s puberty. This is a great investment for those parents who think that their kids need to exercise regularly.

Not to mention the safety of this trampoline. This trampoline will never let your kid jump off accidentally out of the trampoline. As a smart parent, anyone should consider ATIVAFIT and its product range.

What we liked:

  1. Great color. The kids love it.
  2. Handrail is at perfect height.
  3. Fully pad covered.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Doesn’t have any cons worth mentioning.

5 – LBLA 36-Inch Little Kids Trampoline.

LBLA trampolines are well known for their easy assembly and disassembly. The trampolines are very strong and have a secure standing with 6 legs. They have a solid steel body which makes them really durable.

Key Features:

  • The LBLA kids trampoline has 6 legs for added stability.
  • The entire trampoline has a solid steel body.
  • It has an arc shaped handrail to provide support and stability to the kid while jumping.
  • Springs are covered with hard fabric.
  • Best part about it is that the trampoline is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

In-Depth Review:

They have a protective cover to cover the springs. This makes sure that no accidents occur when kids are jumping on it. The 36-inch jumping mat is huge and enough to keep any kid inside the trampoline. The handrail for jumping stability will surely keep the kid inside and not fall off.

Adults can keep their kids busy on this trampoline and they can go do whatever they want.

What we liked:

  1. The trampoline springs are really strong.
  2. Gives a good kick to jumping power.
  3. Great for kids to learn some sort of athleticism.
  4. Foldable trampoline, easy to store away.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Sometime bouncing creates a squeaky noise.

6 – PELPO 36″/38” Folding Mini Trampoline.

PELPO makes really comfortable trampolines. They have the softest safety pads with foam wrapped around all the bars. The whole trampoline looks like as it has covered all the hard areas to keep the children jumping in safe.

In-Depth Review:

It has a maximum weight of up to 180lbs which means even adults can use this trampoline. Kids can have a lot of fun with this trampoline for as long as they want. The jumping pad is super durable and has great resistance.

The polypropylene mat makes the jumping pad really strong and waterproof. What’s more, is that the entire trampoline is foldable and you can easily store it anywhere.

What we liked:

  1. Solid strong body.
  2. Perfect smooth steel handrail.
  3. Great color. Kids love it.
  4. Solid stable build.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Doesn’t have any worth mentioning.

Things to consider before buying a mini trampoline for kids.

If this is your first time buying a mini trampoline for your kids or your family, consider these things below before buying. Just take a look at these pointers:

1. Rebounder, not trampoline: A mini trampoline is usually known as a rebounder. All the salespeople call it a rebounder. When you ask for a kids-trampoline, they will give you a standard trampoline of small size. You don’t want that. You want a trampoline that is designed especially for kids, which is known as a rebounder. Know the differences.

2. Placements: Rebounders are best inside the house. They can actually be used everywhere both indoor and outdoor. However, they are meant for indoor activities. Also, rebounders or mini trampolines are very easy to set up and store away.

3. Trampoline weight capacity: Weight capacity is an important thing to consider. You don’t want anyone or anything going up on the trampoline over its weight capacity.

4. APA guidelines: American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that we should not let any child under the age of 6 to get on a trampoline. Keep in mind that it is not safe for them to on to any jumping platform. 

5. Lastly Budget: Yes, keep in mind the budget. Invest in a proper trampoline that will last longer and provide safety.

Alright, keep these pointers in mind. They will help you select the best rebounder or mini-trampoline while buying.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Are small trampolines good for kids?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all kids or toddlers under the age of 6 should not be on any recreational trampolines. Having multiple jumpers in a trampoline all together increases the risk of getting an injury.

Final Thoughts…

Our best mini trampolines for kids are not only great for kids but also great for adults and seniors.

The good news is that even adults can use these trampolines to exercise at home. Seniors can be greatly benefited too from these trampolines. They can keep their bones and heart-healthy from exercising on these trampolines.

Everyone will be able to stay active and healthy from jumping on our trampolines.