5 Best Indoor Trampoline For Adults In 2023

We all have busy lives. Our schedules are tight, really tight especially if you have children. In this kind of busy life, making room for exercising at the gym in our schedule can be tough. Since you can’t get rid of exercise in your life, the solution could be to find an alternative.

We mean an alternative to the gym. Why not exercise at home? That’s right, you can exercise at your home if you have the right instruments.

In this blog, we want to suggest you a trampoline. Not just any kind of trampoline, an indoor trampoline that will help you do full-body exercise to burn calories and keep you in shape.

All it takes is to get yourself one indoor mini trampoline inside your house. Why not take a look at our list of the best indoor trampolines for adults that are available in the market?

Best Indoor Trampolines

What are the best indoor trampoline for adults?

Don’t have enough time to go through the full article? Here is Our Shortlist…

Here we take our picks of the best, safest, and overall indoor trampolines for the adults. Who made the top of our list? Here you go.

Best Quality

MaXimus PRO IndoorExercise Trampoline

Alternative: Fit Bounce Pro Bungee Indoor Trampoline

Best Overall

BCAN 40″ Foldable Indoor Trampoline

Alternative: Serenelife 40″ Foldable Indoor Trampoline

Here we will discuss the 5 best small home trampolines for adults. We will go through the specks, key features, pros – cons and what do people say about it.

1 – Best Quality – Maximus Pro Quarter Folding Indoor Trampoline

The MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder is an indoor exercise mini trampoline. It’s a proud brand and was voted as the number 1 exercise mini-trampoline. It’s best for home gym fitness and weight loss from a tried and tested brand.

Key Features:

  1. Perfect for home exercise and group classes.
  2. Collapsible legs (spring-loaded).
  3. Quarter folding.
  4. Bounce area: 28 inches.
  5. Frame diameter: 40 inches.
  6. Rebounder weight: 26 pounds.
  7. Weight capacity: 287 pounds.
  8. It comes with a handlebar.
  9. Accessories: Bands, weights, storage bags, and bars.

In-Depth Review:

It’s made of high grade steel and is precision machined to make it extremely robust for daily use. It’s foldable and easy to transport and store.

If you are someone who is rehabilitating an injury then the handlebar that is easily fitted provides extra stability and balance for the support you would need.

The accessories that come with it are pretty helpful too and what makes this the ultimate mini-trampoline for fitness and health. It comes with a three-level exercise DVD, a fitness band that clips on the rebounder for body toning exercises as well as 1 pound weights for extra resistance.
You could never ask for more!


  1. Great for pros and amateurs alike.
  2. All around fitness and health training.
  3. Decent weight support.
  4. Durable and trusted brand.
  5. Stability and support for people with injuries.


  • Assembly a bit of a challenge for older individuals.

2 – Best Overall – BCAN 40″ Foldable Mini Indoor Trampoline

One of the safest indoor trampoline on our list as its weight capacity is at 330 pounds, so you can be sure that it’s highly durable. And not only that at 40 inches it’s one of the best mini trampoline for adults.

Key Features:

  1. Max load: 330 pounds.
  2. Four height levels adjustable foam handle.
  3. Folded size it a quarter of the original.
  4. Resistant waterproof PP mat for inner circle.
  5. Anti-slip rubber bottom for steel tubes.
  6. Closed and durable anti-scratch steel springs.

In-Depth Review:

It’s so lightweight and folds ¼ of its original size for transport and storage. It’s heavy duty for a very simple design which makes it easy and fun to utilize for your daily exercising needs. Multiple functions such as jumping, push-ups, sit-ups, and stretching exercises.

The knob is adjustable from 32 inches to 42 inches to suit your height. It’s got a foam handlebar for a nice comfortable grip. Closed steel springs make it durable and safe for everyone.

It’s resistant and waterproof and most of all the steel tubes with rubber make it anti-slip and noiseless so you can exercise any time of the day without disturbing anybody.

3 – Serenelife 40″ Portable & Foldable Indoor Trampoline

The SereneLife Portable & Foldable Trampoline is a 40-inch in-home exercise trampoline for adults that comes with an adjustable handrail that’s best for fitness body exercise. It’s got lots of fun and safety features that are best for adults when they want to jump to a healthy body indoors.

Key Features:

  1. Super Elastic Sports Trampoline.
  2. PP secured w/ coil spring jumping mat (29.3 inches made of Polypropylene material).
  3. Frame made of sturdy steel is rust proof and powder coated.
  4. Padded PVC cover.
  5. Comes with free kitbag and easily folds.
  6. Easy grip adjustable padded handrail (35 – 46 inches adjustable).
  7. Perfect for weight loss.
  8. Size: 40 inches x 35 – 46 inches (ground to top).
  9. Max load: 220 pounds.

In-Depth Review:

Definitely one of the best indoor trampolines on our list, its mat is made of heavy-duty polypropylene that is sure to take on sustained bouncing. Its coil springs are made for high elasticity for safe and effective jumping sessions.

The padded handlebar is adjustable at 35 inches to 46 inches to accommodate the user’s height and it’s an easy-grip bar as well. The frame cover is also then padded for safety purposes. It’s also quite foldable, easy to store and transport.

It can take on a maximum weight of about 220 pounds which makes it durable. It’s the ultimate indoor trampoline for home as it fits in small spaces and will surely increase your strength and stamina.  It’s also quite easy to assemble too!


  1. Padding for the frame and handlebar is quite the safety precaution.
  2. Great grip for handlebar Foldable for transport and easy storage.
  3. Perfect size for small spaces either in the gym or at home.
  4. Relatively large jumping area.
  5. Great price.


  • Inconsistency when it comes to durability.
  • Initial assembly step requires 2 people.

4 – Marcy Indoor Trampoline Cardio Trainer

The Marcy foldable trampoline cardio trainer is an exercise trampoline with a handrail and is used for both indoor and outdoor (garden) cardio workouts. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds which is above average.

Key Features:

  1. Max load weight: 250 pounds.
  2. PP mesh.
  3. PP mat.
  4. Six leg base frame, two adjustable legs, trampoline angle of 18 degrees.
  5. Adjustable and removable handrails: 32 inches to 35 inches.
  6. Easy carry and assembly.
  7. Both for indoors and outdoors.
  8. Super strong bearing design.

In-Depth Review:

It’s of high quality made of Polypropylene mesh and mat it can take on the beating of sustained jumps. It’s also uniquely designed with six leg bases with two of them adjustable to form an 18-degree angle to simulate the feeling of climbing while jumping. It’s safe and silent at the same time.

Its handrail is removable and adjustable plus foam covered for extra stability. It can be folded twice for great portability and to save you space.

Its super strong spring and bearings will keep you safe while you have fun both indoors and out in your backyard or garden jumping your way to a healthier body.


  1. Max weight of 250 pounds.
  2. Unique design that simulates climbing.
  3. Perfect for cardio exercise.
  4. Easy to assemble.
  5. Quality build.


  • Can get a bit loud with some squeaking issues.

5 – Balanu 40 Inch Mini Indoor Trampoline

The Balanu 40 Inch Mini Exercise Trampoline is one of the most versatile mini-trampoline rebounders we have on our list.

In-Depth Review:

It’s got the standard 220-pound weight capacity limit and it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s also for both adults and kids 10 plus years of age.

Speaking of versatility it’s durable, safe, fun, and ultra-effective. It’s got a non-slip design that would effectively guard and stop unwanted movements when exercising.

It comes with re-assembled springs for easy assembly and portability.


  1. Versatile, it’s for everyone.
  2. Great price.
  3. Sturdy build.
  4. Safe.
  5. Easy to pack and re-assemble.


  • Not as heavy duty as the rest on our list.

Things to consider before buying an indoor trampoline for adults

Here are the insights on what to look for when trying to purchase a good indoor trampoline as an adult. Let’s get started:

1 – Size: This should be the first thing that you should consider. The purpose of an indoor trampoline is to not consume much space whether it may be your house or in the gym. You should be able to easily store it when not in use or move it as needed.

The smaller size makes it easy to carry and to be honest, most mini trampolines are foldable.

A 40-inch trampoline looks to be the standard size for indoor trampolines for adults. So look into this range.

A good size trampoline should be low and wide enough. It should be large enough to accommodate you even when you are going to perform high-intensity exercises with it.

2 – Material Quality and Safety: We’re talking about an apparatus that you’re going to be jumping on over and over again until you sweat out, so naturally, safety should be a priority.

You must check the materials the trampoline is built with. High-quality materials mean more durability and more durability means more safety.

Look for padded trampolines and those with extra support for stability.

Go with a model with handlebars, handrails, and sturdy steady legs.

You can quickly check out our blog on trampoline injuries and safety rules, if you want to ensure safety on your trampoline.

3 – Indoor and Outdoor: There are indoor-only trampolines and outdoor-only trampolines. Some are versatile enough to be used out in your backyard beside your living room.

Consider the versatility before your purchase.

If the trampoline you are buying can’t be sturdy on grassy terrain, you should consider looking for another one. Any trampoline should be able to stand on any ground if it has strong sturdy legs covered with rubber.

4 – Bungee or Springs: Spring-laden trampolines are more widespread than their bungee counterpart but the latter is steadily growing in popularity.

Simply because bungee trampolines are noiseless and more durable although it could be a pain to replace once when needed.

Spring trampolines, on the other hand, are easy to replace but are not as durable and can be noisy. Indoor trampolines are oftentimes bought for exercising, so noiseless ones are ideal. This will allow you to exercise anytime you want without disturbing anyone in the house.

Check out this blog on Spring VS Bungee Rebounder to know more about this.

5 – Warranty: This should be your concern when buying anything. You must check the warranty and post-sales services before purchasing a trampoline. Trampoline parts are expensive and can cost a lot if you try to fix them on your own.

Make sure you have the opportunity to get a repair for a part that wore out on its own. This will help you save your pocket stash. Also, check if the brand offers money-back facilities.

Alright, we hope you keep these points in mind and get yourself a really good trampoline.

Advantages of Using small indoor trampolines

We’ve talked about the health benefits of an indoor mini-trampoline. Let us point out the benefits here.

  1. Overall, Jumping on a trampoline is good for your heart. It promotes good blood circulation given how it is an aerobic workout.
  2. It also improves balance and coordination. It works especially well for those who are older.
  3. Promotes better core strength which is again a really great benefit for a person of any age.
  4. The best part is that you can use it at home. You won’t have to go to the gym, so you will never miss any workout.
  5. They are small enough to be carried anywhere, even outside.
  6. Family members can take turns using an indoor trampoline.
  7. Staying in shape and having confidence even at an older age.
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It’s not a secret that regular exercise can boost your health and prevent an array of diseases. An indoor trampoline makes regular exercising easy and accessible at all times.

If you are still not convinced, here is a blog about the benefits of jumping on a trampoline.

How to Use Indoor Trampolines for Adults?

Indoor trampolines can be a lot of fun, but adults don’t use trampolines for fun. Fun is for kids. Adults need to exercise and stay in shape. For an adult to use an indoor trampoline, they need to know how to exercise using the trampoline.

Here are some exercises an adult can perform to make the best use of their trampoline:

1 – Star Jumps: Jump vertically on a trampoline. When you bounce off the trampoline, while in mid-air spread your arms and legs to form a star. This will increase blood flow to your entire body. It’s great cardio and a warm-up.

2 – Tuck-Knee jumps: Jump up and tuck your knees in. This will activate your core muscles. Remember, where we said that jumping on a trampoline increases your core strength. This is how you maximize it.

3 – Step-Ups: This is one of the very simple and basic exercises for stability. Simply step on the trampoline with one leg and lift the other.

4 – Vertical jumps: This is what kids do. This is just straight jumping.

5 – Squat Jumps: Squat jumps are a bit difficult. It is great for your leg development.

Get on the trampoline and do a squat. When you are about to get up, instead of standing up, jump up. When your legs touch the trampoline mat, squat down again and repeat the process.

10 minutes of each of these exercises is enough to bring anyone back into shape. These exercises won’t build muscles but they will train the heart and burn calories.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Are bungee cords or springs better for small trampolines?

Bungee cords are generally better than springs, as bungee cords are quiet and offer more bounce. For small trampolines, we think bungee cords are better as they will offer the perfect home fun and exercise package.

How to Lose Belly Fat with Adult Indoor Trampolines?

Any kind of steady repetitive movement for a prolonged duration is enough to burn fat. In order to lose belly fat with an adult indoor trampoline, you will have to perform repetitive jumping for at least 30 minutes.

Are mini trampolines safe for adults?

A big YES! Indoor mini-trampolines are designed to be sturdy and heavy-duty enough to handle adults of even up to 300 plus pounds. These trampolines are specially designed exercise equipment and can take the stress of sustained bouncing. They are safe and effective and lots of fun. It can be used indoors and noiseless so take your pick!

Are indoor trampolines okay for outdoor use?

Yes, indoor trampolines can be used outdoors. Indoor trampolines have rubber covers on their legs to stay steady. So they can be used outside the house.

Final Thoughts…

At the end of the day, your and your kids’ welfare should be a priority.

Trampolines are fun and a great way to shed some weight. It is a great piece of equipment to keep the whole family happy and healthy. You may not have a backyard, but if you have an indoor trampoline, the situation would be in your favor.

You will be able to exercise anytime. Just make sure to buy a high-quality product that allows you to exercise safely inside your house.

We have listed the best indoor trampolines for adults which will help everyone. You can trust us on that.

We hope you grab yourself an indoor trampoline and change your life. Trust us a trampoline truly is a life-changing product.