8 Best Heavy Duty Trampolines with High Weight Capacity

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Regular kids trampolines are not meant to have more than one kid jumping on them.

What if you want to get on the trampoline with your family? Or with your friends? What if you want to throw a birthday party and you want your kid and the neighbor’s kids to hop on the trampoline?

Well, a regular trampoline won’t cut it.

You will need a trampoline with a high weight capacity. A heavy-duty trampoline is basically a trampoline with a high weight capacity. Meaning, this kind of trampoline can hold the weight of many jumpers jumping simultaneously.

Usually, this kind of trampoline has a weight capacity of over 300lbs. They have a very solid body frame compared to other trampolines.

Today we would like to showcase the best heavy-duty trampolines out there for you. So that you can stay fit, have fun, and share wonderful moments with your friends and family right in your backyard.


Don’t have enough time to go through the full article? Here is Our Shortlist…

Here we take our picks of the best rated heavy duty trampolines. Who made the top of our list? Here you go…

Best heavy duty large trampoline

Zupapa Heavy Duty Trampoline – 425 LBS


Alternative: Zupapa Trampoline With 425 lbs weight limit.

Best heavy duty mini trampoline

Darchen Heavy Duty Mini Trampoline – 400+ LBS


Alternative: RAVS High weight Mini Trampoline

Review of The 8 Best Heavy Duty Trampolines

No need to keep you waiting. We will dive right into the trampolines and review them one by one. Let’s get started:

1 – Best Available In The Market – Zupapa Heavy Duty Trampoline – 425 LBS.

Zupapa always had the latest and modern technology applied to their trampolines. Their 2021 new trampolines have gone through the process of hot-dip galvanizing. Their steel frames are very durable due to this process. Check out our full review of Zupapa trampolines.

Key Features:

  • Zupapa Trampolines are tested and certified by ASTM and TUV standards.
  • Their trampolines are made with the latest hot-dip galvanizing technology. This makes their trampoline frames heavy-duty, more sturdy, and anti-rust.
  • Zupapa claims to provide 12 more springs than their competitors to add more bounce power.
  • Zupapa trampolines have net poles that reach the ground for more stability. They are very tall as well.

In-Depth Review:

Apart from the durable, anti-rust, and more stable body frame, Zupapa also has strong materials in their trampoline mats. Their mats are also very strong and have high UV resistance.

Zupapa trampoline body frame and jumping mat are two things that give Zupapa trampoline the heavy-duty power that they claim. Zupapa has safety ensured for adults and kids with their sturdy body trampolines and net enclosures.

Weight Capacity: 425 lbs (192 kg) weight capacity on 12ft to 15ft models. 375 lbs (170 kg) weight capacity on 8ft and 10ft models.

What we liked:

  1. Zupapa always updates its products. This one is updated in 2021.
  2. They have added extra springs for more bounce.
  3. They have longer and more stable net poles.
  4. Their trampoline body frames are really durable.
  5. Jumping mats are very strong.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Zupapa trampolines are hard to set up and time-consuming.
  2. The main bounce power is in the center because of the round shape.

2 – Runners Up – ORCC Trampoline with 400 lbs weight capacity.

ORCC mainly focuses on building trampolines that are safe for kids, trampolines that grow with them. ORCC Trampolines provide that heavy-duty weight loading power to let kids have fun together. It is a full family fun trampoline built for everyone.

Key Features:

  • ORCC trampolines ensure safety at all costs. They have 6ft high net enclosure poles to make sure nothing bounces off the trampoline.
  • All steel parts are padded with soft foams which are covered with 10mm polyethylene material to prevent accidents inside the trampoline.
  • The trampoline body is made with heavy-duty steel parts which are also galvanized. They are anti-rust and will easily last a decade.
  • ORCC trampoline jumping mats have gone through heavy stitching. This gives them the capacity to take on a heavyweight load.

In-Depth Review:

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Their steel body frame and steel springs both have gone through a hot-dip galvanizing process. The galvanizing process gives body parts anti-rust capabilities. This also makes steel components even stronger.

Don’t forget the jumping mat. The heavy stitching on the mats makes them capable of loading up to 400 lbs weight. Why wouldn’t you let your kids and their friends go on a trampoline like this?

In fact, bring your entire family on the ORCC heavy-weight trampoline. It was built to make family memories.

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs (130 kg) weight capacity on 10 ft and 8ft models. 400 lbs (181 kg) weight capacity on the larger ones.

What we liked:

  1. The jumping mat is water-proof and UV resistant.
  2. The body parts are solid and don’t move.
  3. ORCC trampolines are surprisingly quiet.
  4. The trampoline is very easy to set up.

What we didn’t like:

  1. The trampoline makes a lot of noise when jumping altogether.
  2. Jumping power kind of wears down when there are more than 3 people jumping altogether.

3 – CalmMax Heavy Duty Family Trampoline – 400 lbs limit

CalmMax is focused on safety for its jumpers. Its primary focus is kids and teens but because of its heavy-duty components, CalmMax offers family fun time as well. Their trampolines are great for high jumps and gymnastics moves.

Key Features:

  • CalmMax trampolines follow ASTM F381-16 Safety Standards.
  • They have provided a 360 degree 6ft long enclosure that is also UV resistant.
  • Their jumping mat is made with EU standard polypropylene, which gives a lot of jumping power.
  • Their steel components go through 3layer rust-proofing, a zinc coating, and visible parts are coated with UV resistance. Not to mention the inside and out galvanizing they go through.
  • CalmMax trampolines will easily outlast most other trampolines. They have been tested for 5000 jumpings to prove their durability.

In-Depth Review:

Up to 400lbs of weight capacity makes CalmMax a great choice for nonstop aggressive bouncing. Thanks to all the heavy-duty components this trampoline can even allow an entire family to bounce on it altogether.

All the hard processes the trampoline parts go through; it is no wonder why it is such a heavy-duty beast.

Weight Capacity: CalmMax trampolines have up to 400 lbs (181 kg) weight capacity.

What we liked:

  1. Enough Jumping space.
  2. Room for 2 people.
  3. Solid build. Strong joint.
  4. Really helpful if you have twins.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Not foldable.

4 – Merax High Weight 12ft – 15ft Trampoline.

Merax trampoline focuses on fun. It is primarily meant for kids but the entire family can have fun in it. It has heavy-duty components which allow it to load more weight. Read the full article on Merax trampoline reviews.

Key Features:

  • Merax trampolines have a high safety enclosure with 5.9ft net poles.
  • Its trampolines have 5 W-shaped legs for perfect stability.
  • Full body made with steel that has gone through the galvanization process.
  • 10 trampoline parts that are inside are foam padded and covered with UV-resistant material.
  • Merax trampolines have 90 springs that are also galvanized for added durability and bounce.
  • The jumping mat has heavy stitching and is tightly woven.

In-Depth Review:

Weight load capability also allows higher jumping power. What’s surprising is the stability here. The high stability from the 5 U-shaped legs is truly admiring. In fact, the heavy-duty components of this trampoline combined with high stability and durability make this trampoline reliable.

This trampoline also comes with a basketball hoop and a soft ladder. You can see why this trampoline is kids favored. However, it is also a family fun package.

Weight Capacity: 375 lbs (170 kg).

What we liked:

  1. Merax trampolines are very stable from the 5 legs.
  2. They can also withstand any weather.
  3. The net enclosure is very soft and reliable.
  4. Soft padding on steel parts reduces injury.

What we didn’t like:

  1. This trampoline makes a lot of noise.
  2. The net poles are not high enough.
  3. Net zipper gets stuck most of the time.

5 – JUPA Heavy Duty Kids Trampoline with 350lbs + weight capacity

JUPA is a kids brand as they promoted it. However, due to their heavyweight property, they can even let adults play on their trampoline as well. With their high weight capacity, they are capable of holding and bouncing groups of people, mainly kids.

Key Features:

  • JUPA trampoline has a heavy-duty steel galvanized body.
  • JUPA trampolines have certification and approval by many institutes for their stable, durable, and fade-proof body.
  • Their trampolines have gone through many tests on the UV resistance test of their materials. They have won them all.
  • JUPA trampolines use 5.5-inch special galvanized springs that provide more elasticity.
  • They are also providing 2 wind stakes for protection from strong wind.

In-Depth Review:

JUPA Trampolines have gone through many tests. All these tests proved their UV resistance. Their polypropylene jumping mats are very durable and highly resistant to tears. These mats have long lives and they provide strong safety.

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JUPA trampolines are really good for the outdoors. They are even providing 2 wind stakes to protect against strong winds.

Weight Capacity: 375lbs (170 kg) Weight capacity on 12ft, 14ft, 15ft and 16ft trampolines. 350 lbs (158 kg) Weight Capacity on 8ft and 10ft trampolines.

What we liked:

  1. Tested multiple times for durability. They truly are durable.
  2. Really strong springs.
  3. Steel components are rust-resistant.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Makes a lot of noise when bouncing.
  2. Weight capacity may be high but bouncing power is low.
  3. Not very stable.

Review of The 3 Best Heavy Duty Mini Trampoline

All we have looked at till now are the family fun trampolines. Now we will look into the single-user mini trampolines with the high weight capacity.

6 – Darchen Heavy Duty Mini Trampoline

The Darchen mini trampoline aka rebounder is one of the best indoor exercising trampoline for adults. This rebounder may look small, but it has a lot of weight-loading capacity. It is built for repetitive bouncing, but the best part is that it is really quiet.

Key Features:

  • The Darchen mini trampoline is 40 inches in diameter made specifically for adults exercising.
  • Instead of using springs, they have used 3rd generation bungees on their mini-trampolines. Each bungee cord is 0.32 inches in diameter.
  • The bungee cords execute each bounce very quietly.
  • Darchen trampoline has 6 legs for strong stability.
  • The trampoline body is made of alloy steel.

In-Depth Review:

The Darchen mini trampoline has a steel body with 6 strong legs for stability. It doesn’t move while jumping. However, the main contributor to its stability is not the legs but the bungee cords.

The 3rd generation bungee cords holding the trampoline mat are so strong that they absorb most of the shock from jumping. These mega strong bungee cords are also very quiet and they last long as well.

You can bounce all you want on this exercise rebounder whether it is for fun or for fitness.

Weight Capacity: 400lbs is the maximum weight limit of the Darchen mini-trampoline.

What we liked:

  1. This trampoline allows high-intensity workouts.
  2. Extremely quiet while jumping or working out.
  3. Really strong and durable.
  4. High weight capacity allows any adult of any weight to exercise on it.
  5. Easy to store and put away.

What we didn’t like:

  1. If your feet get stuck on the bungee cords while jumping could cause injury.
  2. The rebounding force is very weak and gets weaker as the trampoline ages.

7 – RAVS High weight Mini Trampoline

RAVS mini-trampoline is the premium quality trampoline/ rebounder for indoor jumping or cardio workouts. Adults and kids both can have fun and exercise on this mini-trampoline.

Key Features:

  • This RAVS mini trampoline is a 40 inch in diameter exercise rebounder for kids and adults.
  • It is a 3 part foldable trampoline.
  • It has a 5 level height adjustable handle.
  • The trampoline comes with free resistance bands to help exercise and improve cardio.
  • It has 6 legs for an anti-slip stable workout.

In-Depth Review:

It has a really strong jumping mat made of anti-slip polypropylene to support repetitive jumping. The 32 stainless steel springs are the main elements that cover the heavy-duty jumping power. But don’t underestimate the main body.

RAVS trampolines are made of heavy-duty alloy steel. The 6 legs also provide a very stable and sturdy stand which is perfect for constant jumping.

The best part about the RAVS trampoline is the 3 part foldable design. You can easily store it anywhere and even carry it to your gym. It even has an adjustable 5 level height handlebar to help the jumper keep balance.

What we liked:

  1. Very stable and sturdy.
  2. An adjustable handrail provides support while jumping to keep balance.
  3. The free resistance bands allow you to exercise the other parts of the body.
  4. The 3 part foldable design allows you to carry it or store it anywhere.

What we didn’t like:

  1. The trampoline is foldable and very light, which also makes it bendable.
  2. The stainless steel spring bounce system is not very quiet.

8 – BCAN Mini Trampoline for heavy Adults.

The BCAN 40 inch lightweight, foldable, and adjustable trampoline is a complete fitness trampoline. It was made specifically targeting adults who want to stay fit working out indoors. BCAN is even providing an exercise manual to further encourage indoor exercising.

Key Features:

  • The new version has a 3 mm thick stainless steel body and springs.
  • Its strong handlebar has 4 levels of height adjustments starting from 2.6 inches to 3.5 inches.
  • This trampoline can be folded to ¼ of its actual size. You can store your trampoline anywhere or carry it with you to the gym.
  • The trampoline has 32 springs in total and will stay connected even when folded.
  • BCAN is committed to providing lifetime service. They will also provide an exercise guide to help you with your exercise.
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In-Depth Review:

Their claim is that 10 minutes of jumping on their trampoline is equal to an hour of jogging, 30 minutes of cycling, or 20 minutes of swimming.

Their main attraction we see here is the foldable body and strong stainless springs. The foldable design allows us to carry or store it anywhere. The springs allow a strong but quiet jump. That’s right. Even though this rebounder uses springs, it is very quiet with its jumps.

The adjustable handrail which is covered with soft foam allows you to do multiple full-body exercises. As for kids, they can jump aggressively on this trampoline without losing balance.

Weight Capacity: Max weight load is 330 lbs (150 kg).

What we liked:

  1. The foldable design is very convenient..
  2. The 6 legs keep the trampoline very stable.
  3. The strong and adjustable handrail allows bodyweight exercises like tucked pull-ups.
  4. Extremely quiet even while exercising.

What we didn’t like:

  1. The trampoline is very short. The jumping mat is very close to the ground.

What to know when buying a Heavy duty trampoline?

Not all trampolines are heavy-duty trampolines. There are specific factors that make a trampoline heavy duty. You as a buyer need to know these specific things when you consider buying a heavy-duty trampoline.

Let’s see these factors: 

  • Size

Obviously, the size is going to affect the trampoline’s power and capacity. Large trampolines can take on multiple jumpers at the same time. Heavy duty large trampolines can let the entire family jump all together on the trampoline.

Mini trampolines are for single-person use. Now there are heavy-duty mini trampolines out there as well that can take on a log of weight load. However, their power is going to be lower than larger ones.

  • The body frame

The body frame consists of the steel body of a trampoline. This also includes the net poles.

Most heavy-duty trampolines have stainless steel bodies. That body frame goes through a galvanization process to make the frame rust-proof and more UV resistant. The hard process makes the body last longer as well. Heavy-duty trampoline body frames can easily last 8-10 years.

So make sure to check whether the body frame is galvanized or not.

  • Jumping mat

Heavy-duty trampolines have really strong jumping mats. The reason why those jumping mats are strong is that they have heavy stitching. The multiple layers of stitching make the jumping mats really strong and capable of bouncing heavyweight.

On top of that, they are made of polypropylene material which makes them water-proof and UV resistant.

  • Net Enclosure

Just make sure the trampoline you chose to buy has a net enclosure. Also, make sure to check the resistance of the net and the height of the net poles.

  • Maximum Weight Capacity

Now, here is the main topic.

Heavy-duty trampolines are known for their capacity to hold and bounce heavyweight. Usually, heavy-duty trampolines have a weight capacity above 300lbs. But do make sure to check that out considering the one you want.

If you are looking for a full family fun trampoline, look for a heavy-duty trampoline with a minimum of 350 lbs weight capacity.

  • Warranty and service

This is the last part. This is something you should always check.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

How much space do I need for my heavy-duty trampoline?

Just make sure you have about 24ft overhead space above the trampoline. As heavy-duty trampolines have strong jumping power, the last thing you want is to hit a tree branch. Also, have at least 6ft of clear space around the trampoline even if your trampoline has a safety enclosure.

What is the weight limit for a mini trampoline?

The maximum weight limit could vary. The weight range of mini trampolines is from 350 lbs to 440lbs.

What is the weight limit for exercise trampolines?

Most indoor exercise trampolines have a weight capacity ranging from 200 lbs to 250 lbs.

Final Thoughts…

We hope you liked our list of the best heavy-duty trampolines in the market with a few mini trampolines with the high weight limits. From the beginning till the end we have been focusing on bringing that family fun time while focusing on the exercise part.

It’s more like, we were focusing on a trampoline that can take repetitive bouncing no matter the weight of the person or number of people. More bouncing and weight equal more force. Only heavy-duty trampolines can take this kind of force.

So what’s the best trampoline with the highest weight capacity? We will say it’s the Zupapa Heavy Duty Trampoline.

We think this one is perfect for any kind of aggressive jumping. Whether you are with your family or alone trying to learn some trick or just work out, Zupapa can take it all.