10 Best Golf Towels Every Golfer Should Have in Their Bag

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Golf towels are an essential accessory for every golfer to have in their bag. Not only do they come in handy for cleaning clubs and balls during a round, but they also provide a convenient way to wipe away sweat and keep hands dry for a better grip on the club. With a variety of styles, materials, and sizes available, finding the best golf towel for your needs can enhance your overall golfing experience. In this article, we will explore the 10 best golf towels that every golfer should consider adding to their bag.

Top 10 golf towel In The Market

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Bestseller No. 1
STICKIT Magnetic Towel, Gray | Top-Tier Microfiber Golf Towel with Deep Waffle...
  • ALWAYS WITHIN ARM’S REACH - The STICKIT Magnetic Towel is the ultimate GRAB-N-GO Golf towel. The powerful magnet offers ultimate convenience. Stick it on your Golf Cart, Golf Clubs, or any conveniently placed metal object
  • SUPER-STRONG HOLD - The 25 lb. pull industrial strength magnet eliminates any worry about the towel falling off your bag or cart
  • HIGH QUALITY - The 29” High, Top-Tier Microfiber material provides superior water absorption and quicker dry time after the round. Deep waffle pockets help clean grooves faster and more thoroughly while trapping dirt and debris
  • EASY CLEANING - Removable magnetic patch allows for safe washing/drying. All-weather silicon patch defends against water and moisture
  • ON-THE-GO MOBILITY – Snaps to irons, wedges, and putters for fast, on-the-go pickup around the green. Monument Golf created the STICKIT with the optimal towel size for use from tee-to-green
Bestseller No. 2
Handy Picks Microfiber Golf Towel (16" X 16") with Carabiner Clip, Waffle...
  • Convenient Golf Towel: each Handy Picks waffle pattern microfiber golf towel is sized at 16" x 16", it is designed to be handy and to fit in your pocket. Take it with you to the course, clean your golf ball before putting, clean your club after swings, clean your eyewear with no streaks.
  • Superb cleaning ability: light-weighted microfiber but amazingly absorbent, the waffle pattern towel gets to the dimples on the golf ball and into the grooves of your club, it cleans your sunglasses with no streaks left. The microfiber towel is easy to clean, its fast drying feature helps you stay away from unpleasant odor.
  • Built-in carabiner: the carabiner allows you to clip the towel to somewhere within your reach on the course, clip it to your golf bag, your belt or your golf cart so that you can take advantage of this super absorbent microfiber towel and keep your gear clean at any time.
  • Practical hook and loop fastener: each towel came wrapped by a 10" long hook and loop fastener, it helps you to keep your towels organized when not in use.
  • Package list: in this pack, you get 3 super absorbent waffle pattern microfiber towels, 3 metal carabiners, 3 hook and loop straps. Enjoy your whole new golf experience with Handy Picks and Order Now!
Bestseller No. 3
Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel | Premium Microfiber Fabric | Waffle Pattern...
  • COLORS: More color selections that match your bag, club set and your favorite team: PINK, BLUE, BLACK/DARK NAVY, RED, BROWN, ORANGE, DARK GREEN.
  • CLEANING: Microfiber with waffle design removes dirt, mud, sand and grass better than cotton towels.
  • HEAVY DURY CLIP: Aluminum clip/carabiner that conveniently attaches to your golf bag and prevents loose clip and lost towels.
  • SIZE: Tri-fold of 16”x21” using less space on the bag and easy for carrying.
  • WATER ABSORBENCY: Microfiber Material absorbs less water than cotton, easier to wash and carry.
Bestseller No. 4
E9 GOLF Caddy Towel - Large 22" x 44" Caddie Style Golf Towel Design, Use The...
  • VERSATILE CADDIE TOWEL: Wipe away the sweat caused by the high temperatures or a difficult shot, and keep those grooves clean and your shoes spotless with our multi-functional golf caddie towels. Featuring a ribbed texture and a super soft cotton construction that wicks away moisture and easily removes all the grit and grime from your golf clubs and balls. Moreover, our golf bag towel is easy to wash.
  • USE WHAT THE PROS USE: We’ve studied the pros for years and this is the same towel design that many PGA Tour professionals use - They don’t need a clip to hold their towel to their bag, rather drape it over their clubs and keep it handy for use while away from your bag. Experience for yourself the difference in what sporting an E9 golf towel by can make. Upgrade your golf game today!
  • LOOKS TERRIFIC: Not only can these towels be used to dry the sweat from your brow or clean up golf clubs and golf balls, but they are also fashionable. Simply designed and featuring a quintessential caddie towel pattern, they are a stylish addition to any color golf bag. With five (5) great color selections, you'll effortlessly be able to find the one that’s perfect for you!
  • GENEROUS TOWEL SIZE: Get more out of your golf game with this large golf towel. It has a 22" x 44" size that is big enough to wet one end for your golf clubs, and keep the opposite end dry and clean for wiping your hands and face. There will be no more slippery wet hands or sweat dripping over your eyes on important shots!
  • E9 GOLF PROMISE: We take pride in making golf gear products with so much passion and love for the sport we all enjoy. We strive to develop authentic golf gear that is affordable and accessible for all players. And we stand behind our product with a 100% satisfaction commitment!
Bestseller No. 5
Aebor Golf Towels, Microfiber Waffle Pattern Tri-fold Golf Towel - Brush Tool...
  • VALUE PACK COMBO: Tri-fold Microfiber Waffle Pattern Towel and etractable Brush Tool Kit with Groove Pick.
  • CLEANING: Microfiber with waffle design removes dirt, mud, sand and grass better than cotton towels.Two sided brush cleans both irons and woods.
  • COLORS: That matches your bag, club and favorite team. BLACK/DARK
  • TOWEL:Tri-fold Microfiber Golf Towel,15.7" X 23.6"with Carabiner Clip |Leaves lint and Streak Free|Not Scratch Paints Surfaces| Antistatic |Easy to Clean|Durable, Super Absorbent, Fast Drying removes dirt,mud, sand and grass better than cotton towels.
  • BRUSH: Powerful brush that wipes off tough dirt easily for any iron/wood clubs without scratches. Sharp pick for tough dirt in grooves Soft and firm grip with good ergonomic design for any weather conditions,2 Ft Retractable zip-line can be attached to the bag and easy for reach and use during the play.
Bestseller No. 6
MOSUMI Golf Towel, 3 Pack Microfiber Golf Towels (16"x16") for Golf Bag with...
  • Highly Absorbent and Quick Drying: Made from microfiber, these golf towels are not only lightweight and durable, but also highly absorbent and quick to dry. This reduces the inconvenience and odor associated with prolonged dampness
  • Conveniently Compact Size: Each golf towel measures 16” by 16”, offering ample coverage for cleaning while remaining compact enough to easily fit into your golf bag without taking up too much space
  • Stylish Waffle Weave Design: The waffle weave not only adds a touch of style but also increases the surface area of the towel, enhancing its cleaning efficiency. This is perfect for wiping down golf balls and golf clubs to maintain optimum performance
  • Versatile Carabiner Clip: Each golf towel comes equipped with a handy clip, making it simple to attach to your golf bag or belt loop for quick access. This feature enhances the towel's flexibility and convenience on the course
  • Tri-fold Design for Easy Storage: These golf towels feature a tri-fold design that makes them easy to fold away and store in your golf bag, making them readily accessible and convenient to use during a round
Bestseller No. 7
DESELL Magnetic Golf Towel, 2 Pack Golf Towels with Microfiber Wire Cleaning...
  • 【2 Pack Magnetic Golf Towels】A 25-pound pull force industrial-strength magnet built into the towel provides an incredibly strong grip, making it easy to attach to your golf cart, golf clubs, golf bag, or other metal surfaces.
  • 【Wire Cleaning Cloth Block】The waffle-weave pattern with additional wire cleaning pad design effortlessly remove the toughest dirt from your club grooves and golf ball dimples, ensuring optimal swing performance.
  • 【Always within Reach】No bending needed, just bring the club close to the towel magnet for pickup. By using a magnet or carabiner, easily attach the towel to your golf bag or cart for quick access.
  • 【Ultra Absorbent Fabric】Made from top-grade ultrafine fiber material, it offers three times the absorbency of ordinary golf towels and dries five times faster. Lightweight and portable, perfect for effortless carrying.
  • 【Perfect Gift for Golfer】User Stylish solid colors suitable for all bags, equipment and sports apparel. A perfect gift for Father's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and any special occasion.
Bestseller No. 8
Frogger Amphibian Golf Ball Towel with Dry and Wet Technology | Small Golf Ball...
  • PERFECT SIZE TOWEL: Frogger’s pocket size Golf Towel with its 2-IN-1 wet and dry waterproof technology is the perfect size golf towel to carry with you everywhere you go. Wipe off mud, dirt, grass stains and water off your golf ball in one go.
  • FITS EASILY IN POCKETS: The 4" x 4" sneaky pocket fit means that the amphibian golf towel makes it a lot easier for you as you can take it to the green with you in your pocket unlike larger golf towels that can often get misplaced or left behind.
  • WIPE GOLF BALLS CLEAN AS NEW: Soak the inner ultra-absorbent bamboo layer to clean your golf balls, then dry them on the premium cotton exterior of the small golf towel ensuring the golf ball shines clean as new and makes more putts.
  • PLAY WITH PERFECT ACCURACY: The 100% Pure Bamboo and 100% Pure Cotton materials of golf towels for golf bags provide effective cleaning to every ball dimple, making sure you sink more putts accurately with pure intent.
  • EVERLASTING GOLF PARTNER: The amphibian golf ball towel is unlike any other low quality paper-thin towel. The three layer design using strong materials ensure thick cloth layers and backed by 1 Year Warranty and 3 Year Guarantee.
Bestseller No. 9
Fpxnb 2 Pack 16" x 24" Tri-fold Golf Towel Set, Microfiber Fabric Waffle Pattern...
  • 2 STYLISH COLORS: In this set, we provide 2 Colors for you - Black + Gray (Black Edging) / Red (Black Edging)+ Pink (Black Edging) / Black (Black Edging) + Navy Blue (Black Edging)
  • EFFICIENT CLEANING: Made of high-quality Microfiber with waffle design, Fpxnb Tri-fold Golf Towel removes dirt, mud, sand and grass better than any other cotton towels
  • HEAVY-DURY CARABINER CLIP: Durable and hard Aluminum Carabiner Clip can attach the towel to your golf bag and prevents losing your towel. Super Convenient and easy to use
  • WATER ABSORBENCY: Fpxnb Golf Towel is made of Microfiber Material, which absorbs less water than cotton, easier to wash and carry. Your best partner in the golf field
  • GREAT GIFT & CUSTOMER SUPPORT- This Set can be a great gift for your friends that love golf sports. You are also supported by our great after-sale support
Bestseller No. 10
Blue Tees 4 in 1 Magnetic Golf Towel - Standard & Caddy Sizes - Silicone Brush -...
  • Never Far Away: The Blue Tees Golf Magnetic Towel is the perfect 4-in-1 utility golf towel for on the go mobility.
  • Super Strong Magnet: Designed with the strongest magnet in the game to conveniently clip to your golf cart, golf clubs or our magnetic hub.
  • Groove Cleaner: Built-in rubber groove cleaner with scrub brush, makes it the ultimate tool for keeping your clubs clean.
  • High Quality: Superior waffle weave pattern with deep waffle pockets. Cleans golf clubs and golf balls without leaving any residue.