5 Best Golf Bag Tags Every Golfer Needs to Have

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As a golfer, I've come to see the golf bag tag as a symbol of personalization and pride in my equipment. It's not just a way to identify my bag, but also a statement of my love for the game.

But finding the perfect golf bag tag can be a challenge, and that's why I've compiled a list of the 5 best ones every golfer needs to have. From personalized engraved tags to extra-large waterproof ones, these tags not only add a touch of style to your gear but also serve practical purposes on and off the course.

Here are the top 10 golf bag tags:

Golf Luggage Tag Set – Extra Large 9 x 6, Waterproof, Personalized (Set of 2)

Golf Luggage Tag - Set of 2 Bag Tags Set Extra Large 9" x 6" - Plastic...
  • 👍 HIGH QUALITY : PVC Clear Waterproof Luggage...
  • 🧳 2 PACK REUSABLE SET: Includes 2 Suitcase Tag...
  • 🦄 CUSTOMIZED : Our Two Sided Clear Plastic...
  • 🌈 MULTI-COLOR : Available in Clear, Pink, Blue,...
  • 📦 SHIPPING TAG : Multi-Purpose Luggage...

For the golfer who frequently travels or ships their golf bag, the extra large, waterproof, and personalized Golf Luggage Tag Set offers the ideal solution for secure identification and durability. These PVC clear waterproof luggage tags with rustproof stainless steel connectors provide a reliable and secure seal for your personal information. The durable plastic sleeve pouch ensures that your customized details stay protected and visible.

Their versatility extends beyond just golf bags, making them suitable for labeling various sports equipment and large luggage. Users have praised their heft and secure seal, making them ideal for rough handling during airline travel or shipping.

Whether you're using them for your golf bag or other large luggage, these tags offer the convenience and reliability you need for all your travel adventures.

Best For:

Golfers who frequently travel or ship their golf bags and need durable and secure luggage tags.


  • Extra large size and waterproof design for added visibility and protection
  • Reusable and customizable with personalized information
  • Suitable for labeling various sports equipment and large luggage, offering versatility


  • Some concerns about potential design flaw and tag ripping

Personalized Engraved Golf Bag Tag with Tees – Customized PU Leather Golf Luggage Accessories (Rawhide)

Personalized Engraved Golf Bag Tag with Tees - Customized PU Leather Golf...
  • Get your personalized Golf Bag Tag by pressing...
  • GREAT GIFT - Looking for the perfect gift for...
  • ENGRAVING IS FREE - The engraving is permanent, is...
  • QUALITY - Each leatherette Golf Bag Tag measures...
  • CLEANING INSTRUCTION - To clean leatherette items,...

Ideal for golf enthusiasts of all levels, the Personalized Engraved Golf Bag Tag with Tees offers a durable and customizable accessory for your golf luggage. Made of high-quality leatherette material, this tag is available in 21 designs and 9 colors, ensuring a personalized touch. Measuring 5 x 3.25, it includes three wooden tees and a pencil holder spot, adding practicality to its stylish design.

The engraving, done in the USA by EZ CUSTOM GIFT, is permanent and won't peel off. Additionally, the tag is easy to clean using water and soap, as well as alcohol for pen marks, without leaving water spots. This makes it an ideal gift for golf enthusiasts on various occasions, such as Father's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays, Christmas, retirement, weddings, or tournaments. With positive customer reviews, it's considered a fantastic addition to any golf bag.

Best For: Golf enthusiasts of all levels who appreciate personalized and durable golf accessories.


  • Customized PU leather material offers a personalized touch
  • Permanent engraving done in the USA by EZ CUSTOM GIFT
  • Practical design with included wooden tees and pencil holder spot


  • Limited to engraving on one side only

Extra Large Golf Luggage Tag 9 x 6 (2 Packs)

Extra Large Golf Luggage Tag 9 " x 6 ", Shipping Label Holder for Golf Bag-...
  • Zip Seal Protection–A zip top seal will prevent...
  • Quantity and Size - 2 packs/set. 6 inch width, 9...
  • Buy With Confidence –No more stapling flimsy...
  • Multi-Purpose Luggage Tags: You can use them for...
  • Durable and Reusable: Stainless steel loops and...

With its extra-large size and durable, waterproof design, the Extra Large Golf Luggage Tag 9 x 6 (2 Packs) by CruiSeaU is an essential accessory for any golfer's travel gear. This set of two luggage tags features a 6×9 inch plastic waterproof zipper pouch with a sturdy zip seal protection and metal eyelet. It isn't only suitable for golf bags but also for other travel items.

The heavy-duty plastic material ensures the tags can withstand the rigors of travel, while the transparent design allows for easy identification. These tags are compatible with shipping labels from FedEx or UPS, making them versatile for various travel needs. With a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating based on 154 customer reviews, this practical and reliable product is sure to provide peace of mind during your travels.

Best For: Golfers and travelers seeking a durable and versatile luggage tag for their golf bags and other travel items.


  • Extra-large size for easy identification
  • Waterproof and sturdy design
  • Compatible with shipping labels from FedEx or UPS


  • May be too large for some smaller luggage items

6 Pack Extra Large Golf Luggage Tag 9 x 6 Clear Plastic Tag Pouch

6 Pack Golf Luggage Tag 9" x 6" - Extra Large Travel Luggage Bag Tag Plastic...
  • ❤ Package Includes: Includes 6 x Extra large...
  • ❤ High Quality: The suitcase tag identifiers...
  • ❤ Multifunction Luggage Tags: Multi-purpose...
  • ❤ The luggage tag will prevent your shipping...
  • ❤ Perfect Service: If you have any problems or...

The extra-large size of the Pack Extra Large Golf Luggage Tag 9 x 6 Clear Plastic Tag Pouch ensures enhanced visibility and protection for your golf luggage, making it an essential choice for avid golfers and frequent travelers. The package includes six extra-large luggage tags made of high-quality PVC, providing durability and easy cleaning. Each tag comes with a stainless steel loop for secure attachment.

These tags aren't only suitable for identifying golf luggage but also compatible with labels from shipping companies like FedEx or UPS, serving as shipping label holders. The larger size of these tags ensures that they stand out, making it easier to spot your luggage.

With positive feedback on durability and ease of use, these tags offer a practical solution for identifying and protecting your golf luggage during travel.

Best For: Avid golfers and frequent travelers seeking enhanced visibility and protection for their golf luggage.


  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Compatible with labels from shipping companies like FedEx or UPS
  • Provides extra protection for golf luggage


  • Lack of included ID tags

Flag Golf Luggage Tags with Privacy Cover and Address Card (2 Pcs)

Flag Golf 2 Pcs Luggage Tags, Privacy Cover Id Label with Stainless Steel Loop...
  • Travel Essential: These Colorful Luggage Tags Are...
  • Privacy Protection: Luggage Tags With A Privacy...
  • Unique Pattern: Uniquely Designed Travel Luggage...
  • Multi Functional Use: These Luggage Tags Are Not...
  • Lightweight And Convenient: These Luggage Tags Are...

When traveling with your golf gear, the Flag Golf Luggage Tags with Privacy Cover and Address Card (2 Pcs) provide a stylish and durable way to easily identify your luggage. Made of PU leather material and featuring a stainless steel loop design for durability, these luggage tags offer a unique pattern for a stylish look.

The privacy back cover allows you to hide owner information, adding a layer of security to your belongings. These lightweight and convenient tags are suitable for various types of luggage, ensuring that you can use them for both your golf bag and other travel bags.

With a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and over 400 ratings, these luggage tags have garnered positive feedback for their quality and design.

Best For: Travelers looking for stylish and durable luggage tags for their golf gear and other travel bags.


  • Made of PU leather for durability
  • Unique pattern for a stylish look
  • Privacy back cover for added security


  • The size may not be suitable for larger luggage

Factors to Consider When Choosing Golf Bag Tags

When choosing golf bag tags, I always consider the material's durability, personalization options, and size for visibility.

The attachment mechanism and versatile usage are also essential factors to ensure the tag meets all my needs on the course.

Tag Material Durability

Consider the durability of the tag material when choosing golf bag tags. It's essential for long-lasting performance on the course. High-quality, durable materials are crucial for withstanding the rigors of frequent use and outdoor conditions. Look for tags made of heavy-duty plastics, stainless steel, or waterproof PVC, as these materials offer excellent resistance to wear and tear.

Additionally, strong attachment mechanisms are vital to prevent loss or damage during play. It's important to select tags that can endure rough handling and exposure to the elements without deteriorating.

Furthermore, opting for materials that are easy to clean and maintain will ensure the longevity of the tags on golf bags and luggage.

Prioritizing tag material durability contributes to the overall functionality and longevity of your golf bag tags.

Personalization Options

When choosing golf bag tags, I recommend exploring the variety of personalization options available to customize your tags according to your preferences. Look for options such as custom name engraving, a choice of colors, and multiple design selections.

Engraving is a durable and long-lasting way to add a personal touch to your tags, as it won't peel off. Some products even offer free engraving, allowing for a personalized touch at no extra cost. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of PU leather colors for engraving, providing a tailored look.

Personalized information can include names, initials, or custom messages, which adds a unique and personal flair to the golf bag tags. Personalization options allow you to make your golf bag tags truly your own.

Size and Visibility

I find that the size and visibility of the tags are crucial factors to consider when choosing golf bag tags. Opting for larger tags with bright colors or unique patterns can greatly enhance visibility, making it easier to spot them on golf bags or luggage.

Additionally, larger tags provide more space for personalization and contact information, improving visibility and identification. It's also important to consider tags with privacy covers to protect owner information while still maintaining visibility for easy identification.

However, it's essential to ensure that the tags aren't too bulky, as they should be easily attached to the golf bag without obstructing other items. By prioritizing size and visibility, golfers can make it easier to identify and personalize their bags while on the course.

Attachment Mechanism

Size and visibility are essential factors when choosing golf bag tags. To prevent loss during travel, it's crucial to choose a tag with a secure attachment mechanism. Look for tags with strong and durable connectors, such as stainless steel loops or metal eyelets, to ensure they stay attached to your golf bag. Consider the ease of attachment and reliability of the attachment mechanism to avoid any inconvenience during use.

Additionally, check if the attachment mechanism allows for easy switching of shipping labels if needed for travel or shipping purposes. It's also important to ensure that the attachment mechanism can withstand rough handling and is suitable for various items, not just limited to golf bags.

Versatile Usage

Consider the versatility of golf bag tags when making your selection, as they can serve multiple purposes beyond just labeling golf bags. These tags can also be used as luggage tags, making them suitable for labeling various sports equipment and large luggage.

Their adaptable nature allows for versatile usage in travel, shipping, and sports equipment identification. Whether it's for golf clubs, hockey bags, tennis rackets, skis, or large cruise luggage, these tags offer multi-purpose usage and adaptability for different needs.

This versatility makes them a practical and convenient choice for any golfer or sports enthusiast. When choosing golf bag tags, it's important to consider their potential for versatile usage to ensure they meet your labeling needs across various sports equipment and travel items.


After researching and testing various golf bag tags, I can confidently say that every golfer absolutely must have these 5 best golf bag tags.

They aren't just helpful, but essential for any golfing adventure.

From personalized options to waterproof and extra large tags, these will make your golfing experience more organized and convenient.

Don't miss out on these game-changing accessories!