6 Best Exercise Trampoline For Adults You Can Buy in 2023

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Exercise is the best way to keep your body fit, no doubt. Doing exercise in a gym is definitely a good thing. But, tell us honestly, do you like spending time in the gym? Perhaps not always. The only reason it is too laborious.

So, what is the solution now?

Well, an enjoyable option is knocking at your door. Are you ready to welcome the exercise trampoline to your home? Jumping on it is not the only exercise, you can have a lot of enjoyment while trampolining. The surprising fact is, you will enjoy every moment and get numerous health benefits.

Yes, trampolining has a lot of health benefits, including cardiovascular health improvement, improved bone density, enhanced circulation, regulation of metabolism, and so on.


You will enjoy and get all health benefits only after ensuring you have bought the best exercise trampoline for adults. So, without further ado, let’s see what we will find below.

Don’t have enough time to go through the full article? Here is Our Shortlist…

Here we take our picks of the best workout trampolines. Who made the top of our list? Here you go…

Best Budget

BCAN 40” Foldable Mini Trampoline


Alternative: Marcy Cardio Trainer With Handle

Best Pick

JumpSport 250 In Home  Rebounder


Alternative: MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder

What Are the Types of Exercise Trampolines for Adults?

Fitness trampolines are available in different types. In general, most people think all of them are the same, but the truth is, they have some differences from each other in terms of size, shape, style, and quality.

Yes, the basic function of all trampolines is the same, but different types of it contain different characteristics, especially the bounce rate. However, let’s know the types first.

  • The Rebounder
  • Rectangular trampoline.
  • Square trampoline.
  • Octagonal trampoline
  • Circular trampoline.
  • Springless trampoline.
  • Water trampoline.
  • Bungee trampoline.

Who Should Choose Exercise Trampolines with Springs and Why?

Definitely, you have some goals that you want to achieve from the trampoline you are going to buy. But is the spring one good for you? Let us explain.

Spring trampoline offers almost all benefits that others provide, including better cardio health, increased energy, flushing the lymphatic system, increased metabolic rate, and so on.

But this kind of trampoline offers less elasticity and bounce rate compared to a bungee trampoline. That is why the spring model burns energy a few more than the bungee one. However, they sometimes may impact on your joint because of low elasticity.

So, if you don’t have any trouble with any joints, you (with any age) are fine with the spring version. And remember, it burns calories but is not equal to the trampoline with bungee cords.

Who Should Choose the Exercise Trampolines with Bungee Cords and Why?

Bungee cords trampolines are also a better option for users of any age. Jumping on it is a common exercise that provides numerous health benefits. You get more benefits on bungee cords as it offers more elasticity and more bounce rate.

Compared to the spring trampoline, a workout trampoline with bungee cords offers to burn more calories in a short time. 

The bungee cords trampoline is devoid of steel spring, and that is why it is safer than the spring option. Because of having enough elasticity, it doesn’t impact much pressure on the joints. And anyone can use this.

These types are good for back and joint problems, osteoporosis, difficulties with balance, foot dysfunction, and overall health and fitness improvement.

Reviews Of Best Exercise Trampolines with Springs.

Ok, now it is known to you why you need an exercise trampoline with springs? At the same time, you also should know you might not get superior performance from the low-quality items. And definitely, you want the best exercise trampoline to buy as it is related to your health. So, let’s discuss the following products, and how good are they?

Exercise Trampolines with Springs Exercise Trampolines with Bungee
BCAN Mini Trampoline For AdultsStamina Intone Plus Rebounder Trampoline
Acon Air 1.8 Workout TrampolineJumpSport Cardio Fitness Trampoline
Pure Fun Mini Exercise Trampoline For AdultsStamina Folding Exercise Trampoline

1 – Top Pick – BCAN 40 Foldable Mini Spring Trampoline.

Trampoline is always preferred as cardio equipment on the first hand. You should take proper care of your heart, right? However, this BCAN 40 is an excellent option for adults and kids, especially for the heavily weighted person up to 330 lbs.

What We Like:

  • An adjustable foam handle can be set in 4 different positions.
  • Anti-slip and waterproof spring cover.
  • PP mat is easy to clean and waterproof.
  • Sturdy construction and durable enough.
  • Easy to store as folded size less to ¼.


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In-Depth Review:

It is the perfect example of the best rebounding trampoline with handle. Why? Here’s the answer below.

It includes an adjustable handle so that anyone can practice exercise on it. Because of this adjustable handle, the people of different heights, including kids, can use it without facing any ado. Happy? At the same time, the foam cover lets you hold the handle with more confidence.

The springs are made with commercial-grade steel, which are hidden under the cover. That is why the springs never injure you even though you fall on it for losing your balance.

The entire quality of the trampoline greatly depends on the quality of the mat. Its mat is durable enough and has an anti-skid feature along with a waterproof characteristic. That is why it doesn’t get damaged quickly, and you are completely safe on it.

And finally, it is a piece of excellent equipment for the good health of your heart. If you pass just 10 minutes’ time on it by bouncing, it is equal to 1-hour jogging, ½ hour cycling, and swimming for 20 minutes.

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It may fold up if you constantly push the handle to the outwards. But if you do exercise on it for hours to hours (though it is not recommended), it will never fold up. And you also know, bouncing on a trampoline while keeping balance is necessary. So, use this cardio equipment in the right way, you won’t face any trouble.

Tips: The mat is waterproof. So you can clean it even with the water. After cleaning the mat, you should wait until the water dries completely.

Who Should Buy It?

If you want to invest in such a trampoline that is small in size, better quality, and durable, it is perfect for you. Bring this trampoline to your home and bring happiness to your kids’ minds.


  • Excellent for indoor exercise.
  • Waterproof and anti-slip mat.
  • Durable construction.
  • Height adjustable handle.
  • 330lbs weight capacity.


  • Somebody says the assembling process is a bit tough.

Note: We are not arguing with the above line, but! But, we are very much sure if you just follow the manufacturer’s instruction, the assembling process definitely becomes easier.


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2 – Runners-up – Acon Air 1.8 Fitness or Recreational Spring Trampoline.

Before buying a trampoline, you should definitely know the purposes of using it and why it is made for. This Acon Air 1.8 is made for fitness and recreational purposes. And it can be used by kids and adults also. Not done yet, it is also compatible for indoor and outdoor use. Do all these things match your requirements? Then you can go for it without any doubt.

What We Like:

  • UV treated polypropylene mat.
  • Extra thick rubber-coated spring pad
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Optimized springs and mat dynamics
  • Ideal for kids and adults

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In-Depth Review:

We always recommend a product after ensuring the best quality. Let’s have a look at what it offers. 

First of all, the frame of this trampoline is made of galvanized steel pipe. The pipe diameter is 1.5 inches, whereas the pipe thickness is 0.06 inches. The diameter and thickness are very much perfect for a trampoline, and the steel quality is also good.

Secondly, after analyzing the springs, we have found that they are high-rated, strong, and pre-tested. All the springs are optimized and included proportionately. Some have too many springs, and they cannot expand fully, which restricts the full punch. But this trampoline provides precise bounce.

Thirdly, spring cover is very important, and it should be thick and firm to protect you. The manufacturer provides a thick foam pad, which protects you every time if you fall accidentally. Pretty good thing, right?

Then, it contains a cross-sewn polypropylene mat, which is UV treated. That is why you can use the equipment in any season, no matter whether it is too hot or rainy weather! Just combine all given features; you will realize how good the trampoline is!


The size of this trampoline is very much perfect for most of the people. Some people say the surface on the mat is not enough for them. But, the normal weighted (Average built) persons face no trouble with space.

Tips: You should go on the trampoline after ensuring that you have attached the cover securely. Remember, the cover keeps you safe from any injury to the spring. So, cover the spring securely and then start bouncing.

Who Should Buy It?

You definitely love it if you want to get a simple fine, impactful, and durable exercise trampoline. Do you expect anything else? We guess not.


  • An ideal trampoline for recreation and fitness purposes.
  • Can be used in all seasons.
  • Thick foam cover provides better safety.
  • Made of thick galvanized commercial steel.
  • Extremely durable.


  • It can be a bit noisy.

Note: If you take proper care, you might hardly experience this problem which can be solved by applying lubricant on the springs.


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3 – Best Budget – Pure Fun Mini Rebounder Spring Trampoline.

Are you searching for the best rebounder trampoline at an affordable price? Our long way research says you might not find other better options than Pure Fun Mini exercise trampoline . It is excellent for low-impact exercise.

What We Like:

  • UV treated polypropylene mat.
  • Extra thick rubber-coated spring pad
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Optimized springs and mat dynamics
  • Ideal for kids and adults

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In-Depth Review:

Don’t forget to check the quality of springs as they play a vital role. 2.75 galvanized steel springs are added for superior performance.

The function of the cover is not hiding the springs. Its primary function is providing safety in case of uncontrolled falls. That is why the pad is cushioned as it can save you from injury. Thanks to the manufacturer.

The mat quality is also up to the mark. It is made of heavy-duty polypropylene, which ensures durability. We think you don’t expect anything more with this price, do you?


The jumping surface is 38. Some people say space is enough, but some others say the opposite. If you know the proper way of jumping on a trampoline, hopefully, you will be fine on it.

Tips: Sometimes some people use a trampoline without the spring cover. We say, don’t go for using this even after having enough confidence. Cover the springs properly and then start rebounding on it.

Who Should Buy It?

You definitely love it if you want to get a simple fine, impactful, and durable exercise trampoline. Do you expect anything else? We guess not.


  • Cushioned spring pad keeps you safe from bouncing on springs.
  • Galvanized steel ensures strength.
  • 250lbs weight limit.
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene mat is durable.
  • Very affordable price.
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  • The springs tend to break often.

Note: It is already known to you it is made for a low-impact workout. If you want to have the best mini trampoline for exercise at a competitive price, it is the best option for you.

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Reviews Of Best Rebounding Trampolines with Bungee Cord.

Definitely bungee cords and springs, both models provide benefits. Both of them have some notable advantages over the other item. You can select the best-rated exercise trampoline from the below if you like most of the bungee cord options.

4 – Top Pick – Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder.

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder is an excellent option if you are looking for such a trampoline that lets you do cardio exercise along with help you to strengthen the muscles of the arm, back, and leg. Definitely the other benefits of trampolining you will get.

What We Like:

  • Heavy-duty, durable polypropylene rebounding surface
  • Two resistance tubes with foam padded handles.
  • The electronic monitor calculates calorie burn.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Outdoor and indoor use.


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Alternative: Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

In-Depth Review:

Stamina Intone Plus is not only a rebounder, but also it is a workout monitor itself. Yes, a monitor is attached with this rebounder that calculates the workout time, total calories burned, and total jumps on it.

This rebounder is different from the other typical type. Can you say what is exceptional here? It has two resistance tubes with foam padded handles, which allow exercise for the upper body. Not only the upper part but also it helps to strengthen the back muscle and muscles of the ads, thigh, and leg. 

The rebounding surface is made of durable polypropylene that gives years of year performance. And it has a blue border outside, which indicates the last line of the mat.

If you look at the construction quality, the frame and legs are made of high-quality steel, which gives the strength of this rebounding trampoline for adults.


It has two resistance tube bands that contain natural rubber latex. The latex may cause allergic skin; it may cause an allergic reaction. That is why it’s better to consider the other options if you have an allergic problem. On the other hand, if you can take proper protection, then you are ok on this best rebounding exercise trampoline.

Tips: If you check the weight limit, it allows up to 250lbs. But we recommend not jumping with more than 200lbs. The rebounder gives you the best output within this weight limit.

Who Should Buy It?

Both you and your kids can use this. You should not wait a while to order Stamina Intone Plus if you want to improve your cardiovascular health along with stimulating the strength of your arms, abs, back, and leg.


  • Large rebounding surface compared to its total size.
  • An electronic monitor shows you burned calories, exercise time, and jumps per minute.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Foam cushioned handles for upper body exercise.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor.


  • It starts squeaking after a particular period of use.

Note: If you apply more pressure than the safe limit, no rebounder will give you good output. Don’t forget about the manufacturer’s weight limit and restrict the people from exercising having weight over 200lbs. You won’t face this trouble.

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5 – Runner-Up – JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Rebounder Trampoline.

JumpSport 250 is unique, and the perfect example of the best home exercise trampoline. It will be a great mini trampoline for them who are searching for better quality cardio and fitness improvement equipment.

What We Like:

  • Unique design and offer better performance.
  • Black powder-coated steel frame and legs.
  • EnduroLast-2 elastic cords support a million bounce.
  • Ideal for high-intensity training.
  • Patented arched legs give stability.

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In-Depth Review:

Just look at the entire design. It is simply fine. Besides, the padded petal mat increases the jumping surface, which is total exactly 1030 sq inches. Jump anywhere on the rebounder side to side or back to front without any worry.

The sturdy frame black powder-coated, which enhances its durability. And the structure is made in such a way it remains stable even though you jump badly.

Do you have any knowledge about the quality of the bungee cords? All they are pre-tasted, which can bear more than a million bounces. Can’t you imagine the longevity of the cords yet? So, those who are searching for a bungee cord trampoline that lasts long, they should definitely buy it.


Some other trampolines of this list have side handles or bars, which is absent here. You may feel it, but the rebounder remains steel even though you keep your legs arched. And it receives your legs nicely though the landing position is broken accidentally. Thus it helps to maintain balance.

Tips: The frame of the rebounder is not fully covered; that might be your concern. But don’t worry as there is no sharp edge, and you will not fall unless you jump badly.

Who Should Buy It?

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of this workout trampoline; you see it has nothing significant demerit. So, why are you waiting to order this fitness trampoline?


  • The biggest plus point is its durability.
  • It allows several workouts at the same time.
  • It comes with a DVD containing some workout videos.
  • Bungee cords are premium quality and high performing.
  • Low impact on joints.


  • Need a large storage space.

Note: It cannot be folded; that’s why it requires much space. Manage big space to solve this problem.


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6 – Best Budget – Stamina Intone Plus 38 rebounder.

Definitely, the previous two items are the best option for the people who are very much concerned about their overall fitness. But no other option is better for you if you have a tight budget than the Stamina 36-Inch Folding Rebounder Trampoline.

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What We Like:

  • Rubber tipped legs keep the trampoline in place.
  • The legs are detachable.
  • Compact size and lightweight.
  • Polypropylene mat is durable enough.
  • Fold for easy storage.


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In-Depth Review:

It is made of durable construction material, and the heavy-duty design is created. The frame and the legs are made of rugged steel, which ensures the strength of the trampoline. The rubber-tipped legs protect the floor and keep the trampoline in a place.

The rebounding surface is sturdy enough to support up to 250lbs. The mat is attached with thirty tension bands, which assure stable and gentle bounce. Besides, the safety pad covers the frame and gives you safety from falling on the frame.

Sometimes you face big trouble when we have tight space, but the product requires much. But it is not a major issue for this exercise trampoline. You can make it compact size by folding it. Just fold and store in a narrow space.


The frame has some screws which may become exposed if you continuously jump over the safety pad. So, jump on the mat surface, which is large enough.

Tips: If you don’t know how long to exercise and what exercise is ideal, don’t go to exercise without watching the videos. Yes, it comes with a DVD where you see an introduction and two effective high energy routines.

Who Should Buy It?

You are thinking, is this the best workout trampoline for adults, right? We just say, if you want to keep your body fit and want an active lifestyle, it is best for you at this budget.


  • 30 resistance bands assure high and stable bounce every time.
  • Rugged steel frame construction.
  • Heavy-duty jumping surface.
  • Safety padding.
  • Affordable price.


  • Leg screws become loose.

Note: Before starting jumping, make sure you’ve tightened all the leg screws perfectly. And also ensure you have placed the rebounder on a flat surface. These are an effective solution to that problem.

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What to Consider Before Buying the Best Rebounder Trampoline for Adults

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to get the best exercise trampoline? The answer is no. But do you know you cannot get the best ones without considering the following factors?

  • Shape: The shape is an important fact to consider. You may have noticed all trampolines in our guide are round shape. Yes, they all because for a single person, the shape is a better option. The rectangular shape gives you more room to exercise together, but they require a lot of money.
  • Built Quality: The strength mainly depends on the construction material and built materials. Definitely, good quality steel is the right choice for the frame and legs.
  • The Mat & Safety Cover: The jumping surface should be made of quality material. Polypropylene is ideal here, and it will be best if the mat is UV treated. Besides, you should check the safety cover that keeps you safe from injury, either with the springs or steel frame. The thick and cushioned pad can give you extra safety than the thinner one.
  • Additional Accessories: Having more accessories is always a good sign. No matter whether you use that or not! Some trampolines come with a stability handle, ladder, a rubber band with a handle, and so on. All the accessories are more supportive of any user.

What Is the Best Exercise to Do on A Trampoline?

Many exercises you can do on a trampoline including, straight jump, tuck jump, planking, leaning push-ups, trampoline yoga, and others. Definitely, you can practice any of those as your requirement. But the straight jump is one of the most effective of them. Let’s know how to do it.

Take the standing position on the trampoline and raise both arms upwards. Then start moving in the air and hold the straight position. Move the hands straight downward direction from above the head. Keep doing it rhythmically.

It is a simple exercise but provides numerous health benefits, including calories, burns, warm up the body, improve heart health, loosen joints and ligaments, improve metabolism, and prepare you for a heavy workout.

What Are the Safety Concerns?

Safety should be our first concern. The safety concerns are many in number, but we recommend you follow the instructions below to avoid any accident or injury.

  • Don’t allow the kids under 5.
  • Always exercise you alone.
  • Encourage your children to walk on the trampoline not to bounce.
  • Don’t leave your kid while he/she is on the trampoline.
  • Using a safety net can save you from injury.
  • Don’t let your children go under the trampoline.
  • Use a good quality safe pad to cover the hooks, frame, and frame.
  • Don’t allow your child on a wet trampoline.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Do trampoline workouts really work?

It really works. According to the American Council on Exercise report, 20 minutes trampoline workout is exactly equal to 20 minutes running 10km/h. Any doubt yet?

Is jumping on a trampoline as good as running?

No, jumping on a trampoline is better than running or jogging. Yes, this is true, and NASA has studied it, and they give this statement.

How long should I jump on a trampoline to lose weight?

It is at least 30 minutes per day. The more you sweat, the more you lose weight. 30 minutes trampoline workout can force you to go on a weight loss journey.

Can you lose belly fat by jumping on a trampoline?

Obviously. The g-force, which is produced from the bouncing on the trampoline, helps to burn fat quickly. It also burns abdominal fat, and thus it loosens belly fat.

Final Thoughts…

Trampoline workout is definitely a good option for health-conscious persons. It can also be a good weapon for losing fat from the body. But you have to ensure you’ve got the best exercise trampoline for adults. Then exercise regularly and keep your body fit. If you have any cardiovascular disease, don’t try trampolining before consulting your doctor.

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