10 Best Electric Bikes for Kids to Ride in Style and Fun

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Are you looking for a fun and stylish way for your kids to ride around? Electric bikes for kids are a great option! These bikes are not only exciting to ride but also provide a safe and easy way for kids to explore their surroundings. In this article, we will explore the 10 best electric bikes for kids that combine style, safety, and fun, making them the perfect choice for your little ones. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect electric bike for your child!

Top 10 electric bike for kids In The Market

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Bestseller No. 1
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bike for Age 13+, Up to 30...
  • Authentic motocross frame geometry, the MX350 scales down the dirt bike to size for riders ages 13+ and up to 140 lb (64 kg).Fork: Double-crown, Grips: Soft, rubber..Cartoon character : Razor Motorcross
  • High-torque, rear-wheel chain-drive delivers increased power and traction
  • Powers riders at speeds of up to 14 mph (22 km/h) with up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Features adjustable-angle, riser-style handlebars, spoked wheels with 12” pneumatic, knobby tires, retractable kickstand, and hand-operated rear brake
  • Electrical system certified compliant with UL2272 by ACT Lab LLC, an accredited testing lab
Bestseller No. 2
Gotrax Kids Electric Balance Bike, 250W 12MPH Electric Bike for Kids 14"...
  • First Fantastic Electric Bike for Your Kids: Electric balance bikes may be a good option for parents trying to transition their child from a balance bike to a dirt bike. It teaches kids to scoot and balance just like a traditional balance bike but also has a accelerator.
  • Long Life Lithium Ion Battery: Equipped with 36V 5.2AH 187.2wh big capacity battery, after fully charged, it can reach up to max speed 12MPH and 15.5 miles max range. Your lovely kids will enjoy a fast, comfortable and smooth ride.
  • Safe Riding:The kids electric balance bike is designed with electronic brakes,achieves an efficient, responsive braking effect. Hold on to the left brake with your left hand and hold it slowly until the electric balance bike stops.
  • Adjustable Seat: Gotrax kids electric balance bike designed with an adjustable seat: You can adjust its heights from 19.29 inches to 20.9 inch(seat height from the ground), so it can be set to the right height according to your child's age and height.
  • Comfort Riding: The 14" pneumatic tires provide better grip and cushioning, perfectly adapted to riding on the ground, dirt, grass, let children ride more safely; Soft seat can increase riding stability and comfort outdoors.
Bestseller No. 3
Hiboy DK1 36V Electric Dirt Bike,300W Electric Motorcycle - Up to 15.5MPH & 13.7...
  • SUPER SHOCKPROOF PERFORMANCE: Equipped with a high-strength shock-absorbing spring and hydraulic shock fork, which has super shock-absorbing capacity and no noise while driving. More quieter than traditional electric motocross bikes.
  • LONG-RANGE BATTERY: Provides you great performance and up to 90 minutes (Tested on 88.2 lbs weight/9.3 mph) long-range with rechargeable 36V sealed lithium battery system in all scenarios. Takes only 4-5 hours to fully charge.
  • SAFE SPEED MODES: The dirt bike has 3 safe speed modes - Low: 5.0 mph (8 km/h), Medium: 7.5 mph (12 km/h), High: 15.5 mph (25 km/h). you can choose to use any speed to give you the best riding experience and keep your child safe.
  • DURABLE & STRONG: Electric motorcycle designed for kids aged 3-10 with authentic dirt bike geometry provides for a solid ride off-road with a max rider weight of 140 lbs (64 kg). Larger suspension makes rider more comfortable
  • EFFICIENT SUPPORT TEAM: Come with detailed instructions for use and efficient after-sales service. You can contact us if you still need help. we will serve you online 24 hours a day.
Bestseller No. 4
Lightweight Electric Dirt Bike for Kids, 170/340W Electric Motorcycle Up to...
  • Exclusively Crafted for Young Riders: This super light electric-powered motorcycle features a professional variable-speed twist throttle for speed modulation. Not only does it serve as a traditional balance bike, but it also offers an off-road experience, enhancing kids' balance and coordination skills. Two speed settings: a beginner-friendly 5 mph mode and an advanced mode reaching up to 10 mph.
  • Sleek and Durable Construction: Built with a robust aluminum alloy frame and finished with a polished paint job, this balance bike's aesthetic appeal is undeniable. Weighing a mere 23.2 lbs, the integration of a 24V 150W brushless motor, paired with an all-inclusive transmission chain, ensures efficient power transmission for a safe and reliable riding experience.
  • Long-lasting Battery with Rapid Charging: The AIII is powered by a 24V 2.6AH lithium-ion battery, offering 40-60 min of run time. Enclosed within the ebike's metallic frame, this detachable battery can be replaced within a minute and comes with a protective cover. A rapid 1.5-2 hour charging period, coupled with a throttle-mounted LED display, makes battery management a breeze.
  • Safety with Versatility in Terrain: Specially designed brake lever for kids with rear drum brake, it ensures children can stop the motorbike efficiently. The 12-inch inflatable rubber composite tires guarantee excellent traction, grip, and shock absorption across varied terrains, allowing young riders to confidently explore their surroundings.
  • Customizable and Growth-accommodating Design: Ideal for kids aged 3-6 years, our electric dirt bike boasts an adjustable seat height to grow with the rider. Additionally, each electric bike includes a number and name board kit, enabling young riders to personalize their AIII with their chosen race number and name.
Bestseller No. 5
Hiboy Electric Bike for Kids, 12 Inch Electric Balance Bike for Kids Ages 2-5,...
  • Electric bike is fully powered by electricity and offers two speed options, high and low-speed mode, ensuring a safe and reliable experience for children. Kids can effortlessly start the electric balance bike with just a gentle push, making it perfect for beginners. Easy to get going, it adds to the joy of riding while providing a smoother and more enjoyable experience.
  • Kids take pride in having their very own bicycle. The inflatable tires provide a comfortable riding experience, whether on pavement, dirt, or grass. With an adjustable seat height ranging from 13 inches to 17 inches, children can enjoy a comfortable ride. It's the perfect way to bond with family and embark on adventures with friends.
  • Once the bicycle is started, kids can take control by managing the handlebars and brakes themselves. The two anti-slip grips on the handlebars ensure a firm hold, and the secure pedals help kids keep their feet firmly on the bike while riding. This combination provides both exercise and play, allowing kids to enjoy the benefits of physical activity while having fun.
  • Give your kids the best gift! This children's electric bike comes equipped with a 100W rear motor, reaching speeds of up to 15 km/h, ensuring your kids enjoy thrilling rides. With a long-lasting 22V battery, it offers an impressive range of up to 10 km. Choosing our electric bike as a birthday or holiday gift for your child will undoubtedly be the best choice.
  • Tips: Kick off the ground with your foot to glide e-bike for a short distance, then press the accelerator to start the bike. If you have any question, please contact Hiboy support team.
Bestseller No. 6
5TH WHEEL K8 Electric Bike for Kids, 250W Electric Balance Bike Ages 3-5 Years...
  • Perfect Electric Bike for Kids: The K8 kids balance bike is designed for kids aged 3-5, offering an enjoyable and safe riding experience. As an entry-level electric balance bike, it's the perfect companion for children learning to ride. Let your kids adapt to riding at their own pace, fostering confidence and courage.
  • Adjustable Speed Gear: This K8 kids electric bike features an adjustable three-gear system, allowing kids to control their speed effortlessly. Starting in the first gear, kids can ride at a comfortable pace and gradually adjust as they become more familiar with the bike. With safety in mind, this kids electric bike feature anti-slip grips and fixed pedals.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: The electric bike for kids comes with a removable 22.2V 2.5Ah battery, which supports to charges the bike directly or can be removed and charged independently. Powered by a 250W motor, it reaches speeds of up to 11mph and covers a range of 7.5 miles on a full charge. When your child prefers a non-elecric balance bike experience, simply remove the battery.
  • Safe and Simple Riding: Safety is essential with the kids electric balance bike. The K8 is equipped with a reliable e-brake system that achieves efficient and responsive braking. Simply press the left brake to stop. The bike also features a sliding assist to start throttle, preventing accidental starts and ensuring safer rides. The suitable seat height enables kids to stop the kid bike with their feet.
  • Comfortable Riding: K8 kid electric bicycle features an adjustable, soft seat tailored to your child's height. As kids grow quickly, the K8's adaptable seat ensures ergonomic seating during their riding. Equipped with 12-inch air-filled tires, the K8 provide a comfortable ride on ground, dirt, and grass—ensuring smooth explorations.
  • The Surprise Gift for Your Kids: The K8 Kids Electric Balance Bike brings lots of fun, fostering confidence and bravery in your child's riding experience. Owning their own bike enhances their sense of pride. Whether for birthdays, holidays, summer vacations, or Christmas, the K8 is the ideal gift for your child.
  • Tips: Gear switching and walking mode--After power on, press mode button to start shifting, first gear, second gear, third gear, walk mode. To start the first gear, kick off the ground to glide the bike for a short distance, then press the accelerator. For second and third gears, simply press the accelerator without gliding. K8 electric balance bike has passed stringent UL 2849 testing.
Bestseller No. 7
Hiboy BK1 Electric Bike for Kids Ages 3-5 Years Old, 24V 100W Electric Balance...
  • Your kids’ first electric bike! Our BK1 electric balance bike is designed for kids, boys & girls ages 3-5 who have the ability to ride a little bike. Kids will be proud of owning their own bikes. Enjoy family time, adventure with friends, this electric bike will be wonderful in kid's childhood. 90% Pre-installed: The electric bike is partially installed.And our product has passed stringent UL 2849 testing. (Testing lab name: UL LLC)
  • Comfort to Ride! Our kids electric bike features an adjustable seat with a height from 13.4 inches to 16.5 inches, thus the suitable height can be set for kids according to their age and height. 12 inch air-filled ties provide comfortable riding experience even ride on ground, dirt, grass. And the bike updated the throttle from push button to twist type. It is comfortable for kids to ride.
  • Easy to Operate! This ride-on bike features an adjustable two-gear button, it is safe and suitable for the kids to ride. Kids slid a short distance to start the bike easily. The flexible handlebar allows the kids to control the bike on their own. The two anti-slip grips allow the kids to hold the handlebar tightly and the fixed pedal help to keep the kids’ feet on the bike while riding it.
  • Safe to Ride! Our electric motorized bike features a front V brake and rear e-brake offer a reliable stop distance when kids wan to stop, adding safety while riding. The suitable seat height also allows the kids to stop the bike with their feet. Please always wear helmet and protective gear set when riding this bike.
  • Best Gift for Kids! All kids are adventurer! The electric bike for kids feature a 24V 100W rear motor, achieves the top speed at 9 mph, kids will enjoy fast speed. The 21.6V, 2A long range battery achieve ranges of up to 6.2 miles. It will be the best choice to choose Hiboy BK1 as a birthday gift or holiday gift for kids.
  • Tips: Kick off the ground with your foot to glide e-bike for a short distance, then press the accelerator to start the bike. If you have any question, please contact Hiboy support team.
Bestseller No. 8
Blissskip Lightweight Electric Dirt Bike for Kids, 170W Powerful Racing Grade...
  • Safety First Design: Built for young explorers, BLISSSKIP kids electric dirt bike is made of high strength aluminum alloy to ensure stability and durability. Equipped with professional 12-inch non-slip tires and sensitive braking system, it provides protection for your child's every ride.
  • High-Performance Power Motor: Equipped with a 170w brushless motor, it provides smooth and strong power output, allowing the child to easily cope with all kinds of terrain, and the 24V 2.5AH high-capacity battery can run for up to 60 minutes, which makes the adventure trip more carefree.
  • Feature-Rich: Intelligent LED display shows real-time power and driving mode, making riding more intuitive; In addition, low speed: 4 mph, medium speed: 8 mph. Meet the different needs of children and ensure that riding is safe and fun at the same time.
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain: Designed with children's habits in mind, the operation is simple and intuitive, with one-button start and no-delay throttle, making the children's cross-country journey smoother; meanwhile, the modularized design makes daily maintenance and troubleshooting simple and quick, so parents and children can easily cope with it.
  • Inspire Outdoor Activities: BLISSSKIP electric off-road bike is the best partner to inspire children, explore nature and enjoy outdoor activities, which not only enhances children's athletic ability, but also improves their environmental protection awareness, so that children can learn from fun and grow up to explore.
  • Upgraded materials for a new off-road experience:Designed for young explorers, the BLISSSKIP's grips are made of special non-slip silicone for a secure and comfortable feel, and the 12x2.4-inch wide tires are made of an innovative and improved PP material that's perfect for navigating through mud, grass, sand and gravel. Unmatched durability and handling are guaranteed on every ride!
Bestseller No. 9
Hover-1 My First E-Bike, 8 MPH Top Speed, 7.5 Mile Range, LED Display, 14”...
  • FUN AND SAFE FOR KIDS – My First E-Bike is easy to ride, low to the ground, reaches a top speed of 8 mph, and supports children up to 132 pounds. The electronic and mechanical rear brake brings riders to a complete stop quickly and safely.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE SEAT – Adjusting the seat height to suit your child’s needs will provide optimal riding comfort. Adjust the seat height as your child grows taller to keep them riding year after year.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing in at only 21 lbs, it’s easy for parents to haul this E-Bike to a fun-filled family getaway.
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY – The rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives My First E-Bike a max range of 7.5 miles. Your child can do plenty of exploring around the neighborhood and visit nearby friends before needing a recharge. The battery charges in only 4 hours or less.
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE – My First E-Bike is UL2272 certified, meaning that it has been tested to applicable standards and deemed safe by a third-party organization. Ride with peace of mind.
Bestseller No. 10
isinwheel SK12 2-in-1 Electric Bike for Kids Ages 3-5, 150W Electric Balance...
  • A Truly Safe Electric Bike for Your Kids: isinwheel SK12 electric balance bike is designed for children aged 3+ with "safety first" as its design concept. The children will enjoy the pleasant journey exclusively for them with the maximum speed not exceeding 7MPH. Maximum load: 110lb. 90% Pre-installed: The electric bike is partially installed.
  • Swappable Battery: Always the electric toy suddenly run out of battery before your kids have a good time? isinwheel lets you stop this trouble! Our SK12 e-bike is designed with swappable batteries, no tools needed, easy to exchange, and in time to renew kids' joy! Each charge has approximately 1.5 -2 hours of battery life.
  • Adjustable Speed & Adjustable Seat: isinwheel SK12 toddler electric bike provides a comfortable riding experience for young children due to its ergonomic design including a low seat height and a comfortable saddle. Heights range from 13.4 inches to 16.5 inches. In addition, we use an adjustable 2-speed system to allow kids to control the speed easily. Your lovely kids will enjoy a fast, comfortable, and smooth riding experience.
  • Electronic Brakes & Dual Fenders: The safety of children's electric balance bikes is of paramount importance, and the SK12 is equipped with a reliable electronic braking system for efficient and responsive braking. Front and rear double fenders can protect the body well, reduce the mud splash on rainy days, and reduce the damage to the bicycle caused by the debris flying out of the road from the wheels crushing.
  • Start-up Instructions: No need to press the on button, glide with both feet to gain initial speed and start. It will automatically shut off if the kids do not continue to glide for two minutes. Glide again to turn on successfully. Warm Tips: There are two speeds adjustable (3.7MPH/6.2MPH) and the speed button is located under the bike.
  • FUN & Best Gift: You must be concerned about your child’s health when they’re passing all day inside the room. If you want to give them a sound and healthy life, then definitely a bike would be a great solution. Kids will enjoy numerous features like digital control an electric bike offers. Whether it's a birthday, children's day, summer vacation, or Christmas, isinwheel SK12 electric bike will be an ideal gift for children.
  • Buy with Confidence: isinwheel, is a brand you can always trust. Are you still worried about motor failure? Are you worried about the battery life or loss of accessories? No need to worry, isinwheel provides you with 365 days of quality assurance. If there is any problem with the battery or other accessories, instantiate reissue, no waiting for repairs. 24/7/365 customer services online.