10 Best Elbow Braces for Golfers to Improve Your Swing and Reduce Pain

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As a golfer, maintaining the health and strength of your elbows is crucial for improving your swing and reducing pain. One effective way to support your elbows during golfing activities is by using elbow braces. Elbow braces provide compression, stability, and support to the elbow joint, helping to prevent injuries and alleviate discomfort. In this article, we will explore the 10 best elbow braces for golfers that can help you enhance your performance on the course while keeping your elbows protected and pain-free.

Top 10 elbow brace for golfers In The Market

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Bestseller No. 1
MUELLER Sports Medicine Hg80 Premium Tennis Elbow Support, Golfer's Elbow Pain...
  • INTENDED USE: Provides precise compression to the forearm, effectively reducing pain and discomfort. Ideal for activities that strain the forearm and elbow, such as tennis and golf.
  • FIT: Large/X-Large. Measure around the elbow. Fits 11.1-17.1 Inches. Enjoy a secure and supportive fit for optimal pain relief.
  • FABRIC: Experience the benefits of our Mueller-exclusive HydraCinn fabric. This high-performance, lightweight material ensures maximum comfort and breathability while providing excellent support to the elbow.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS:Maintain the longevity and effectiveness of your Tennis Elbow brace with simple care. Hand wash cold using mild detergent, avoid bleach, and let it line dry. It's important not to iron or dry clean the brace.
  • Trusted Sports Medicine Brand: With over 60 years of experience, Mueller Sports Medicine is a trusted leader in the field. We are dedicated to helping athletes like you reduce pain and achieve peak performance.
Bestseller No. 2
Vive Elbow Brace - Tennis Compression Sleeve - Wrap for Golfers, Bursitis, Left...
  • SUPERIOR STABILIZING SUPPORT: Supporting the elbow joint and tendons, the Vive elbow brace stabilizes the elbow and provides customizable compression to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. Effectively relieves pain due to tennis elbow, tendonitis, bursitis, strains or other injuries without limiting the range of motion in the elbow for optimal support throughout the day.
  • ADJUSTABLE COMPRESSION SLEEVE: Supplying therapeutic compression, the elbow support brace increasing circulation and reducing inflammation and swelling. The level of compression is customizable with the adjustable fasteners.
  • REVERSIBLE FIT BRACE: Worn on the left or right arm, the versatile elbow brace is fully adjustable for a customized fit up to 17.5” in arm circumference. In addition to the nonslip interior lining, each adjustable strap includes a strong fastening material to ensure a secure fit throughout any activity.
  • BREATHABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Constructed with a light padding, the elbow brace is soft and breathable for all-day comfort. The latex-free blend features a soft interior lining to protect the elbow crease and silicone ribbing to prevent the brace from slipping, twisting or sliding. The lightweight, reversible brace is also machine washable for added convenience.
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.
Bestseller No. 3
MUELLER Sports Medicine Adjustable Elbow Support for Tennis & Golfer's Elbow,...
  • INTENDED USE: Helps provide support and compression to the elbow
  • FIT: One size fits most. Can be worn on the right or left. Measure around the elbow, Fits 7" - 14"
  • FABRIC: Soft neoprene blend retains body heat to increase circulation to help promote healing and elbow flexibility. Features HydraMesh for increased breathability and comfort
  • CONVENIENT: Convenient slip-on design for easy one-handed adjustments.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Mueller Sports Medicine has been a trusted leader in sports medicine for over 60 years and is committed to helping you reduce pain
Bestseller No. 4
Bauerfeind Adjustable Sports Elbow Strap - Single, Black, One Size - Forearm...
  • FOREARM RELIEF DURING SPORTS ACTIVITIES: Provides relief for the forearm muscles around the elbow by delivering targeted compression during sporting activities, particularly tennis, golf and various racket sports.
  • TARGETED RELIEF: Counteracts typical overloading such as tennis or golfer’s elbow and reduces risk of long-term injury. The five-point pad exerts direct pressure on the affected inflamed tendon attachment sites in the forearm muscles it can lie on either the outside or the inside of the elbow. The five nubs reduce trigger points and stimulate the muscles in the area. Pain and irritation are reduced.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: The Sports Elbow Strap is especially flat, anatomically contoured, and consists of a durable material. This makes it comfortable to wear and practical for sports.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: The strap is tightened with the Boa closure system until it sits securely without constricting the elbow and the desired compression is achieved. It can be loosened or tightened at any time and released with ease.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: With proper use and care, our products are designed to last. We stand behind everything we sell. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within 30 days of purchase. One year warranty against manufacture defects included. MADE IN GERMANY with the highest quality standards.
Bestseller No. 5
Bodyprox Elbow Brace 2 Pack for Tennis & Golfer's Elbow Pain Relief
  • Alleviates stress & fatigue on forearms with compression gel pad
  • Comes in pack of two adjustable braces with Velcro straps
  • Versatile arm braces provide elbow pain relief from sports injuries or repetitive motions
  • Made with breathable, lightweight materials for comfort and durability
  • Helps prevent repetitive stress injuries for golf, tennis, hiking, fishing, and more sports
Bestseller No. 6
BraceAbility Epicondylitis Brace | Elbow Strap for Medial/Lateral Epicondyle...
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST - Worn on your right or left arm, the versatile band features a strong fastener strap and one D-ring for easy, one-handed adjustments. The universal epicondylitis brace fits arm circumferences up to 15”, measuring around your forearm at the widest point.
  • TESTED AND PROVEN - Elbow brace provides effective pain relief for the treatment of elbow tendonitis such as golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis) and tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).
  • TARGETING COMPRESSION - Embedded compression tube is designed to alleviate forearm stress and fatigue while protecting your tendon from further pain and strain. Lightweight and durable.
  • MULTIPLE USES - Not too constricting and won’t hinder your arm from moving during sports like golf, tennis, racketball, weightlifting, or baseball. Also useful for occupations like plumbers, painters, carpenters, cooks, construction workers, etc.
  • 45-DAY GUARANTEE - Purchase with confidence. We will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.
Bestseller No. 7
BLITZU Elbow Brace for Tennis & Golfer's Elbow Pain Relief. Counterforce Brace...
  • Ease Elbow Pain & Discomfort: BLITZU Tennis Elbow Brace Provides Relief From Arthritis, Bursitis, Epicondylitis, and Other Elbow Discomforts by Providing Customizable Compression. It is Specially Designed to Provide Elbow Pain Relief for Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, and Golfer's Elbow as Well as Protect the Tendons From Further Stress and Damage During Activities.
  • Versatile High Performance Arm Brace: This Arm Brace is Suitable for Many People, Especially Those With Tendonitis Who Wish to Further Protect Their Arms From Injuries Caused by Sports or Other Daily Activities. It Also Provide Relief for People Who Suffer From Elbow Pain Due to Intense Mouse Use, Tennis, Golf, Lifting, Exercise or Any Other Activity That Requires Active Elbow Movements on a Regular Basis.
  • Free From Repetitive Stress: Whether You Enjoy Golf, Tennis, Hiking, Fishing, Pool, Billiards, Badminton, Rowing, or Any Other Sport, You Are Prone to Repetitive Stress Injuries. To Help You Prevent It or Get Over the Pain and Discomfort, Make Sure You Have a BLITZU Elbow Brace, a Flexible Brace That Moves With You!
  • Lightweight and Breathable: Our Tennis Elbow Strap for Men and Women Are Made From Durable, Breathable Materials That Will Keep You Comfortable While Playing Your Favorite Sports. Unlike Other Elbow Straps That Restrict Arm Movement, This Elbow Brace for Tendonitis and Golfer's Elbow Can Be Worn for an Extended Period of Time Without Causing Any Discomfort.
  • Itchy-free Premium Quality: Our Elbow Sleeves Are Designed to Provide Superior Support, Comfort, & Relief Without Compromising Your Mobility. The Form Fitting and Breathable 4d Compression Fabric Maintain Joint Stability Regardless of Activity, Help Improve Blood Circulation and Ease Pain Without Itchiness Commonly Associated With Neoprene Supports.
  • 3d Pressure Point Pad: We Designed the Tennis Elbow Strap to Prevent Injury From Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow as Well as Alleviate Various Elbow Discomforts by Applying Proper Compression to the Upper Forearm Areas and Redirecting Stressful Forces Away From the Area With Our Patented 3d Pressure Point Pad.
  • Keep Active and Moving: Protect Your Elbow and Stay Supported No Matter What Activity You Are Doing. Feel Confident With the Comfortable Support You Need Without Restricting Your Arm’s Movement. Our Tendonitis Elbow Brace Is Great for Rigorous Exercises Such as Weightlifting, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Crossfit, Fitness, Powerlifting, Workout, Cross Training, and More.
Bestseller No. 8
Bodyprox Elbow Compression Sleeve - Enhanced Support for Tennis Elbow, Golfer's...
  • Superior Elbow Support: The Bodyprox Elbow Compression Sleeve is expertly designed to provide gentle yet effective support for the elbow, making it perfect for athletes and individuals with active lifestyles. It's ideal for alleviating discomfort from Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, and other elbow-related strains.
  • Advanced Compression Technology: By stimulating blood flow and supporting the tendons around the elbow, our compression sleeve actively reduces the risk of injury and aids in muscle recovery, ensuring you can perform at your best.
  • Comfortable and Breathable Wear: Crafted from a blend of high-quality Polyamide, Polyester Fiber, and Spandex, our sleeve offers a breathable and comfortable fit. The unique fabric ensures that your skin stays dry and cool, even during intense activities.
  • Perfect Fit and Easy Maintenance: Available in sizes from S to XXL to fit a wide range of arm sizes. Measuring instructions provided for the perfect fit. For care, simply hand wash in cold water, avoid bleach and fabric softener, and lay flat to dry. The sleeve is designed for durability and longevity.
  • Freedom to Move: Designed to be lightweight and flexible, the sleeve allows for a full range of motion, ensuring that your movement is not restricted while offering the right amount of compression and support.
Bestseller No. 9
Sleeve Stars Tennis Elbow Brace for Men & Women, Tendonitis Elbow Brace & Strap...
  • ✅ Eliminate pain & discomfort: This elbow brace for tendonitis and golfers elbow brace for men and women provides support for arthritis, bursitis, epicondylitis, or other elbow discomforts by providing customizable compression. This counterforce brace for tennis elbow is specially designed to provide tennis elbow relief and this forearm brace protects the tendons from further strain.
  • ✅ Supportive design: Experience faster recovery with our tennis elbow brace for women and men. This tennis elbow relief is designed to provide extra support and relief. This forearm brace for men and women has fully adjustable hook and loop bandit straps that ensure that it will stay on your arm all day long.
  • ✅ Unparalleled quality & durability: This easy-to-put-on tennis elbow strap women and men is made of high-quality materials, making it durable and doesn't wear out quickly. This tennis elbow band comes with three straps in different lengths for different compression levels.
  • ✅ Absolute versatility: This counterforce brace for tennis elbow will support your elbow recovery through any activity on your day - may it be your daily routines or sports activities like tennis, golf, volleyball, or basketball. This golf elbow brace also relieves people with arm discomforts caused by extensive computer mouse elbow usage or work. Experience tennis elbow relief with Sleeve Stars now!
  • ✅ Supreme comfort: This compression band for tennis elbow relief is made of durable and breathable materials making this counterforce strap comfortable for your favorite sports. This tennis elbow strap can be worn for a long time without worrying about restricted arm movement.
  • ✅ Your Comfort Matters Most: At Sleeve Stars, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. If you have any questions or encounter any challenges with our products, feel free to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team. We're here to ensure your experience is just right, every step of the way!
Bestseller No. 10
Comforband Adjustable Elbow Support for Epicondylitis, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s...
  • ✅ 【PREMIUM STABILIZING SUPPORT】Supporting the elbow joint and tendons, the Comforband elbow brace provides customizable compression and stabilization to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. Effectively relieves pain due to tennis elbow, tendonitis, bursitis, strains or other injuries without limiting the range of motion in the elbow for optimal support throughout the day.
  • ✅ 【INSTANT PAIN RELIEF & FAST RECOVERY】Comforband Adjustable Elbow Brace perfectly conforms to and supports your weak or injured elbow joint. Medically engineered to help relieve pain associated with epicondylitis (Tennis/Golfer’s elbow) and other sprains and repetitive strain injuries. The brace can also be used in recovery and can help with rehabilitation following surgery, trauma or injury.
  • ✅ 【ADJUSTABLE COMPRESSION STRAP 】This elbow support provides adjustable compression and support to the elbow complex and the outer elastic adjustable strap helps provide added support and variable stabilization around the elbow joint. It can be used to help with repetitive sports injuries by reducing excessive movements at the inner and outer aspects of the joint.
  • ✅ 【PREMIUM GRADE THERAPEUTIC NEOPRENE】The durable, flexible, heat therapeutic neoprene helps warm stiff, aching and tired muscles. Helping with injured, weak or arthritic elbows during occupational and sporting activities
  • ✅ 【KEEP ACTIVE & KEEP MOVING】 Wear our adjustable elbow brace then be a game-changer for baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, cross-training, fitness, workouts, weightlifting, bodybuilding, or gardening, raking, carpentry, cleaning the house, shoveling, painting, scrubbing. It’s working for protection and performance!
  • ✅【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】 Buy this adjustable elbow brace with confidence! In the very unlikely event that you do not absolutely love this product, we'll refund you the full price. We highly appreciate all customers' feedback to improve the quality and service, also if there is anything you are unsatisfied, pls contact us for the best solution. Thank you!