5 Best Dog Whistles for Hard of Hearing Dogs – Train Your Pup With Ease

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I recently came across a dog whistle that has been a game-changer for training my hard of hearing pup. But finding the right one can be a challenge. With so many options on the market, it's essential to choose the best dog whistle for your specific needs and your dog's unique hearing challenges.

In this article, I'll be discussing the top 5 dog whistles for hard of hearing dogs, each with its own unique features and benefits. Whether you're a seasoned dog trainer or a pet parent looking for effective training tools, there's something here for everyone.

Here are the top 10 dog whistles for hard of hearing dogs:

SWAUSWAUK 2 Pack Dog Whistle Training Tool (Black)

SWAUSWAUK Dog Whistle Training X 2 Pack-Professional High Frequency Pitch...
  • 【Let's play with the dog】The dog whistle is a...
  • 【No ultrasonic and audible to human ears】The...
  • 【Reward and guidance is a good way to train...
  • 【Rough Barring in Dogs Is Not Worth...
  • 【Are you worried about your neighbor's dog...

The SWAUSWAUK 2 Pack Dog Whistle Training Tool (Black) is an excellent choice for pet owners with hard of hearing dogs. Its high-frequency pitch can be heard by human ears, making it ideal for training and guiding dogs with hearing difficulties. This well-made and sturdy whistle comes with a clicker and a cord for convenience.

Some customers have found it effective in correcting excessive barking in senior dogs and for click training. However, it may not be the best option for stopping barking. While it has a positive impact on some rescue dogs' behavior, it may not work for every dog. Additionally, some customers found the clickers difficult to use, which could be discouraging for training.

Despite these potential drawbacks, the whistle has been successful for many pet owners and may be worth a try for training and guiding hard of hearing dogs.

Best For: Pet owners with hard of hearing dogs who need a high-frequency pitch whistle for training and guiding.


  • High-frequency pitch audible to human ears
  • Comes with clicker and cord for convenience
  • Effective for correcting excessive barking in senior dogs and for click training


  • Not recommended for stopping barking

Kiniza Ultrasonic Dog Whistle (3 Pack)

kiniza 3Pack Ultrasonic Dog Whistle,Dog Whistle to Stop Barking,Recall...
  • 【Ultrasonic Adjustable Frequency】This is a...
  • 【How to Train Your Dog】Use a different whistle...
  • 【Please note】This dog training whistle will...
  • 【Anti-Lost Design】Each of our silent dog...
  • 【Suitable for All Dogs】The ultrasonic dog...

For hard of hearing dogs, the Kiniza Ultrasonic Dog Whistle (3 Pack) offers adjustable ultrasonic frequencies and an anti-lost design, making it a versatile and reliable training tool. The whistle allows you to tailor the frequency to your dog's specific needs, ensuring effective communication regardless of hearing impairment.

This 3-pack set provides convenience and ensures you always have a whistle on hand when training your pup. The anti-lost design adds an extra layer of security, so you can focus on the training without worrying about misplacing the whistle. With its durable construction and user-friendly design, the Kiniza Ultrasonic Dog Whistle is a valuable tool for teaching your hard of hearing dog essential commands and behaviors.

Best For: Owners of hard of hearing dogs who need a versatile and reliable training tool with adjustable ultrasonic frequencies.


  • Adjustable ultrasonic frequencies for effective communication with hard of hearing dogs
  • Anti-lost design for added security during training sessions
  • Convenient 3-pack set ensures a whistle is always on hand


  • May require time and patience for the dog to understand and respond to the ultrasonic frequencies

Acme 640 Double Dog Training Whistle, Orange

Acme 640 Double Dog Training Whistle, Orange
  • Dog Training Whistle
  • Made in the UK
  • Relied on for 140 years
  • Commanding Attention All Over the World
  • Orange

If you have a hard of hearing dog, consider the Acme 640 Double Dog Training Whistle, Orange, known for its long-range sound and distinct trill, making it an effective choice for training purposes. This whistle, made in the UK and relied on for 140 years, uniquely combines the famous Acme Triller sound with a high-pitched, single-note Airfast whistle.

Measuring 90mm long, its orange color ensures dogs hear it from long distances and are very responsive when properly trained. In windy conditions, it performs admirably, reaching 100 yards in 30mph wind, 200 yards in 20mph wind, and an impressive 500+ yards in still conditions.

However, some customers find the color too bright and not matching their color-coordinated emergency pack. Despite this, the whistle's trill makes it more distinguishable in the field compared to multi-tone blast style whistles.

Best For: Dog owners looking for a long-range and effective training whistle for their pets.


  • Long-range sound reaches up to 500+ yards in still conditions
  • Distinct trill makes it more distinguishable in the field
  • Uniquely designed with a combination of famous Acme Triller sound and high-pitched Airfast whistle


  • Some customers find the bright orange color too glaring

SportDOG Mega Whistle for Hunting Dog Training

SportDOG Brand Competition Mega Whistle - Hunting Dog Training Whistle with...
  • Easy-to-blow design and convenient key ring...
  • Directs sound forward to protect handler's ears
  • Provides long range control even in wet and windy...
  • Excellent for hunting and training

Ideal for hunters and trainers seeking a long-range, clear, and durable whistle to command and recall dogs, the SportDOG Mega Whistle stands out for its easy-to-blow design and high-visibility orange mouthpiece. Its convenient key ring connector ensures you have it on hand when needed, while the directional sound projection protects your ears.

This whistle provides long-range control even in wet and windy conditions, making it perfect for hunting, trailing, or training. Users praise its effectiveness in getting their dogs' attention and bringing them back, even in mountainous terrain. The whistle's loudness and range make it suitable for various outdoor activities.

However, some users reported issues with functionality, including dogs ignoring the whistle. Nonetheless, the SportDOG Mega Whistle remains a popular choice for retriever training and hunting, offering a durable and powerful tool for working with your canine companion.

Best For: Hunters and trainers seeking a durable and long-range whistle for commanding and recalling dogs.


  • Easy-to-blow design
  • Long-range control even in wet and windy conditions
  • Loud and clear sound projection


  • Some users reported issues with functionality

Browning Dog Training Whistle, Hunting Dog Training Whistle

Browning Dog Training Whistle, Hunting Dog Training Whistle
  • DURABLE MATERIALS | Durable plastic material will...
  • DIMENSIONS | Whistle measures: 1.97" x 0.47"
  • BROWNING | Since 1878, Browning has continued to...

The Browning Dog Training Whistle is a durable and effective tool suitable for dog owners seeking a cost-effective solution for training hard of hearing dogs. Made of durable plastic that doesn't freeze in cold weather, this whistle is designed without a pea to prevent rattling. It comes with a retractable lanyard and an adjustable nylon lanyard for convenience. Measuring 1.97 x 0.47 inches, it's a compact training aid.

While some users have reported discrepancies in the product description, such as missing features like a compass and thermometer, the whistle has received positive feedback for its functionality. Many users have found it to be effective for training commands and have praised its cost-effectiveness.

If you're looking for a reliable training whistle without breaking the bank, the Browning Dog Training Whistle could be a good fit for you and your pup.

Best For: Dog owners looking for a cost-effective and durable training whistle for their hard of hearing dogs.


  • Durable plastic material that doesn't freeze in cold weather
  • Compact size for convenience
  • Cost-effective and effective for training purposes


  • Some discrepancies in the product description reported by users

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Whistle for Hard of Hearing Dogs

When choosing a dog whistle for a hard of hearing dog, it's important to consider the audible frequency options, as some frequencies may be more effective for certain dogs.

Additionally, training patience and consistency are vital factors to think about, as it takes time and dedication to train a dog to respond to a whistle.

The physical design of the whistle should also be taken into account, ensuring it's comfortable and easy to use for both the dog owner and the dog.

Audible Frequency Options

Considering the hearing capabilities of hard of hearing dogs, it's crucial to select audible frequencies that align with their specific training needs. Audible frequency options for dog whistles can vary from high-pitched sounds to ultrasonic frequencies. Different frequencies can be used for specific training commands or behaviors.

It's essential to choose an audible frequency that matches the dog's hearing abilities. Some audible frequencies may also be detectable by humans, while others are designed to be inaudible to us. The effectiveness of the audible frequency is paramount when selecting a dog whistle for training a hard of hearing dog.

Training Patience and Consistency

When selecting a dog whistle for hard of hearing dogs, it's crucial to maintain patience and consistency in training. Consistency in whistle commands and rewarding with treats is key to effective dog training.

I've found that training requires patience, as dogs may not understand instructions immediately. It's important to be patient and persistent in the training process.

Consistent use of the whistle and rewarding positive behavior is crucial for successful training. By maintaining patience and consistency, the dog can learn and respond to the whistle commands. This approach is fundamental, especially when dealing with hard of hearing dogs, as it may take them longer to grasp and respond to the training.

Therefore, being patient and consistent is paramount for their successful training and development.

Physical Design Considerations

What physical design considerations should be prioritized when selecting a dog whistle for hard of hearing dogs?

When choosing a dog whistle for a hard of hearing dog, it's crucial to prioritize certain physical design aspects.

Firstly, the material and sturdiness of the whistle are important for durability, especially if it will be used outdoors or during active training sessions.

Additionally, the whistle should be comfortable to hold and use, with a design that allows for easy gripping or even holding in the mouth if needed for certain training techniques.

The whistle's color and visibility are also essential for easy location and use in various outdoor conditions.

Furthermore, consider the whistle's range and projection, especially if it will be used in open or windy environments.

Lastly, evaluate the convenience of physical features such as key ring connectors, lanyards, or a retractable design for easy carrying and access during training sessions.

Effectiveness for Recall

Prioritizing the effectiveness of recall is essential when selecting a dog whistle for hard of hearing dogs. The whistle should be powerful enough to grab the dog's attention from a distance, even in noisy environments. It's crucial that the whistle produces a clear, distinctive sound that the dog associates with returning to its owner.

Additionally, considering the dog's specific hearing abilities and response to different frequencies is important when choosing a whistle for recall training. The whistle's range and loudness should also align with the specific training needs, like hunting or outdoor activities.

Moreover, it's beneficial to look for whistles that have features to protect the handler's ears, especially if using the whistle frequently or in close proximity to the dog. These factors play a significant role in ensuring the effectiveness of the recall training with a dog whistle for hard of hearing dogs.

Long Range Control

To ensure effective communication with a hard of hearing dog at a distance, it's essential to consider factors related to long range control when choosing a dog whistle.

Long range control is crucial for commanding and guiding your dog in open spaces or outdoor settings. A whistle with long range control is ideal for hunting, trailing, and training purposes, as it allows you to get your dog's attention and give commands from afar.

This feature is particularly beneficial for dogs with hearing impairments, enabling owners to communicate with them effectively even at a distance. When selecting a dog whistle for a hard of hearing dog, prioritizing long range control ensures that you can maintain clear communication and provide guidance in various environments, enhancing the training experience for both you and your pup.

Compatibility With Training Methods

When selecting a dog whistle for a hard of hearing dog, it's important to ensure that it aligns with the training methods being used, such as positive reinforcement or clicker training. Evaluate if the whistle's sound and frequency are compatible with the commands and training cues you're teaching your dog.

Check if the whistle's design and functionality fit with the specific training techniques you're employing, such as recall training or behavior modification. Ensure that the whistle's use of sound, whether ultrasonic or audible, is in line with the positive training methods you're employing. Consider if the whistle's features, such as adjustable frequency or directional sound projection, are suitable for the training methods you're implementing.

Compatibility with your chosen training methods is crucial for effective communication with your hard of hearing dog.

Durability in Varied Conditions

As I consider the durability of a dog whistle for my hard of hearing dog, it's crucial to ensure that it can withstand varied weather conditions and outdoor activities, seamlessly aligning with the training methods I employ.

The whistle must be resistant to rain, wind, and extreme temperatures, maintaining its functionality and sound quality in different outdoor environments. It should endure wear and tear from activities like hunting, training, and hiking.

The material and construction of the whistle need to be robust and reliable, capable of withstanding rough handling and potential drops. Additionally, the whistle should maintain its effectiveness and performance over time, remaining consistent in sound quality and range.

Considering these factors will ensure that the chosen dog whistle can endure varied conditions and support effective training for my hard of hearing dog.


After trying out these top dog whistles, I can confidently say that training a hard of hearing dog has never been easier.

The SWAUSWAUK 2 Pack Dog Whistle is perfect for everyday training, while the SportDOG Mega Whistle is ideal for hunting dog training.

Whether you're a professional trainer or a pet owner, these whistles offer a range of options to suit your needs.

With the right whistle, you and your pup will be communicating like never before.