5 Best Dartboard Lighting Systems to Illuminate Your Game Room

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As a dart enthusiast, I've always believed that the right lighting can significantly enhance the game room experience. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which dartboard lighting system truly stands out.

After spending hours researching and testing various products, I've identified five top contenders that promise to illuminate your game room and elevate your dart game to new levels.

Whether you're a casual player or a serious competitor, finding the right lighting system is crucial for creating the ideal darting environment.

Here are the top 10 dartboard lighting systems:

Target Darts Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System

Target Darts Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System
  • Innovative Design - The Corona Lighting System by...
  • Quick & Easy Installation - No extra tools are...
  • Compatible with all Dartboards - Fits easily with...
  • Shadowless and Durable Quality - The 123 LED...
  • Pack Contains - 1 x LED light ring, 4 x Magnetic...

For those seeking a dartboard lighting system that eliminates shadows and provides 360-degree LED lighting for optimal visibility, the Target Darts Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System is the ideal choice. With its 123 durable LED lights, this system offers no shadows and ensures fast installation with simple assembly. The magnetic feet allow for quick and easy installation, and it's compatible with all dartboards and professional setups.

Customers highly recommend this system for its ability to provide even lighting and eliminate shadows. Installation is a breeze, taking less than 5 minutes without the need for additional tools. Plus, personal experiences show a significant improvement in dart game visibility due to the clear and shadowless lighting.

If you want to enhance your dart-playing experience with perfect lighting, the Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System is the way to go.

Best For: Individuals seeking a dartboard lighting system that eliminates shadows and provides 360-degree LED lighting for optimal visibility during dart games.


  • Provides even lighting and eliminates shadows on the dartboard
  • Quick and easy installation with magnetic feet
  • Compatible with all dartboards and professional setups


  • Some customers experienced issues with shipping time

Target Darts Arc Dartboard LED Light

Target Darts Arc Dartboard LED Light - Securely Fits All Dart Boards - Easy...
  • WHOLE BOARD ILLUMINATION – 24 bright white LEDs...
  • FITS ANY DARTBOARD – The Arc has been engineered...
  • QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY – One single arm...
  • EXTRA LONG POWER 3M CABLE – A generous cable...
  • PACK CONTAINS - 1 x Arc Light, 1 x Arc Arm...

The Target Darts Arc Dartboard LED Light is an ideal choice for enhancing your dart-playing experience with its whole board illumination system, providing impeccable visibility and eliminating shadows. It's designed to fit all makes and models of steel tip bristle dartboards, catering to players of all levels.

The easy assembly with a single arm securely attached using a sprung thumb-screw ensures hassle-free installation. With 24 bright white LEDs, this light is perfect for playing areas with poor lighting, and its compact size allows for easy transport and installation on various boards.

The 3-meter power cable provides flexibility in positioning the dartboard, and the included UK, EU, US, and Japan plug adapters ensure compatibility. Customers have expressed high satisfaction with the light, praising its brightness, ease of installation, and the difference it makes in playing darts in poorly lit areas.

Best For: Players of all levels looking for a dartboard LED light that provides whole board illumination and eliminates shadows during play.


  • Provides impeccable visibility and eliminates shadows
  • Easy to assemble and fits all makes and models of steel tip bristle dartboards
  • Compact size allows for easy transport and installation on various boards


  • No warranty provided

ONE80 ILLUMINA Dartboard Lighting System

ONE80 ILLUMINA Dartboard Lighting System, Minimum Shadow and Clear Vision...
  • 💎1、Minimum Shadow Technology – Patented...
  • 🌈2、Unique Straight Beam Design – As a World...
  • 🔥3、Natural Daylight Effect – 4000K color...
  • 🏆4、Multiple Ways of Mounting - The Illumina...
  • 🔎5、Sturdy and Solid Construction – This top...

Looking to enhance your dart playing experience with consistent, shadow-free lighting? The ONE80 ILLUMINA Dartboard Lighting System offers just that. With patented minimum shadow technology and a unique straight beam design, this lighting system provides clear visibility for dart players of all levels. Approved by the World Dart Federation (WDF), it ensures an optimal playing environment.

The 4000K color temperature setting simulates natural daylight, and the multiple mounting options make it versatile for different game room setups. Made of lightweight and strong aluminum alloy, it's a sturdy and durable choice. Customers have praised its ability to cast minimal dart shadows and create a natural light effect on the board. Although some noted issues with missing mounting components, overall, the ONE80 ILLUMINA Dartboard Lighting System proves to be a great addition to any game room.

Best For: Dart players of all levels looking for consistent, shadow-free lighting during their games.


  • Patented minimum shadow technology ensures even lighting without harsh shadows.
  • Unique straight beam design approved by the World Dart Federation for clear visibility.
  • Natural daylight effect with 4000K color temperature setting.


  • Some customers experienced missing mounting components.

Mission Darts TOR100 Torus 100 Dartboard LED Folding Portable Travel Lighting System

Mission Darts TOR100 Torus 100 | Dartboard LED Folding Portable Travel Lighting...
  • The Torus 100 is a simple way to light your...
  • The lighting system quickly unfolds and clips to...
  • The lightweight frame features bright white LED...
  • Once installed your Torus 100 won’t moved if...
  • Installation is very simple; unfold the two arms,...

If you're in search of a portable and efficient lighting system for your dartboard, the Mission Darts TOR100 Torus 100 Dartboard LED Folding Portable Travel Lighting System offers a lightweight and easy-to-install solution with bright white LED lights and a secure clip design.

This portable travel lighting system is designed to fold up small, making it easy to fit into luggage for dart enthusiasts on the go. The long cable provides flexibility in reaching a power source, with adaptors for different countries, ensuring you can set it up wherever you play.

The tilted 25-degree design of the light rail ensures better light distribution across the dartboard, providing an even and well-lit playing surface. With a simple installation featuring two arms that unfold and thumb screws to tighten, this lighting system is versatile and can be used with various dartboard setups.

Best For: Anyone looking for a portable and easy-to-install lighting system for their dartboard, especially those who travel frequently and want a well-lit playing surface.


  • Easy to install
  • Bright white LED lights
  • Secure clip design


  • Flimsy material

FASTOSS Dartboard LED Lighting System for Bristle Dartboard 360 Degrees

FASTOSS Dartboard LED Lighting System for Bristle Dartboard 360 Degrees
  • Innovative Design - The FASTOSS dartboard lighting...
  • Secure Installation - When the lighting fixture is...
  • Clear Visibility & Durable Build - With these...
  • Compatible With All Dartboards - This versatility...
  • Pack Contains - 6 x illuminated bar, 3 x support...

For optimal dartboard visibility and reduced shadows, the FASTOSS Dartboard LED Lighting System is ideal for anyone looking to elevate their game room experience. This lighting system features 360-degree LED lighting around the dartboard, ensuring improved visibility and minimal shadows for a professional gameplay environment. Its secure installation provides a stable lighting setup, and its durable build ensures long-lasting performance.

The system is compatible with all dartboards and comes with essential components for easy installation, including a LED light ring, magnetic feet, plug, power supply, and instruction manual. With positive customer feedback highlighting its superb illumination and easy assembly, this lighting system is a worthy investment at a reasonable price, especially with available coupons.

If you're seeking enhanced visibility and a seamless setup for your dartboard, the FASTOSS Dartboard LED Lighting System comes highly recommended.

Best For: Individuals who want to enhance their dartboard visibility and create a professional gameplay environment.


  • 360-degree LED lighting for improved visibility
  • Secure installation for stable lighting setup
  • Compatible with all dartboards


  • Some users find the brightness to be too intense for their needs

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dartboard Lighting System

When choosing a dartboard lighting system, there are several key factors to consider.

The options available, ease of installation and setup, compatibility with different dartboards, visibility, and shadow reduction are all important aspects to keep in mind.

Additionally, hearing about other customers' experiences with the lighting system can provide valuable insights before making a decision.

Lighting System Options

When selecting a dartboard lighting system, it's essential to prioritize 360-degree LED lighting that eliminates shadows for optimal visibility. This type of lighting ensures that the dartboard is evenly illuminated, reducing glare and providing a clear view of the entire playing area.

Additionally, it's important to consider the ease of installation. Look for systems with magnetic feet and no need for additional tools, allowing for quick and effortless setup.

Versatility is also key – choose a lighting system that's compatible with all dartboards and various setups.

Customer satisfaction is crucial, so seek out recommendations and positive reviews regarding the brightness levels.

Lastly, consider the portability and durability of the lighting system, opting for a lightweight yet robust option suitable for travel and long-term use.

Installation and Setup

As I consider the factors for choosing a dartboard lighting system, I prioritize a quick and easy assembly with magnetic feet for simple attachment, ensuring stable and secure installation to eliminate shadows and provide optimal visibility for an enjoyable game room experience.

The hassle-free setup, usually requiring no additional tools or mechanical expertise, makes it accessible for most users. It's essential for the lighting fixture to securely attach to the dartboard, preventing movement or adjustment during use.

Compatibility with various setups, including cabinet sets, dartboard surrounds, and professional configurations, ensures versatility in installation options. Some lighting systems may offer multiple ways of mounting, such as setting up using a vertical back bar or hanging directly on the wall, providing flexibility in installation.

This ensures that the lighting system can be easily integrated into different game room configurations.

Compatibility With Dartboards

To ensure optimal visibility and a seamless gaming experience, the compatibility of a dartboard lighting system with various dartboard types and professional setups is crucial.

The lighting system should be compatible with all types of dartboards, including steel tip bristle dartboards and soft tip dartboards. It should also be suitable for use with various professional setups such as cabinet sets and dartboard surrounds.

Additionally, the design should allow for secure attachment to the dartboard without causing any damage or interference with gameplay. It's important to consider if the lighting system can be used with different mounting options, including wall-mounted and portable travel lighting systems.

Ultimately, the lighting should provide even illumination and eliminate shadows on the dartboard surface for improved visibility during play.

Visibility and Shadow Reduction

In my experience, optimal dartboard lighting systems employ 360-degree LED technology to enhance visibility and minimize shadows, providing players with a clear and well-illuminated playing surface. Reduced shadows ensure that the entire dartboard is clearly visible, preventing any disruptions during gameplay.

The installation of the lighting system not only provides stable and secure lighting but also ensures compatibility with all dartboards, offering uniform and durable lighting for various setups. Additionally, the design of the lighting system is specifically aimed at preventing glare and providing even illumination to enhance visibility without creating any distractions.

This combination of features ensures that players can focus on their game without being hindered by poor visibility or distracting shadows, creating an optimal gaming experience.

Customer Experiences

Customers consistently prioritize ease of installation and the elimination of shadows when evaluating dartboard lighting systems for their game rooms. The positive customer experiences with these lighting systems revolve around the seamless, tool-free setup that many products offer.

Customers also express satisfaction with the even lighting that eliminates shadows, significantly improving dart game visibility and reducing glare during play. Additionally, customers appreciate the brightness of the lighting systems, particularly in poorly lit areas.

However, it's worth noting that a few customers have mentioned minor issues with shipping time and the brightness adjustability of the systems.

Taking these customer experiences into account can provide valuable insights when considering the purchase of a dartboard lighting system for your game room.

Price Comparison and Value

As a prospective buyer, my focus shifts to evaluating the price and value of dartboard lighting systems, building upon the seamless installation and shadow-free lighting that previous customers have valued.

When comparing prices, it's essential to consider the features and benefits offered in relation to the cost. Additionally, look for any included accessories or components that add value to the purchase.

Evaluating the warranty and customer support provided for the price is also crucial, as it ensures long-term satisfaction with the investment.

Finally, taking into account feedback and reviews regarding the value for the price can provide valuable insights into the overall satisfaction of other customers.

Portable Travel Lighting

When selecting a dartboard lighting system for travel purposes, it's crucial to prioritize portability and ease of setup without compromising on illumination quality.

Portable travel lighting systems are designed to be lightweight and foldable, making them easy to carry in luggage. They offer 360-degree LED illumination around the dartboard, improving visibility and reducing shadows. These systems provide secure installations for stable lighting setups and are compatible with various dartboards.

Additionally, they're easy to install, often requiring no tools, and come with long cables and adaptors for different countries' power sources. Customer feedback emphasizes easy assembly, superb illumination, and overall satisfaction with the lighting systems, making them an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a game of darts while on the go.


In conclusion, finding the perfect dartboard lighting system is essential for creating the right atmosphere in your game room. Remember, 'lighting can make or break the game,' so choose a system that provides even illumination without glare, fits your dartboard properly, and enhances your overall playing experience.

With the right lighting, you'll be ready to hit the bullseye every time.