5 Best Cheap Pool Cue Under 50 In 2021

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!”


Your future billiard champs also need a little start just like that Lao’s saying. In this article, we are going to make a review of some entry-level pool cues for the beginners. 

You may have a question inside you. One is, what will be the quality of cheap pool cues? It is supposed to be made of low-quality materials as this is as cheap as under $50. 

Price of pool cues varies not only for the quality but also for the additional features. But as a beginner, you do not need all the cutting edge features. As you are at the beginning stage, why not to choose something with lower entry-level cues? 

Best Cheap Pool Cue Under $50

In this article, you will introduce you with five best cheap pool cues within a surprising price. So, what to expect from the pool cues under 50 dollar.

If you can increase the budget a little bit more, you can get much more value for the money. Checkout our articles on other budget segments:

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Here we take our picks of the best cheap pool cue under 50. Who made the top of our list? Here you go…

Best Overall

AB EARTH 2-piece 58″ pool cue.

Why we picked it

  • A huge amount of positive reviews online.
  • 2 Pieces.
  • 13 mm leather tip. 
  • Skidproof ergonomic design painted wrap.
  • Awesome design.


Imperial Premier Cyclone 2 pcs Pool Cue

Why we picked it

  • Cheapest but great quality.
  • Well made with hard rock maple.
  • Portable, Easy to carry.
  • 2 Pieces.
  • Perfect weight distribution.

What to Expect from the pool cues under 50

Pool cues price range varies from $50 to more than $1000. But here we reviewed pool cues under $50 only. We all know, quality is relatively dependent on the price. So what you expect from the pool cues under $50?

Good news is, you still can expect some quality cues even with such a lower price. 

  • The first noticeable factor is the number of sticks. Generally, you can get one shaft at this price range. But some brands offer two shafts in a set under $50 price range.
  • You can expect a good quality wooden shaft.
  • Some shafts are made with of Canadian hard Maple or North American hard rock maple.
  • Length varies from 52 inches to 58.
  • Anti-slip and Skidproof butt.
  • 12/ 13 mm leather tip to reduce miscues.
  • Leather or linen wrap.
  • Stainless steel joints.
  • Unique and classy design.
  • 1 to 3 years warranty.

How to Find the Best Pool Cue under 50?

Short answer: Quantity, material quality, treatment, grip, tip, size, weight, warranty etc. There are lots of pool cues with a different price range. So, choosing the quality item within a lower budget is a challenge. There are some factors you need to keep in mind when purchasing like:
  • Quantity: Cheap pool cues often offer one stick or two sticks in a cue set. A two-piece cue is easy to carry and store! But if their quality is not up to the mark, then you should go for a one-piece cue set. But obviously, a two pieces cue set is one step up from a one if they are perfect in quality.

  • Material:  Materials vary brand to brand as well as low to high price. To find the best pool cue under $50, the quality of the materials is one of the crucial considerations. Materials can be Wood, Canadian hard maple or North American hard rock maple etc.  You easily can choose any of the cues from our recommended lists.

  • Treatment: Good pool shafts go through some treatments. Always try to choose that shaft which is polished by wood stabilizer, a high-gloss UV finish so that they will prevent your pool shaft from fading and chipping.

  • Grip: Grip might be leather or linen. But leather is more stable and comfortable than linen grip. Make sure the grip is anti-slip and skid-proof before buying a pool cue under $50.

  • Tip: Leather tips are the best always. And choose a 12/13mm leather tip which is sufficiently textured to take a light coat of chalk.

  • Size: Size for kids and adults is different. So keep in mind for who you want to buy. a 52 inches length stick is ideal for a kid where for adults, the ideal length is 57-58 inches.

  • Weight: Weight should be well balanced. Shaft weight varies from 15 ounces to 27 ounces. But the ideal is 19-19.5 ounces. 

  • Warranty: Warranty card for 1 to 3 years is attached with good quality and brand’s pool cues. Try to buy with a warranty so that if the stick breaks down or damages before their claim, you can fix it easily.

5 Best Cheap Pool Cue Reviews

Best Pool Cue Under 50: AB EARTH 2-piece 58 inches pool cue.

Key Features:

  • It is 58 inches in length with 13 mm leather tip.
  • Weight is 20oz with 5/16 x18 pin.
  • This pool cue is designed with Ergonomic style.
  • A wavy shaped polished Canadian hard maple butt.
  • Dead straight and it is made in a good manner.
  • Butt with anti-slip function.
  • Ergonomic design painted wrap which is also Skidproof.
  • The shaft is straight and along with medium deflection.

In-Depth Review:

When you are looking forward to the best cheap pool cue for beginners to intermediate level pool players, our reviewing pool cue will be best in quality with an affordable price range. Can you imagine, you can get this pool cue under 50 dollars with all exclusive features!

This pool cue features hand-painted and shiny oil paints designed as well as the anti-slip wavy shaped butt. It is more durable and comfortable than linen but to have indoor fun with a pool or billiards.

So without any further delay, you can go for it and make your leisure time more enjoyable!



GSE Games & Sports Expert 58" 2-Piece Pool Cue Stick.

Key Features:

  • A multi-layer leather tip with 12mm glued on it.
  • Linen grip butt has a black rubber bumper which is 58″ in length.
  • A grade Canadian hardwood maple is used to made the pool cue shaft.
  • Australia hardwood with decal sleeve made cue butt.
  • Do not get fade for its high gloss epoxy paint finish.
  • The joint technology is made of stainless steel.
  • This set is easy to store and transport as it contains two-piece design.

In-Depth Review:

This time we have arranged this cheap pool cue, which is also under 50 dollars! . It has super glossy Australian hardwood made butt.

The manufacturers added the stainless steel on the joints which will provide more stability. A black rubber bumper on Linen grip butt and hardwood maple made shaft ensures the stability of the cue. The best thing is this set has a two-piece designed cue which is beneficial for easily carrying and storing it.

This is suitable for not only tournaments but also for competition pool games. And we guarantee that you will be impressed with its design and performance.



Iszy Billiards 58" - 2 Piece Break Pool Cue

Key Features:

  • This pool cue is made of hardwood Canadian maple wood.
  • Product dimension is 58 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches.
  • Weight is 1.5 pounds which is quite light weighted.
  • Set contain 2 piece break cue with steel 5/16 X 18 joint.
  • It has 13mm glue on leather tip.
  • The tip is sufficiently textured to take a light coat of chalk.

In-Depth Review:

If you need a wooden made quality full pool cue but your budget is limited, here we represent the pool cue with the cheapest price in the market. Though it is slightly heavy for Canadian maple wood shafts, its 13 mm tip of each cue has leather over the top to enhance the hardness of the tip.

This set contains 2 sticks and each one features a different design though they have the same dimensions.

In the teams of quality, affordability and stability, our reviewed this pool cue can be your best partner to have fun with pool or Billiard.



Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Pool Cue

Key Features:

  • The length of the stick is 52 inches.
  • This pool cue set contains 2 sticks.
  • Both are made of North American hard rock maple.
  • The wood is stabilized before their final assembly.
  • Weight range between 17 or 18 oz.
  • Grippy polyurethane on the butt end and smooth at the head.
  • The tips are low density but it’s adequate.

In-Depth Review:

This pool cue is more suitable for children or casual home-use. You will be impressed by the quality for this price range which is so cheap as less than $50.

North American hard rock maple made butt with grippy polyurethane will give your kid smooth and comfortable feel while having fun with a pool game. the 52 inches long shaft is well balanced with its weight. And also the tips are quite adequate for the kids. Cue joints are nice and tight as well as finishing is so good.

We assure you that it will be worth buying this pool cue for your kid to have indoor fun!



Viper Signature 57 2-Piece Pool Cue

Key Features:

  • The shaft is made of Canadian Maple wood.
  • Product dimensions are 57 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches.
  • Designed with a 2-piece billiard cue in one set.
  • Manufactures with lightweight ABS joints.
  • Butt with nylon wrap and attached a traditional rubber bumper.
  • Each pool cue is finished with a 13mm Le Pro leather tip.
  • Cue weights may vary from 19 or 20 ounce.

In-Depth Review:

Last but not least, we have chosen this one for the best quality and affordable price range under 50 dollars and also for its colourful and classy design.

The 57-inch length makes it the right size for both pool and billiard games. This cue set contains two pieces so that you can store them together and carry them easily. Both sticks are made of real Canadian maple hardwood. 

You will get great feedback at every shot for its ABS joints at the butt and shaft. Its wrap reduces tension and vibrations as well as leather tips will give you solid grips by reducing miscues.

The best reason to invest in this Viper Signature pool cue is its classy look with the best quality and reasonable price range and it ensures you a smooth pool performance with a leisure time full of fun.



Can cheap pool cues still sound good?

Short answer: If you can choose the best cues that are good in all possible aspects, then why not? And that’s why we are to show you the best products that fit your budget.

There are hundreds of brands with thousands of cues. Although expensive items are supposed to be good in quality but its not true all the time. There are lots of products that are higher in price but poor in quality and vice versa.

If you are careful enough to invest your time in searching for the best quality products that contain all possible features and good materials within a cheap price, there is a great possibility of finding good quality pool cues within the lowest possible price. 

If you don’t have enough time or willingness to do it, you can rely on some quality and honest reviewers like us. In this article, We aim to give our readers honest reviews about the best cheap pool cues under $50.

The 5 pool cues we listed here are cheap but they have good quality materials and better features than many high range pool cues. They are made of either high-quality wood or Canadian hard maple or North American hard rock maple. 

12/13mm tips with leather or linen grip coating. All have anti-slip and skid-proof wrap on the shaft. Proper weight balance for the kid to adult, featured stainless steel joints with unique and colourful designs. 

Also, they all are What else you need or expect from a pool cue? With the term of stability and durability, these 5 cheap pool cues are best for your indoor fun or tournaments.

Where to get a cheap pool cue?

You can get the best cheap pool cues at local markets or e-commerce sites easily. But as I already said, you need to do lots of research to find the best one. If you have not enough time then the best way is to visit trusted review sites like ours.

Why trust us? Well, let me explain.

We take the reviewing job professionally, pass hours to explore the best items for you. We are not claiming that we use all products before making a review, but we collect the real user’s statements and compliments. 

Hope you already got the smell of our efforts reading the top best cheap pool cue.

Final Words..

Hopefully, our best cheap pool cues under $50 review can make your buying steps more smooth and confident. Here are reviewed 5 pool cues are best in quality, durability and stable, manufactured in the best manners and features all possible things of best pool cues. So grab your desired one and enjoy quality time with your family and friends!