Best Bungee Rebounder Trampoline – No Rebounder Squeaking

Rebounders or mini-trampolines are designed specifically for exercising. Since they are small in size and easy to carry, most people use them inside their house. As these equipment help busy people get a quick workout, most people rely on them to save time.

This is why the buyers of rebounders or mini-trampolines focus on the time saving part of the products. They value the ones that offer more calorie depletion in less time.

Now, these products come with two different rebounder types; the spring and the bungee cords. The bungee cord ones are considered more reliable and beneficial than the spring ones.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the best bungee rebounder trampolines in the market. We are going to talk in detail about them and hopefully, by the end, you will know exactly how great the bungee rebounders are.

Best Bungee Rebounder Trampolines

Best Quality

JumpSport Cardio Fitness Rebounder

Best Budget

Darchen Indoor Bungee Rebounder

Best Bungee Rebounder Trampolines

Let’s start with our list of the best bungee rebounder trampolines. As always we have hand-picked these rebounders from the market.

Let’s take a look:

1 – Best Budget – Darchen Indoor Bungee Rebounder

The Darchen exercise rebounders are capable of offering intense cardio and core workouts at home.

Key Features:

  1. The Darchen Bungee rebounder is preferred by many fitness pros for home workouts.
  2. The rebounder is 40 inches in diameter.
  3. It has 3rd generation bungees with perfect tension that offers quiet and safe bounce.
  4. It has a heavy-duty steel frame for long-lasting durability.
  5. It has 6 legs to keep the trampoline stable and prevent it from tipping over.
  6. Professional style Gym rebounder that offers superior quality. It allows intense cardio and core workout.

In deapth review

They are made for indoor fitness enthusiasts. However, the rebounder featured here might be a little small in size and diameter.

But don’t worry, that won’t stop you from exercising as much as you want. The Darchen fitness rebounders promote long-period intense workouts. Their heavy-duty steel body and legs will keep you steady and stable all the time.

Smooth and strong 3rd generation bungee cords offer unlimited controlled jumping. Bungee rebounders are health-wise, more beneficial and careful on the joints. Darchen rebounders are also preferred by most professionals. So, why not consider this rebounder?

Maximum Weight limit:

Its maximum weight capacity is over 400 lbs.


  1. Great for people with plus-size bodies.
  2. Very durable.
  3. Light but strong.


  1. No handrails.
  2. Product assembly might be hard for some people.

2 – Best QualityJumpSport Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder

From all the features listed above, we can easily say that JumpSport is actually a great rebounder brand.

Key Features:

  1. JumpSport offers a very durable rebounder that is beginner-friendly and allows blasting workouts.
  2. JumpSport is even offering a basic workout DVD and 60-day free trial into their online workouts.
  3. It has a total diameter of 39 inches, but a jumping surface of only 35.5 inches.
  4. The Permatron jumping surface with wide padding reduces 40% bouncing impact.
  5. The rebounder has “Endurolast 2” elastic cords which are tested with thousand jumps for their durability.
  6. The JumpSport FlexBounce system makes the rebounder virtually silent.
  7. The 39 inches frame is Black Powder coated which makes the rebounder more durable.
  8. A good thing about JumpSport is that the rebounder comes almost fully assembled.
  9. JumpSport is offering a home use warranty for up to 2 years on specific parts.
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In deapth review

Their mini trampoline weight capacity might seem lower than our previous product, but JumpSport is incomparable when it comes to reliability.

They truly offer premium quality. Premium quality bungee cords, premium quality mat, and extra-durable black powder-coated rebounder frame just show that JumpSport is one of the best in the market.

The jumping space might seem small, but the performance of the entire mini trampoline is beyond its size. We believe it is the best deal for any beginner-level home workout enthusiast.

Maximum Weight limit:

Max weight load is 250 lbs.


  1. Very durable.
  2. Extremely sturdy and well-balanced.
  3. Controlled jumps and strong bouncing power.
  4. Noiseless.


  1. Customer support is very weak.
  2. The brand is having trouble ensuring a warranty for everyone, so please check.

3 – Fit Bounce Pro USA Bungee Rebounder

The Fit bounce Pro USA is mainly a product of maximum Life. They make most fitness-related products that make life better.

Key Features:

  1. The Fit Bounce Pro USA rebounder is made for adults for indoor exercising.
  2. They are offering exercise DVDs but now they even have online exercise live streams.
  3. The rebounder uses 60 strong bungee cords which are patented only in their brand.
  4. The rebounder has a half folding design.
  5. Fit Bounce Pro USA rebounders don’t need assembling. They come in a folded state. All you have to do is attach the legs.
  6. Lifetime warranty on the trampoline frame and 3 years warranty on the mat.

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Now, the Fit Bounce Pro USA rebounder is a great rebounder for indoor fitness. It is silent and effective at workouts. The thing about Fit Bounce Pro is that they offer a lot of exercise lesions for free.

They are offering a DVD to help our beginners get started with their workouts. They even have an online live stream for exercise advice to anyone who wishes to learn.

The brand is offering a lifetime warranty on the rebounder frame and a 3-year warranty on the mat. Why wouldn’t anyone think this is a great brand? However, we still ask you to check out the product yourself.

Maximum Weight limit:

The maximum weight limit is 330 lbs.

4 – Newan Silent Fitness Bungee Rebounding Trampoline

The Newan fitness rebounder is built for long periods of intense hard exercise.

Key Features:

  1. This Newan 40 inches fitness rebounder is completely silent and made for adults.
  2. The rebounder has 30 thick bungee ropes.
  3. The rebounder will not come pre-assembled. You will have to assemble it with the provided assembly tool.
  4. It has 6 supportive legs for balance and sturdiness.
  5. It has a strong PP mesh mat and a durable frame.
  6. All the legs are covered with anti-slip rubber.

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The bungee rebounder is made out of really strong materials. It is durable and well-balanced. The only problem is that it needs to be assembled by the user, but they will get an assembly tool with the package.

The rebounder is noiseless and anti-slip. It has great ground control. The wide jumping surface also allows a great exercise platform. Newan claims that only 10 minutes of exercise on their rebounder is worth 30 minutes of intense cardio.

They also have really good customer support that is active all the time.

Maximum Weight limit:

Its maximum weight load is 330 lbs.


  1. Easy assembly with a guide.
  2. Durable and sturdy rebounder.
  3. Smooth bounce and noiseless.
  4. Strong customer support.


  1. Some may experience difficulty assembling.
  2. No solid warranty.

5 – OneTwoFit Silent Bungee Rebounder

OneTwoFit is the best overall rebounder brand in our opinion. They make all-rounder fitness trampolines for everyone.

Key Features:

  1. OneTwoFit bungee rebounder is a 48 inches silent fitness mini trampoline that is made for kids and adults.
  2. It has an adjustable handle that is T-shaped.
  3. The handlebar is removable and has 3 levels of height adjustment.
  4. It has 42 thick bungee cords or ropes. They are spread across the rebounder in 0.32 inches of diameter.
  5. The rebounder has thick anti-slip rubber pads for protection.
  6. The jumping mat is made of strong PP mesh.
  7. The whole structure is hexagon shape with an anti-wear coating and 6 strong legs for support.

In deapth review

Both kids and adults can exercise or have fun on this rebounder anytime. It is noiseless and has an anti-slip rubber pad for protection.

The hexagonal shape also offers a lot of space. The 48 inches exercise diameter is great for practicing all kinds of exercises.

Their brand makes the type of rebounders that offer a little bit of everything. They even have an adjustable handlebar for balance. The whole structure is very sturdy with its 6 steel legs. Thick steel coating makes it durable and long-lasting.

Maximum Weight limit:

Max weight load is 350 lbs (150 kg).


  1. Stable and fun to work out.
  2. Durable.
  3. Great size overall.
  4. Noiseless.
  5. Anti-slip.


  1. The assembly is a bit difficult.
  2. Assembly instructions are not clear.
  3. Requires a special tool for assembly which is not provided with the package.

Benefits of Bungee Rebounders

Let’s just get straight to the point here. Bungee rebounders are special in their class and we can surely say that bungee rebounders offer the most “health-wise” benefits.

  1. Lymphatic Drainage
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Bungee cords are elastic and offer more controlled bounces. See, we didn’t say strong, we said controlled. Controlled jumps offer more exercise opportunities. These opportunities help get lymphatic drainage better than any other rebounders.

  1. Caloric burn

Bungee rebounders offer smooth jumps and are not harsh to the joints. Since bungee rebounders are so easy and smooth on the jumps, the users can easily stay and exercise longer on bungee rebounders. This helps get a more intense caloric burn.

  1. Balancing

Bungee rebounders are more stable. They are more reliable and durable. Most bungee rebounders have 6 legs for sturdiness. This is why they are great for practicing balancing.

  1. Confidence boost

Those who exercise intensely get a confidence boost. Their body releases hormones like Endorphins that make them feel happy and confident. And obviously, bungee rebounders are good at doing that.

You can go check out our blog on the difference between spring rebounders and bungee rebounders. From that blog, you will find out that bungee rebounders are actually better than spring rebounders.

Check out our blog on Spring Vs. Bungee Rebounder. You will also find a simple “what to consider when buying rebounders” guide on that blog.

We are not saying this to promote the sale of bungee rebounders. We are genuinely saying that bungee rebounders are actually good.


Which is better: bungee or spring rebounder?

Bungee rebounders are better than spring rebounders. Bungee rebounders are more durable, offer more controlled jumps, are more beneficial, burn more calories, and are safer than spring rebounders. So, if you can afford a bungee rebounder, you should definitely choose it over spring rebounders.

What kind of rebounder should I buy?

Spring rebounders are affordable but don’t have many flaws. They are not very reliable and you will most likely find yourself repairing or replacing parts of the spring rebounder frequently. Bungee rebounders, however, are very reliable and more beneficial with one downside that is being expensive. If you can afford it, we recommend you buy a bungee rebounder.


The thing about bungee rebounders is that they have a lot of space as compared to spring rebounders. Bungee rebounders offer a wide variety of exercise opportunities because of that wide jumping area.

Bungee rebounders are also safe on the joints and you will get less tired on them. As you get less tired of bungee rebounders, they are ideal for steady and long-term calorie burn.

Quick exercise session or long term; bungee rebounders support both exercise modules. You can train both the lower body and upper body with bungee rebounders.

This makes sense as to why everyone who plans to work out at home wants a bungee rebounder more than spring rebounders.

So, yes get yourself a rebounder from our list of the best bungee rebounder trampolines. We recommend you start with the JumpSport fitness rebounder as they are very durable.