Best Bristle Dartboard with Cabinet in 2021

The game of darts is one of the most favorite time pass games for most of us. You don’t need to be a professional to pick up some darts and hit the bullseye! If you are spending the weekend with your friends and familyat a party, a dartboard game can turn it into a truly memorable one!

But as it’s a game that you are probably not opting to play every day, it may seem quite a difficult task to get the best bristle dartboard with cabinet. To stretch a helping hand, we have come up with the reviews of some of the finest dartboards that you can get. So, without further ado, let’s hop in!

Best bristle dartboard with cabinet

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Here we take our picks of the top rated bristle dartboard and cabinet. Who made the top of our list? Here you go…

Best Quality Bristle DartBoard

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

Winmau Blade 5

Alternative: Winmau Diamond Plus

Why we picked it

  • World’s most advanced board, Endorsed by British Darts Organization (BDO).
  • Super durability.
  • Very thin wiring (14%) increases scoring area.

Best Quality Dartboard With Cabinet

EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboards and Cabinet Set

Why we picked it

  • Strong wooden box, very durable. Classy for any room.
  • 17.75-Inch board and all essential parts for dart match are included.
  • 6 steel tip darts with 6 flights included.

What Is a Bristle Dartboard, & What Is a Bristle Dartboard Made of?

Bristle dartboards are one of the oldest forms of game tools in darting history. These are the type of boards that had been in the pubs back in time. Usually, these are used in tournaments nowadays.

Although the name suggests otherwise, it is made from sisal or hemp. Sisal has an excellent quality of healing itself when torn and damaged by the repetitive hit from the darts.

Are Bristle Dartboards Good?

For those darters who are into playing with great-quality dartboards, bristle boards are a great option. These are usually used in tournaments, so it says a lot about their competency.

The sisal fiber made bristle boards surface can withstand a heavy blow from the darts. That’s because even if it gets stung by the dart for a great number of times, the holes get self-repaired.

Although these may be a bit dangerous if not handled properly, you can get an aesthetic playing experience with these.

Top Bristle Dart board Brands.

There are plenty of dartboard makers who make some of the best products in the market. But when it comes to singling out a few of these top-marketers, it gets a bit difficult.

Especially if you are looking for the best brands, you can always refer to Winmau, Unicorn, Viper, Nodor, DMI, and a few more brands. These manufacturers produce top-class bristle dartboards for professional use.

6 Best Bristle Dartboard Reviews

In this part, we will be reviewing the top 6 dart boards that don’t have a cabinet attached. So, let’s start.

1 - Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard.

The very first one on our list is from the big name in the dartboard industry. Yes, we are talking about Unicorn. With this one included in your game, you can take your dart game experience to the next level. It’s a full-on championship-style dartboard that gives you the feeling of a true sporting event. That, too, comes with a classic look!

This board is totally staple-free in construction. This means less wiring and more space to hit the scores. Plus, its staple-free bullseye lets you hit the center with more precision.

The fact that this specific board has been endorsed and promoted by the world championship should tell you enough about it. All the scoring segments are separated by ultra-thin separating options to meet the world-class standard.

Going totally staple-free in the bullseye zone made it easy for you to hit the target. The target area is increased, specifically speaking, for the doubles and trebles.

A good part of this setup is, it comes with a checkout chart, and you won’t be charged a penny for it.



2 - Winmau Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard.

Having more than 65 years of experience in producing dartboards and related equipment, Winmau comes with its winner series – the Diamond Plus. The best part of this board is its sisal base. You can’t expect something to be better than this one. It’s tough, it’s durable, and it’s rigid. Made from the top-quality East-African super dense sisal fiber, you can bet on its healing-power and rigidness.

Plus, the ‘wow factor’ that comes with the fiber is its self-healing technique. It makes sure that the fibers are tightly bound so that the base doesn’t get torn apart. That’s why you can expect it to last for years to come.

On top of all, this board is endorsed by the British Dart Organization. So, the next time you are playing with it, you can count yourself in an international competition in your own house. Nothing’s wrong in it, is there?

And the most satisfying part of it is the staple-free bullseye. It lets you score higher and count fewer bounce-outs for every shot.



3 - Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard.

At number three, we have the Winmau Blade 5. Its dual-core system has successfully gathered positive attention from most of the dartboard players.

Having an endorsement from the British Dart Organization is not the only achievement of it. It has got plenty of features to blow your mind. This one comes with a 14% thinner spider wire compared to its previous counterparts.

Why does this matter? Well, it pretty much widens the scoring surface, and at the same time, lowers the chances of the board to deflect away. That also applies even if you are hitting it with the darts.

One of the most impressive parts of the Blade 5 is that it comes with a tipple wheel lock system. This level-system makes it pretty convenient to place and mount it nearly in every possible place. It also makes it simpler to move the board from one place to another.

If you are really into fine-tuning your dartboard, then you might be interested to know that the bullseye ring is special here. It uses the Carbon diffusion technology that strengthens it about 20% than its previous models.



4 - Viper League Pro Dartboard.

If you are looking for a true pro dartboard, look no further. Introducing- the Viper League Pro.

This board is composed of high-quality sisal bristle fiber. Together, these are compressed to give the surface never-seen-before durability. You can bet on using it for a long period without any headache of wear and tear.

On the plus side, it comes with a staple-free bullseye. The days of bounce-outs when you throw the darts are finally over!

This one comes with a movable number ring for extra convenience. This extends and enhances the lifetime for the dartboard for some extra number of years.

As we said, this one will give you a truly professional feel. Take the size of it, for example. It has an 18-inch diameter size that is exactly the size for official tournament boards.

Above all, the wires used on the surface are rounded and galvanized. What this does is it allows the darts to slide off the board spider quickly. And then it hits the target area. It leaves no chance of a miss-hit.



5 - Viper Razorback Official Competition Sisal Board.

When durability meets true professional look, dartboards like Viper Razorback happens. Its top-notch look and heavy-duty build-quality can surely impress any darter in minutes.

To start with, this one is made from top-quality sisal bristle fibers. If you know what this type of fiber is, you can probably visualize the quality you are to get. Plus, the fiber is self-healer type, so it can promise you to last longer than your expectation.

Its staple-free spider takes full advantage of the thin wires of the surface to prevent bounce-outs. The wires are galvanized and, thus, appear quite thinner. This increases the surface area for a better playing experience.

If you are really keen to play on an actual tournament-type board, then we have got news for you. The Viper Razorback comes at an official tournament size. It measures exactly 18 inches in diameter, just like the official ones.

Other than all these amazing features, this one comes with a set of mounting hardware. It gets a lot easier for you to set the whole thing up in your comfortable place.



6 - Nodor SupaMatch Bristle Dartboard.

Our last pick for this list is the Nodor SupaMatch Board. Nodor has been around in this industry since 1927, boasting on its production of top-quality products.

The Nodor SupaMatch introduces an all-new staple-free wiring system. If you are familiar with the staple system, you may already understand the good things you enjoy in a staple-free board.

You get dramatically reduced bounce-outs, and your opportunity to score more increases at the same pace. Absolutely no reason not to go for it!

Instead of this stapled wire system, the SupaMatch is adorned with a premium tensile steel wiring system. This 3S premium wire is by far the most advanced wiring system for a dartboard.

Its multiple scoring zones are around 20% thinner than the regular ones. This means you get to score on a broader area.

The SupaMatch is designed with an all-new bullseye, and it also comes with a 25-ring setting. Plus, its Carbon fusion technology leads to an ultra-hard surface for the board. This increases the durability and performance of it.



6 Best Bristle Dartboard with Cabinet.

After the top 6 boards that come without a cabinet, here’s a list of boards that do have cabinets attached. It can certainly add more value to your game. Interested? Let’s find out!

1 - Viper Stadium Cabinet.

For our list of dartboards with cabinet, we have the Viper Stadium on the top. Due to its classic look and brilliant features, it had to be number one. This one comes with an inbuilt light on it. It makes it easy for you to play even if there is little light for clear visibility. This will illuminate the entire playing zone on the board.

The Viper stadium comes with a functional and spacious cabinet. It’s wide and quite durable. Because of the hardwood material, the cabinet should be able to withstand wear and tear for a very long time.

As for the board, it is made from sisal fibers. If you are already familiar with other top-quality dartboards, you may know that most of them are adopting this fiber. The main reason for this is that the sisal fiber has an excellent quality of self-healing.

No matter how hard you go on it, you can expect very few damage cases in the entire lifetime of it. Among the noteworthy features, the Viper Stadium comes with a lot of useful accessories with it to set it up. Plus, you get a dry erase scoreboard and marker, as well.



2 - Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet Dartboard.

For those of you who love elegance and quality at the same time should have a look at the Viper Metropolitan. This board introduces a staple-free bullseye that enhances the chances of your scoring better. Plus, it is made from sisal bristle fiber. This type of fiber has an amazing feature of healing on its own.

What makes it one of the most promising dartboards in the market is its compact cabinet. It’s made from 100% solid pine construction. This echoes long-lasting durability from every corner of it.

The surprising part of it is that you can choose from 4 different options for the cabinet. You can choose from Cinnamon, Espresso, Mahogany, or Oak construction according to your choice.

This cabinet also has self-closing hinges. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to close it. All it needs is just a little push. It will close all by itself.



3 - Viper Hudson All-in-One Solid Wood Cabinet Dartboard.

Like the previous Viper dartboards, the Hudson All-in-One dart center doesn’t disappoint. It also comes with a number of impressive add-ons and features that can work great for you.

This one is constructed from bristle fibers that are quite strongly compressed together. And this gives it a perfect durable composition for long-lasting durability.

Its staple-free bullseye is a plus for the darters who need precision in scoring. It lets the darts slide off and land on the target zones pretty effectively.

As for the cabinet, it’s totally a jackpot it has got here. Made from 100% solid pine construction with a mahogany finish, the cabinet is a true example of durable build-quality. You can find the strong box-joint quite effective for this cabinet.

It will protect the inside compartment by stopping the cabinet from slamming hard. Plus, it makes sure the doors are moving smoothly.

As an impressive add-on, this board comes with six inlaid slots that can be used to store and display darts.



4 - DMI Sports Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set.

Having a classic and stylish look while maintaining a durable quality is a rare combination in this game. But thanks to DMI Sports, that equilibrium isn’t an impossible point to reach.

The bristle dartboard from the house of DMI sports will take your eyes away from anything with its stunning gray look. This attractive wood grain lamination appearance blends perfectly in our modern décor.

On top of the setup, we have an LED light attached. The light makes the entire board and cabinet perfectly illuminated for better vision while playing.

It turns on automatically when you open the cabinet doors and turns off when you close it. Pretty smart and power-saving lighting, we must say.

The cabinet can be opened and closed without much of an effort spent. Made from top-quality wood, the cabinet will last for a long time, for sure.

Open up the cabinet doors; you can find three dart holders on each side for you to store the darts in place. Besides these superb add-ons, the package also packs in two dry erase scoreboards, marker pen, and eraser.



5 - DMI Sports Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set.

The Imperial NFL dart cabinet is a stand-out product for fans who like to get a team-feel in their game. This one is an officially licensed NFL dartboard. You get the feeling of association with your favorite team that you have been dreaming of.

The bristle surface is quite durable and allows heavy blow on it. You can tell it by its look and feel that it is going to last quite long, even after regular use.

On the other hand, the strong cabinet that comes with it is constructed from solid pine wood. It gives it a classic and sturdy look.

Apart from the board and darts, the package includes a couple of chalkboard scorers, eraser, and chalk. All of this equipment is made in the USA.

The cabinet inside has two separate storage for hanging the darts. A total of six storage options are available on the doors.



6 - Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet.

Last but not least, presenting the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard. This one with a classic finish gives you a vintage feel in your home. The cabinet is made from solid hardwood. Plus, it gives a rich and dark cherry finish that enhances the gravity of the look to a greater level.

Its 18-inch board is constructed by sisal fiber that comes with a quick-healing technique. This minimizes the rate of bounce-outs and promises long-lasting durability. It has a rounded targeting frame, which means you get plenty of protection from bounce-outs.

While opening and closing the cabinet door, you won’t feel a thing. Thanks to its high-quality hinges that are made from stainless steel. This ensures noiseless and smooth opening and closing every time.

You get a dry erase board on each of the cabinet doors. These integrated scoreboards come as quite useful when you have a serious game in your living room!

Apart from all these, the package includes 2 sets of darts. 3 darts on each set come with either American or British flag flights.



Why Use a Bristle Dartboard with the Cabinet?

A bristle dartboard with cabinet comes with plenty of useful features. First of all, you can keep the cabinet closed after you have used the board. This secures it from misuse by anyone and also keeps it safe from getting dirty.

Plus, a cabinet comes with a lot of storage, as well. You can keep darts and other gaming accessories in the storage area. Also, you can hang the darts from the cabinet for convenient use.

The Best Darts for Bristle Dartboard.

For bristle dartboard, you need to have steep tip darts. Soft tips darts may carry out the job, but it just won’t suit the bristle as the steel tip ones do. Steel tip darts will pinch through the sisal fibers for more accurate scoring.

Bristle Dartboard Rules.

Bristle dartboards have some pretty hard and strict rules that you need to follow. Here is a brief description of the rules.

  1. The height from the floor to the bullseye should be exactly 5 feet 8 inches.
  2. The distance from the throwing line to the bullseye should be 7 feet 9.25 inches for steel tip dart, and 8 feet for soft tip.
  3. It should not be hanging on the wall as a photo frame does. You need to use wood screws to keep it in an upright position. And the number 20 should be on the top. 
  4. The scoreboard will be placed either on the right or the left.

How to Hang Bristle Dartboard?

To hang the dartboard from the wall, it should have a bracket on the back of it. You need to use wood screws for this purpose. It’s better to avoid nails. The threads that are used in the screws will prevent the board from falling down.

Besides, you need to make sure that the board is flush. It should not lean in any direction from the wall. Check our detailed step by step article on How To Mount A Dartboard On Any Surface to know more.

Bristle Dartboard Care and Maintenance

Here are some pro tips to keep your bristle dartboard in tip-top condition for a long time.

How to Clean a Bristle Dartboard?

To clean the bristle dartboard, follow the steps below.

Common Bristle Dartboard Issues and How to Repair a Bristle Dartboard.

Some of the most common issues are early wearing and tearing, getting damp, having an air hole inside, and many more. To keep off these problems away and to repair it, you need to follow these golden rules.

  1. Rotate the dartboard once in a while, especially if it is already subjected to wear and tear on a specific side.
  2. Keep it away from liquid, water, or any damp and moist area.
  3. Sharpen the darts once in a while.
  4. Do not put excess weight on the board while hanging it from the wall.
  5. Clean it with wire brush regularly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

What dart boards do professionals use?

The professionals use mostly the boards that are sized at 18-inch in diameter. These boards are used in professional tournaments. Some brands that produce such boards are Unicorn, Winmau, DMI Bandit, etc.

How long does a bristle dartboard last?

A normal bristle dartboard will last about 4 years if you are going easy on it. But if you are planning to use it on a daily basis, the life expectancy can shrink down to 2 years max.

Can I use soft tip darts on a bristle dartboard?

Yes, you can safely use soft tip darts on a bristle dartboard. It is completely safe for both the board and the dart.

How long does it take to assemble a dartboard?

Well, it depends mostly on the board model. Some easy to assemble one may take a short time, while more complex models may take more than an hour. But usually, it may take about an hour to assemble a standard dartboard.

What is the ideal height for a dartboard cabinet?

If you are playing in official tournaments, you should be placing the bullseye at 5 feet 8 inches above the floor.

Final Thoughts…

So, that was the in-depth discussion on the best bristle dartboards and best bristle dartboards with cabinets. We hope our reviews, expert guidelines, and other buying guides will help you find out the most suitable one for you.

Among all the boards, more or less, every single one resembles the other in quality. But if you want to cut it short and go for one, you can make your move with Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center. It’s versatile and has got all the necessary features that a darting board must possess.

If you have any other choice as the ultimate one, do let us know in the comments!

Happy gaming!