10 Best Bird Seeds for Southern California – Keep Your Feathered Friends Happy and Healthy

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Bird watching is a popular pastime in Southern California, where a variety of colorful and unique bird species can be spotted year-round. To attract these feathered friends to your yard and keep them healthy and happy, providing the right bird seed is essential. With so many options available, choosing the best bird seed can be overwhelming. In this article, we will explore the top 10 bird seeds for Southern California, helping you make an informed decision to enhance your bird watching experience.

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Bestseller No. 1
Kaytee Southern Regional Wild Bird Blend, 7-Pound Bag
  • Kaytee Southern Regional Blend attracts more backyard birds.
  • Formula specially designed to attract regional birds.
  • Our regional seed blends have been independently field tested by researchers at leading universities and proven to attract more birds than either black oil sunflower seed or other non-regional blends.
  • Kaytee Southern Regional Wild Bird Blend
Bestseller No. 2
Kaytee Wild Bird Ultimate Birder's Blend Food Seed For Grosbeaks, Cardinals,...
  • Excellent, high nutrition wild bird food formulated by birding enthusiasts
  • Made with Safflower, Peanuts, Striped Sunflower and Millet
  • Specially blended for Grosbeaks, Cardinals, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Juncos & More!
  • Compatible with hopper, gazebo, and tube style bird feeders
  • Birds will frequent your feeders more often & stay longer if you provide a consistent, reliable source of high-energy seeds & blends from Kaytee
Bestseller No. 3
Kaytee Wild Bird Cardinal Blend Food Seed For Cardinals, Chickadees, Nuthatches...
  • Safflower's bitter taste helps discourage squirrels
  • Attracts cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, and grosbeaks
  • Mixes two Cardinal favorites
  • black oil sunflower and safflower seeds.
  • Kaytee Cardinal Blend
  • The Kaytee Cardinal Blend offers a premium mix of the foods cardinals enjoy most, such as black oil sunflower and safflower.
Bestseller No. 4
Valley Farms Super Deluxe Wild Bird Food (15 LBS)
  • Finch millet & White Millet: Also known as German Finch Millet, it is a favorite with Goldfinch, House Finch, and purple Finches. Millet provides essential nutrition to backyard birds such as vitamin B, protein, and it is packed with magnesium.
  • Sunflower Hearts: Sunflower seed without the shells are a superior source of fat, fiber, protein, and vitamins, providing excellent nutrition for all birds. Even small birds like the finch can feed on this type of sunflower being that there is no hard shell to break open. This conserves their energy, especially important in the cold winter months. Also, the consumer is not paying for the weight of sunflower shells which will only be discarded by the birds.
  • Valley Farms Super Deluxe wild bird food blend is the ultimate in bird feeding as it contains a complete variety of seed, nuts and even dried fruits to meet the preferences of almost any songbird in your area.
  • As the name implies, this is a well-balanced super blend of premium wild bird seed. Super Deluxe attracts most any kind of song bird across North America. Each of our finely selected seeds are vacuum cleaned in an extremely clean facility, made in the USA and guaranteed for freshness and quality.
Bestseller No. 5
Wagner's 62059 Greatest Variety Blend Wild Bird Food, 16-Pound Bag
  • Our best mix to attract the greatest variety of colorful songbirds
  • A gourmet blend with 11 different ingredients including 40% sunflower
  • Can be fed in a tube, hopper, or platform feeders
  • Highest quality grains used in blending
  • Made in the USA
Bestseller No. 6
Audubon Park Songbird Blend Wild Bird Food, Bird Food for Outside Feeders,...
  • Bring a variety of colorful songbirds to your backyard with this popular blend
  • Attracts finches, nuthatches, sparrows, juncos, chickadees, cardinals and buntings
  • Premium blend; white proso millet, black oil sunflower seeds, cracked corn, safflower seeds, chipped sunflower seeds (shell-free), peanuts and striped sunflower seeds
  • For use in hopper, tube or platform feeders
  • Family owned, American made
Bestseller No. 7
Wagner's 13008 Deluxe Wild Bird Food, 10 lb Bag
  • Attracts perching and ground birds
  • Contains sunflower and general purpose seeds
  • Moderately priced valued blend that gets the birds
  • Highest quality grains used
  • Made in the USA
Bestseller No. 8
Wagner's 62008 Western Regional Blend Wild Bird Food, 20-Pound Bag
  • Attracts many beautiful perching and ground feeding Western songbirds
  • Contains seeds that Western songbirds desire including sunflower and safflower
  • Can be fed in a tube, hopper, or platform feeders
  • Highest quality grains used in blending
  • Made in the USA
Bestseller No. 9
Wagner's 52003 Classic Blend Wild Bird Food, 6-Pound Bag
  • Classic wild bird food uses the highest quality grains to attract backyard wild Birds
  • A high-quality mix containing Millet, milo, cracked corn and Sunflower for a wide range of wild Birds to enjoy
  • Perfect for tube, hopper, or platform feeders
  • Great to feed in all seasons! Perfect for the winter, when seeds are scarce; spring and summer for hatchlings; and autumn to give energy to migrating Birds
  • This seed will help you fill your yard with birds such as Jays, cardinals, doves, Juncos, finches, goosebeaks any many more
Bestseller No. 10
Wagner's 62004 Eastern Regional Wild Bird Food, 20-Pound Bag
  • Attracts many beautiful perching and ground feeding Eastern songbirds
  • Contains seeds that Eastern songbirds desire including White Millet, Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Cracked Corn, Milo, Striped Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed
  • Can be fed in a tube, hopper, or platform feeders
  • Highest quality grains used in blending
  • Made in the USA