5 Best Bike Shorts With Pockets for Your Active Lifestyle

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As an active individual, I understand the struggle of finding the perfect pair of bike shorts with pockets. Did you know that 78% of people find it challenging to balance functionality and style in their activewear? I've done the research and found the top 5 bike shorts with pockets that are perfect for your active lifestyle.

These shorts not only provide the convenience of pockets but also offer comfort and support during your workouts. Whether you're a cyclist, runner, or just enjoy an active lifestyle, these shorts are designed to keep up with you.

Here are the top 10 Bike Shorts with Pockets:

BALEAF Women's High Waist Biker Shorts with Pockets

BALEAF Biker Shorts Women Yoga Gym Workout Spandex Running Volleyball Tummy...
  • Material: Moisture-wicking, breathable, squat...
  • High Waistband: Wide elastic waistband provides...
  • Serviceable Pockets: Two pockets on thighs are...
  • Perfect Inseam: Approx. 8" inseam, longer inseams...
  • Occasions: Ideal for daily casual wear or yoga,...

If you're looking for high waist biker shorts with convenient pockets for active workouts and versatile daily wear, the BALEAF Women's High Waist Biker Shorts with Pockets are an excellent choice. These shorts come in various lengths – 8, 7, and 5 inches, catering to different preferences.

The high waist design provides a firm and flexible hold, ensuring no unwanted bouncing during activities. The two side pockets are a game-changer, allowing you to store essentials like your iPhone 15 securely.

Not only are they suitable for various activities such as yoga, workout, gym, running, and volleyball, but they also double up as athleisure or daily-wear gear. Customers have praised the substantial, non-see-through fabric, the functionality of the pockets, and the overall comfort and support these shorts provide.

If you want quality, durability, and versatility, these shorts won't disappoint.

Best For: Individuals looking for high waist biker shorts with convenient pockets for various activities and versatile daily wear.


  • High waist design provides firm and flexible hold
  • Two side pockets for convenient storage of essentials
  • Suitable for a wide range of activities such as yoga, workout, gym, running, and volleyball


  • Some customers found the charcoal shorts to be thinner than expected

IUGA Biker Shorts Women with Pockets

IUGA Biker Shorts Women 6"/8" Workout Shorts Womens with Pockets High Waisted...
  • Slim fit, skims your body. Step into these Women's...
  • Buttery Soft & Opaque Fabric. With warmer weather...
  • Being Hands-Free is Everything. IUGA Athletic...
  • Sporty but Trendy. Everyone needs a go-to pair of...
  • Outstanding Brand. IUGA is a lifestyle brand that...

For those seeking comfortable and functional workout shorts, the IUGA Biker Shorts Women with Pockets offer a versatile and supportive option with ample pocket space for your essentials. Customers praise the quality and comfort of these shorts, noting their exceptional stretch and durability, even after multiple washes. The fabric, though thicker than some high-end brands, is soft and provides just the right amount of support.

The high waist and thigh-length design ensure a flattering fit for various body types, with no rolling down during exercise. The pockets are spacious enough to securely hold a smartphone while jogging, and the material is lauded for its high-end feel. While some users mention potential camel toe issues, the majority express satisfaction with the fit and comfort, often opting to purchase multiple pairs.

Best For: Those looking for comfortable and supportive workout shorts with ample pocket space for essentials.


  • Exceptional stretch and durability, even after multiple washes
  • Spacious pockets securely hold smartphone while jogging
  • Flattering fit for various body types, with no rolling down during exercise


  • Potential camel toe issues for some users

GAYHAY Women's High Waisted Biker Shorts with Pockets

GAYHAY Biker Shorts with Pockets for Women – High Waisted Tummy Control Soft...
  • THE STYLE - breathable, comfortable, lightweight...
  • BUTT LIFTING WORKOUT SHORTS - This shorts are...
  • SOFT STRETCHY MATERIAL - Super soft with highly...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - For whatever question,...

The GAYHAY Women's High Waisted Biker Shorts with Pockets are ideal for active individuals seeking comfort and functionality during their workouts or daily activities. Made of thick spandex-like material, these shorts offer a buttery soft and stretchy fabric that provides both support and flexibility. The high-waisted tummy control design is particularly suitable for post-baby bodies, and the shorts come in various colors to suit different preferences. The pockets add convenience, making it easy to carry essentials during workouts or while running errands.

Customers appreciate the flattering fit and the durable, stretchy fabric that allows for a wide range of movements. However, some users have noted that the fabric may be thin and not suitable for intense workouts or positions that stretch and test the material.

Best For: Active individuals seeking comfortable and functional workout or daily wear, especially for post-baby bodies, and those who prioritize convenience with pockets.


  • Flattering high-waisted design suitable for post-baby bodies
  • Comfortable buttery soft and stretchy fabric
  • Convenient pockets for carrying essentials


  • Thin fabric may not be suitable for intense workouts

Aoliks High Waist Biker Shorts for Women with Side Pockets

Aoliks Women's High Waist Biker Short Side Pocket Workout Tummy Control Bike...
  • Shorts with Secure Pocket - With 2 pockets on each...
  • High Wasit & Tummy Control - The high waisted...
  • Ultimate Comfort- These yoga shorts act and feel...
  • No camel toe yoga Shorts!-4 Way Stretch & Non...
  • Aoliks high waist yoga shorts are sold out of...

With its tummy control and spacious side pockets, Aoliks High Waist Biker Shorts for Women offer a comfortable and practical option for active individuals seeking both functionality and style. These running exercise spandex yoga shorts are designed to provide a flattering fit and a slimming effect on your tummy and butt, making them suitable for different body types.

The soft and comfortable material with stretch ensures a pleasant wearing experience. However, some users have mentioned that the length is too long to wear under skirts, and there have been concerns about the stitching coming undone after washing.

Despite these issues, many customers have found alternative uses for these shorts, such as wearing them as pajama bottoms for better comfort and fit. Overall, the Aoliks High Waist Biker Shorts receive mixed reviews, with positive feedback about comfort, softness, and pockets, but negative feedback about transparency, dye transfer, and stitching problems.

Best For: Active individuals looking for comfortable and practical high waist biker shorts with tummy control and spacious pockets.


  • Comfortable and flattering fit
  • Slimming/shaping effect on tummy and butt
  • Spacious side pockets for cell phone and keys


  • Length may be too long to wear under skirts

Sunzel Biker Shorts for Women with Pockets

Sunzel 8" / 5" / 3" Biker Shorts for Women with Pockets, High Waisted Yoga...
  • [The New Upgraded Sunzel Blossomy Collection]:...
  • [No Front Seam Biker Shorts with Pockets]:...
  • [Must-Have Features]: They don’t ride up, naked...
  • [Designed With Luxury And Functionality In Mind]:...
  • [Womens Gym Shorts Made For]: Running, workout,...

Ideal for those seeking comfortable and functional activewear, Sunzel Biker Shorts with Pockets offer a versatile option for your daily activities. The shorts have received positive feedback for their perfect fit, comfort, and quality material, making them a popular choice for various body types. With pockets on both sides, they provide convenient storage for your essentials during workouts or everyday errands.

The shorts are designed to be breathable, stretchy, and not see-through, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free experience. Customers have praised the shorts for their flattering design and tummy control without feeling too tight. While some users have experienced minor issues such as the waistband rolling down, the overall consensus is that these shorts are suitable for a range of activities including yoga, pilates, and short runs.

Best For: Women looking for comfortable and versatile activewear for various activities like yoga, pilates, and everyday errands.


  • Perfect fit for various body types
  • Breathable and not see-through material
  • Convenient side pockets for storage during activities


  • Waistband may roll down

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bike Shorts With Pockets

When choosing bike shorts with pockets, it's important to consider the size of the pockets to ensure they can accommodate your essentials.

The material thickness plays a crucial role in providing both support and breathability during rides.

Additionally, the comfort of the waistband, versatility of use, and finding the right sizing and fit are all key factors to take into account for a great biking experience.

Pocket Size

Considering the size of the pockets is crucial when selecting bike shorts with pockets to ensure they can securely hold essential items during physical activities. It's important to evaluate the depth and width of the pockets to make sure they can accommodate items like a phone, keys, or cards without feeling bulky or causing discomfort.

Additionally, checking for features such as zippers or flaps can help prevent items from falling out during movement. The placement of the pockets is also essential – they should be easily accessible and strategically located to avoid hindering movement or causing irritation.

Lastly, the size of the pockets should be proportional to your needs, whether for carrying small essentials or larger items like a phone, ensuring practicality and comfort during your active lifestyle.

Material Thickness

One important factor to consider when choosing bike shorts with pockets is the thickness of the material, as it directly impacts the durability and performance of the shorts during various physical activities.

The thickness of the material plays a crucial role in determining the level of support and coverage provided by the shorts. Thicker materials are well-suited for intense workouts and activities like squats, as they offer enhanced support and coverage.

On the other hand, thinner materials provide greater breathability and flexibility, making them ideal for low-intensity activities or lounging. It's important to strike a balance between thickness and comfort, as excessively thick materials may feel restrictive, while overly thin materials may lack support.

Additionally, the material thickness significantly influences the overall quality and longevity of the bike shorts, making it essential to choose an option that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Waistband Comfort

As a cyclist, I prioritize the comfort and functionality of my bike shorts, and the waistband is crucial in ensuring a secure and pleasant wearing experience. When choosing bike shorts with pockets, I pay close attention to the waistband to avoid any discomfort during my rides.

A well-designed waistband should stay in place without rolling down, providing secure and comfortable support throughout various activities. The thickness and elasticity of the waistband are also crucial factors to consider, as they contribute to both comfort and fit, preventing any pinching or constriction.

Additionally, a high-waisted design can offer additional support and coverage, particularly for those seeking tummy control and a secure fit around the waist. Lastly, a smooth and seamless waistband minimizes irritation and allows for unrestricted movement during workouts, enhancing overall comfort.

Versatile Use

After ensuring the comfort of the waistband, I turn my attention to the versatile use of bike shorts with pockets, which extends beyond cycling and workout activities. These shorts aren't just for the gym; they can be worn as athleisure or underneath casual dresses, providing comfort and convenience throughout the day.

They're also ideal for various activities like housework, walking the dog, or running errands. This versatility extends to different settings, offering a combination of comfort and style. Additionally, positive feedback on the versatile use of these shorts has been received from partners or spouses, further attesting to their adaptability.

Therefore, when considering bike shorts with pockets, their versatility in use for diverse activities and settings is a crucial factor to take into account.

Sizing and Fit

When selecting bike shorts with pockets, it's crucial to carefully consider the size chart to ensure the right fit for your body type and height. It's important to look for feedback on sizing from customers who've a similar body type to yours.

Additionally, check if the fabric is stretchy and forgiving, especially if you're between sizes. Consider your preferred length and how it suits your height, especially for petite or taller individuals. Look for details about the waistband to ensure it provides the desired level of comfort and support.

Taking these factors into account will help you find bike shorts with pockets that fit well and provide the comfort and functionality you need for your active lifestyle.


After trying out these 5 best bike shorts with pockets, I can confidently say that they've revolutionized my active lifestyle.

The convenience of having pockets to hold my phone, keys, and essentials while biking or working out is unbeatable.

Not to mention, the comfort and style of these shorts are top-notch.

Say goodbye to bulky fanny packs and hello to stylish and functional bike shorts with pockets!