5 Best Bike GPS Trackers for Keeping Your Ride Safe and Secure

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As you navigate through bustling city streets or wind along tranquil countryside paths, envision a sense of security knowing your bike is safeguarded. Imagine effortlessly tracking your ride's every move with precision and ease. These five top-tier bike GPS trackers offer a blend of cutting-edge technology and reliable performance to keep your two-wheeled companion safe and secure. But which one will emerge as the ultimate choice for your biking adventures? Find out as we explore the features and benefits that set these trackers apart, ensuring your peace of mind on every journey.

Here are the top 10 bike GPS trackers.

PerfiPro Airtag Bike Mount for Apple Airtag

PerfiPro Airtag Bike Mount, Hidden Bike GPS Tracker Case for Apple Airtag,...
  • ✅【HIDDEN DESIGN】Airtag bike mount looks like...
  • ✅【ROBUST & DURABLE】Our bike GPS tracker...
  • ✅【WATERPROOF & DUSTPROOF】Airtag holder has a...
  • ✅【UNOBSTRUCTED SIGNAL】The metal and carbon...
  • ✅【ADJUSTABLE】The circle diameter and angle...

If you prioritize hidden design and robust construction in your bike GPS tracker, the PerfiPro Airtag Bike Mount for Apple Airtag is your top choice. With its concealed design to deter theft and durable construction, this tracker ensures your peace of mind while out on your rides.

The waterproof and dustproof features provide added protection, and the unobstructed signal transmission keeps you connected at all times. Its adjustability caters to various bike types, making it a versatile option for cyclists of different preferences.

The compact dimensions and lightweight build make it convenient to mount on your bike without adding unnecessary bulk. With positive feedback on installation ease and effectiveness, users appreciate the security and thoughtful design of this product.

Best For: Those who value a discreet design and durable construction in their bike GPS tracker.


  • Hidden design deters theft effectively.
  • Robust and durable construction ensures longevity.
  • Waterproof and dustproof features provide added protection.


  • Some users mention minor rusting issues with screws.

Cycloop Bike GPS Tracker with Mobile App and Embedded eSIM

Cycloop Bike GPS Tracker - Smart Bike Tracker Anti Theft GPS with Mobile APP and...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Protecting your bike against...
  • STAY PROTECTED FOR LONGER - Our GPS tracker for...
  • BE ALERTED IMMEDIATELY - Using an intuitive key...
  • ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM - Stay prepared for when thieves...
  • READY FOR ALL WEATHER - Come rain, wind or snow,...

For cyclists seeking a reliable anti-theft solution with long-lasting battery performance, the Cycloop Bike GPS Tracker with Mobile App and Embedded eSIM stands out as a top choice. This tracker offers easy installation on the bike's seat tube using provided screws and is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 months. With alerts through a key fob and app for unauthorized movement, it provides peace of mind against bike theft in high-risk areas. The integrated international eSIM card comes with 2 months of free subscription, and the device is virtually damage and tamper-proof. Additionally, its IP65 weatherproof rating ensures it's all-weather ready, making it a reliable option for keeping your ride safe and secure.

Best For: Cyclists looking for a reliable anti-theft solution with long-lasting battery performance.


  • Easy installation on the bike's seat tube with provided screws.
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery lasting up to 12 months.
  • Alerts through key fob and app for unauthorized movement.


  • Limited to cellular connectivity only.

Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Kids, and More

Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker - for Vehicles, Cars, Motorcycles, Bikes, Kids -...
  • PROTECT & TRACK 24/7 — Mini GPS tracker for...
  • EXCEPTIONAL BATTERY LIFE: Car tracking device to...

When tracking vehicles, kids, or more, the Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker stands out for its exceptional battery life and compact design. With up to 120 hours of battery life in motion and 4 months while stationary, this tracker offers extended usage without frequent recharges.

Its real-time GPS tracking capabilities, coupled with motion and tilt alerts, provide added security for your valuables and loved ones. Suitable for various applications including vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, and even kids, the tracker's compact and lightweight design ensures easy concealment.

For just $9.99 per month, or $6.25 per month with long-term prepayment, you can benefit from 24/7 monitoring and protection. Keep track of your assets and family members with the reliable Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker.

Best For: Families and individuals seeking an affordable and long-lasting GPS tracking solution for vehicles, kids, and valuables.


  • Exceptional battery life with up to 120 hours in motion and 4 months stationary.
  • Real-time GPS tracking along with motion and tilt alerts for added security.
  • Compact, concealable, and lightweight design suitable for various applications.


  • Mixed reviews on accuracy, real-time updates, and connectivity.

Airtag Bike Mount for Apple Airtags & Garmin Varia

Airtag Bike Mount, Hidden Bicycle Seatpost Mount Compatible with Apple Airtags &...
  • 【HIDDEN DESIGN】Hidden mode for added more...
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】Easy to install with the...
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY】IP68 Waterproof Level - the...
  • 【PROTECTION】The minimalist design of the...

With its hidden design and high-visibility reflector, the Airtag Bike Mount for Apple Airtags & Garmin Varia offers cyclists a sleek and secure tracking solution. This mount features easy installation with a quarter-turn function, making it effortless to attach to your bike. Constructed from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, it ensures durability in various conditions. The minimalist design not only adds a touch of style but also includes a reflector for enhanced visibility during low-light rides. With a satisfaction guarantee, you can trust in the reliability of this product.

Compact in size, measuring 2.3 x 2.02 x 2.94 inches and weighing 2.89 ounces, this mount is compatible with Apple Airtags and Garmin Varia, making it suitable for mountain bikes, electric bicycles, and scooters.

Best For: Cyclists looking for a secure and stylish tracking solution for their bikes.


  • Hidden design for added security
  • Easy installation with quarter-turn function
  • High-quality, weather-resistant materials


  • Some reported issues with fit

COOSPO Wireless GPS Bike Computer with Bluetooth/ANT

COOSPO Bike Computer Wireless GPS, Cycling Computer GPS Bike Tracker with...
  • Note: Packaging has been upgraded, please purchase...
  • SMALL BUT POWERFUL: Using BC107 GPS bike computer,...
  • GPS AND BEIDOU POSITIONING: BC107 has 2 modes of...
  • ANT+ SENSOR COMPATIBILITY: Built for both budget...

Choosing the COOSPO Wireless GPS Bike Computer with Bluetooth/ANT ensures accurate data tracking for cyclists seeking a compact and lightweight GPS device. This small yet powerful BC107 GPS bike computer offers global positioning accuracy with GPS and Beidou technology. Its compatibility with ANT+ sensors for heart rate, speed, and cadence monitoring enhances your cycling experience.

The CoospoRide app support allows seamless data sync to Strava, simplifying your post-ride analysis. Customers appreciate the affordability and precision of this device, recommending the bundled set with sensors for added functionality. While some users noted minor issues like temperature accuracy, the overall value and performance of the COOSPO bike computer make it a worthy alternative to more expensive brands like Garmin.

Upgrade your cycling adventures with the COOSPO Wireless GPS Bike Computer.

Best For: Cyclists and hikers seeking an affordable and accurate GPS bike computer solution.


  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability.
  • ANT+ sensor compatibility for advanced monitoring capabilities.
  • Seamless data sync to Strava for convenient post-ride analysis.


  • Issues with temperature accuracy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bike GPS Tracker

When choosing a bike GPS tracker, I consider key features, installation process, battery life, tracking accuracy, and subscription options. These factors play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness and convenience of the tracker for my biking needs.

Key Features

When selecting a bike GPS tracker, it's crucial to consider key features that enhance the safety and security of your ride. Look for trackers with real-time tracking capabilities for accurate monitoring of your bike's location. Opt for devices with a long battery life to ensure continuous operation and peace of mind during your rides.

Anti-theft features such as tamper-proof design and motion alerts can greatly enhance the security of your bike. Evaluate subscription costs and coverage areas to find a tracker that fits your budget and location needs.

Additionally, ensure compatibility with your devices and sensors for seamless integration and comprehensive cycling data analysis.

Installation Process

Considering the ease of installation is paramount when selecting a bike GPS tracker. Ensuring a seamless and uncomplicated setup process is crucial. It's essential to choose a tracker that can be easily installed on your bike without the need for professional assistance. Look for trackers that provide detailed instructions and include all necessary mounting hardware to facilitate a hassle-free setup.

Additionally, consider the size and design of the tracker to ensure it fits securely and inconspicuously on your bike. Check compatibility with your bike's frame or seat tube for seamless integration. Verify whether the tracker requires any specialized tools or skills for installation to avoid any complications during the setup process.

Battery Life

To maximize the efficiency of your bike GPS tracker, evaluating its battery life is crucial for uninterrupted tracking. Longer battery life allows for extended tracking periods without the need for frequent recharging. The duration of battery life can vary significantly, ranging from a few days to several months, depending on the tracker model and your usage patterns.

Factors such as tracking frequency, GPS signal strength, and battery capacity all play a role in determining the overall battery life of the device. Some trackers also offer features like low-power modes or sleep modes to help conserve battery when the tracker isn't actively in use.

When selecting a bike GPS tracker, it's essential to consider the trade-off between battery life and the features you require to ensure it meets your tracking needs effectively.

Tracking Accuracy

Evaluating the tracking accuracy of a bike GPS tracker is essential when selecting a device for monitoring and recovery purposes. High tracking accuracy ensures precise location information crucial for quick bike retrieval. Factors such as satellite signal strength, device sensitivity, and environmental conditions impact the tracker's accuracy.

Advanced GPS technologies like GLONASS and Galileo utilize multiple satellite systems to enhance accuracy. Real-time tracking capabilities offer immediate location updates, enabling accurate monitoring of bike movements. Choosing a GPS tracker with features like geofencing and motion alerts can further improve tracking accuracy and bolster security measures.

Prioritizing tracking accuracy in a bike GPS tracker is fundamental for effectively safeguarding your ride.

Subscription Options

I prioritize affordability and service quality when exploring subscription options for bike GPS trackers. When considering subscription plans, it's essential to evaluate the cost, terms, and features offered.

Look for packages that include real-time tracking services, geofencing, motion alerts, and historical route tracking. Additionally, consider the coverage area and network reliability associated with each subscription option to ensure seamless tracking of your bike.

Check for any hidden fees or extra charges that may impact the overall cost. Compare subscription durations (monthly or annual) and look for discounts on long-term commitments to maximize the value for your tracking needs.

Device Compatibility

Considering compatibility is paramount when selecting a bike GPS tracker to ensure seamless integration with your bike and devices. Make sure the GPS tracker is compatible with your bike's make and model, ensuring a proper fit.

Check if the tracker is compatible with your smartphone's operating system, whether iOS or Android, for smooth connectivity. Verify if the tracker supports additional sensors such as heart rate and cadence monitors if you require these features.

Consider the connectivity options like Bluetooth, ANT+, or cellular networks based on your preferences. Lastly, look for trackers that integrate well with popular fitness apps like Strava for effortless data sharing and analysis during your rides.

Compatibility plays a crucial role in maximizing the functionality of your bike GPS tracker.

User Experience

When selecting a bike GPS tracker, ensuring a seamless user experience involves considering factors such as accuracy, ease of installation, and app functionality. Positive experiences often stem from effortless setup, reliable tracking performance, and user-friendly software interfaces.

Connectivity issues, inaccurate data, or complex app navigation can detract from user satisfaction. Feedback on battery life, signal strength, and durability significantly influences overall user satisfaction with a bike GPS tracker.

Personal preferences for features like geofencing, real-time alerts, and data visualization can also impact user opinions on different tracker models. Prioritizing a smooth and intuitive user experience can enhance the effectiveness and enjoyment of utilizing a bike GPS tracker.

Warranty Coverage

For prospective buyers of bike GPS trackers, evaluating the warranty coverage is vital for safeguarding against potential defects or issues that may arise. Most warranties for bike GPS trackers typically last between 1 to 2 years, offering protection against malfunctions. Some warranties may include benefits like free repairs, replacements, or technical support.

It's essential to carefully review the warranty terms to understand any exclusions or limitations that could impact your coverage. Additionally, extended warranty options might be available for purchase to extend the standard coverage period.

Familiarizing yourself with the warranty process, including how to make claims and the necessary documentation required, can help ensure a seamless experience if a warranty-related issue occurs.


Overall, having a bike GPS tracker is essential for keeping your ride safe and secure.

With the advanced technology available today, there are plenty of options to choose from that offer real-time tracking, mobile app integration, and other useful features.

By investing in a reliable bike GPS tracker, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bike is protected and can easily be located in case of theft or emergencies.