Zupapa VS Skywalker Trampolines. Which brand is better?

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There are many trampoline brands out there. In this industry, there are only a few brands that stand out. Zupapa and Skywalker are one of those few trampoline brands that have stood out. Now, wouldn’t it be better if you had a comparison chart showing all the differences between them?

It would have helped you so much to make the quick buying decision. A chart to help you learn all about their offerings, price, conditions, product construction, and even their company background.

Now it is very difficult to showcase the differences between all these trampoline brands. So we have decided to differentiate only two of the popular brands. Hence, we have made this blog about Zupapa Vs Skywalker Trampolines.

These two brands are popular and offer trampolines that are easy to assemble and utilize. They are very beginner-friendly and reliable for long-term use.

Zupapa VS Skywalker Brand Comparison

Let’s get one thing cleared Zupapa only makes round shape trampolines. Unlike Skywalker trampolines, they don’t have many shapes available. So, shapes will not be considered while we compare the two brands.

Now let’s get on with their comparison.

CategoriesZupapa TrampolinesSkywalker Trampolines
Trampoline SizeZupapa has average to large-size trampolines. Starting from 10 ft to 15 ft trampolines. They even have fitness rebounders.Skywalker has all sizes of trampolines. They have mini trampolines for kids and toddlers as well.
Netting styleZupapa has 2 different styles of netting. Saffun (Safe + Fun) option has the net on the outside for more space.
Safump (Safe + Jump) option has the net on the inside of the ring.
Skywalker has its patent design for having the net inside the spring ring to eliminate gaps inside the enclosure.
BuildZupapa uses high-quality materials for their trampoline builds.Skywalker uses galvanized solid steel to make their trampoline frames.
PriceZupapa trampolines are expensive compared to Skywalker trampolines and other brands.Skywalker trampolines are more affordable.
WarrantyZupapa trampolines offer a crazy 10-year warranty on the trampoline frame.Skywalker offers only a 3-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year on other parts.
Safety CertificationZupapa trampolines are safety approved by TUV a German-based testing company.Skywalker trampolines are ASTM approved which is U.S. based.

Are Zupapa Trampolines Better than Skywalker Trampolines?

Zupapa trampolines are new in the trampoline market and their popularity is uprising. They are competing with age-old trampoline brands like Skywalker (as the topic of our blog) to take the highest position in the trampoline industry.

To answer the question of whether Zupapa trampolines are better than other brands such as Skywalker (for example) we need to find out their advantage. We need to know what new feature they are offering to win the competition.

If you look at all the trampolines of Zupapa, you will see that all of their trampolines have something more than their competitors. Zupapa trampolines have longer net poles, more springs, stronger frames, thicker poles, and stronger nets. All of these mean more safety, stronger bounce, more weight loading capacity, more durability, and so on. These small advantages make them deliver better trampolines and help them climb the rank.

Take Skywalker for comparison and you will find Zupapa winning every round. Now, that doesn’t mean Skywalker is a weak brand.

Zupapa trampolines only come in blue color. Zupapa trampoline mats even have different designs. They are made only in one shape and that is round. Zupapa doesn’t offer any free basketball games with their trampolines (not all the time).

Oh and don’t forget the warranty. Zupapa is the only brand that provides the longest warranty on trampoline frames. A whopping 10-year warranty on just the trampoline frame and 2 years on other parts.

The sad news is that they are very expensive.

Well, better quality will obviously demand more money, right? Yes, it does.

So to truly answer the question is Zuapap better than Skywalker? Well kind of. We will just leave it to you.

Are Skywalker Trampolines Better than Zupapa Trampolines?

Now, the question is being asked to the opposition. Is Skywalker a better brand than Zupapa?

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Well, again let’s look at what Skywalker has to offer to the market.

Skywalker trampolines come in different colors. Their color palette is not limited to only blue. They even have different shapes of trampolines. The same size of the trampoline can be found in 4 different shapes. What’s more? These trampolines are affordable. Skywalker has its popular rectangular trampolines readily available.

Skywalker trampolines don’t have extra-long and thick net poles or extra springs to make them more bouncy. Skywalker trampolines are just normal trampolines that are durable and bouncy. Now they are not weak in bounce but compared to Zupapa, Skywalker trampolines have a low weight limit and weak bounce.

Don’t think Skywalker trampolines aren’t safe. They are all tested and approved by ASTM, an international testing company.

You will find that in some or more cases Zupapa trampolines just offer more numbers, nothing out of this world. Well, we guess those numbers are the main reason why Zupapa trampolines are expensive and Skywalker trampolines are affordable.

This makes Skywalker trampolines not necessarily better than Zupapa, but a smarter choice for budget-friendly buyers. And that is where we will end our opinion. The rest is up to you.

Zupapa Brand Background

Zupapa brand claims to be the best seller of trampolines right now. With their bouncy and durable trampolines, they are starting to become very popular. Their main objective is to promote daily exercise with family fun.

They spend a lot on the quality of the product, mainly the materials they buy. They have this motto of bringing the best trampoline in the market that will ensure safety 100%.

All of their trampolines are tested and approved by TUV, a German-based testing company. They are basically a third party who tests the materials used in the making of trampolines. They are the ones who make sure all the trampolines meet the standards and minimum safety requirements.

Zupapa trampolines are available everywhere in America. Their focus is to promote fun and exercise along with a healthy life.

Skywalker Brand Background

Skywalker is an old company that still builds the perfect trampolines that are affordable. They are very popular for being readily available at all times. The most searched and demanded trampoline design in America is the round shape 8 ft or 10 ft trampoline.

Now, Skywalker delivers this design of the trampoline very well. They have one of the best round shape trampolines and they are affordable as well. Unlike other brands, Skywalker trampolines are actually budget-friendly and are worth the money.

They have other sizes and shapes as well. The best part about Skywalker trampolines is that they have so many colors.

Skywalker trampolines have their patented design for the no-gap enclosure. It means that they have this design of fixing the enclosure inside the outer frame, keeping the springs outside. This design eliminates all the gaps inside the net enclosure which eliminates pinching hazards.

Skywalker has been making trampolines with this design of enclosure since 2004. Their main objective is to promote safety and fun for the entire family.

Skywalker trampolines are ASTM-approved which is a US-based company that works internationally. They have not only reached the minimum safety standard but exceeded them.

15 ft Zupapa VS Skywalker Trampolines Comparison Review

Let’s talk about both of these brands’ 15 ft trampoline reviews.

Zupapa 15 ft Trampoline

Zupapa trampolines are starting to become really popular. In fact, they are one of the popular trampoline brands. Their 15 ft trampolines are the biggest and largest. Unfortunately, they don’t build trampolines bigger than this.

Key Features:

  1. This Zupapa trampoline is 15 feet in size with a round shape.
  2. Full galvanized steel frames.
  3. The maximum weight load capacity is 425 lbs.
  4. The trampoline has 108 springs.
  5. 10 years warranty on the frame and 2 years on other parts.
  6. The trampoline weight is 230 lbs.

In-depth review

Zupapa trampolines are known to have the most springs and the strongest bounce. You don’t need to worry about pinching or stepping on the springs. Zupapa trampolines are TUV and ASTM certified for safety. They have zero chance of pinching.

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Zupapa trampolines also have one of the highest weight load capacities, this trampoline is no exception. The coolest part about Zupapa trampolines is the warranty period. Zupapa provides the longest 10 years warranty in the market just on the trampoline frame.


  1. Long 10 years warranty on the frame.
  2. A high weight load and a solid bounce.
  3. Great customer service.
  4. Wide jumping surface.


  1. Only the blue color is available.
  2. High in price.
  3. Enclosure netting is outside the outer ring.

Skywalker 15 ft Jump N’ Dunk

The Skywalker trampolines are also quite the popular brand in the trampoline industry. They are mostly known for offering high-quality trampolines at an affordable price range. This Skywalker trampoline is huge but not the largest. The largest version of Skywalker trampolines would be the 16 ft one. One good thing about Skywalker trampolines is the availability of different shapes.

Key Features:

  1. Round shape 15 feet trampoline available in different colors.
  2. The maximum Weight loading capacity is 200 lbs.
  3. Trampoline weight 190 lbs.
  4. The total number of springs is 96.
  5.  ASTM approved.
  6. Comes with a free basketball hoop and a basketball.

In-depth review

This 15 ft trampoline is available in different colors. It comes with a free basketball hoop attached and a basketball made of foam.

Skywalker trampolines are known for their patented design for eliminating gaps. All of their trampolines are ASTM-approved. So you have nothing to worry about once you buy one of their trampolines.

Skywalker trampolines are very durable as well. And the 3 years warranty makes them worth the spending.


  1. Affordable, regardless of the market condition.
  2. Comes with a Jump N’ Dunk basketball hoop.
  3. Enough warranty periods on the frame.
  4. Strong customer service.


  1. Very low weight loading capacity compared to size.
  2. Ladder and wind stakes need to be bought separately.

Average size Trampolines Comparison Reviews

Let’s review the average size 10 ft and 8 ft trampolines of both brands. All of these can be used as outdoor trampolines.

Zupapa 10 ft Trampoline Review

You already know about Zupapa trampolines by now. This trampoline by Zupapa is a 10 ft normal-sized trampoline. Zupapa always focuses on safety and fun. This trampoline has both the weight capacity and the safety features to protect the jumpers.

Key Features:

  1. Round shape 10 ft trampoline only available in neon blue color.
  2. Highest recommended weight 375 lbs.
  3. The trampoline only weighs 120 lbs.
  4. The frame is made of alloy steel.
  5. Comes with a ladder with non-slip steps.
  6. Again, long 10-year warranty on the frame and 2 years on other parts.

In-depth review

It has thick steel pipes for net poles, which they claim to be thicker than average trampolines. The W-shaped legs of this trampoline give so much sturdiness and stability. The bounce is of higher quality as well. They have added 12 more springs than the average trampolines on the market. You can clearly say that they are dedicated to delivering their motto.

Zupapa’s poles are also longer than what other trampoline brands offer. Also, don’t forget about their long warranty period.


  1. Kids above the age of 6 love it.
  2. Have enough weight load for a kids trampoline.
  3. Long steel poles for added safety.
  4. Excellent bounce.


  1. The net attachment might be weak.

Skywalker Trampolines 8-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline Review

Skywalker has this mission for delivering fun and exercise trampolines to kids and families. This 8 ft trampoline which is very popular in demand fits perfectly in the role and in size. We mean literally, this trampoline will fit in your backyard because of its small size.

In-depth review

This trampoline is a kid’s favorite for being so small. What’s even better about this trampoline is that it has a free basketball hoop included with the package. Don’t forget the warranty on this trampoline too as part of the Skywalker brand’s dedication.


  1. Perfect for 8-year-old kids and those aged below.
  2. Free basketball setup.
  3. Fits almost all backyard small spaces.


  1. Weight capacity is very low.

Skywalker VS Zupapa Kids Trampoline Comparison Review

Now, let’s review the mini trampolines for kids and toddlers of these two brands.

Zupapa Trampoline for Kids and Toddlers Review

This Zupapa trampoline is only for kids or toddlers. The recommended age for this trampoline is between 2 and 8 years old, although parental supervision is advised for children under the age of 4.

Key Features:

  1. This Zupapa Trampoline for kids and toddlers is available in 54 inches and 66 inches.
  2. The recommended age is between 2 and 8 years for kids.
  3. The basketball hoop comes free with it and it is removable.
  4. The 47-inch safety net is sewn to the jumping mat to eliminate pinching hazards.
  5. The trampoline has 6 arched legs to prevent tipping over.

In-depth review

As always Zupapa tries to maintain the safety of its users and in this case, they are more careful. The trampoline has zero pinching hazards because the safety is sewn directly to the jumping mat.

No gaps, springs, or exposed parts inside the jumping area. Long net poles and unique arched leg design keep keeps the kids inside while preventing the trampoline from tipping over.

Zupapa will give you clear instructions for assembling the trampoline to make it easier and faster. It is a solid bang for the buck in our book.


  1. Perfect safety enclosure for toddlers.
  2. Very sturdy and stable design.
  3. Clear and easy instructions.


  1. Very little jumping area.
  2. Kids quickly outgrow this trampoline.

Skywalker Mini Trampoline Review

Skywalker has this mission for delivering fun and exercise trampolines to kids and families. This 8 ft trampoline which is very popular in demand fits perfectly in the role and in size. We mean literally, this trampoline will fit in your backyard because of its small size.

Key Features:

  1. Round shape 8 feet trampoline.
  2. Full body made of alloy steel.
  3. The maximum recommended weight is 175 lbs.
  4. The trampoline weight is 75 lbs.
  5. The total number of springs is 56.
  6. Again, the 3-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on other parts.

In-depth review

This trampoline is a kid’s favorite for being so small. What’s even better about this trampoline is that it has a free basketball hoop included with the package. Don’t forget the warranty on this trampoline too as part of the Skywalker brand’s dedication.


  1. Perfect for 8-year-old kids and those aged below.
  2. Free basketball setup.
  3. Fits almost all backyard small spaces.


  1. Weight capacity is very low.


Is Skywalker a good trampoline brand?

Skywalker is a reliable and affordable trampoline brand. That is probably why it is a very popular brand. They have trampolines in different shapes and colors. They are ASTM safety standards approved and they have a special No-gap net enclosure design patent for safety.

Is Zupapa a good brand?

Zupapa is an uprising trampoline brand. They are TUV certified and they also have a no-gap design for safety. However, Zupapa trampolines are very expensive but worth the money. Their trampolines are stronger and can hold more weight.

Is Zupapa a safe trampoline?

Zupapa Trampolines are new to the trampoline industry but they are getting popular. Their trampolines are certified by the TUV SUD and they have not met but exceeded all safety standards. So yes, we can be sure that Zupapa is a safe trampoline brand.

How long do Skywalker trampolines last?

Skywalker trampolines can last from 2 years to 6 years or even more. This depends on the maintenance and care. Skywalker trampolines usually come with a lot of resistance.

Final Thoughts

Well now that you have seen the differences between them, you have now realized which is better than which one. We think it’s a close call as both of these trampoline brands are great and one has perks over the other.

Zupapa trampolines are very expensive. Even their smaller trampolines or the simplest models are a bit costly. Skywalker on the other hand is affordable. That doesn’t mean Skywalker doesn’t have expensive models or that Skywalker trampolines are not high in quality.

Zupapa trampolines have different sizes available but only make round shapes. Skywalker has so many shapes, sizes, and colors of trampolines readily available. Skywalker trampolines are also very easy to assemble as compared to Zupapa trampolines. Whatever difference we present, it is ultimately up to you to decide the right one for you. We hope you found our blog helpful. That’s it for the Zupapa Vs. Skywalker trampolines.

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