Best Zupapa trampoline reviews – Read This Before Buying

Think about one of your purchase decisions for electric gadgets like smartphones. What comes to your mind at first when deciding to purchase a smartphone? Configuration or brand? Would you prefer a Chinese smartphone with trends shaking configuration or put on your trust on the iPhone?

If a brand comes to your mind at first, you are warmly welcome, this article is for you. A well experienced will hardly deprive you of the minimum standard quality and expecting the greatest performance is normal.

Yes! We are talking about Zupapa, one of the most successful US-based companies and an absolute market leader in the trampoline industry.

You will be surprised that Zupapa has more than 120,000 satisfied customers in their lifetime. In this article of Zupapa trampoline review, we will introduce you with three amazing and most popular trampoline and an in-depth review of them.

Zupapa trampoline review

Before jumping to the body, let us know how we choose these three trampolines and how do we evaluate them?

We basically listed all of the trampolines of the Zupapa, then collected real user’s opinions and recommendations and sorted out the best Zupapa rebounder for you.

Don't have enough time to go through the full article? Here is our shortlist of Best & Safest Zupapa Trampolines...

Here we take our picks of the best mini and large trampoline for children. Who made the top of our list? Here you go…

Zupapa Mini

Zupapa 40-Inch silent mini fitness trampoline.

Zupapa Indoor

Zupapa 54-Inch Kids Indoor Trampoline.

Zupapa 15-FT

Zupapa 15-FT Family trampoline.

Top 3 Zupapa trampoline review...

1 - Zupapa Mini Trampoline Reviews: Zupapa 40-Inch silent mini fitness trampoline.

Key Features:

  • Jumping net is attached with the frame with Bungee rope
  • Weight taking capacity is 330lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Jumping mat: Oxford mat
  • Rubber grip under the legs

In-Depth Review:

Zupapa 40-Inch silent mini trampoline is specially designed for adults workout. Working out with trampoline is getting popularity as this one one of the best effortless workouts. I used the word effortless because a trampoline is for entertainment purposes and you can burn extra calories simply by bouncing. For its foldable functionality this trampoline is very easy to move without any help of others

A recent study shows that you can burn as many calories within a few moments as 10 minutes of treadmill exercise. So, let’s face the pros and cons at a glance.



2 - Zupapa Indoor Trampoline Reviews: Zupapa 54-Inch Kids Indoor Trampoline..​

Key Features:

  • Surrounded with extra-durable fancy nets to protect your kid’s falling aside.
  • Join of the mat with frame are with Bungee rope instead of spring.
  • Warranty: 5 years.
  • Legs are surrounded by safety nets.
  • 54 inch long.

In-Depth Review:

This Zupapa indoor trampoline has the best security enclosures. We have covered more than hundreds of trampoline for the research purpose and trust me, none of the mini-trampoline is as beautiful as it is.

Your kids absolutely will like it. Besides, it’s a special safety net for the bottom part that is also unique and impressive obviously. Kids won’t be able to get under the trampoline while another one is jumping on it, this will reduce the chance of getting injured. Springless design makes it super silent and safer.

All we hate about this Zuppa mini trampoline is its weight taking capacity. It is only 160lbs.



3 - Zupapa 15-FT Trampoline Reviews: Zupapa 15-FT Heavy Duty Family trampoline..

Key Features:

  • Surrounded by safety nets.
  • Weight taking capacity is 425 lbs.
  • Ladder for easy climbing.
  • hot-grip galvanization technique that s most advanced in the market.
  • UV protective jumping mat.
  • Safety is net is made of Environmental PE material.
  • Exposed metal parts are covered with thick foam.
  • 7-inch spring to join the jumping net with frame.

In-Depth Review:

If you get the strongest and best trampoline for your kid by sacrificing some extra dollar, will you buy it? This Zupapa 15-FT Heavy Duty Family trampoline is our ultimate winner for Zupapa trampoline review.

Its safety net, massive weight taking capacity, most advanced hot grip galvanization technique, UV protective jumping nets that are made out of Polypropylene (PP) will absolutely impress you.

On top of all, its 10 years of warranty, greatest in the market, will let you stay calm and have fun watching your kid’s ground-shaking dancing.



Are springfree trampolines worth it?

In our Top three Zupapa trampoline review, two of them use a rope to connect the jumping pad with the frame where the rest one uses spring instead of a rope. Surprisingly the spring’s one is expensive compared to the other where most of the cases, cheap trampoline are made of spring. 

So, what is the reason? And is the spring’s one worth it? Okay, let me make it clear.

When you go for the specification of any trampoline made with spring, you will notice different types of spring. Most of them are tiny in size. Besides, some are not coated with plastic powder, some are not galvanized. These are really bad in quality and cheap in price.

Some of them use a 7inch long spring with proper galvanization. These are the best in the market but higher in price. And they are really worth the high price. Most of the zupapa 14 ft trampoline and even zupapa mini trampoline are made with 7inch long spring.

What do customers say who tried this say about Zupapa Trampolines?

We have hundreds of customer reviews who are real users to find out the customer’s perspectives about Zupapa. We got both satisfied as well as unsatisfied customers. 

The summary of our findings is described below.

Satisfied Customers

Among the Satisfied Customers Things behind Satisfaction
Because of Durability
Because of weight taking capacity
Because of Safety
Because of Customer Service

Dissatisfied Customers

Among the Dissatisfied Customers Things behind Dissatisfaction
Because of Higher Price
Because of troublesome assembling
Because of damage within a year
Because of missing screws and springs in the box (when delivery)

Warranty of Zupapa Trampolines.

Warranty policy of Zupapa is one of the reasons behind their reputation. We also like that thing most. They usually offer the highest warranty (as big as 10 years) comparing their competitors. 

By the way, their warranty policies are not the same for all of their products. It mostly depends on the price of the trampoline.

For the trampoline with a price range of $100 to $300, they usually provide one year of warranty on frame and other parts.

For the trampoline with a price range of $400 to $700, they provide a warranty of 5 years where 5 years is on the frame and one year on jumping pad and net.

Finally, For the trampoline with a price range of $700 to $1000, they usually offer a warranty of 10 years.

The biggest reason behind the quality is its quality. Their advanced hot-grip galvanization technology adds some advantage on durability.

Are Zupapa trampolines safe?

If you read any of our Zuppa mini trampoline reviews, you will find a thing in common. That is their ultra-strong safety net. Safety net around the jumping mat will protect your kids from falling aside.

As the kid below 5, doesn’t have that consciousness to jump carefully, there is a high risk of falling on the floor accidentally. 

The gaps of the nets are too small to prevent sticking your kid’s fingers or toes. 

Then come to the exposed metal pipes with which safety nets are tied. These metal pipes are covered with a soft foam cover. Every single mini trampoline of Zupapa are ensured with that safety.

Besides, the springs are covered with soft foam to avoid accidents. So, surely Zupapa’s trampolines are safe.

Zupapa trampoline review

Are Zupapa Trampolines durable/long lasting?

From our customer satisfaction study, you already came to know that 25% of the satisfied customers loved Zupapa’s trampoline for it’s amazing taking capacity and another 13% loved it for its super durability.

In their advertisement, Zupapa claimed repeatedly that they are strong, they are durable. Are they climbing honestly or just spray fake bullying. 

So, let’s go deep and find out the actual reason. 

Zupapa usually uses fine metal for making the frame of their trampoline. You may ask, how do we know they are using fine metal? Well, metal parts of the Zupapa’s trampoline are galvanized and powder coated. Even we noticed in some of their models, they use the most advanced hot grip galvanization that is rare in that industry. So, without any they doubt, they produce strong parts comparing any other trampoline brands. 

So, what about the rest of the parts? 

In most of their trampoline, Zupapa uses UV protective jumping mate that is made with Polypropylene (PP). Most of the cases (especially in trampolines for kids) they use Bungee rope to attach the jumping mate with a frame. It makes the trampoline safe and silent. For the seniors, they use a 7inch high-quality spring that is one of the most expensive springs for the trampoline. 

So considering all those facts we can reach a decision that Papa’s trampoline is really durable and lasts for a long period of time. 

P.S. The top 2 trampolines covered in this article, Zupapa trampoline review, uses Bungee rope and the rest one uses a 7-inch long spring to join the jumping mat with a frame.

How hard assembling Zupapa trampolines? Can anyone do it?

It’s a little hard to assemble Zupapa’s trampoline. Most of their negative reviews are for this. It may because they are not portable and adjustable, that give some extra advantage to be durable.

Zupapa suggests users use 2 to 3 persons for assembling. Considering their durability, this can be forgiven. Take a look at our step by step instruction on how to assemble a trampoline.

What are the things Zupapa includes in the box with trampoline?

It varies from model to model. We make a list just to give you an impression. Things can vary. 

  1. Jumping mat
  2. the spring, poles which support the mat
  3. Screws
  4. Safety nets (For mini-trampoline) etc

Whatever comes with the box, make sure you get each and everything according to their manual.

How much care & maintenance Zupapa trampolines need?

You may make little efforts to maintain your trampoline. It’s not so hard. We have made a checklist for you. 

  1. Make sure you cover the jumping mat with a piece of cloth to prevent the sun’s light.
  2. Oiling the spring at least once in a month make keep it like new.
  3. Check the screw (whether they hold tight properly or not).
  4. Try to place the trampoline in a flat surface.
  5. Wash it with a dry piece of cloth.

Final words...

We are at the end of our article on Zupapa trampoline review and hope you liked all three trampolines we covered. As trampoline causes accidents often, you have to choose only high-quality trampoline and undoubtedly Zupapa’s trampolines are the best in the market. 

Hope you already come to understand why we are claiming that Zupapa is one of the best in the market. We have collected the true reviews from absolute real users (both the satisfied and dissatisfied), narrowed down their review on why they actually love or they don’t. 

We also break down why Zupapa’s trampoline is durable, what are the secrets behind it, whether they are safe or not and how hard to assemble. Hope you become a trampoline genius now. 

Thanks for staying with us and reading the whole article. Let us know your opinion by commenting on this.