What to Look for When Buying a Bristle Dartboard?

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So, before you make up your mind and hit the add to cart button, let’s take a look at some facts that you need to keep in your mind.

Your Purpose.

Well, first and foremost, you got to make up your mind – why do you need a dartboard? What’s the sole purpose of yours behind getting one? It varies from person to person. Some may get one just for the sake of spending some quality time with friends and family.

If that’s the case, you can skip the rest of this chapter. All you need is a board that has a few darts with it. Almost any quality of options will do for you. As you will be using it for occasional purposes, it will be subjected to less wear and tear.

So, looking for sturdiness or durability won’t have to be on your list of priorities. The budget may be a factor that you need to focus on.

On the other hand, if you are planning on participating in any competition, or even practicing for some serious game coming up, then you may need to look for other factors as well.


The Size

As for the most common bristle dartboards, these come with a general standard size. It’s 18-inch in diameter. This one comes with a depth of 1.5 inches. If you are a serious darter who needs to practice for some kind of tournament, this is the size you want.

Otherwise, there are other sizes available that can also help. Usually, those will be a bit shorter in size than the earlier ones.

Thin Wiring.

Wiring thickness is a key factor that you can’t ignore. Before the advent of modern types of dartboards, the earlier ones came with quite thick spiders. These thick wires separate the numbers. But the darts used to bounce out because of those thick wiring.

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Make sure you get the one that has the thinnest wiring possible, it will clear off your path for scoring better and more accurately.

Dartboard depth and density

When you purchase a bristle dartboard, its depth and thickness need severe consideration. Find a dartboard that offers perfect thickness and depth- neither more nor less. When you find a bristle dartboard with the right depth and breadth, it does two good things.

  1. Deep dart penetration in the board
  2. Lesser bounce out of the dirt from the board

Since the dart won’t bounce out with the right depth, it helps you achieve higher scores in the game. So, players will enjoy intuitive gameplay.

Bladed surface with incorporated bulls

Players are most irritated with the bounce-outs of the darts from the board. If you don’t want to encounter such irritations, purchase a bristle dartboard with bladed bulls will be your best bet.

Bladed bull incorporated dartboard offers a larger play surface. It comes in handy to improve the playing score- a boost for beginners. Thus, bristle dartboards with a micro-level inner bullseye and outer bull range will contribute to the overall development of your gaming skills. Beginners will get an enormous benefit from such bulls on the dartboard.

Also, players can prepare better for the upcoming competitions with increased accuracy at hitting the bullseye target.

Brackets to hang the dartboard

When you go to purchase a bristle dartboard, focus on the brackets that you will use to hang the item. Ideally, the hanging brackets should be supportive and safe.

If you can catch a high-quality hanger, it will make the dartboard assembly a breeze. Also, you can adjust the rotation of the dartboard without removing it. So, it will also kick off to relatively quick gameplay.

High-quality brackets also ensure that the dartboard remains in the position and doesn’t tilt with the hard hits from the darts. Here is an article about how to mount a dartboard on any surface in case you don’t know how to do so.

Sisal Density

The sisal boards are widely known as bristle dartboards. The material is a thick horse-hair-like ingredient that has an amazing trait. It can heal itself if it gets torn apart in a smaller area. This means it can withstand a repetitive heavy blow from the darts.

Color inks of the dartboard

Although gamers often undermine the quality of the inks used to color the dartboard parts, it is crucial for the overall quality and endurance of the bristle dartboard. You should choose sisal made bristle dartboard that comes with eco-friendly ink to color the dartboard.

The food-grade inks of the dartboard boost the visibility and provide a low glare feature. So, you enjoy the gameplay. Additionally, the vibrant color inks make the board a little lovely and add endurance as well.

Finally, the eco-ink color presentation will make the surroundings friendly for the environment.

Composite edging

If your bristle dartboard comes without a composite edging, it will limit the ring rotation. Thus, you won’t enjoy the gameplay.

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Henceforth, our recommendation for you is to get a dartboard with quality composite edging. Manufacturers, in general, use recycled plastic to produce the composite edge. Therefore, you will also boost the eco-friendliness of the gaming area.

Also, a composite edge brings the following benefits for you-

  1. An improved and modern look to the dartboard
  2. Smooth rotation and number adjustment of the dartboard.


Last but not least, if you are rather new in the field of this game, you can cut the analysis part by just going for the best bristle dartboard brands available. Brands that are well-known for producing top-quality darts can be easily trusted if you don’t have enough time and ideas for delving into details.

Brands like Winmau, Nodor, Unicorn, etc. are some of the leading brands you can go for.

Sanding quality

The sanding quality and finish will determine the overall gaming experience of the players. Also, it affects the sisal’s self-healing capacity that ultimately contributes to the longevity of the dartboard.

Therefore, when you purchase a bristle dartboard, make sure the sanding is done neat and clean. It will also add to the appearance of the dartboard.

Final Thoughts…

A dartboard can be an excellent home investment for the fun and excitement it brings to every gamer. Also, the bristle dartboards can be installed within a limited space and are available at affordable pricing. Hence, getting the best bristle dartboard with cabinet is a breeze, especially with this in-depth buying guide.

While you should see at getting a right-sized bristle dartboard with appropriate depth and thickness, features like ink color and composite edge mostly depend on your preference. Henceforth, you will enjoy the gameplay with the perfect bristle dartboard.

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