Merax Trampoline Reviews: Our Honest Recommendations.

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Kids when they see gymnastics at the Olympics, always get inspired. Every kid loves watching those cool moves being performed on those giant trampolines. It is no surprise that any youngster would start asking for a trampoline right after watching those performances.

Well, inspiration or not, we recommend having a trampoline in your backyard anyway.

Why? Well, there are a number of reasons like, exercising, playing, having fun, etc. but most importantly making memories.

Let us tell you about a trampoline that can create memories, make stronger bonds and even help accomplish dreams. We want to present to you our Merax Trampoline review, which is a great trampoline brand.

In this blog, we will talk all about the products of Merax.


Best Large

Merax 15ft Trampoline


Best Mini For Kids

Merax 36 Mini Trampoline


5 Best Merax Trampolines To Buy For You & Your Kids.

What Customers Say about Merax Trampoline?

Let’s look at some of the 5 Star reviews by some customers of Merax trampolines.

  1. Very Thankful to Merax. It’s just what I expected.
  2. Very easy to set up.
  3. Great product. The kids will love it.
  4. Awesome and well made.
  5. Definitely recommend this product.
  6. Good for the price, but perfect for places with no strong winds.

What customers are saying about the shipment:

  1. Perfect, exactly what I ordered.
  2. Package relatively low.

What customers are saying about the durability and quality:

  1. Awesome and well made.
  2. Excellent value, easy to assemble, so far very sturdy.
  3. Sturdy, but has a flimsy net enclosure.
  4. Amazing Customer Service adds to the durability and bounciness of this trampoline.

However, there are some negative reviews about Merax. Like these ones:

  1. Great way to keep kids active, but the trampoline falls apart quickly.
  2. No extended warranty available, but overall good trampoline.
  3. Recommended if you have the patience to assemble.
  4. Broken within 4 months.

There are a few more negative reviews about Merax, although they are not a bad trampoline brand. Trust us on this one.

However, if you are having doubts about Merax (which is totally fine, we get that), you can check other brands and trampolines instead. Check out our Upper Bounce Trampoline Review.

Merax Round Trampoline Reviews.

1 – Top Pick: Merax 15 ft trampoline reviews.

From fabulous safety features to prevent injuries to a healthy workout session, you will get all the best features you crave in the Merax 16ft trampoline. This round trampoline marks the top of the list with high-quality exterior and elegant design.

Key Features:

  1. Heavy gauge weatherproof steel frame.
  2. Safe-seal system 
  3.  High-bounding jumping mat
  4. Refined net to prevent injuries.
  5. 108 pieces of galvanized springs.

In deapth review

First of all, you get 16×11 ft space for jumping with a 375Ibs weight capacity. The tightly woven mat is enclosed with a tighter polythene woven net to mark the safety of its user. This model is certified by TUV and ASTM to speak about its longevity and safety.

 It comes with a zipper and latches to prevent you from falling while jumping. The 360-degree UV-proof enclosure eliminates the pesky gaps or openings that can injure you. Safety is the first concern for the owners, and the design screams about the protection of your kid. 

Durability is also one of the concerns. The parts of this model, like base, poles, and springs, speak highly about the unbendable, scratch-free, tear-free, rust-resistant sturdy steel frame. The steel frame is set up in such a way that it reduces frame noise or movement. The hero of the show, the 14mm high-bounding foam mat, is gentle to your feet while handling constant flexing.

Are you wondering about the bouncing effect? 108 pieces of high-tension steel springs provide the elasticity you need for each incredible bounce. The springs are quite more than the standard.  T-shaped loops attach the spring to the mat allows them to stretch evenly for a responsive leap. Furthermore, the 6-base rectangular legs act as the support system of it. It distributes the weight as one relishes his childhood.

The more, the merrier.  You have got a Merax trampoline with basketball hoop around 31.5×21.7 dimensions with a backboard to jump and dunk simultaneously. Unlike others where you have to buy a ladder, you get a 4-step galvanized ladder to help you get off and on it.

In addition to this, the model provides the consumer with 3 classy colors to match their awesome personality. Improved metabolism is also a gift that this model can provide you with as it makes exercise enjoyable.

What do people say about it?

Merax 16FT Trampoline meets all the requirements according to our research and reviews. Even if the assembly instructions do not look so cool, but this one itself is mighty in features. A budget-friendly trampoline that can be attractive in design and providing you with the best features is the one you must not miss.


  1. Great for people with plus-size bodies.
  2. Very durable.
  3. Light but strong.


  1. No handrails.
  2. Product assembly might be hard for some people.

Key Features:


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In-Depth Review:


  • Holding capacity of 3-5 kids and adults.
  • Safety fence to prevent accidents while bouncing.
  • Built with durability.
  • Water-proof canvas.
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  • Because of the huge size assembly takes more manpower.

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2 – Runner Up: Merax 14 ft. round trampoline review.

Merax 14 FT Round Trampoline will bestow you with all outstanding features and make sure that you receive a better body as you bounce with the flow. From a long-lasting frame to the vibrant design, we have all that will make you swoon. It was quite hard for us to differentiate the top pick and runner’s up for their similarities.

Key Features:

  • Body-effective construction.
  • 80 strong and supple springs.
  • High-quality steel frame. 
  • UV-proof enclosed netting.
  • Comes with an awesome basketball hoop. 
  • Suitable for children


  • Weight: 9.072 grams.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 14x 8.5 feet.
  • Manufacturer: Merax.
  • Warranty: 3 months.
  • Weight capacity: 330Ibs.


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Less Expensive Alternative: Merax 12ft -14ft Trampoline with Enclosure


In-Depth Review:

The model is built in such a way that parents don’t need to worry about the protection of their kids at the time of hopping. The spacious 14x 8.5 feet trampoline has a 9.5ft height with an amazing load capacity of 330lbs. The mat comes with an enclosed netting to prevent sunlight from heating the surface. Thus, it saves you from burning your skin. The round edges around the frame prevent any chance of scratches or injury, ensuring your child’s safety. 

We are quite sure that the durability and stability of this model will amaze you. The galvanized steel frame is highly resistant to dust, erosion, and rust, which scream its longevity. The reinforced T-joints help to maintain stability and prevent any wear and tear. It also comes with 4 U-shaped legs with 8 wind stakes to fix itself in the ground as you bounce.

Now, let’s talk about the alluring feature of this model – the stretchy springs. The arrays of 80 springs stabilize you as you jump. A series of robust springs attached to the tightly woven mat and frame provide impressive bouncing experience.

However, maybe the 16ft model could seem slightly pricier. But larger size, the more springs, more legs are like a bundle pack at such a price. However, if you desire for some bits of all the features at a lower price, you should take a look at our merax 14 ft round trampoline reviews.

A sophisticated addition to your backyard with an eye-catching green adores its frame. You have got a basketball hoop with an actual ring and board to give you the best. The 4-rung sturdy steel ladder is there for navigating on and off the trampoline with ease.

Pro Tip: We can see from Merax 14 ft trampoline reviews and Merax 12 ft that they both come in a single color scheme only, which is bright green. If your kids want them in various colors to match their bed-room combination, you can go through the Merax mini trampoline reviews.

What do people say about it?

Merax 14 ft trampoline reflects a budget-friendly, sturdy configuration with a high-quality steel frame and springs. This model will provide you with maximum safety as well as maximum enjoyment.


  • Best one for both children and adults.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Recommended for improving your balance.
  • UV-proof enclosed netting prevents sun-burn.


  • Assembly is quite time-consuming.
  • Springs are risky for excessive use.

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Merax Mini Trampoline Reviews.

3 – Best For Kids (Indoor): Merax 36 Kid’s Mini Exercise Trampoline.

Are you wondering about buying a trampoline which can bear all the toil and moil of your child’s rigorous bouncing? Then, the Merax 36 mini-trampoline should be on your top of the list for kids.

What we like:

  • Unique metal spring construction.
  • Comes with a detachable handlebar.
  • 36-inch area with multi-purpose usage.
  • Can accommodate up to 180Ibs.
  • Approved by all US safety standards.
  • Almost no assembly needed at all.


  • Product size: 36.6 x 36.6 x 31.5 inch (L x W x H).
  • Weight Capacity: 180 lbs.
  • Product weight: 18 lbs.
  • The handlebar to the jumping mat height: Approx. 23.6 inch.
  • One-year warranty.


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Alternative: Merax 5.5 FT Kids Trampoline


In-Depth Review:

The configuration of this excellent model can hardly be faulted. The mat is made of superior polypropylene. The structure and the springs are all stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about getting rust. There is a stabilizer bar to ensure the stability of your toddler. 

These thick pad headrails with extra cushion are there for your child’s safety. The trampoline is not wobbly as 8 anti-slip feet(6 legs without Handrail) with rubber footpads provide extra steadiness. 

The assembly of the Merax 36 is a cinch! You will have to spend only 10 to 15 minutes for this. 

You should be able to place this mini size on your child’s playroom. The jumping area is around 24 inches, including the covered space where the springs are located. Since the weight is 18Ibs, you can easily relocate it. The jumping mat is approximately 26 inches (without the padded area of springs) 

Moreover, it’s designed to be multi-purpose! As the handrails can be detached, the adults can use the trampoline for exercise when their children get tired and taking a nap!

When we talk to parents about this model, and they said their kids developed better balance, fitness, and coordination. The 36 large jumping area renders quite enough space for jumping. 

Since this one can bear up to 180Ibs, which is a minimum weight limit. We recommend this if you are purchasing this for your kid or someone who has a slender build. And this is for single person use only.

You can install it both outdoors and indoors. It is better to use inside as the foam padding for Handrail cannot withstand prolonged exposure. 

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You need to check if your toddler is swinging or hanging from the handlebar. Since the bar is not attached to the center, it can easily tip over.


  • Unique metal spring construction offers a softer bouncing experience.
  • Padded thick foam handrail for Easy Grip.
  • Multi-purpose usage.
  • Almost no assembly needed at all.


  • The spring covering is made of plastic so it will tear eventually.
  • Not recommend for outdoor.

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4 – Runner-up For Kids (Indoor): Merax Kids Trampoline For Twin Children.

When you are looking for a perfect-sized trampoline for your toddler, the merax twin kids version is right there for your service. The model features a miniature mat size of 55 inches by 35.5 inches, which ensures safe bouncing.

What we like:

  • Unique metal spring construction.
  • Comes with a detachable handlebar.
  • 36-inch area with multi-purpose usage.
  • Can accommodate up to 180Ibs.
  • Approved by all US safety standards.
  • Almost no assembly needed at all.


  • Color: Blue / Green.
  • The material of jumping mat: PP.
  • The material of safety pad cover: PVC.
  • Weight capacity: 180 Lbs.
  • Weight of unit: 22.42 Lbs.
  • Dimension: 55 inch x 35.5 inch x 40.5 inch (L x W x H).


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In-Depth Review:

The surface is attached with a super-strong bungee cord support system that delivers quality rebounding force for an unrivaled deep bounce. With a bungee system, it bounces better and lasts longer.

The bungee cords work noiselessly to enjoy smooth and silent bounces.

You can keep both of your two small kids busy with this as this one can accommodate 2 small children. The colorful blue or green merax trampoline lets you the quality parent-child moment. Your kid can get a space around 45.5 by 26.5 (without the padded area) for rebounding. The rust-free steel frame provides longevity. 8 detachable rubber-capped legs with 8.5 enhance balance and safety.

Pro Tip: Remember, the weight capacity is around 180 Lbs. So, try to follow the limitations for your kid’s safety.

The model does not renege on any of the essential aspects. It does not take up too much space, and it folds for easy storage so you can stow it away in your closet for later. 

The ergonomic handlebar provides your younger ones with extra-support. The height of the handlebar from the mat is about 32 so your kids can easily hold it. The trampoline is built to last as the elastic cord diminishes the strain of impact and prolongs the life of your purchase.

Pro Tip: The cord system might be a more stable idea than metal springs.

However, the price is slightly higher than the mini round 36”. And the weight capacity is less for two healthy kids. Again, your naughty kid will try to swing from the handlebar. Overall, this one could be the best choice if you maintain the caveats. 

When you are worried about the risk of having injuries for the springs, you can have this one with elastic bands. With only 8.5 inches legs, you can easily store it in your kid’s room.


  • Padded Handrail for Easy Grip.
  • Good for twin kids.
  • Foldable and space saver.


  • The weight limit is quite a minimum for two.
  • Kids will try to swing from the handlebar.

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Merax Exercise Fitness Trampoline Reviews.

5 – Top Pick – Merax Mini Exercise Trampoline.

Did you know that according to NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology, trampolining is 68% more effective than jogging? There are so many best trampolines around for exercise, and Merax 38 45 Mini Exercise Trampoline is no exception. This one is the boatload of fun if you or your child enjoys practicing various exercises.

What we like:

  • Spacious bouncing surface.
  • Easy to assemble, no extra tools needed.


  • Leg’s length: 7.4.
  • Jumping area: 32.4.
  • Product size: 45 x 45 x 7.4 inch (L x W x H).
  • One year warranty.
  • Weight Capacity: 180 lbs;

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In-Depth Review:

The round shape with a diameter of 45 inches, which makes them perfect for any room. You will find plenty of room like around 32.4 for hopping. Durability is the name of the game with this one for its galvanized springs.

The 6 anti-skid rubber-tipped legs prevent scuffing of non-carpeted floors. The pads can absorb most of the sound generated by violent beating. 

The trampoline can ensure quality and safe bouncing experience for its 30-enhanced strings construction and unique T-joint construction. The international standard mat won’t be soggy as it is water-proof. 

The steel frame has a smooth rust-resistant surface for high-tech spraying technology and the combination of modern assembly line spraying mode.

Pro Tip: The weight limit is quite minimum, like around 180 Lbs. So, keep that in your mind while buying this one as your exercise tool..

One of the things we love about the mini trampoline is that they are quite affordable. This one permits you and your kids to perform various aerobics. The large ones could not be adjusted in our homes, whereas the mini ones are easy to be placed in your house. Thus, your kids can do more aerobic exercise far away from the bed when it is raining outside.

Pro Tip: There is no substitute for proper spotter and adherence to strict rules.

What do people say about it?

Merax 38 45 Mini Exercise Trampoline is a known favourite when it comes to safety and quality for a reasonable price. You and your kids can lead a healthy life in this pandemic situation without going to the gym.


  • Spacious bouncing surface.
  • Easy to assemble, no extra tools needed.
  • Sturdy construction for regular exercise.


  • No handrail for balancing.
  • The Weight limit is minimum.
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Different Types Of Merax Trampolines.

Merax models are one of the most appropriate ones for kids. They come in different shapes, sizes, and options. Let’s discuss different types of Merax trampolines:

Merax Round Trampolines: Merax is only available in round shapes. They are the best for kid’s recreation.

Merax Trampoline With Basketball Hoop: This one keeps your kid active and entertains them.

Merax Trampoline With Safety Enclosure: This ensures your kid’s safety so that he doesn’t fall from the trampoline.

Merax Mini Rebounder Trampoline: These are mini-sized mainly used for exercise. Both the children and adults can use it.

There are also two types of merax trampolines on the market – spring-based and new spring-less.

How to maintain Merax Trampoline?

Maintenance is essential to prolong the lifetime. By taking proper care, you can keep your trampoline always looking like a new one.

1 – Keep It Clean: If dust and debris are left untouched in the soft-bristles line, it can damage it or get caught in the spring. Clean them regularly with soap water and a soft-bristle brush. Take a look at our detailed article on How to clean a trampoline.

2 – Purchase A Cover: A cover can keep your trampoline safe from snow in the winter. It also protects the mat from bird droppings and other dust.

3 – Proper Placement: Keep them in a shady place so that the mat doesn’t get damaged with the UV ray. Don’t place it near an outdoor fire pit.

4 – Proper Footwear And Protecting The Padded Edges: Wear socks or jump on barefoot to protect the mat from damage. Stay off from the padded edges because the padding or spring get deteriorated easily if the jumper walks on them.

Above all, you need to check your trampoline regularly. Keep the Merax trampoline warranty paper in a safe place so that you can find it easily if necessary.

What Are The Safety Concerns with Merax Trampolines?

Trampolines are always a way of refreshment. Sometimes it can bring some unpredictable events. Luckily, with Merax Trampolines you don’t have to think about safety too much. However, there are safety issues you should be concerned about.

  • You need to keep your trampoline far from other playing areas, buildings, and trees. The reason behind this is that you could get hit accidentally while jumping.
  • You have to use sand or grass to provide a soft surface around it. Keep your trampoline away from the slopes or concrete surfaces, as your trampoline will not be steady on those surfaces.
  • Make sure to look after children below five years of age or have someone look after them while they are on the trampoline.
  • You should buy the Merax trampoline with safety enclosures to keep the jumpers from getting too close to the edge.
  • Jumping in gusty winds and dampness is always a no-no. Moisture makes trampoline mats slippery and you could lose balance while jumping.
  • There should be a minimum of 8 feet clean and clear surface around the trampoline. Also, about 24 feet of overhead clearance so that you don’t hit anything with your head while high jumping
  • The Merax trampoline weight limit is not very high. Be aware of this fact so that no accident can happen for the overweight.
  • We recommend you inspect your trampoline at least monthly for signs of wear and tear.

Keep these things in check at all times to make sure nothing unfortunate happens. Also, you will be able to take care of the trampoline’s health.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Is Merax Trampoline Good?

Merax trampolines offer more than what other brands offer. They even exceed the US safety standards by a lot. They are focused on providing you a great time. So yes we believe Merax is a great trampoline brand.

Are Merax trampolines safe?

Merax trampolines are made with the thought of safety and security in mind. They have exceeded Us safety and security standards. They have 6 sturdy legs and high long net poles. So, it proves their products are safe.

Are Merax Trampolines durable?

Merax trampolines are made of galvanized steel and strong body frame. They are durable and resistant enough to take heavy loads of weight and weather conditions.

Where To Buy Merax Trampoline?

As Merax is a very renowned brand, these trampolines are quite available. You can buy them from nearby shops or online stores. But nothing beats the convenience of purchasing one from Amazon in the comfort of your living room. In a day or two, the product gets delivered to you without the hassle of driving or loading it in your car.

Where To Buy Merax Trampoline Replacement Parts?

Merax trampoline replacement parts are available in nearby shops and online stores. But again, Amazon is the most trusted online shop. Just make sure you are purchasing parts for the model of trampoline you own.

Final Thoughts…

Clinical studies have shown that jumping on a trampoline can relieve stress because it stimulates your brain to release endorphins. Endorphin is a “feel good” hormone.

To be honest any kind of exercise releases endorphins. The thing about trampolines is that you don’t have to go to the gym or have any equipment. You can start jumping anytime and the best part is that you can do that with your family.

That is the moment when family bonds are strengthened. That is the moment when memories are created.

If you can get by the caveats discussed in the Merax trampoline reviews and choose the right one, you will definitely be going to enjoy it. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.