How To Winterize A Trampoline – Will snow Ruin A Trampoline?

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It is needless to say that your trampoline demands some extra care during the trampoline. Because it is highly vulnerable to snow and extreme level of cold. Now, if you don’t know how to winterize a trampoline and what will happen if you fail to do it, I am here today to tell you about this.

Winterization is preparing for the harsh winter environment so that it can survive the extreme cold and snowfall. For winterization, you have to remove all pads and netting first. Move every part possible to the inside of the house. Finally, you need to clean off snow from the remaining parts of the outside and also cover up them.

In this article, I am going to explain every relevant matter that you should know for the winterization of a trampoline. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.


What is winterization of a trampoline?

It’s just taking preparation for the upcoming winter season so that your trampoline can handle harsh cold environments, and you can feel extremely stress-free when it comes to the safety of your trampoline.

So, you have to do some kind of specific setup for your trampoline, and you may want to take some essential trampoline equipment indoor. The only priority here is to make your trampoline prepared for the snowfall and cold.

What To Do With a Trampoline In The Winter?

I know it is so confusing for you to decide what to do with a trampoline in the winter. You should know how to winterize a trampoline. The most straightforward rule is to save the valuable and vulnerable parts of the trampoline from being damaged by extreme winter weather.

To do that, you have to move those parts of the trampoline to the inside of your home. I know you may not have enough space to store the whole trampoline.

In this case, you have to always care for the trampoline parts which will remain outside. Clean those remaining parts regularly so that no snow can be accumulated there to damage them.

Will Snow Ruin A Trampoline?

Snow won’t broadly ruin your trampoline. However, knowing that you just can’t leave your trampoline outside in winter where it’s more vulnerable to snow accumulation.

If a massive amount of snow accumulates on the trampoline mat, I am afraid, the excess weight of the snow can damage the springs. Therefore, now you know what you have to do. Always clean snow from the trampoline to keep your trampoline in good condition. Check our article on how to clean a trampoline in the right way.

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How To Winterize A Trampoline?

Now that you know what winterization is and some consequences of not doing it, you are most probably extremely curious to know how to winterize a trampoline in the right way.

If you live in a region where winter is not that extreme and snowfall is mild, you can leave your trampoline outside with proper safety measures in place.

However, if you are staying in a location that tends to experience heavy snowfall with the extreme condition, disassembling your trampoline and storing it inside of your house will make your day shiner. You can do it easily if you follow these simple steps.

  • Cleaning properly
  • Removing netting
  • Removing springs
  • Removing ring and mat
  • Taking Care of remaining outside Parts
  • Covering it up.

Let’s dig it further.

Step 1: Clean Properly.

It is the first step for winterizing your trampoline. You have to clean all the dust and debris from the trampoline ring and mat. Because, if you don’t clean it up, it will remain on the mat even after your storing it inside.

Step 2: Removing Netting.

Now, you have to take down the poles and untie the net enclosure, which is attached to the pole. Zipping the net will make the storing process even more comfortable.

Step 3: Removing Springs.

Now, at this point, you have to remove all of the springs from the trampoline. I know it will take some time. But you have to do it carefully. After removing all of the springs, you can store them in a container.

Step 4: Removing Ring and Mat.

Now, it’s time to remove the trampoline mat and ring carefully. Then, you have to store them inside of the house carefully. Storing inside will keep them safe from adverse outside weather.

Step 5: Taking Care of Remaining Outside Parts:

Now, this part is important. So, don’t skip this part. If you don’t have enough space in your house to store a trampoline mat or frame, you may not be able to move the whole trampoline to the inside of the house.

In this case, some parts may remain in the outside. Even you may have to keep the entire trampoline outside. Don’t give up here. You have to take Care of that carefully. Clean off snow every day to prevent snow accumulation.

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You must be careful enough to clear snow from the trampoline mat and spring properly. You can use the trampoline anchor to keep it in place. Besides, installing a good-quality trampoline cover will ensure maximum safety. Here is one of the best trampoline cover in amazon.

This cover is extremely helpful if you have no plan to move the trampoline inside. Because it protects the trampoline from extreme outside weather.

Jumping On A Trampoline In Winter:

You’ll find many people in your neighborhood saying that jumping on a trampoline in winter is not a good practice. Now, let me explain everything that you should know. Leaving a trampoline outside in winter without protection is definitely not a good idea.

You already know you have to do the winterization process for keeping your trampoline safe. However, when it comes to your health, I must admit that jumping on a trampoline in winter has many benefits. Check our comprehensive article on trampoline jumping benefits.

It will keep your health in good condition because becoming active physically during winter definitely warm up your body. Besides, if you stay inside of the home for a long time, you are more vulnerable to harmful bacterial attacks as they move to the inside of the house during winter.

On the other hand, you will get more vitamin D by remaining outside of the house. And the last but the least is jumping on the trampoline with snow (not heavy snow) will give you extreme fun that is incomparable to anything else.

Jumping On A Trampoline With Snow

In a general sense, using a trampoline in the winter season can give you some extreme level of fun and memories. However, consider the safety issue first as any kind of terrible injury can happen easily in the winter season.

If you live in a region where snowfall is mild, you may jump on a trampoline with snow. Needless to say, it will give you the next level of fun. But, you should keep in mind that having control of yourself is important here.

You are not allowed to continue your trampoline fun for a long time in the snow. Because you can catch a cold or any bad injury can happen to you. So, always remember safety first. Now, I know you have a question in your mind.

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What to do when there is heavy snow on a trampoline? Jumping on a trampoline with heavy snow is extremely risky. It may seem exciting, but it may cause a terrible accident. Check the trampoline safety & most common injuries

Therefore, you should try to avoid trampoline jumping when there is heavy snow or you are staying in a region where heavy snowfall is going on outside.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Can you jump on a frozen trampoline?

This is not a good idea. Because jumping on a frozen trampoline may cause severe injuries to your health. Undoubtedly, you may get some fun, but at any time, your fun moment can turn into a nightmare.

Can You Use a Trampoline in the winter?

It depends completely on the winter situation at your location. If you are staying in an area where cold not that is extreme or snowfall is mild, in this case, of course, you can use a trampoline in winter.
However, if your location is prone to heavy snowfall or extremely cold weather, I am afraid using a trampoline in the winter is not a good idea.

Is it dangerous or safe to jump on a trampoline during winter?

If your area experiences heavy snowfall, cold and extreme wind conditions, jumping on a trampoline during winter is dangerous for you.
However, if there is no or mild snowfall, you may jump on the trampoline during winter with proper safety measures.

Is it okay to leave a trampoline out in winter?

Leaving a trampoline outside is not a good idea especially if you live in an area where heavy snowfall occurs. However, in mildly cold conditions, you can leave the trampoline outside, but you have to do proper winterization for it.

Should I cover my trampoline in the winter?

Yes, it is a good idea to cover your trampoline in the winter. Because it will help you from snow and other dirt in extremely cold weather.

Final Thoughts…

A nice trampoline in the backyard gives you extreme fun and creates many good memories. Even in winter, you can pass some exciting moments in your trampoline if there is no snow or the cold condition is mild.

However, to protect your trampoline from heavy snowfall and extreme cold water, you should take Care of it properly. I believe this comprehensive article helped you a lot to know how to winterize a trampoline in the right way.