How much is a trampoline? All types and sizes included.

A trampoline is used for exercise and all its other benefits, but mostly for fun. An average family may buy a trampoline for one good reason only and that is to have fun with the kids. The health benefits and other benefits come along with the trampoline.

These multi-purpose beneficial features make trampolines great equipment to have in someone’s backyard.

However, there is a problem in the trampoline market and that is the variation of trampolines in the market.

Trampolines come in various sizes and shapes made from different materials. An average family buyer who is completely new to this market can become confused. They wouldn’t understand which type of trampoline to go for, but more importantly the budget.

The price is always the unknown part of any new product and in this case, they will definitely ask themselves “how much is a trampoline?”

How much does a trampoline cost

Well, our blog will answer every question regarding trampoline prices and showcase the prices of different types of trampolines.

How much does a trampoline cost?

An average trampoline costs close to $450. There are expensive and cheap trampolines out there, where cheap trampolines can be close to only $200. These types of trampolines usually don’t offer the best quality and have harsh jumping surfaces.

Trampoline costs vary mainly from size to size. Smaller trampolines cost around $200 as they have very little jumping space. The average size trampolines which are around 10 to 14 feet, cost somewhere near $400, or a maximum of $500.

The largest trampolines which are above 15 feet in diameter could cost about $800 to $900. They require special investment plans.

We recommend a simple budget of $400 if you want to afford a mid-sized mediocre quality trampoline just for your family to have fun. BTW, we have a blog for cheap and affordable trampolines. Go get a peek at our 16 best cheap and affordable trampolines blog. You won’t regret that list.

Cost of Trampoline by Size

The cost of a trampoline varies depending on the size as we’ve mentioned above. There are two main sizes of trampoline that are commonly available and favored by buyers. The large trampolines which are used for backyard fun and the mini trampolines, also known as rebounders are the most common types.

Trampoline Size RangeEstimated Price
Below 8ft$200 is the highest range. Mostly below $200.
8ft to 12ft, 13ftFrom $230 to $400
15ft$400 or $450
Above 15ftMostly $700, $800 or, $900

How much is a large trampoline?

Large trampolines could cost $800 to $900 or above. They require a large area. They are not meant for just normal family fun. They are obviously used for specific reasons, mainly sports. Investing in a large trampoline requires careful planning.

We need to first understand what a large trampoline is. Let’s think about round-shaped trampolines. A round-shaped trampoline that is between 8ft and 15 ft in diameter is considered an average trampoline. Any trampoline passing the range of 15ft is considered large.

How much is a mini trampoline?

Mini trampolines are considered under 8 ft in diameter and are usually always round in shape. Mini trampolines could cost $200 or even less like $100 or $80. They are also called Rebounders or Fitness rebounders. Mini trampolines are mainly made for fitness and cardio exercises, but they are also used for indoor children’s fun.

What are the Costs of Different Trampoline Accessories?

Yes, trampolines have many accessories and their prices vary based on materials used and durability. Mainly we just want to give you an idea of the average accessories in the market for trampolines. Trampoline accessories are under $100 but most are only up to $50.

How much is a trampoline basketball hoop?

Basketball hoops are common accessories for trampolines. They are made of common materials which are not too fancy. The average basketball hoops for trampolines cost around $50. At $70 you could get a really good one with high durability and features.

How much is a trampoline ladder?

Trampoline ladders come free with the product most of the time. However, if you need to buy a trampoline ladder for some reason, a budget of $30 could get you a good ladder. If you spend $50, you will get one of the best ones in the market.

How much is a trampoline sprinkler?

Trampoline Water Sprinklers or Trampoline Water Parks are also very affordable trampoline accessories. $20 is their average quality. A $30 water sprinkler will get you everything you’ve ever hoped for in a wet party. 

Trampoline accessories are cheap and they are readily available. Well, that is the main reason why they are so affordable. Check out our article on best trampoline sprinkler misting system for fun summer to learn more.

Cost of Trampoline Replacement Parts

Now, it’s time for the replacement parts of the trampoline. These parts could vary in price.

How much is a trampoline mat?

Trampoline jumping mats obviously will vary in price because they have to match the varying sizes of trampolines. Depending on your trampoline frame size, trampoline jumping mats could be from $20 to $120. Most jumping mats cost around $70.

Check out our article on the best trampoline replacement mats you can buy.

How much is a trampoline net?

Trampoline safety nets are also another one of those trampoline parts that are replaceable. However, they are also below the $150 budget range. Average quality trampoline safety nets usually cost $70 to $80.

Check out our article on the best trampoline nets.

How much are trampoline springs and pads?

Average trampoline Springs and Covers are all below $30. You will get the best set of steel springs with the spring attaching hook tool for under $30. The same goes for Spring Covers and safety padding.

There are other parts of the trampoline that can be replaced too, but we just wanted to give you an idea.

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Cost of Trampoline by Shape

It is no surprise that the square-shaped trampoline is better than the round-shaped trampoline. Square shape trampolines, by design, have more springs and more bounce. Square shape trampolines also offer more jump areas and can offer the same bounce quality in any corner.

Round shape trampolines can’t offer the same quality and features as square shape trampolines. You will get the most bounce power at the center of the round shape trampoline. Fortunately, round shape trampolines are available everywhere. However, square shape trampolines are not always available and are usually expensive.

How much is a square trampoline?

A square shape trampoline will always cost more than a round shape trampoline. Average Square shape trampolines depending on their size could cost from $500 to $600. A round shape trampolines costs on average about the same, but about $50 to $100 less than square shape ones.

How much is a rectangle trampoline?

Rectangle trampolines are a different breed, however. They could cost on average $600, which is about the same as square shape trampolines. The larger rectangle shape trampolines sometimes cost from $1000 to $1500.

Just look at the Skywalker Trampoline here. It is the perfect example of a great rectangular trampoline. Just go ahead and check its price.

So yeah, trampoline shapes do have a very big impact on their prices. We have a blog that is dedicated to the battle of Rectangle Vs Round Trampoline. Go check it out.

Cost of Trampoline by Type

Water Trampolines and In-Ground trampolines both cost more than Above-the-ground trampolines. The ones that we have talked about all these times were just normal trampolines also known as above-the-ground trampolines.

Now, it is obvious that water trampolines and In-ground trampolines are going to cost way more than the usual trampolines. Water trampolines are just equipped with more hardware and have better and stronger materials. The same goes for in-ground trampolines.

However, usual trampolines offer more bounce than the other trampolines. To be honest, strong bounce depends on airflow and steadiness. The other types of trampolines don’t have that.

In-ground trampolines usually have the least airflow, because they are buried underground. This problem can be solved by digging a bigger hole right below the jumping mat. However, the bounce will still not be as smooth as the usual ones.

Water trampolines have a different problem. They have airflow but not steadiness. These are inflatable trampoline platforms that float on water. They can be placed on the ground but only on the soft grass. Rocky or gravel surfaces could puncture them.

How much is a water trampoline?

An average 12ft in diameter Water trampoline would cost $1000. It is no surprise here as they have to be made with higher quality materials and require advanced technology to be produced. The cost can go up to $5000 or even $6000 depending on size and features.

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How much is an in ground trampoline?

In-ground trampolines cost on average between $1000 to $2500. Their price range could go even higher scaling up to $8000. In-ground trampolines require completely open space. The installation of the in-ground trampoline is what costs the most. It is more like an investment than just purchasing a product.

Now, there are many trampoline brands out there that can cost differently as well. Yes, trampoline prices also depend on brands. A well-known brand like Springfree which creates spectacular trampolines with superior quality could cost a lot more than the average ones.

How much is a springfree trampoline?

A small round shape Springfree trampoline could cost about $800. A giant size would cost nearly $2400. Springfree trampolines are quite expensive for their brand. The brand is mainly popular for its safety and long-lasting trampolines.

There are other brands out there like Acon or JumpSport which are also quite expensive with their regular size trampolines.

How much does a trampoline park cost?

Opening a trampoline park could be expensive. In order to start a trampoline park, you will need to open a custom build park with an initial investment of up to $1.8 million. (according to IATP)


Why are trampolines so expensive?

Trampolines can be cheap and expensive. Expensive trampolines are made from higher quality materials which are expensive. They are also made in such a way that makes them more durable and steadier than cheap ones. We recommend buying the expensive ones if possible.

Are cheap trampolines worth it?

Cheap trampolines use poor-quality springs that are not very elastic and are very short. Cheap trampolines are made from low-quality materials which makes jumping on them a bit harsh. We would always recommend aiming for expensive trampolines.

Are expensive trampolines worth it?

Expensive trampolines have higher quality materials and are made with the thought of safety and fun. Expensive trampolines have bouncy mats, elastic springs, and padding, and covers to protect jumpers from uncertain hazards. So, yes we think expensive trampolines are worth it.

Final Thoughts

A trampoline has many benefits. It is no wonder why a family or literally anyone would think of buying a trampoline. It is like everyone has a use for this equipment. Convincingly enough, in the trampoline market, there are many trampolines that are made for different purposes.

It is no wonder that a new buyer who just checked out about this product would struggle to fix the right budget to buy this product. There are so many brands and so many different variations that just make it so confusing for the new buyer.

Even though most online stores openly show their prices, people still struggle to get a fixed idea of the product categories.

Hopefully, our blog has answered this highly searched query on the internet on “how much is a trampoline?”

By the way, if you are new, we recommend you go for a beginner-friendly product. Try the Skywalker Trampoline, as their trampolines are affordable and have good quality.