5 Safest and Bounciest Trampolines You May Buy in 2021

We know how much fun a trampoline can be for you and your family. But the first question that pops into our mind is about its safety. Even a simple small trampoline is the headquarter of accidents waiting to happen, let alone the bounciest trampolines.

That is the reality we can’t avoid. But hold on for a second as we have researched a lot and found the safest trampolines that you can find in the market right now. The following models are the best trampoline for a high bounce with guaranteed safety.

Best Bounciest Trampolines​

In this detailed review, you will get to know all about the litmus test, or you can say the key features for filtering out the best model. Also, we will cover our highest rated models and some informative parts that will help you as a new trampoline owner.

Don't have enough time to go through the full article? Here is Our Shortlist...

Here we take our picks of the best high bounce trampolines. Who made the top of our list? Here you go…

Top Pick.

JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce

Why we picked it

  • Huge jumping surface
  • Very tall safety net
  • Weatherproof coating on parts

Best Budget.

SkyBound Stratos 14 Foot Trampoline

Why we picked it

  • Not much expensive.
  • Good quality mat & springs.
  • 6ft enclosure Net.

What Does Bounciest Trampolines Mean?

The fundamental characteristic of a trampoline is to provide the best bounce, but all models can’t offer the same effect. This difference in their bounce is due to the design, spring factors, and material quality.

The number, size, and quality of the springs are one of the main deciding factors to be exact. Analyzing the bounciest trampoline in the world, you will see those characteristics.

We have to warn you and limit your expectations because you are looking for models to use in your home. Typically, gymnasiums or professional athletics go for the highest-quality ones.

Here, we will talk about the models that are perfect for home uses with the proper safety equipment. You will get almost the same bouncy results but with fewer risks.

What Are The Types Of Trampolines?

Depending on the shape and purpose of a trampoline, we could divide the models into five types. 

  1. Round Trampolines: This is the most common type that you can see in most houses. Because of its round shape, you will always be in the middle, even if you don’t want to.
  2. Rectangular Trampoline: Those who are looking for the best bounciest trampolines should get this type as professionals prefer this one. It has some safety issues, but net enclosures can mitigate the risks.
  3. Octagonal Trampolines: This is not that popular type because of the shape and less bouncy characteristics.
  4. Square Trampoline: Square trampolines can give you enough space and net enclosure for safe jumps as it has a more jumping surface.
  5. Springless Trampoline: You know that 90% of all trampolines use rings for the smoothest bouncy experience. But there are also some other types, including some springless ones that are very safe and the most expensive.
  6. Mini Trampolines: It is also called fitness or exercise trampolines that can be round or oval. The size makes it the least bouncy type so that you can jog or perform fitness training. Take a look at our detailed review on best mini trampolines for all ages.
  7. Water Trampoline: If safety is your main concern, you should get a water trampoline. Because of the water tubes, it has not the same bouncy effect as others. So, the main advantage is its safety.
  8. Bungee Trampoline: The last type has the setup for the highest jump you can make using a trampoline. This type is only seen in the fairs where people use it like other rides for the excessive adrenaline rush.

Key Features of the Best Bounce Trampolines.

How would you know that a trampoline has the bounciest features without trying them or what makes a trampoline bouncier? Well, you can choose the best one by understanding the main features and the quality of the components. Let’s see what those are with descriptions for the first-time buyers.

Shape: After hours of research, testing, and reading through expert opinions, we found that a rectangular trampoline comes with the bounciest properties among all other types.

But it is not all because size, spring, and other factors are important also. Apart from the rectangular trampoline, you should also check out the round trampolines. People consider them as the second-best when getting more bounce is the focus. 

The problems with a round trampoline include insufficient space, only one spot for the greater bounce, and more risk. You can get the solutions for those problems in a rectangular trampoline.

Instead of only jumping in the middle of a round trampoline, one can have fun all over a rectangular one. It is safer and allows multiple jumpers at the same time that you will never be allowed in a round or square trampoline. Here is a detailed article about the rectangle vs round trampoline.

Size: After hours of research, testing, and reading through expert opinions, we found that a rectangular trampoline comes with the bounciest properties among all other types.

Another thing to consider is the frame height, which means the height of the jumping surface from the ground. The standard clearance is 3 feet or more for 12 feet or larger trampolines.

Without this minimum frame height clearance, you would touch the ground before the springs’ full capability to stretch. That will result in a less bouncy surface, which no one will accept.

Spring: The total number of springs, their length, and diameter are some of the most critical factors for jumping higher. In all three cases, more is better. It means that more than 80 springs on a large trampoline are better.

Also, the length must be 8″ or more with a thick coil. Combining all those characteristics, you can expect amazing results. Large and thick springs have the capability of stretching a lot and store a lot of kinetic energy.

When the springs try to get back to their normal position, the energy is transferred to you. In simple words, jumpers can’t complain about the experience. However, you can get not-so-smooth experience at first as the springs perform better over time.

Here is a step by step process with video on how to measure trampoline springs.

Jumping Mat: Jumping mat quality also matters and contributes to the bouncy properties. If you see the specs of different trampoline models, you will see two different types of mats. The normal one is cheaper, that won’t give you what is our main focus here.

So, you must select a model that comes with the performance mat that professionals use. These performance mats are made of polypropylene, which is durable and can stretch more than the other one. These are the bounciest trampoline mats.

Weight Limit: Most of the medium or large trampolines come with enough weight limits to support a single person. But supporting multiple jumpers requires more weight limit, and you should choose one accordingly. 

For large models, we think that the weight limit of more than 300 pounds is required. As the bounciest trampolines are substantial, we usually expect those models to support more than one jumper at a time.

Safety: Enclosure material quality, height, and edge covers are the essential parts for ensuring safety of a high bounce trampoline. First of all, the net must be made of polyethylene so that it doesn’t tear with a person’s load. 

Then, consider the height of the enclosure because we are considering high jumps here. So, enclosures less than 6 feet won’t be acceptable to ensure safety. Now, don’t forget about the doorway as you shouldn’t choose anything other than an overlapping design or double-sided chain. 

Finally, the trampoline must have proper covers on the edges. It is necessary for covering the springs, and it works as a rest-zone for other jumpers. This way, you can maintain a strict warning from the manufacturers, which is not jumping more than one at the same time.

Durability: We don’t want something expensive but it lasts less than a year or two. So, the material quality of every single part is considered to be durable in the following models. Also, the metal parts have paint or weatherproof powder coating.

Steel must be the material of the frames, and poles, which is strong and durable. But rain or cold can damage it, and that is why reputed manufacturers use a weatherproof coating on all steel parts. 

The springs are also treated in the same way so that you don’t need to change them every year. Lastly, the durability of the jumping mat is not a thing to worry about, as polypropylene is the element.

Accessories: Accessories are not the most important factors like the previous ones, but it can save you some money. A ladder is a must-have accessory for large trampolines. We listed the ones that come with it.

Another preferred item is the basketball hoop to add more to the fun. Kids, as well as adults, love to jump and dunk in style. If your chosen model has one, it will be a plus.

Checklist of The Must Have Features Of A Bouncy Trampoline..

Properties​ Must-have Characteristics
Over 14 Feet
Number of Springs
More Thank 80
Spring Length
Over 8 Inches
Spring Quality & Material
Rustproof Steel
Mat Material
Net Material
Enclosure Height
Over 6 Feet
Overlapping or Double Sided Chain
Height from the ground
Over 3 feet or 36 inches
Weight Limit
Over 300 Pounds
Edge Cover
Comfortable soft padding
Base, Pole Quality & Material
Galvanized Steel
Basketball Hoop (Optional)

Review of The Bounciest Trampolines

From the buying guide and the checklist of the most critical features, you won’t disagree with our recommendations. Let’s see the detailed reviews of the best bounciest trampolines that you can trust with your kids.

1 - Top Pick: JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce

JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce is a rectangular trampoline with a length of 17 feet. This model is our champion as it has all features to be the bounciest rectangle trampoline.

Being rectangular can’t be the only factor to be on the top pick. If you have read the key features and respective values, you could know that JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce meets all of them.

Key Features:

  • Massive jumping surface
  • Springs with the highest quality
  • Water-resistant performance mat
  • Very tall polyurethane net
  • Weatherproof powder coating on metal parts.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Dimension: 17’ L x 10’ W x 3.3’ H
  • Spring Number: 164
  • Spring Size: 9.25″
  • Base, Pole, & Spring Material: Steel
  • Enclosure Height: 7′

In-Depth Review:

First of all, its area of 17’x10′ provides enough space for jumping making it safe. As this is a rectangular trampoline, two kids can jump, maintaining a distance. Also, the net enclosure with a 7′ height can prevent jumpers from falling off.

Safety becomes the first concern for the trampoline owners, and the design of this one meets all of the requirements. It has the most reliable joints to hold the full structure even with more than 350 pounds.

That spring cover on all sides ensures perfect resting spots. So, one jumper can have all the fun without accidents and others can wait for their turns. Its doorway has an overlapping design so that the enclosure doesn’t become weak.

Now, you might be wondering how about the bounce? One thing you know that more springs mean more bounce. We researched and found out the standard number of springs, but this model offers more than double that. 

167 is the number of springs, and you won’t find another model in this price range offering this many. Also, the length of the spring is 9.25 inches making it one of the longest.

In short, those are the specs that only professional athletes choose. You will be getting a trampoline that is not only fun but also a supporter of professional training. 

Durability is also a concern, and the parts of this model have the properties to withstand the harsh weather. Its performance mat is made of polypropylene, and it is water-resistant. 

Also, the base, poles, and springs are made of durable steel with the necessary galvanizing and color coating. So, the metal body of those parts can’t get direct contact with water or snow, ensuring rustproof properties.

So, why is this the best bet?:

JumpSport has made sure that you don’t have the chance to complain about its features and bounce. There are some more expensive models than this one for home uses. But this model has the best design and build-quality among all.

Round trampolines have only one sweet spot in the middle for the highest bounce. But this rectangular model is not limited to one place. So, you can jump anywhere on the mat and perform amazing tricks.

Moreover, it comes with a ladder, and the poles are capable of supporting portable basketball hoops. So, you will be able to dunk in style and have more fun besides only jumping.

We know that allowing more than one jumper is risky. But those who can’t control it all the time should try to minimize the risk. Buying JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce will let you perform your tasks worry-free.

What do people say about it?

JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce is the best bounciest trampoline according to our research and user reviews. The features and values are proof of the fact that you can find above. It is enormous, durable, very bouncy, and has a design to ensure maximum safety.



2 - Runner Up: Acon Trampoline Air 16

The symbol of trust on the best bounce trampolines section is Acon Trampoline Air 16. It was tough for us to decide between the top-pick and runner-up because of the features and quality.

Key Features:

  • 4 level adjustable padded handlebar.
  • Sturdy oxford padding.
  • Waterproof PP mat.
  • Thick steel springs.
  • Durable steel construction.
  • 330 pounds weight limit.


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Dimension: 17’ L x 10’ W x 3.5’ H
  • Spring Number: 140
  • Spring Size: 10″
  • Base, Pole, & Spring Material: Steel
  • Enclosure Height: 7.1′

In-Depth Review:

This model is also a rectangular one with a 10′ x 17′ area, which falls in the large trampoline category. And you have already known that large rectangular trampolines are the safest and bounciest of all. 

Moreover, spring size matters a lot when it comes down to the quality of bounce. Acon Air 16 has the bounciest trampoline springs with a length of 10 inches. There are 140 of those flexible and rustproof springs.

Mat and the base are the next two items that make the most impact. So, Acon used a UV-treated performance mat made of polypropylene. Also, ten rows of stitching make it the most durable one. Altogether, you can say that it is the bounciest trampoline mat.

On the other hand, the base design is unique, and the steel frame has the highest durability. Altogether, the company is so confident on their trampoline that they have set no user weight limit for single use.

Now, let’s talk about the safety features of this model. The tall and strong net enclosure is the central part of its safety protocols. Also, the overlapping enclosure design plays an important role.

All around the trampoline, there are soft and thick paddings so that users don’t step on the springs. It is also helpful for others to wait while someone is showing his/her jumping skills.

Why is this our runner-up?:

There are some specifications of the Air 16 that can make this one arguably the top-pick. For example, it has a larger spring length, taller frame and enclosure, durable mat, and a sturdier structure.

But those are marginal differences considering the features and price of our top-pick. JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce has everything you need in the bounciest trampoline without spending a lot like this one. 

Also, Air 16 doesn’t have as many springs as the PowerBounce. But if you are not satisfied with the weight limit of the one from JumpSport, you can go for Acon Air 16.

What do people say about it?

This is one of the most expensive models with the best materials. Due to its sturdy base and supporting parts, the Air 16 can support any single-jumper without any weight limit. The overall design of it makes sure the highest safety possible in a trampoline.



3 - Best Budget: SkyBound Stratos 14 Foot Bounce Trampoline.

SkyBound Stratos is a 14 feet round trampoline that comes with a 6′ net enclosure. You can argue that the rectangular ones are the bounciest. But you are not correct as budget models with rectangular shape can give you good bounce too.

What we like:

  • Enclosure design.
  • Mat and spring quality.
  • Sturdy steel base and pole.
  • Comfortable resting zone.
  • High-quality performance mat.


  • Shape: Round
  • Spring Number: 94
  • Spring Size: 8.5″
  • Base, Pole, & Spring Material: Steel
  • Enclosure Height: 6′

In-Depth Review:

Yes, you won’t get the same bounce as the expensive model, and that is the trade-off for the price. This one has 94 springs with a length of 8.5″ which pass the standards of being a good-bouncing trampoline.

However, one feature of this model is the same as expensive ones, which is safety. Its pole and enclosure net have enough strength to prevent accidents. You will also get soft covers to hide the springs.

Should you buy this?

If your budget is under 800 or 900 bucks, you won’t get a better model than this one. Thinking of the overall features and quality, you can buy SkyBound Stratos without doubting its durability.

What do people say about it?

This not-so-expensive model comes with the necessary features and parts that make it one of the bounciest trampolines to buy. It has enough jumping surface and enclosure height to minimize the risk of falling.



Other Considerations?

For some reason, we couldn’t eliminate two of the following models or place it on the top list. Read our analysis of the models and decide whether they have what you need.

4 - Giantex 12Ft Trampoline.

This one from Giantex has not enough springs according to the standards. Also, the quality of the spring is not that satisfactory. 

If longevity is not your concern and you have the lowest budget for a decent bouncy trampoline, this is the model you can go for.

5 - JumpSport 14' DoubleBounce.

This JumpSport model is the best double bounce trampoline but lacks some essential standards. Considering the specs of the JumpSport 14′ DoubleBounce, we could give this a place in the top chart. But the round shape is the main drawback of this model. That is also the reason behind its fewer springs than the recommended models. 

However, the benefit is that you won’t ever have to worry about finding its replacement parts. Also, its high-quality enclosure and base make it the safest round trampoline in the market.

About the Bounciest Trampoline Brands

What to Consider While Installing the Bounciest Trampolines?

Ensuring space around the trampoline, choosing ground, and preparing the ground are the things you need to decide before setting up the best bounce trampoline.

Pro Tip: Don’t place the trampoline under a large branch of a tree or any other structure. Large pieces can fall on the trampoline during a storm and damage it.

Why Is My Trampoline Not Bouncy and How to Solve It?

You have already known that the bounce depends on several features of a trampoline. So, let’s see what those real-life problems are that make it less-bouncy and how to solve it.

What Are the Safety Concerns for Trampolines?

The main problem of having a trampoline is that the jumpers get injured often. The following safety tips will prevent almost all types of risks.

Those are essential points that you need to make sure. But don’t get too confident, and an adult should always be present while kids are having fun.

Benefits of Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage.

Because of doing zero or minimum physical activities such as jumping, swimming, running, etc., the lymphatic system in our body remains idle. But, when you bounce or jump on a trampoline or rebounder, the jumpings turbocharge your lymphatic system.

The intensive gravity when you land on the jumping surface and zero gravity when you jump, kick the lymphatic highway. Lymph fluid finally gets the chance to spread all across the system.

Exercises that cause fluctuations in gravity can wide open the lymphatic valves. Only a few minutes of intensive bouncing can increase the flow of the fluid up to 20 times more.

Along with the other forms of exercise that make the body jump and doing high-intensity movements are good for blood circulation as well as a lymphatic drainage system.

The same goes when you exercise with a rebounder. Actually, a rebounder or mini-trampoline benefits you the most regarding the lymphatic system. Doing this removes the waste fluid from your body, improves and strengthens your immune system, improves blood circulation, and helps to get lots of health benefits.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Do square trampolines bounce higher?

No, square trampolines can’t let you bounce higher for its shape and some other limitations. Rectangular trampolines have the capability of jumping the highest, and professional athletes use it.

Do trampolines lose their bounce?

Yes, trampolines lose their bounce over the years because the springs can’t stretch much anymore.

Do trampolines get bouncier over time?

If you have just bought a trampoline, you may not get the best bounce right away. Wait for a week, bounce on it regularly, and you will realize the increase in the rebound.

Does a wet trampoline bounce higher?

No, wet trampoline won’t bounce higher, but it will become slippery for sure. Experts don’t recommend jumping on a wet trampoline because it has increased risks of getting injured.

Does a wet trampoline bounce higher?

No, wet trampoline won’t bounce higher, but it will become slippery for sure. Experts don’t recommend jumping on a wet trampoline because it has increased risks of getting injured.

Final Thoughts…

We know that a lot of our readers didn’t have the time to read the whole article. So, can you tell me what trampoline has the best bounce? The best option or the bounciest rectangle trampoline is the JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce.

Due to the highest-quality materials and over-qualified features, we couldn’t complain about the model. When getting one of the best bounciest trampolines with proper safety is your primary goal, there are no alternative options. 

So, are you ready to stretch your budget a little for the sake of your kids and other members?