The 5 Best Trampoline Replacement Mats You Can Buy in 2023

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The jumping mat of the trampoline is the most beaten-up part of the trampoline. It takes beating from kids and even adults every day. Not to mention the weather that is also rough on the poor trampoline mat.

Now, even though the jumping mat of a trampoline is built with heavy resistance points, sometimes those resistances are just not enough. And at that time the unfortunate thing happened. The trampoline mat breaks or loses grip on the V rings. Even if the mat isn’t fully damaged it becomes unsafe and useless.

All you can do at that point is get a replacement. We mean a replacement mat.

But which one should you get?

Well, you can look at our list of the best trampoline replacement mats. We reviewed them and listed their pros and cons to help you make the right decision.


How to measure trampoline for replacement mat?

It is important to know the size of a trampoline mat when you need to buy one. We have a whole article on how to measure trampoline parts. Here is the summary of the mat measurement part:

1. Measure the diameter of the trampoline frame. When you bought the trampoline you should get the specs from the manufacturer. If not, just search by the name of the trampoline model and you will find every single details. Still can’t find it? Let’s do it manually.

Visualize your trampoline as a clock from a top-down view and take two measurements — one from the 12 to 6 o’clock position and a second from the 3 to 9 o’clock position. The average of these two measurements is your trampoline frame’s approximate size.

2. Number of V-rings: By counting the number of V rings you will get an idea about the size of the trampoline mat.

Don’t have enough time to go through the full article? Here is Our Shortlist…

Here we take our picks of the best quality trampoline replacement mat. Who made the top of our list? Here you go…




Price At Amazon


Price At Amazon


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Trampoline Pro


Price At Amazon

Skywalker12ft & 15ft

Price At Amazon

Upper BounceMini (36 – 48)

Price At Amazon

Upper Bounce10ft

Price At Amazon

Upper Bounce12ft

Price At Amazon

Upper Bounce14ft

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AW Mat15ft

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Review of The 6 Best Trampoline Replacement Mat

As we’ve said earlier, we have chosen the best quality replacement mats for your trampoline. Let’s get on with the list:

1 – Best Available In The Market – SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat.

The SkyBound trampoline replacement mat is made to withstand any kind of jumping pressure. It can fit very well with any round shaped trampolines as long as they are in the 12ft diameter range. Well, they have other ranges as well.

In-Depth Review:

They are most compatible with Veriflex and Skywalker trampolines. Just make sure the size matches.

You literally have nothing to worry about the resistance of the mat. The mat is UV resistant, water-resistant, and heavy-duty in quality. The strong stitches around the mat make the mat really durable. SkyBound is even providing a 1-year warranty.

What we liked:

  1. Very strong and durable.
  2. It has high resistance to withstand any weather.
  3. Very reliable. Has a 1-year warranty also.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Not available for small trampolines.

2 – Runners Up – Trampoline Pro Replacement Trampoline Mats.

Trampoline Pro makes trampoline mats for every trampoline brand. They have many shapes and sizes available. This one is 125 inches in diameter. Only supports round shapes.

Key Features:

  • This replacement mat fits with any 125 inches diameter trampoline.
  • They have 72 rings for stability.
  • They support 5.5 inches to 6.25-inch springs.
  • These mats are UV resistant, water-proof, and heavy-duty.
  • The brand has a 30-day return policy from the purchase date with a 6-month warranty.

In-Depth Review:

This mat has 72 V rings and supports medium-range spring sizes.

It has all the resistance of a high-quality heavy-duty mat. It can withstand almost any weather. It has a very strong resistance to tearing.

The really good part about their mats is that they have a 30-day return policy. They are also offering a 1-year warranty.

What we liked:

  1. High resistance mat.
  2. Really good return policy.
  3. 1-year warranty.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Not a popular brand.

3 – Skywalker Trampolines Round Jump Mat.

Skywalker also has a huge reputation for making the best trampolines in the market. Their jumping mat is obviously going to be very strong.

Key Features:

  • Skywalker always ensures safety first. They had their mats certified by ASTM.
  • Their mats are made of woven polypropylene.
  • They have V rings and support any size springs.
  • They are UV-protected and heavy-duty stitching gives them tear resistance.
  • Skywalker brand offers a 1-year warranty.

In-Depth Review:

The material of this trampoline mat is made of high-quality woven polypropylene. It has heavy tear resistance and is non-slip. UV protection and water-proof features are also there.

Skywalker trampoline replacement mats are ASTM certified. Skywalker is also offering a 1-year warranty.

What we liked:

  1. Enough Jumping space.
  2. Room for 2 people.
  3. Solid build. Strong joint.
  4. Really helpful if you have twins.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Not foldable.

4 – Upper Bounce Replacement Jumping Mat for Round Trampoline.

The replacement mats from Upper Bounce Trampolines fit any trampoline. Just make sure the sizes are a correct match and everything will be fine. They are only compatible with round shape trampolines.

In-Depth Review:

The replacement mats are of high quality. They have heavy-duty stitches and they are UV resistant. They are waterproof as well. They have 72 total V rings and they can be connected with a specific size of springs.

Upper Bounce is providing a 1-year warranty. So no worries with this trampoline replacement mat.

What we liked:

  1. Strong and durable mat.
  2. Can withstand any weather.
  3. 1-year warranty.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Very rigid and hard to set up.

5 – New Jumpking Trampoline Replacement Mat.

Key Features:

  1. These JumpKing trampoline mat replacements have 96 V-rings.
  2. They are fit for 15ft round shape trampolines.
  3. The V-rings require 8.5 size steel springs.
  4. These mats are made of permatron fabrics.
  5. The mats have 6 rows of strong stitching.

In-Depth Review:

Let us tell you that their superior quality jumping mats truly do allow unlimited jumps. These mats are very strong and durable. Made of special fabrics called permatrons, these mats are extremely durable.

6 rows of stitching make them almost impossible to tear. On top of that, they have UV protection.

What we liked:

  1. Jumpking has the most jump-supportive trampoline mats.
  2. The mats are really strong and durable.

What we didn’t like:

  1. Only supports round shapes.
  2. Only fits on 15ft diameter trampolines.
  3. The material of the mat makes jumping feel odd.

What should you check before buying replacement mats for trampolines?

Here are some things you should check before choosing a trampoline mat brand. Evaluate the trampoline mat based on these features and we hope you will find the right mat. Alright let’s get started:

  • Material

Obviously, before you buy something, you must have some knowledge about the material. Check the material quality before buying the trampoline mat.

Now, the majority of trampoline mats are made from Polypropylene mesh. They have high endurance level.

The other type of material used to build these trampoline mats is called Permatron. This material is not very common, but it also has really high resistance.

  • Stitching

Stitching makes the jumping mat more durable. It gives the mat more power to handle heavy weight loads. It also makes the mat more resilient towards tearing.

The weakest part of the trampoline mats is the center and the end parts where the rings are attached. These places always come directly in contact with the jump force.

If a trampoline mat has a lot of stitches, it is going to be very resilient. So check the number of stitches before purchasing.

  • V-rings

Most trampoline mats nowadays have V-rings. V-rings connect the trampoline mats with the springs. They are the main connection point between the mat and the trampoline spring.

So the V-rings have to be really strong. Since V-rings are holding the jump mat, they are constantly taking vibration and magnitudes from jumps. They have to be very strong, which means made with strong materials.

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Most V-rings are made with galvanized steel. However, you must check the V-rings before buying. Make sure they have UV resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Warranty

Check the warranty before purchasing anything. It is almost a no-brainer. Most trampoline mats offer a 1year warranty. Make sure to check the warranty card. And there you go. Keep them in check before buying a replacement mat for trampolines.

Why do trampoline mats wear out?

Trampoline mats take the most pressure out of all the other parts of the trampoline.

It is faced with the everyday stress of people jumping on it. Not to mention the harsh weather. The direct heat of the sun, the downfall of snow, the pouring of rain or strong gusts of winds directly hit the trampoline mat.

No wonder the trampoline mat wears out fast. It is the only part of the trampoline that is responsible for the bounce as well as, the safety of the jumper. 

There is a risk of injury with an old mat. This is why it is important to change or replace the mat every couple of years, or at least whenever you see a little hole or puncture.

How to replace a trampoline mat?

Replacing a trampoline is just like setting up your old trampoline. Check out our tutorial about how to put a trampoline together, you can replace any part you want. One thing for sure is that you won’t need to hire a professional to replace a trampoline mat.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Place the new trampoline over your old trampoline.
  2. Unhook the V-rings from the spring of your old trampoline mat.
  3. As you unhook them, quickly attach them with V-rings of the new trampoline mat.
  4. When you are all done, take out the old trampoline.

There you go, as simple as that. Make sure to remove the spring pads before you start working. This will make your work easy. Just put them back on when you are done.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Can you replace the trampoline mat?

You can replace any part of the trampoline whenever necessary. All parts can be bought separately from the supplier.

Can I buy a new replacement trampoline mat?

Yes, you can. Even though most brands give extra jumping mats when purchasing, you can separately buy trampoline mats outside.

How long do trampoline mats last?

Trampoline mats that face heavy beating every day from jumping usually last for 3 years. Depending on your use it could last up to 5 years.

How long do trampoline mats last?

If your trampoline mat has a tear or punctures anywhere, you should replace your trampoline mat immediately. Other than that you should replace your trampoline mat every 2 years.

Final Thoughts…

You should invest in a high-quality replacement mat. A trampoline is very expensive and buying a new one every time there’s a problem, is stupid.

This is why you should buy a strong trampoline mat. That was our initial idea of making a list of the best trampoline replacement mats. We recommend you buy a mat and keep it in your storage as a backup.

You never know when an accident will occur while jumping. It is better to stay safe than sorry. The only drawback of this is that trampoline mats are expensive.

Well, they are not as expensive as a whole new trampoline or your medical bills, in case something happens.

So keep an eye out for any tear, puncture, or holes. Take care of your trampoline mat and always have a backup.

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