12 Foot Vs 14 Foot Trampoline – Which one is for you?

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If you have a gigantic free space in your backyard, you would obviously want a big-size trampoline. We know, it is tempting.

However, many people have this confusion when buying bigger trampolines. They seem to get confused about what size they should buy.

The confusion mainly lies around 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, and 14 ft trampolines. Their number differences don’t look big enough from the visual perspective. That is until you start jumping on them and realize the difference in quality.

Let’s talk about the most debated 12 foot vs 14 foot trampoline.

You see, the 12 ft and 14 ft trampolines reviews are almost the same looking even in their prices. However, we have specific point-to-point differences to prove their distinctions.

We can differentiate their qualities to help you better understand and make better decisions.


Key differences between a 12 Foot Vs 14 Foot Trampoline.

Trampoline size does matter. There is no doubt that the 14 ft trampoline has a lot more features to offer than the 12 ft trampoline.

However, a trampoline 12 feet in diameter can also be useful from some perspectives. Let’s take a look at the distinctions below to get a much better understanding.

  1. Jumping Mat

A 14 ft trampoline obviously, has a bigger jumping mat than a 12 ft trampoline. A 14 ft trampoline with its bigger mat can provide more jumping surfaces for people to jump. A bigger jumping mat means less collision on the jumping surface.

Now, A 12 ft trampoline has a smaller trampoline mat than a 14 ft trampoline. However, the mat on a 12 ft trampoline is not that small. There is only a 2 ft difference in diameter.

This difference doesn’t make much of a change. The 14 ft trampoline and the 12 ft trampoline both provide space for the same number of jumpers.

  1. Spring Number

A 12 ft trampoline is only 125 inches in diameter and most of the time has only 72 springs. A 14 ft trampoline is 148 inches in diameter and has 96 springs. Yes, a 14 ft trampoline has more bounce and has more weight limit.

However, a 14 ft trampoline may not be safe. Since a 14 ft trampoline has more bounce power, it is possible to get injured from a 14 ft trampoline. In this case, we suggest a 12 ft trampoline that has reduced bounce power and is safe.

  1. Weight Limit

A trampoline 14 feet in diameter has more weight limit compared to a 12 ft trampoline. 14-foot trampolines have more springs as a result they have fewer weight restrictions.

  1. Jumper Capacity

A 14 ft trampoline has the capability to carry up to 4 jumpers at a time. It has more space compared to a 12 ft trampoline because of its bigger jumping mat.

Now a 12 ft trampoline is only 2 ft short in diameter. That little difference doesn’t really change the number of jumpers it can take. However, since the 12 ft trampoline is short in diameter, it has more chances of jumpers colliding into one another.

In a 14 ft trampoline, you can play and move around freely with all 4 of you together.

  1. Assembly time

Since 14 ft trampolines are bigger in size, they require more effort and time in assembling. They have more springs and hooks that need to be attached as compared to 12 ft trampolines. Rectangular shape trampolines often come with additional slots for more springs.

  1. Required Space

Since 14 ft trampolines are bigger in size, they require more free space around them. A trampoline with an enclosure will require free space even above the enclosure. Fortunately, the net poles don’t increase in size as the trampoline size increases.

  1. Secure
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You will need more wind stakes for each leg in 14 ft trampolines. Since 14 ft trampolines have longer and wider legs compared to 12 ft trampolines, you will need more anchors or wind stakes to hold them down.

These differences make them better over one another in certain perspectives. So you must choose depending on your purpose of trampoline shopping.

Why get a 12 ft or a 14 ft Trampoline?

Well, the answer to this question depends on you. Why do you want a trampoline anyway? Is it just to make use of your backyard?

Let us look at some key factors behind buying an above-average size trampoline.

  1. More space

First of all, bigger trampolines have more space. They are more spacious and as a result, there is less chance of colliding with another jumper while jumping. The wide space gives more room for tricks and games to play. Your entire family can fit in it with no problem.

  1. More Bounce

It is obvious that bigger trampolines have more bounce power than smaller trampolines. A large frame offers more spring loading capacity which results in a bouncier trampoline. Think of rectangular trampolines which could be even bouncier.

Bigger trampolines provide a more controlled bounce. They have higher quality materials with powerful springs which provide an excellent bounce.

  1. More Weight capacity

This is the same as the previous point. It is because bigger trampolines have more springs and more springs result in more weight capacity. Usually, rectangular trampolines have more weight loading capacity than round ones, however, their size does provide advantages.

Circular trampolines usually are family size. They are meant for the family. Even though they have low bounce, they are preferred by families for being safe.

  1. Playground like experience

Since these big trampolines are so spacious, they offer a more realistic playground-like experience. Trampoline games like trampoline basketball, trampoline water-park makes the trampoline really come alive.

By the way, check out our Best Trampolines with Slides and Swings. These playsets also give a real playground-like experience.

These are a few reasons why people generally consider buying a giant size trampoline. However, 12 foot and 14 foot trampoline are really considered giant sizes.

Which Size Trampoline is Ideal for which People?

Even though we have claimed that there aren’t many differences between a 12 ft trampoline and a 14 ft trampoline, we believe each of them has their place. One is ideal for a group of people and the other is for a different group.

  • 12 feet Trampoline

12 feet trampolines are ideally great for those who want an average size trampoline where kids and adults can jump and play together. However, their plan is to get a size bigger than the average size.

12 ft trampolines usually cost around $334 to $350. The budget is more than average size trampolines but not too high. Obviously, the quality and features are nothing like the 16 ft giant trampolines. Just take a look at the Zupapa Heavy Duty Trampoline for example.

  • 14 feet Trampoline

14 feet trampolines are noticeably bigger than 12 feet trampolines. These are in the larger trampoline category.

However, they are nothing like the 15-foot trampolines. These trampolines are for those who want a bigger size trampoline but don’t really want a gigantic trampoline.

14 ft trampolines usually cost around $380 to $400, whereas a 16 ft trampoline costs around $600. So you can see that the reason behind buying a 14 ft trampoline is to get a bigger trampoline but not too big. They usually find a 14 foot trampoline big enough for them.

One thing for sure is that when you are considering a trampoline this big it is not meant for your toddlers. These are mainly kids trampolines with lots of room. Adults can exercise in them, but just don’t allow a toddler inside the trampoline.

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Review of a 12 ft and a 14 ft Trampoline

These are all circular trampolines we are going to talk about. We will leave a feature list comparing 12-foot trampoline and 14-foot trampoline for each brand. This will help you get the right sized trampoline for you.

Zupapa Trampoline Heavy Duty Trampoline.

Features comparing 12 ft and 14 ft:

  1. The shape is round in both sizes of trampolines.
  2. The maximum recommended weight is the same on both 12 ft and 14 ft trampolines.
  3. The 12 ft one has 72 and the 14 ft one has 96 steel springs.
  4. 4 W-shaped legs on the 12 ft and 6 W-shaped legs on the 14 ft one.
  5. The 12 ft trampoline weighs 161 lbs and the 14 ft trampoline weighs 190 lbs.

The Zupapa Trampoline is available in various sizes. They are round shape trampolines, designed to provide a real playground-like experience. The trampolines are for outdoor use and for kids and adults. We have talked about the differences between 12 ft and 14 ft size, as that is our main topic here.

Zupapa trampolines are made with pure alloy steel. They are durable and UV resistant. They have a safety certificate and are ASTM-approved. All of their net poles and parts are covered with safety pads.

Their W-shaped legs on all models make them very stable and sturdy. They also provide free wind stakes which are great for protecting the trampolines against the wind. Read the full detailed review of Zupapa Trampoline here.

CalmMax Outdoor Trampoline.

Features comparing 12 ft and 14 ft:

  1. Both are round in shape.
  2. Both have the same weight limit that is 400 lbs.
  3. The trampolines have been tested for 5000 hours, but the 12 ft trampolines were tested with 20000 jumps. The 14 ft trampolines were tested with 40000 jumps.
  4. Both trampolines have the same level of resistance.
  5. Both size trampolines have U-shaped legs with 8 balanced contact points.

CalmMax trampolines are ASTM safety standard approved. They are reliable and qualified for high-end promotion. These are enhanced commercial-use outdoor trampolines.

They are completely safe for kids to play outdoors with and they are safe for adults. The trampolines are surrounded by a safety enclosure net and have 6 ft high net poles.

We have talked about 12 foot and 14 foot Trampoline here and we have found that both these trampolines have the same weight limit. The 12 ft and 14 ft trampolines were tested for 5000 hours but with different numbers of jumps.

However, CalmMax guarantees that both sizes of trampolines are durable and will last longer. They have a long service life.

Merax Trampoline with Basketball Hoop and Ladder.

Features comparing 12 ft and 14 ft:

  1. Again both trampolines are round in shape.
  2. The weight capacity for 12 ft ones is 300 lbs and the 14 ft ones is 330 lbs.
  3. Both these trampoline sizes have 72 springs.
  4. Both have the same number of net poles.

Merax trampolines are more safety focused. They have really long 6.5 ft high net poles with enclosure. Merax provides strong bounce power, so they want to keep everyone safe with their enclosure. Their trampolines are sturdy as well.

With 6 W-shaped legs, their trampolines are really stable. They have 72 springs however, their weight limit is really low compared to other brands. Merax does make it up with their bouncing power. Both sizes of the trampoline will arrive in 3 boxes each.

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If you order from them, you will be able to keep in check with the 3 boxes until delivery. Their customer service is great.

Jupa Heavy Duty Trampoline with Enclosure.

Features comparing 12 ft and 14 ft:

  1. The weight recommended on the 12 ft one is 375 lbs and on the 14 ft one is 425 lbs.
  2. The 14 ft trampoline weighs 196 lbs and the 12 ft one weighs 170 lbs.
  3. Both size of trampoline are round in shape.
  4. The 12 ft trampoline has 72 springs and the 14 ft one should have 96 springs.
  5. The 12 ft trampoline has 4 W-shaped legs but the 14 ft one has 6 W-shaped legs.

Jupa trampolines are a bit different but way more advanced than the other brands we have talked so far. Jupa trampolines have high net poles as well. However, Jupa offers its customers the option to choose between In and Out net systems of the trampoline.

Their max weight limit and product weight is already stated above. It has strong steel tensile springs which are durable and stretchy. Basically, it has all the basic features of a modern trampoline. It is obvious that trampolines are checked by safety regulatory authorities. So Jupa also provides safe and modern trampolines. The size is your choice.

The unique thing here is the option to choose between an In-style net enclosure and an Out-style net enclosure. They also have great customer service.


Is 14 ft trampoline too big?

14 ft trampolines are bigger than 12 ft trampolines obviously. They have more jumping space, more room, more bounce because of the increased number of springs and more features. They are not considered too big as there are bigger trampolines out there. A 14 ft trampoline would be considered above average size.

What age is a 14 ft trampoline for?

Any kid above the age of 9 would appreciate a 14-foot trampoline. It is not recommended for kids below 9, but starting from 9 years old all the way to adulthood, 14 ft trampolines are just fine.

Is a 12 ft trampoline big enough?

Trampolines must be chosen based on purpose. If the aim of buying a trampoline is to just play, bounce around and stay active, then a 12 ft trampoline would be big enough.

How many can jump on a 12 ft trampoline?

The manufacturers recommend 3 to 4 kids on a 12 ft trampoline. However, they must not weigh more than 350 lbs each. A larger trampoline can handle more individual weight than that.

Final Words

There are different sizes of trampolines available today. From average size to gigantic size trampolines can be found these days.

When it comes to 12 foot vs 14 foot trampoline, the battle winner is hard to declare. We are not going to say that you should choose based on affordability and quality. It is obvious that the difference between these two sizes of trampolines is very little. The price difference is very little as well.

It is hard to clearly say which is actually better. We believe we should leave this decision up to you the buyer to figure out those small advantages and disadvantages between these two trampolines.

We recommend you begin with our suggested products including a 12 Foot Vs 14 Foot Trampoline. Look for the Merax or the Zupapa trampoline if you are struggling with your choices. Hope this helps in your trampoline shopping.